Pictures by James Vyn

CHIC & SLEEK So we finally arrived yesterday in Paris for the last couple of days of fashion week, I am so glad to be back even though let’s admit that we didn’t really had time to miss the city as we were there a couple of days ago for the YSL project. However, I am always happy like a monkey each time we’re back. There’s just something about it’s charm and atmosphere, there’s just really something about it…

On our arrival I quickly changed for this minimalistic look, I was totally into wearring some casual jeans which reaaally doesn’t happened that often. I even surprised myself with this choice but I was so so glad of the result. This is anyway the most casual look I took with me for the events and shows we’ll attend, can’t wait to show you all the crazy stuff coming up in the following days! We had the great pleasure to visit in the end of the afternoon the HQ of Shourouk, a brand I am completely obsessed with, it was so inspiring to meet the lovely and so talented designer. You guys must check out the brand, it’s the must!

COAT : Zara
PANTS : H&M (ripped them myself like a badass)
BAG : Louis Vuitton
SUNNIES : Roberto Cavalli
SHIRT : Yes or No
RINGS : Backstage


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beautiful purse. you can sincerely wear any color… just love it!
kw ladies in navy

i love this bag!

Really “pure” combination, I like the whole outfit ;)

You look absolutely amazing! Love everything about this look! xx

You look fabulous Kristina! The combination is so chic!

Great casual chic. Love the ripped jeans. I should rip a pair myself :)



you always look great in white! very elegant

chic!love the coat and the bag <3

You look good in every outfit. I like the jewellery pic.

Du blanc et du jeans : j’adore <3

You look super chic! and loving the jewelry!

love your chic and sleek looks. looks so, so good on you!

incredible outfit, clean textures and colour plus perfect fit jeans ♥

Can not say more than : BEAUTY!!!

love your casual look, always beautiful! xx

You look stunning. Simple is often VERY beautiful!

This look is amazing, very different but it’s perfect for you!!! I love your bag I want it!

Gorgeous look!! Love the combo of ripped jeans and white coat!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Loving this look! Very classy. If you ever sale your coat, please email me!! I am so sad I did not find it at ZARA in Los Angeles.




Such a chic look, love the fact it is so simple, but very feminine

I really wish I could afford those SHOUROUK necklaces, such pieces of art
fashion in belgium

great look!

xoxo from rome

Lovely outfit! xoxo

love the coat, so chic!

One of your best looks. Love it!!!

- Dani

Fabolous :D

I love love this look and the coat. I have a pretty similar one in a berry colour but I would love to have it in white as well. When did you buy the coat? I couldn’t find it online.

flawless! on of my fav outfits so far. XO Lisa from

Anonymous 6 March 2013 / Reply

le manteau est un achat récent?
quel est le nom de votre rouge à lèvres et vernis?

The white looks very pretty in combination with this boyfriendjeans.

Love that casual look it is so chic and those jewerly from shourouk is amazing !!

You look amazing! I love the all white look


gorgeous, really love the all white top part!


Paris is the city of my dream and you are gorgeous!!!

wooooow trop beau!! la tenue est incroyable! j’adore *.*
profite bien à Paris :)

I love this simply outfit, is so perfect!!!


you look perfect, love this outfit!

You’re really rocking that look !
Love it :)


pants… “ripped them myself like a badass”…you’re awesome, haha! :D

Your outfit is just amazing.. love the white touch!

Love the outfit! Casual and elegant at the same time…

Love the look!! I’ve got the same coat!!
Whose designer are this amazing necklaces from??

Anonymous 6 March 2013 / Reply

Great look! I love the jeans that you ripped as a badass :D xxx

love white coat and beauty jewellery :)

“Ripped them myself like a badass” :D haha, hilarious!


The White Studio

loving all these whites layered over a pair of distressed jeans

Amazing Pics! I love your Look it’s simple and Chic!

great look ; DD

i invite to me too

U look so beautiful here!

Welcome to Paris :) it’s a pleasure !
You look so great !!!
Des bisous.

you look so gorgeous! I wish you lots of fun in paris! bisous xx

white colour is the best for you, be sure! Classic shoes and jeans look very unusual, however elegant! The red lips make this outfit more brighter! Amazing!

