Pictures by James Vyn

THIRD LOOK IN PARIS Just to let you know guys, I almost ended up wearing some orange pants with this look, thought that it could be kind of special and an interesting combination of colours. And so I shared a little preview of it on my Instagram (@kristina_bazan) before heading out in the city and you some of you guys made me notice that I looked like a giant carrot with white chick legs. I couldn’t see anything else than that afterwards, and luckily I had this skirt which saved the situation!

This skirt was hanging in my closet for ages, and though it’s not the ”trend” of the long pleated skirts anymore or let’s say that they’ve been a little over-rated, I still love this one so so much and really enjoyed the combination with the colour block shirt. Let’s also say that the ”trends” themselve are sometimes too over-rated, gotta wear what you love. What do you guys think? We’re packing our stuff and leaving in a couple of hours to Los Angeles, so stay updated peeps!

SHIRT : Three Floor
SKIRT : Mango
BAG / SHOES : Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : Shourouk
LIPS : M.A.C ”Girl About Town”


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I adore this look! it’s probably one of my favorites you’ve ever done! it just shouts out Paris! brilliant!

Love the last pic <3 you guys make an awesome couple!

Not so sure about your blouse but you look stunning and feminine as always!

so effortless

Skirt and bag – I’m loving it :)))

Thanks for sharing…very nice Look, Lovely combo of colours…Cheers!
Happy day

Beautiful look. I prefer the skirt over the orange pants :)



I love your shirt, and the last photo of you and James was just too sweet! Love you both! xx

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

One of my favourite

this outfit is awesome! love the green with the nude!

wow, this outfit looks brilliant dear!! totally love it :)

I think this skirt is very 50′ and is so pretty! I love your look is so perfect and classic and chic!

I’m totally in love with this outfit. :)
Gives us some Paris feeling…

oh i’m jealous of your beautiful shourouk necklace !
haha it’s nice you listen to your readers, i wasn’t crazy about the pants ( in that combination) either
new outfit post

I wholeheartedly believe in just wearing what you love! Who cares if others don’t like it!? As long as you do and you feel beautiful in it, that’s all that matters.

its a beautiful outfit! love the colour and that necklace! such a dream! xo, Alma

Amazing outfit, I fell in love completely with your bloue + that skirt!
But honestly I would have loved to see you as a human carrot :D

great look and jamens and you are so cute!
love this outfit! U can wear anything!!! <3


Wow! Love this look so much, especially this beautiful shirt!

Lovely colors and outfit! Great necklace!

love the touch of green in the shirt.

you look beautiful :)

That skirt is fabulous!


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Sping is comming :)
I love the blouse!

you could probably pull off looks nobody else can, you are just too pretty!


WOW1Love the outfit! I would have picked more colorful shoes, but that’s only my personal idea:P

la mode c’est avant tout porter ce que l’on aime et ce dans quoi on est bien ! Et ta jupe est très jolie :) même si j’aimais bcp le look avec le pantalon carotte ^^

One of my favourite outfits of yours!

This skirt is so ladylike and feminin – I love that.

esa camisa es una preciosidad! guapisima!!

This dress is awesome and you wear it so well
Besides your boyfriend and you are cute :)

Coline ♡

It is a nice dress combination. I love your skirt and the top.

love the necklace so much!

Buona Festa Delle Donne! Happy Women’s Day – more on:

Wow, this is my new favourite look of you!

i love your look

That bag and necklace are my favorites !! So beautiful !!

Love the last picture – so cute <3

Beautifull pictures as always! I also love shourouk and the famous bird of the brand, so pretty! I love your skirt!

PS: Vous êtes trop mignons avec James! <3

Just gorgeous like always Kristina.

What a gorgeous outfit – the nude colors suit you so well!
And how damn cute is the last picture?!? Love you two lovebirds :)



Well I love it no matter is trendy or not!! I do believe that following trends is good as long as you wear the lines, cut and colors that flatter your body shape.
The skirt is beautiful and so is your bag!!

wow you look so gorgeous. Love this outfit. The skirt is amazing and I love the match with the blouse and the stunning necklace.
Love your blog.
xo, Petra

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

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sinon Kristina tu est super

love the shirt so much! and the necklace and just everything!

U look very beautiful here!

The first shot is really cool and pretty. The single pieces of the outfit are really cool but the blouse with the skirt is a bit too much beige, nude mixy to me ;)

love this combination

Beautiful look. Love the pastel colors.



Splendida !!!

The necklace is pretty.

I love this outfit, you’re so wonderful !

ADORE every single piece of your outfit!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Hi love all your outfits!!!
You are amazing!!!
I know you have many followers…but if you want check out my blog =)
kisses and happy women’s day,

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

I love the last picture of you two, so sweet :)

The outfit is a little bit crazy, but interesting! I think that the shoes aren´t the best choice…it would have been nicer with green shoes ore shoes in a colour of the necklace!

Have fun in L.A.!

The last photo is so cute! I love that lipstick on you it looks great!

When I saw the outfit sneak peak in Instagram I was like ” I NEED TO SEE THIS CLOSER” – I LOVEEEE pleated skirts and I’ve recently really thought about getting one or two for myself as well. Yours is just perfection! The color, the length, everything! Also I love how it matches the shirt (which is just breathtaking). Only thing I would have changed are the shoes but maybe it’s just me loving other kinds of shoes :) Still you are looking perfect and you two together are SO CUTE! Good luck with your trip <3

Much love to you,

E-M from

This shirt is amazing and the skirt too ! Best couple ever you and James ! C

Cette tenue est ravissante, le sac est sublime et vous êtes beaux! :)

I like how the photographs are shot (your BF James is very talented!), but I like your previous lace look most:)


it is original!!

