Pictures by James Vyn

OUTFIT I It feels so good to be finally back in New York. Even though it sounds very ”obvious” to say that this city is pretty amazing, I must insist on the fact that… It really is (just saying in case you don’t know that yet or haven’t fallen in love with it’s energy). Being here inspires me so much, makes me feel incredibly good and simply makes things seem so right and at their place. It also pleasant to see how respected and understood you are when talking about fashion : feels like you can totally be who you want. Ah New York, you awesome place.

We shot this look actually on our second fashion week day. As you know there was a huge storm in New York and it was completely impossible to shoot outside unfortunately ( Yep, Nemo stroke. What an idea to call the blizzard a name of a mythic clown fish… I would have called it Hulk instead). Luckily, the second day, the sun was brighter than ever so I have chosen a really chic yet special look, with my favourites Kat Maconie shoes and new Zara coat. Also decided to wear my new red coloured lip stick from Lancôme’s ”Rouge in Love” line. I am so glad to have partnered with them for this fashion week folks! We are going to give out some really cool beauty tricks. Stay updated!


COAT : Zara
SHOES : Kat Maconie
HAT : Zalando

MASCARA : Hypnose Star
SHADOWS : Hypnône Palette Star Eyes in ”Brun Adoré”, available from March

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OMG! Be careful with those amazing heel in that snowy streets!!!
Love the look, always the best!

I love this look! the coat, pants and shoes are all stunning.

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Gorgeous look , I am in love with your shoes !

XX Luba

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Lovely pictures :D
i just love your pretty shoes <3

Hi Kristina, i live in new york city, i came across your posts this weekend and started following your blog. I really like the content of your blog and unlike many bloggers it is easy to tell you are smart from the way you write. What brand is your hat from Zalando?

oooo NY+snow= love jajajaj I love your look!!! Specially the hat :)

Your shoes are so stunning.

you sreiously have such amazing pictures <3

Wow, those shoes stole the spotlight! Really gorgeous pair! :o

Thanks for sharing…so much snow, so frezzing…but Your Style, Your Beauty, Your gorgeous smile…bring the Sunshine!
-Women are the Sun of Life!-
Congrats for Your Fabolous Look
Bye, Ciao ciao

You look amazing as always, love that coat and don’t let me get started about the shoes. I died and went to fashion paradise *_* so pretty!

I loove your coat and i loove New York! Last time I’ve been there was August and I can’t wait to visit again!

Love the stylish coat and the rad shoes :-)




You always look great, and the jacket is just beautiful!

really love that coat and you rock it so well!!


Amazing, gorgeous, what can I say? Stunning!

You look so pretty! I have the same Lancome mascara it’s amazing!


Love your coat and your shoes! You look fabulous, have a great time!

really love your coat!
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Wow these shoes look incredible with this two toned coat!!! Have this too so this is a real inspiration for me thank you for that
Xoxo and have a nice day from

Très jolie tenue! Tu es belle comme toujours! Tes cheveux poussent!!

I don´t like hats, anyway, your outfit is amazing!

Ты великолепно выглядишь!

love your shoes!

xoxo from rome

These shoes are awesome!!! Love these photos babe


Simply LOVE the graphic detail of the shoes!

Absolutely perfect.

amazing outfit!


love your coat! great pop! and your heels are gorgeous!

amazing look, totally love it!


You look amazing! Love the coat and shoes :)! And youre rocking it girl!

Yous boots are more than amazing .I like them a lot.
I use too Teint Idole and it`s the best foundation I use till now.

Le maquillage est trop trop beau ! J’adore Lancôme et j’ai hâte de lire les astuces :)
Ah New York ! trop la chance *.* j’y suis jamais aller !

i hope i can feel the energy of NY soon
the outfit is nice btw:)

I definitely know what you mean as I, too, have fallen in love with the city. I was there for just two days last week and definitely didn’t want to leave… it is such an inspiring place, and yes, full of amazing energy. Anyway, you look stunning (as usual), Kristina. I can’t wait to see the rest of your fashion week outfits!


Amazing photos! xo, Christina


Just love every pictures ! You look gorgeous and great look !!

Perfect look ! I love your coat so much !!!!
Des bisous.

I LOVE the heels, they’re just perfect! The outfit is really cool too!

Great pictures, you look stunning! I really love the coat, the pants and the bag!

