Pictures by James Vyn

GUCCI LOAFERS PROJECT Guys, this article is to remember. Well kind of… First of all, it’s been ages since I’ve posted an article where I wear flat shoes. Don’t ask me why, it’s just that I’m the kind of freaky person who needs a little magic and glamour to appear on my baby blog, and well I don’t really wear flats that much. Not joking, I really don’t. You can try to spy me on Google Streets. Second, it’s the return of my ”perfect coat”, yay! It hasn’t been that long, you guys have seen it in my previous article but hey a good piece is a classic piece and kind of a statement. I like to pull it off with different outfits.

Finally, this article states the first step of a creative collaboration with Gucci, a brand that I loved for a long time and now that they are celebrating their loafers it was a great opportunity to show you guys an idea of how to wear this classic piece. They have chosen some style influencers around the world to show their version of the Gucci loafers and here is mine : classic and timeless. A lot of you might think that these shoes are perhaps for another generation, but I feel like there is something so chic and retro about them. What do you guys think?

COAT : Zalando Collection
RINGS : Folli Follie & Goodnight Macaroon
WATCH : Michael Kors


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Очень нравится Ваш стиль и Ваши образы)
Так держать)

Such a beautiful and classic look.

love your perfect nails and sweet loafers
kw ladies in navy

Wow it’s so weird to see you in flats but still, you look amazing! I love that coat xx

Pretty and stylish. The coat is really classy and the Gucci loafers add a cool touch <3



so gentle combination dear, love the mix of colours, i think these colours suit you the most (with burgundy and emerald :))

awesome pics ;]]

i invite to me too


I LOVE it Kristina! The loafers really suit you – and the way you combined them with this outfit is just SOOOO chic! The last pic looks like a scene out of a movie.


very nice outfit…love the rings! xo, Alma

So lovely. I love the vintage lady like feel❤

Great pictures and love that look! Also those gucci loafers, I love them !!

the shoes give a super nice twist!

oh wow this coat looks so comfy and worm :) and the color goes perfectly with your red nails and lips :))

So stylish, i just love these photos!


loving that floppy hat and a maxi coat

This look is so classic! I love your watch! and everything in your look is amazing :)

You have a brilliant coat on you! I also love the color combination of this outfit :) Pure perfection.

Fabulous coat ! looks nice on you !

XX Luba

Yellow skirt + denim jacket + peep toes today on

wonderful look. i really love it.
happy weekend.
maren anita

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You look georgeus but I’m sorry that I couldn’t seesomething retro in these shoes.. I think “another generation” as you say.. :) Kissesss


I love the way blue and camel are combined in this outfit: you’re always the best.
As regarding the loafers, yeah they have something retro and vintage like that’s cool!

Lovely classic and comfly elegance! you are always fantastic! <3

Love the combination of the Colours! I think Zara always has so amazing clothes! And your watch is gorgeous!<3

It’s so strange seeing you in flat shoes!! Great look as always!!

love this look :) So pretty warm colours

Anonymous 1 March 2013 / Reply

Omg sorry for you kristina but this look is a total flop!! But don t worry it s your only one!! I think you d better match those shoes with a coloured pants and a big black pull with a beautiful necklace because here it makes you look like to a fisherman grand mother. But well i must admit that this mistake from your part makes you human because you use to be really perfect in every point!!

Anonymous 1 March 2013 / Reply

dont like the way u put them together…your to pretty for those kind of shoes

I love those loafers! And yes, they may seem like they are for older people especially if you pair them with ankle pants, but they are so simple yet so stylish. They’re a great basic piece.

Love your shirt…..

Superbe! Comme d’habitude kiss

I like it, but I would have prefered the loafers in another color. I don’t know why.



Very chic! xo, Christina


Preciosa combinación mostaza y navy :D

Mi Quinta Avenida ♥

Amazing outfit, defiantely a look that is a timless classic. Love your blog, your style is very glamourise.xx

I like loafers in general, but I really think this model is too classic. The total outfit looks great though
new outfit post

Beautiful! Does every color have look so good on you? :))

Beautiful hat.

Anonymous 1 March 2013 / Reply

still looking fabulous >(

Love the layers, and the mustard color!

I don’t see you on flat shoes very often but it looks really cute :)


As you say… Classic Elegance.
Perfect Outfit.

I love your little rings, I’ve been looking for some like that too!

