Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY IN LOS ANGELES I feel like I am deeply, madly, crazy in love with Los Angeles. I mean, I obviously love Switzerland a lot, but the weather is absolutely nooothing compared to LA. Oh gosh no. First of all, I already got a sun burn on my neck, even though I was wearring a jacket… Can you believe it. Tomorrow we’ll definitely try to find some sun screen. And second of all, I feel like everybody is so healthy and fit out here. Makes me just wanna do sports and work out.

Thanks to Guess, we were invited in LA to come and assist at one of their events and actually discover the brand from an insider look. If you guys aren’t following me on Instagram then all I can say is that we’ve learned some major stuff about Guess and how the brand was acutally lauchned. So back to the look, wearring pink again! I feel like I am finally giving it a chance. What do you guys think?


DRESS : Queen’s Wardrobe
SHEOS : Sigerson Morrison
NECKLACE : Shourouk
LIPSTICK : Chanel ”Génial”


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jealouf of your warm trip :) and about your dress too…♥

I love your look, the touch of your yellow nails is awesome!

Beautiful. Love the dress and the necklace :-)



Love these pictures! Gorgeous!


Lisa from

gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
would love to see you in casper&pearl one day!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog

You look very happy in the 2nd pict and also pretty Kristina! Love the dress and the shoes xx

You look so beautiful, this pink dress is perfect for you!

Parfaite tenue d’été selon moi <3 le collier est sublime et j’adore la couleur de la robe.

Amazing pictures and you look stunning in this pink dress !

XX Luba

Urban chic looks , every day on

Beautiful pictures and love that pink dress! Have fun in LA and enjoy the warm weather :)

So amazing photos, i like this atmosphere

You look beautiful, I am loving the colour combination of the pink dress and the pop of yellow nail varnish! Very summery.
Hope you’re having an amazing time, I’ve been keeping updated on it all on Instagram as well and it looks wonderful:)
Happy Tuesday!
Lots of Love
Kate xo

adoring the dress!!! nice necklace..xo, Alma

Such a lovely dress, the colour is stunning! Have a nice day Kristina!

Wow it really is a paradise over there! Beautiful photos makes me craving for summer :( xx

yes, i love the pink! looks great with the yellow nails too.

Katie x

Anonymous 12 March 2013 / Reply

Im so in love with these pictures! And also with the pictures of your previous post!

AWESOME post, amazing photos!
Emma xx

I feel like the dress should be little longer and more tailored, otherwise the color looks erfect for you! I also love the necklace and yellow nailpolish!

You are so lucky! I adore that dress and you look amazing! The thing I love the most is the necklace. It’s so perfect and it gives that “something” to the outfit! Xx

Such stunning photos from LA! Been there last month and I just wanna go back!
And I’m so in love with the dress you are wearing!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Anonymous 12 March 2013 / Reply

GORGEOUS! How do you guys edit the photo’s? They look perfect by color etc. Hope to hear from you :)

Love your necklace, and all the fantastic colors!

This looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

such a fresh look!the weather looks amazing! So jealous! Have fun!


great place!

xoxo from rome

i love so colourful outfit :)

You are so beautiful! Love that dress!!

Really fresh photos, you look absolutely amazing in a wonderful place :))

You look adorable! I am so jealous I would love to be in LA right now and working out with you – haha. Really not a sporty person but I know the atmosphere over there where everyone seems to be healthy and fit.
I think pink suits you really good and this dress doesn’t look too girly or barbie.

very beautiful place! you look beautiful in pink! stunning xx

Pink is such a lovely colour on you <3 x

What a lovely location! The little pink dress suits you very well.

what a gorgeous location <3

Have fun girl!

Amazing pics you look so pretty.


I really love such simple dresses like this & those macarons look so cute. Especially next to your bright yellow nails!