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Love your make up! You should make a post about it!

i love boots :) so amazing

I love your choes!! Are so cool!!

your shoes are just awesome!! enjoy your stay in NY even it is a bit cold :)

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Love the Coat! It’s definitely cold and snowy here!!

great look! was nice meeting you

Super manteau et les chaussures sont GORGEOUS

You look so stylish! Love the outfit!!:) xo

I love your outfit, like the coat and shoes! Beautiful!

Love the coat and the shoes. Amazing look. You are so beautiful.

youre beautiful :) love the coat and the bag.. wow :)

greets from germany,

This look is adorable! You look beautiful as always!

that is awesome. everything on you !

your shoes are insane! how did you not slip?! love this outfit regardless and happy to see the snow is melting a bit
kw ladies in navy

I Love that Outfit, its Perfect for here in ny and fashion week.

Love the coat, the boots and the hat so much!

Love it! Looking forward to all of your upcoming beauty posts! :)

Quelle chance d’être à New York !
ce chapeau te va hyper-bien, et tu es magnifique comme toujours!
préviens-nous la prochaine fois que tu viens à lausanne!

You look amazing, love that coat!

This is probably one of my favourite outfits of you! The Zara coat and shoes are super special! Pinup x

You look great as always!

And your jacket is super up-to-date the spring will be full of leopard and animal prints!!

Lots of Love, SAMOROUS

oh you look amaaazing in this <33333


Amazing outfit!
Love these photos.
Have a great time in NY!

That shoes ARE THE SHOES!


J’adore les chaussures ! En fait j’aime tout ! Et je crois que je vais m’acheter le rouge à lèvres, of course ! T’es superbe !

I’m obsessed with those shoes, seriously!

You are so beautiful!

Those heels are just perfect!

Xx, Johnnybell

wow theeese shoes are incredible :O

I love Lancome! you look awesome as usual. enjoy the time away in NY fun even with all that snow pileup. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Great! I’m so jealous!!

such an amazing look for fashion shows! Always classy and elegant, I love the prints and patterns you mixed here!
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Stunning pictures – so glad to hear that you are having fun in NY despite the blizzard!


Love the first photo you look beautiful! Gorgeous outfit i really love it! THe coat is stunning, your trousers have a super cool pattern and those heels totally rock! Im so in love with them. Im glad your having a great time and the weather has calmed down! lol

Hayley xx

I love your coat!


I love the combination! Shoes are killing!

So pretty and chic! And yes… I guess New York is pretty fantastic :)

Beautiful! you have the ability to make any casual look a glam one! ENJOY!

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Perfection! Wish I were there :)

Woo you look pretty, and your boots are amazing

Wow such a beautiful outfit, those heels are stunning!

I really have to go to New York finally!

Love the coat and the bag!! <3 It seems so terribly cold!
Andrea in Fashion

Gorgeous. I’m in love with your lips!

Great shots, shoes are one of the most important accents to complete the look.keep it up.

wedding shoes

Simply stunning!

The coat looks great with the shoes. Just afraid of these shoes walking on the snowy street.

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So lovely! Your post made me giggle. I love the coat x

Amazing outfit! And funny heels! xx

In love with your look, the shoes are amazing!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

your shoes are amazing…
love this look :)

I have seen many pics and posts with this coat, but this is by far the most beautiful outfit!

I wonder who came up with the name Nemo?! Haha looking prefect as always, I applaud you for daring to wear heels in such a storm!

Wonderful pics,I love that coat and your makeup is perfect,again :)

I’m in love with your shoes! <3

Kristina, it looks like this coat was made for you! Love it!!
So glam with the red lips…


Beautiful outfit! I love the cheetah print.

The Purse Snatcher 

You look gorgeous. Love the hat and the coat.

Amazing jacket!

damn, you really liked the pics with hair all over your face, didn’t you? but darling, don’t stick to it, it just doesn’t look good on you. you’re more audrey hepburn neat style. ;) good article though.

I studied fashion design and I’m very creative when it comes to making my own clothing and accessories and looking at your combination of the coat, pants and shoes I have to say you really look adorable. Great colors. Great pics. It actually reminded me of my favorite fabric store called King Textiles here in Toronto where I usually find everything I need to desing my own clothes and honestly the next pieces in my collection will definitely be inspired by your photos. :)

Loving the outfit, the printed coat by Zara is amazing, i do have one like this but the color is different, this one is looking natural.

So gorgeous outfit under the snow!

Wow! so uniques!! lovely post!Women Clothing

Say, you got a nice blog post. Keep writing.