Girl, you made those loafers something glamorous and magical! Loved it
It’s classic and never goes out of style.

You pull off this look so flawlessly!

so classy, adore it!

Bisous, Marie ♥

U always look so fab!

Absolutely loving this look Kristina, perfect! the loafers are indeed timeless. xx

Well, I think these loafers look so great on you!
Not at all for another generation, you are rocking in it!

XO The Daily Fashion Drug

Very chic look, love the loafers !

Wow, this is really an article to remember – I remember that the last one when you didn’t wear heels, was an outfit with sneakers :D But you really pulled off this perfect elegant look! good job <3

I swear this is all I ever write on your blog, but you are GORGEOUS! x

I don’t know how about another ppl, but I like those shoes! I really do! Probably in another outfit it would be for me like : ew, what is this?
But you’ve created something great.
Anyway I must say that.. When I saw first picture i thought “What did she’s got on herself?!”
But with every next photo I was like “Wow, this is seriously great outfit!” ;)

In conclusion… I love it as always ;D

PS: Watch from Michael Kors <3

Fantastica! are you okay with everything!
I. e M.


i love that outfit, it looks so elegant.

Perfect. Your shoes ohhh

J’aime beaucoup les mocassins mais je trouve que c’est dur de faire une tenue avec ! c’est vrai qu’on ne te voit pas beaucoup avec des chaussures plates mais franchement j’ai hâte d’être un peu plus vieille pour pouvoir porter des talons parce que 16 ans c’est un peu jeune encore je trouve,mais j’adooooore ça !! VIVE LES TALONS ! hahah :)

Your hat looks so retro. Love it! :)

I’m not really found of this look. But I love your hat !

So different to see you in flats! But honestly, it’s so nice to see some of your outfits with them :) You look stunning, I love the style combo xx

LOVE the outfit!

Anonymous 1 March 2013 / Reply

the hat disbalances proportions, your head seems to be too big compared to the rest of your body. maybe different shoes,ankle boots or some heels for example could restore the balance. flat shoes require smaller brim, a simple rule of classic elegance. i like the style, though. nice colours and beautiful coat.
(probably you won’t allow this comment to be published. i don’t mind – it’s for your consideration)
all the best

gorgeous outfit i love your coat! the colour is beautiful :) i LOVE loafers so much they are awesome! Im currently on the hunt for the perfect black ones and cant find them anywhere!

Hayley xx

Anonymous 1 March 2013 / Reply

Nice and cozy outfit, I like it :) I would wear It myself !

En effet j’allais le dire, on ne te voit pas souvent en chaussures plates et ça donne donne un tout autre angle à cet article, bien qu’il reste dans ton style! Encore un rafraichissement! Modern Grace Kelly ;) -F

Au fait, je n’ai pas eu Internet cette semaine hormis sur mon iphone où j’ai pu voir tes photos sur Instagram mais bref, ne pas voir ton blog pendant une FUCKING ENTIRE SEMAINE a été un enfer O__X “Tuez ce cinglé”, je suis d’accord. Que veux tu, je suis KristinaJamesKayture-addict ;) -F, ton invétéré fan Belge.

Hey, the first thing I noticed when I read this post is your flat shoes and I thought “Oh my god, this is the first time she doesn’t wear heels !” and that made me smile ^^ So you’re right this article is to remember ;)
But, I really hate loafers :( I am of the ones who think that these shoes are for another generation, but hey ! the fact that my grandma wear loafers doesn’t help me changing my mind lol.

Polska Blondynka 2 March 2013 / Reply

I love everything except those shoes haha! Something an older person would wear. That’s just me.

I must get that trench coat!

xo Jill

Very nice loafers! Looking beautiful as always :-)

OMG, when I saw the first pic, I was like ‘KRISTINA IS WEARING FLAT SHOES!!!’ Haha so great seeing you in something different! Those loafers are just such a classic pair of shoes to go with anything!

This look is chic! First time I see you without heels!

I adore the retro 70′s chic feel of this post. Truly adore your blog <3
Child of Ethereal Light

I love this look!! you sure do look stunning still!!!!

Such a great outfit with great colors,
I love the sweater!

I love your rings! <3

Well I don’t think loafers be of another generation, I just relate them with a classy and elegant style, I think is the perfect shoe for spring or autumn. Maybe another colour would had be better! But you look amazing, love the way you look with hats!

