Pictures by James Vyn
NEUTRAL YET SOPHISTICATED Lately I’ve been completely obcessing over big eyebrows. And I mean it, I’ve been completely nuts trying out all sorts of shadows, paints and pencils in order to re-create the perfect ”Cara Delevigne”, ”Lily Collins” or what so ever brow. I’ve been seing them all over the runways, in all the magazine and damn it got me… And it got me bad. Usually, I don’t get influenced by trends that much, but I can’t get enough of how they make me look so different. I love it. 
As I have a very soft face, ”baby doll” as you guys say it, those brows add the perfect sophisticated touch. So I would definitely suggest to any of you, to try it out and see if it works on your features. It’s really fun to do! My trick is to first of all use a pencil to draw a shape, I use ”Le Crayon Sourcils” in 030 Brun from Lancôme. After that I fill them in with a Lancôme brow palette called ”Le Regard Pro”. Finally a touch of brow gel and we’re done. Et voilà!
DRESS : In Love With Fashion
RINGS : Backstage
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CONCEALER : Nars ”Vanilla”
MASCARA : Guerlain ”Cils D’Enfer” (best mascara evaar)


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I am loving big brows as well! not because of Cara Delevingne, but because they give you that extra edge. Brows are definitely one of my most important feautures! I haven’t tried to fill in with eyeshadow but I will now!
gorgeous as usual

Salut, Kristina!

I absolutely agree with you ’bout the brows! I’ve noticed that brows change everything which is the reason why I always fill them up. Sometimes I can just conceal my face, fill my brows and apply mascara, because I feel the brows frame eyes so beautifully that an eyeshadow would only ruing it.

I think those big brows look amazing!!


Anonymous 28 March 2013 / Reply

Girl that is way too much makeup…you should take at least 30 mn to do your makeup everyday. You’re young, how would it be in ten, twenty years ?? you should stay more natural.

Completely in love with your eyebrows!
They make your face more elegance and sexy!
With love from Russia ♥

I’m inlove with your smokey eyes!! so sexy <33 Ahh, you’re so beautiful!! <33

Looks really pretty and cool. I love this trend too and will try the big brows :-)



You look so amazing! Love the second photo so much!

Love your new look, that Cara’s “brow obsession” got me too!!

tu es vraiment magnifique et oui tu as de la chance d’avoir un visage de poupée! et j’adore le maquillage!

These pictures are awesome – as always! This make-up look suits you very well, Kristina! And the back of your dress is so lovely!
Lots of Love, Teresa Valentina
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you make-up is always flawless :) you simply know…♥

Amazing dress !


girl, you alway photograph incredibly

This is one of my favourite shoots of yours, you look so beautiful! xxx

I’ve been messing around with big eyebrows too! Love it on you :)
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I have natural thick eyebrows, so it’s great to see that they’re finally getting the attention they require! Love your makeup <3


whats the eyeliner do you use gorgeous? thankyou

It’s true that it gives you a “je ne sais quoi” that is beautiful

Merci beaucoup pour le post de maquillage,nous sommes nombreuses à aimer prendre soin de nous et les postes soins et maquillages que vous faites sont très instructifs. Vous aimez les belles choses:) j’espère qu’il y aura un post sur vos maquillages plus souvent et votre routine soin pour ce printemps été 2013.

Bonne continuation

Wow! U are very beautiful!!
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It indeed makes your face a little bit mature a lot more sophisticated…:) looking at your pictures makes me wish I know how to put on make up. But sadly i don’t and i;m already freaking 28 years old.. lol

Gorgeous photos and your brows look really perfect!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

You look perfect. Love this pictures so so much! :)

Destination Moi

great pictures!

have nice eastern! :)

I love “Cara Delevigne” eyebrows!

You skin is so perfect you don’t even need makeup.

Love the result !

XX Luba

Black and white dress and tangerine accessories in my look today

You have lovely dress, it really suits you with hair ;))

Beautifully! Perfect make-up <33

Amazing pics!! :)


I’m waiting for you!