Hi girl!!! I’m in love with your blog! You look stunning in every single post!
This dress looks so good in you!
And btw! thanks to you I’m discovering new online brands :)
beautiful pictures!


beautiful necklace

wow this place looks so nice!

I say YES to the look and YES to this pool area and YES to the weather!

You’re truly an amazing person! Enjoy your stay in this beautiful city! :)

Asya, xx

amazing photos! that dress is beautiful. enjoy LA!

I love the style and cut of the bright pink dress, especially paired with a statement necklace. <3

You make me dream… It’s cold in Brussels. The city is blocked by the snow. Have fun in LA. Kiss

You definitely fit to L.A perfectly! What I really adore about you, is that “model essence” you have. I mean, you take a piece of clothing which really has no shape, it just looks like a .. square. And then you put it on, and it comes to life! This dress would look hideous on me and on many other girls (we’d probably look like a little sausage with a wrapping haha) but you give it shape, texture, LIFE! Pink really suits you, especially in such an elegant way (trust me, I would have never said that I would say pink is elegant but here I am .. telling you that!). I love this look and wow, I envy you for being in such a beautiful place!

Much love to you and James,

Kristina, you’re incredible! You are the most beautiful and stylish blogger I have ever seen.

Lovely look! And the macarons are just the perfect happy spring colors. :D



Anonymous 12 March 2013 / Reply

Very good like ALWAYS you’re so AMAZING !!!! But please let me know what’s you’re real job ? I mean how can you buy you all your stuff ? Are you doing baby-sitting ? Or it is with the blog that you get money ?

Anonymous 19 March 2013 / Reply

Everybody asks that but we get no answer….

What a nice Blog!
I’m wondering if you are a #FiestaSTBlockBuster?

Great place, looks like paradise! Amazing outfit, so pretty!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Beautiful! I loveee the dress, it’s such a fantastic colour. Also want the macaroons hehe
Fashion Ganache.

Amazing Pictures! You look so beautiful! I miss the summer so much <3

Love everything and the colour of your dress is gorgeous!

You look lovely as always! Bright colours suit you really good! =)

xx, eleonora

♥ My Blog ♥

Love, you look so pretty!
I need the necklace!

you’re special baby
i love your style


perfect ♥♥♥

Anonymous 12 March 2013 / Reply

You look stunning! Well, you always do! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that your 3-year-anniversary with James is close?? :D :D I love you guuuyyzz <3


beautiful outfit :) enjoy la

Franchement, je peux pas dire ce que j’adore le plus! La coulisse me fait rêver déjà, j’ai hâte de l’été, mais grave! Après la couleur de ta robe est juste sublime!

Bisous, A.

gorgeous simple look! perfect for the west coast.
kw ladies in navy

You are so lovely in that candy hued pink!

sooo stunning pictures. Looks like your life is amazing :)

pink fits u definitely!! I ador your yellow manicure. Very colorful outfit!!

You’re so beautiful!
And I love this pink dress! It’s amazing *O*

Je suis jalouse :)
Vous êtes très belle !!
bisous Imke x

It definitely does look like paradise! Beautiful outfit :)

These pictures are just amazing!Great look dear and you are so beautiful!


J’aime beaucoup la couleur de la robe, ça donne envie d’été ici dans la montagne .. !!

Such a pretty look! Love all the bright colors <3

X lisa

the pink dress is awesome :)

I love your necklace!<3

What a bright photos everyday!! Thank you for such inspiration!!

Check out my blog too
and follow me on

Tnank you!!!

love your pink dress with the necklace!

Diva ! The dress is just amazing and the shoots are beautiful !

You’re so cute!!!
Great dress =)

This outfit is amazing! Your necklace is gorgeous. <3

These pictures are so wonderful : the colors, your outfit… I love !

Amazing dress, also love the necklace a lot!

this is so PERFECT

Once again you look gorgeous! I love these photos!

love this look its gorgeous!

Amanda Lu 12 March 2013 / Reply

totally jealous!