Miss Flamingo

I love this outfit and how you styled the loafers! Finally a post with flat shoes! ^^ I don’t like wearing heels everyday, for me they aren’t the most comfortable shoes, I’m always stumbling! but I have to say that they make an outfit very elegant and nice :)

Fashionably Sparkly

soo lovelly always.

You looks better with heels but feet need some rest.
Stella from a A Shiny Place

gorgeous from head to toe!

So weird to see you in flats! I love the coat!

Love the color of the coat combines with the stripes..

Classic is always great!

Greeting from Paris Fashion Week :)



Love your outfit! Where is your hat from? I’ve got a very similar one!

Check out my fashion blog StyleGuideAM on – it’s amazing, I promise

Such a stylish outfit!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Anonymous 3 March 2013 / Reply

just amazing !!!!

Anonymous 3 March 2013 / Reply

just amazing !!!:)

hola guapa
queda genial, ese abrigo con los zapatos
las uñas y los labios a juego son ideales.

Love these shoes! You should wear those sort of shoes more often.. They suit you perfectly

such a nice combination! well-done!

Love this outfit, simple but chic! I’m obsessed with the hat aswell.

Ahoj, ráda bych tě pozvala na svůj blog :). Předem podotýkám, že mi nejde o reklamu, ale o to, aby se o problematice, které se na svém webu věnuju, dozvědělo co nejvíce lidí a poučilo to tak laickou veřejnost, která je většinou jen plna předsudků. Blog je věnován poruchám příjmu potravy a hlavně boji s těmito nemocemi. Nehodlám se řadit k thinspo nebo podobným komunitám. Na blogu najdeš i trochu z cesty mým životem, každodením bojem s PPP, ale také spoustu rad a tipů týkajících se kosmetiky, fotek, článků o mně samé, beauty vychytávky, recenze, recepty, které nikde jinde nenajdeš a mnoho dalšího. Kdyby tě blog zaujal, budu moc ráda, když zanecháš komentář nebo se můžeš stát dalším z mých ctěných “followers”. Budu se moc těšit na tvou návštěvu a přeji krásný zbytek dne. Andie :)*

nice outfit! really love your blog!

xoxo milla

Beautiful coat!


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Wow, love everything. And you look great on flats, I mean it :) xx
Andrea in Fashion

I’m in love with your blog! Amazing quality of photos and very interesting outfits!! Good luck))

@Anonymous : Thanks for your comment girl, I totally understand if the look isn’t your thing! It’ either you love loafers or your don’t which is totally fine. But oh my god, I loved how you say that I look like ” a fisherman’s grand mother”, that killed me haha, really made my day. I hope I still look like a cool grand mother ;)

And yup guys, after reading your comments I do realise that I should wear more flats (or not hehe), however as I almost never wear them it makes it more special when I do! So… I think I might continue being obsessed with heels if you don’t mind, I’m a crazy head and love when my feet hurt 8)

@François a.k.a -F, ton invétéré fan Belge.

Merci pour le message ultra sympathique mon cher ami! Et surtout la référence ”Grace Kelly”, toujours la bienvenu hehe


What a lovely look, you managed to make loafers really cool and elegant !

Hope to see you again soon at an event in Geneva :)


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YES YES YES YES YES! Love your rings and hat!

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

J’aime bien. Je trouve juste dommage que tu aies porté ces chaussures avec cettes veste. Je ne trouve pas qu’ils aillet particulièrement bien ensemble. A mon avis, la veste est un peu trop longue pour ne pas etre portée avec un minimum de talon. Mais autant la veste que les chaussures sont magnifiques! Bonne continuation, et bon voyage à la cité des anges ;)

I LOVE that you wore flat shoes, but I just don’t think this pair goes well with the look, but I understood your concept for the outfit.

I must say that this coat really is PURE PERFECTION, so is the hat.

You look amazing.

Kristina m’a répondu, Kristina m’aaaa répondu, nanananana (8) Mais de rien, c’est vraiment sincère! Pour le ‘Grace’ tout comme pour mon addiction! D’ailleurs cette fois là ça faisait une semaine et cette fois ci ça fait 15 jours que je n’étais plus venu, je vais aller en furie acheter un nouveau modem pour mon appartement, c’est juste plus possible!

Beautiful as always Kristina!

Be sure to check out my blog! If you follow me I will be sure to check out yours as well.

So beautiful outfit and the look

Major thanks for the blog post.Much thanks again. Great.