Amazing color! I love this color for dress! xx

Anonymous 28 March 2013 / Reply

What is the eyeshadow palette pictured in this post? – jl

amazing beauty!


Very nice post!

WOW! You look absolutely stunning! The photos are also amazing, good job! x


Well, that’s not a trend I’m really into it , but on you it looks really good!! I think it’s beacuse you have the perfect (baby doll) face for it, like Cara, and blond hair :) On me (a brunette) it would look weird!

You have a beautiful face… love your make up!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

amazing photos! lovely. Thanks for sharing your make up tips

Beautiful Make up! Love the products, have many of them too ;)

Xx Delaia

You’re a makeup professional !!! I love how you do your eyes.
I really would love that you make a tutorial about each steps of your routine make up.
Could you make a video one day?

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

So beautiful! I am definitly going to try this! :)

Very beautiful and sexy photos! Perfect male up! I like.

you’re beautiful!

You did a fantastic job with the make up and the brows! Love it.

I love the way you have down your eyes. Your eyelashes are long ! Or do you sometimes use false lashes ?

You’re so beautyful and those shots are magic!

This is a really strong trend…and I think it needs the right face shape, too! I love strong brows :)


I got the same nail color!

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I love your new eyebrow look; so sophisticated.

Such a gorgeous deep red dress!

I’m not usually a fan of the bold brows look, but I think it looks good on you! I really like how you apply highlighter – you must show us how you do it!!


Omg you look amaziing! Like your brows are kinda thick and full but its not too overwhelming :-D Love your makeup, you are as always so inspirational :-)

Beautiful photo set, and you have a beautiful shape to your eyebrows.
Some of your best photos yet,
Best wishes,
Vanessa Chloe

i love big eyebrow :) My is so small but i doing the same trick with them

You look gorgeous, I love big brows as well x


Cool post ! the eyebrows are great, looks quite natural even
fashion in belgium

Love this photos! Sexy :)


you look quite stunning!!!

loving the brow on you! such a great look! keep the beauty posts coming….so insightful <3

amazing post and gorgeous make up! love these kinds of features!


You are one of the bloggers that are also really good at makeup/beauty, which is really rare! And yeah the bolder brows make you look ‘sharper’, or more mature, I don’t know how to describe it, but its nice!

I love that make-up style !

Pretty as always!

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Gorgeous pics! Your new eyebrows fit you wel baby doll ;P

same here dear! i already recognized that you’re doing sth different on your eyebrows! the eyebrows are always the most important to me! allthough i have dark hair (redish brown nature) i have really light eyebrows so i used to use eyebrow pencils since forever and i really think that eyebrows form the face and give your face a perfect touch!

x vik

wow great look. i realized your eye brows look different, but in a good way

they really look stunning on you bbe

Beautiful make up! Tom Ford palette seem to be great :D
Francesca from

you are soooooo pretty and omg, i love your hair! x

You look so beautiful as always <3
I like big eyebrows too, but I don’t know how to make it right. Everytime I try, I always look like one of Japanese cartoon character named “Crayon Sinchan” huff :(

these brows look super gorgeous on you. perfect compliment to an already perfect face!
kw ladies in navy

Absolutely flawless!!!


You look absolutely gorgeous! And the Cara Delevingne style eyebrows suits you!

Sparkle On The Floor

You are sooo beautiful and everything looks great on you!
I also have soft features and I think,that the bold eyebrows suits this type of face so much!
xoxo Veselina :)

Nice make up!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Great make up,I love sculpt eyebrows,they gives you a strong but still elegant touch!


Your skin looks gorgeous! You’re lucky that thick brows suit you :)

You look gorgeous and I love your dress. xx

wow that´s an amazing dress and love your nailpolish! xo, Alma

Beautiful pictures dear! Those eyebrows work for your perfectly, love them!

But it’s not a bit too much make-up for such a young age?….