Anonymous 12 March 2013 / Reply

Love your dress sooo much! And you are absolutely stunning!!!

Love your look! Hope you’re enjoying LA!


gorgeous outfit i love it so mush! You look gorgeous and the photos are amazing! The location is amazing!!

Hayley xx

You are perfect! xxx

You´re so so beautiful Kristina :) Wonderful photos!


Radka from

this color fits you, it looks really great :)

Love the dress, its simple and easy to wear. Pool looks beautiful!!!

Great necklace! I love the way you wore the eyeliner, suits you very well!

great dress :))

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You are so incredibly pretty! And I’m sooo jealous of that weather, it’s snowing so much in my country… And LA must be amazing city :)

Gorgeous necklace and dress.


I love the cut of that dress. Pink looks great on you !

The place is so pretty. Your lipstick is fantastic.

Wow! This really does look like paradise! love the colors!

Beautiful pictures ! This pink shade is perfect on you and I love that necklace !

Enjoy LA :)


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Pink looks amazing on you! I love pink so much.

I really envy you haha. You look amazing as always. :)

Nice outfit (but don’t like the shoes so much) ! The pictures are so beautiful :)

Oh, I love, love, love this look so much! You are so beautiful in pink :)

Shoes don’t convince me much but the dress fits you perfectly and you look absolutely flawless!!

Much love xx

That necklace is gorgeous!! Beautiful outfit and photos :) xx

I love your blog,check mine =)
Ten Image

Love the lipstick with this dress!
Becca x

these super beautiful, famous look kiss

The dress is so pretty, please dear, don’t stop wearing pink, you pull it off so good. I’m in love with the necklace, and the sandals are such a beauty! Enjoy LA and please take care, you’re skin must be so easy to get sunburn :(

You look cute in pink! Wear it more often!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

You look so fresh and pretty :)
lovely pink dress!


Gorgeous photos, I love the dress! Gosh I adore LA, can’t wait to move out there pretty soon!

I’m so glad you’re loving LA. It’s one of my favorite places to go. I’m from San Diego & you’ve got to visit SD over the summer. It’s great here!

I felt the same way when I went to LA. Have a great time.

Your necklace and shoes are so pretty!!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

Beautiful! I love pink with your skin tone…wait…then again, you can’t look bad in anything,

Love this! That dress is so cute!

So stunning! Amazing pictures and I love the whole look. <3

Such a beautiful post. One of my new favorites!

Haha! You are super fair skinned, just like me: even when it is overcast, I can still manage to get a sunburn!

You’re rocking the dress!

Please check out – it’s amazing, I promise!!!

Gorgeous!! xo, Christina+


Amazing place :)

so beautiful! love your style

Love this color !!

And you look amazing !

Oceanwind Blog

Love this outfit!
Pink looks very good, especially with the yellow nail polish.

XO The Daily Fashion Drug

Absolutely adorable dress! Love how you pulled the look together and chose matching lips… immaculate!

I’m in love with your dress!!!

You’re always such beautiful : perfect hairstyle and perfect make up ;)

like this background, I would like to be there^^ Enjoy ;)

Dear Kristina, ur so amazing and pretty! <3

Lovely pink!!

From Korea, Anna

The color of that dress with the necklace is gorgeous. Your lip makes the whole look pop. xoLili

Beautiful color on you! And that’s an amazing necklace! :) xx

You look absolutely gorgeous♥!
Audrey and Pearl

Spring totally!

Mi Quinta Avenida ♥

Oh it’s so beautiful! The sun, the colors! So different from what we have in Europe right now. I love your outfit and that wonderful make-up.

Hi! I really like this dress… was looking at it on Queens Wardrobe but not sure about sizing. It looks like you have a small – but how tall are you? Thank you!!

Looks straight out of a fashion magazine. Amazing colours and photos

Love the heels! The macaroons look so delicious!