Anonymous 6 March 2013 / Reply

Pretty look! Amazing coat and bag. And u r incredible person :) Good luck in ur fashion career

Great stylish look! LOVE the oversized stone necklaces!!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

So stylish! Love it <3

this look is beyond chic! love all the clean lines!

great outfit, actually it’s such a casual look, but on u it looks still classy and elegant.
I love your LV Purse.

love the pure white combination with jeans and those black heels!

Chic and trendy! Wonderful combination!
You look amazing, as usual (:

I was sooooooo happy to met you this morning. I almost cried. I know i’m crazy. But you were adorable baby.

Such a pretty, crisp and clean look!

You look amazing babe! I love your coat


Ooh my god.. I just find u on the Instagram and I fall in love.. You have such an incredible style.. I wish that I have at least some of your clothes.. You look awesome..

loove that look so much!

simply perfect ♥

you look beautiful! Great combo!!:)

This outfit is amazing! And these jewelries,OH MY GOOOOOOOOD they are so stunning so amazing so lovely so gorgeous! *-*

Oh you look gorgeous, I love your rings the most!

xx Nita

I have an question (may be weird) to you… Have you got any tattoos? :) xx

casual yet clean look, yet so stylish! Love it!

Summer Flounce

lovely look,but I miss a necklace :)

Love the all white with the red lip!

Greaat jeans. You look amazing in this outfit!:)

Really love this casual chic look, those ripped jeans are awesome !

Love the necklaces :)

“like a badass” :)

This is simply chic & elegant. Is the coat new or old? It’s pretty.

Anonymous 6 March 2013 / Reply

amazing minimalistic look! I love it!

Oh my!!! I live literally on the exact street these photos were taken, Rue Saint Dominique. In one of the photos you can even see my entrance door, it’s on the other side of the street than Carrefour City :)) It’s such a pity I didn’t meet you, would have loved to talk to you! You look beautiful by the way, love the combination of boyish jeans and a white coat for you, so classy :)

The necklaces are incredibly pretty and I like your outfit – it looks so clean and fresh.

Super love the casual outfit, you look gorgeous xx

omg the necklaces!!!!! I fall in love!

gorgeous outfit love it so much!

Hayley xx

Beautiful look! I already saw a few photos on instagram. Love the outfit and you look gorgeous! Looking forward to the next video. xx

this outfit is probably our favorite ever!! loving that the red liptstick is the key to it:)
lots and lot of love

Love the style:) Can I ask you the name of the shop you shot? I absolutely want to go!!! :)

I absolutely love this sleek and chic look, very stylish and beautiful hun!

Absolutely stunning look, you are so gorgeous, I’m so jealous!!

Lovely look, so chic!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

loved this outfit! I really like when you wear this kind of easy looks!

I love this so much, you look stunning!

I love that you’ve paired these casual jeans with such a sharp white -it looks stunning!
Becca wade x
www. Prettystrangerz.blogspot. com

This is amazing! You are just so beautiful :)

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

Which nail polish do you have in this post? Please tell me, I’m looking for ages for one of them! Kiss from Austria

All that white on white. So gorgeous!

Your hair always looks so perfect! HOW??? hahahah

Gorgeous, love all the white!

Keep calm and carry lipstick.

This is such a gorgeous look! Love the pairing with the jeans and the red lip x


Paris definitely have something in the air.. I’m sure it’s love. We just can’t seem to stop loving Paris don’t we? =) I like your mix & match especially the white jacket and the bag. I’ve the same one in Indigo too and just loving it =)

hahaha I like your description of the jeans: “ripped myself like a badass”


I absolutely love this look!

so in love with all the necklaces :~

amazing blog,amazing style

HAHA ‘ripped them myself like a badass’, you’re so funny! Love the minimalistic look on you!

Hi Kristina, what a fabulous outfit – so clean and elegant! I just had to giggle when I read “ripped them myself like a BADASS…”LOL! So funny coming from such a sweet and soft-spoken girl like you :)


You´re so beautiful Kristina :)
Radka from

oh cool outfit!!! Looks perfect !

great look. love it!

I loved the white top with the red lips <3

J’aime trop l’idée d’associer un jeans large et déchiré à une belle veste blanche et des escarpins noirs! ♥ Et en effet, je comprends pourquoi tu aimes Shourouk, c’est bien ton style de bijoux! -F, ton invétéré fan Belge

I think this is my favourite look of yours ever! So simple and classic

Wow so gorgeous look, loved the jeans!