Gorgeous! You look beautiful. I actually dye my eyebrows, I’ve only started recently, but Clairol has a non permanent color that you just use a mascara wand for! I love dark brows!

juliette laura

I fill in my brows every day, too!
amazing shots

Raffaella 28 March 2013 / Reply

I like your make up very much…so perfect for day and night…also so chic!

I love it. I think big eyebrows are looks great on blondes. It emphasize eyes. -B.

I love ur eyebrows!

Anonymous 28 March 2013 / Reply

So beautiful! And The makeup = pure love <3

you are so pretty! you don´t even need so much make up..but it looks good!

LOve your eyeshadows!! and the nail polish too

You look beautiful! Love your makeup.

You are so stunning it’s not fair!

Anonymous 28 March 2013 / Reply


hey babe i need to know where your eyeline is from.
its always so intense black love it, hope you can tell me!

Love the eyebrows this way, im blessed with big brows haha so i know what you mean!

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Anonymous 28 March 2013 / Reply

I think you should just use a lighter tone…:)
you are very well!

Anonymous 28 March 2013 / Reply

You are absolutely stunning!! Magnifique baby doll!! You could be in those magazines next to Cara or Lily!! Would you think of a video about how you’ve achieved the make up? xx

So pretty !! Love the brows.

Beautiful make up :)! Xoxo: Yvett,
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Your recent makeup really suits you and you look stunning! Thanks for sharing :)

Awesome make-up! I adore your nails!

I love all ur outfits :) beautiful blog!

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Love the emphasized eyebrows!
Looks great on you :)


The make-up is stunning!! Yes I so agree.. big brows make such a difference and love how you have done it with lighter hair – gorgeous!!

Love your blog,and your style !

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I love the eyebrows! I wish I could learn how to do mine like that properly x

great make-up! I totally agree with you, eyebrows can really change one’s face and add some expressiveness. I always put some eye pencil on my eyebrows to shape them.

Your so beautiful and I love the dress! Gorgeous!

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Breathtaking pics! You are sooo beautiful! :)

you look amazing with a strong brow and it is crazy how much it changes your face. love the silver rings you’re rocking too!


I love big brows, I’m so jealous of people that can pull them off, I just look really silly :(

Hey, you look amazing! What foundation and powder do you use?


Tu es mieux avec tes sourcils naturels qu’avec ces lignes foncées si artificielles.
Les sourcils jouent un très grand rôle dans la définition d’un visage, et ceux-là redessinés te donnent un air-de-tout-le-monde. Tes “vrais” sourcils te donnent qui plus est un air plus doux, ce qui compense bien la sophistication de ton maquillage usuel….
J’ose espérer que je ne suis pas la seule à le penser, ce serait vraiment dommage que tu enlèves à ton visage ce qui le rend unique!

Beautiful look, amazing burgundy dress))

Seigneur, qu’est ce que vos photos sont GLAM. J’en ai marre de le répéter mais ça me prend à chaque fois, c’est juste TROP GLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. Oh que j’aime Lily Collins, ça lui va tellement bien ses sourcils épais ♥♥♥ -F, ton invétéré fan belge

Beautiful dress you’re wearing!



Such Elegance!
Xoxo, Maria from-

Anonymous 2 April 2013 / Reply

Jamas respondes a ciertos comentarios??

flawless as always :)

I’m with you!! I’m crazy about big, brown, well de-lined eyebrow. It really does make eyes more mysterious, brings the child inside. But still sexy

Thanks for the tips!!

A girl with dark eyebrows and blonde hair, just like me! I love your look :)

Amy xx
A Little Boat Sailing

First time on your blog!!!!
Like it sooooo much))))
Tell more tricks in make up))))

stunning…Like the post..what a combination.

I LOVE this post! Please do more posts like this!!

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Thanks a lot for the article.Much thanks again. Will read on…

Kristina, I really like the lipstick that you use for this look! The color is so soft and it really fits you well. I am also into big eyebrows now but it takes forever to grow up mine. And, of course, into lip products a la naturelle such as Rouge Volupté Shine by Yves Saint Laurent and Glossimer in Wild Rose #119 by Chanel. I wonder if you like any of these brands?