Really Beatiful! Love your style!

New post in my fashionblog

Nuovo post da me

Eh bien je suis fan de ta tenue ! Le rose te met carrément en valeur ! Très Californie !
J’adore !
Bisous !

Já te sigo pelo instagram e estou tão encantada quanto você com a cidade citada!
Continue curtindo essa maravilhosa experiência que a Guess esta te proporcionando.
Obs: Amei esse olhar rosa, tão bonito e feminino!
Bju Bju

Okay, how incredible do you look? It’s ridiculous! You look lovely :-) The whole look is perfect on you. And you’ve definitely made me jealous of the LA weather… :-)

As always you look simply stunning and this place…OMG.. It is a real paradise…Best wishes and have a great time!

This dress is perfect on you! Love the poolside setting & the macarons are a cute touch <3

LA chic. Following. xA

This is gorgeous! Love the pink and the statement necklace!

Anonymous 14 March 2013 / Reply

That place looks amazing and you are lovely. :X

The pink looks fantastic on you! That shade of pink looks terrible on me :( You’re pictures are very well done too!

Oh God you are so gorgeous!!

oh you’re so pretty in pink! check-out my new post on the latest shoe trend to break-out soon – - – -
XX the milano mode

I love the look!Especially this necklace! And background is gorgeous)I really want summer!Have fun there!

Anonymous 14 March 2013 / Reply

What do we think? you are so pretty and sexy, so it is obvious that everything looks on you… just gorgeous ! Your life is so exciting, you are visiting so many places. I AM JEALOUS! I wish one day I will be following your steps in sunny LA or exploring Europe. Have you been in Russia?
Kisses from cold, snowy Poland!
ты стройнаяа женщина! :)

I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!
hall in los angeles

Pretty in pink. Your so lucky…. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


you ‘re adorable! kisses from Greece


I liked this pink outfit of yours a lot, u look amazing!

Świetny blog !
Mam nadzieje , że moj rózwnież sie tobie spodoba mój : .
Miło by było gdybyś zaobserwowała lub zostawiła komętarz .
Z góry dziękuje . ♥

You’re so precious!! Love your blog, followed!

Awesome pictures! As always

Perfect outfit, I love the dress so much pink looks wonderful on you :) and also photos are amazing, weather looks amazing I am so jelous! :)

This is so stunning!

Perfect outfit.
Love the necklace.

Ravissante ! Très jolie robe ;)

You look amazing in these photos! Loving the shade of pink at all, glade you decided to give it a chance :)

My Own Project

Love everything in this look. You always score, Kristina!
PS: such amazing legs!

omg! paradise! love your dress the color is perfection! you look amazing as usual! please stop by my blog and join the awesome giveaway I have going on for a smashbox under eye primer! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Beautiful, classy look! VERY California-inspired! Love it…love all the colours and the location you shot at!


Quel endroit paradisiaque! Encore une fois, les photos sont magnifiques! Le vert, le bleu, le rose, qui te va super bien cela dit en passant! Splendide vernis et ces macarons ont dû être engloutis, je me trompe? ;P -F, ton invétéré fan Belge

Amazing look! :)


Anonymous 16 March 2013 / Reply

Just would like to mention that you wrote “sheos” instead of “shoes” :)
I really like the dress and the nailpolish

omg i loved EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST <3 the dress and the macarooons! such a dream

You are so Beautiful :

All the pictures are gorgeous! You are looking more beautiful in pink dress and walking on the side of pool. All time rocking pictures here. Destination wedding photographer

Looks amazing,
and these pictures are perfect as well!

The dress and shoes just go perfectly together!

your life is amazing <3

This is a great look even for me that i’m pregnant….i love this kind of dresses

u’re so lovely with that pink color

Anonymous 2 June 2013 / Reply

omg i love that statement necklace.
Lots of Love Perth,Australia xx

Loved the potos and look so natura!

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