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

I would have really liked to see, how ur outfit looks like when it’s combined with ur coat/jacket:)

amaizing jewellery :) outfit is beauty as always

This is simply amazing and beautiful!
Love your skirt so much. And the bag. And the necklace. Everything looks fabulous!

STUNNING !!! AMAZING !! I relly love how you are always so feminine.

<3 <3 <3

This look amazing! I like transparent necklace on this interesting shirt.

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

I absolutely agree with you Kristina, trends are overrated and people should wear whatever they like and feel good in.Beautiful things reamin beautiful no matter what.
It’s sad that many fashion bloggers that I used to follow started wearing almost only stuff that gets sent to them by fashion houses, and returned to them right after they shoot a few pics. Even if they are big fashion houses, it’s still ridiculous. I like that you often collaborate with brands but at the same time stay true to your style. It shows that you pick something that you would pick even if it was not given to you. I loved fashion blogs more at the beginning, when people where doing posts of how they really dressed in their everyday life but still managed to look fabulous, while now it looks like fashion bloggers are just a tool for fashion brands to get publicity. It is great that you took time to figure out what you want to do and that you are focusing mainly on your blog, but blogging can’t be a work in the long term. I hope that you will find a great job (I suppose in the fashion industry since it is what you’re passionate about), and still blog as an hobby. Believe me, the Readers value way much the abitity to look fabulous yet appropriate in your everyday life, rather than looking at some sad blogs (not your, I’m talking about other bloggers) where people dress like crazy people to go to all the places where they were invited just to be used as advertising tools, and even have the guts to call fashion blogging “their job”.



You are gorgeous in this look;))))

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

Hi Kristina!
I’m a girl from Italy…you inspired me!
What I can say….simply beautiful…!!!!


Love the colors of this outfit! :)

C’est juste hyper élégant et féminin! super joli!

Amazing look! Love your necklace!


Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

The skirt is lovely, especially with the shoes and bag, but in my opinion the shirt doesn’t match really..

Ich liebe diese Pastel und Sorbet Farben, ganz klar ein Trend für dieses Jahr !

I love how the nude elements of the necklace match with the blouse, but I think the two different tones of nude (blouse and skirt) don’t go together that well. Black pants would have been my choice, but then again I’m not so courageous when it comes to fashion… Cheers

This has to be one of my favourite outfits you’ve done. It’s elegant.

Beautiful photos, as usual! I really love your shoes <3

Love the shirt with the necklace.. great combination!
and you’re right! forget about trends (not completely haha) and wear what you love!
btw, cutest pic ever! pretty pretty couple! enjoy!!

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

wow I Love the whole look,plus I love the last picture with you and James <3

I love this look, the skirt looks amazing!

love the skirt and shoes! adorable outfit! xo

looks like the most amazing trip! you guys are the cutest just btw. and I looove that top and necklace. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

This is my favourite outfit you’ve worn! Its so princessy and chic and cute! :)


Again sooo beautiful! <3 love the shirt and necklace. :)

aww wow ! i was staring at third pic for a while, it is so sensual ! ok i’m speechless :D fabulous !

I’m in love with your blouse and your necklace is amazing! Gorgeous piece of jewelry! You two are very cute. xx

Such a stunning outfit, that skirt is gorgeous!

What a fabulous color block shirt. Love it paired with that amazing necklace!

You look beautiful. I love this shirt… :)
BTW: Do you have a account? Kristina..? Or is that just a random person who uploading your pictures..?

Love your bag and your skirt !!You’re so beautiful !

gorgeous outfit! I love it so much and you look stunning :D

Hayley xx

I really liked this combination, and I particularly loved your shirt. That green on it is amazing.

Beautiful accordion skirt! I love the color blocking with nudes and green on your blouse.

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

You look lovely! That skirt is beautiful as well and I definitely think the “trend” is up to you to decide :)

Loving this outfit, the shirt and necklace are amazing!!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

Awesome combo of nude and green!!!

xoxo Iren
Visit my blog:
Living In A Kitten’s World

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

I totally agree! You don’t need to wear those ‘trendy’ or current ‘fads’ in order to fit in to that category of ‘fashionista’ and stylish. You gotta wear what you love, don’t let the clothes wear you. Seriously, some people like to wear all that trendy stuff all in one outfit. This is why you stand-out than most fashion bloggers, they are all about what’s “trendy” and it’s so over-rated. People want to be inspired by your unique and fresh creations, not something that millions of people have already worn and seen.

i love the color of the dress. You’re beautiful. ++

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

the last photo is soooo cute! I think you look amazing, but I would change shoes. Anyway, in my mind the most important is to wear what you love because in this way we can still be REAL and not only follow fashion. That’s what actually I like about you, cause you love elegant style and you still keep it. Nowadays bloggers only show the fashionable stuff which we can find everywhere and they sometimes seem to be unreal/fake… But you are still yourself and this is why I love your blog so much! BIG kisses from Poland and can’t wait to see posts from LA!

I’ve always liked skirts like this one: they’re practical and efortlessly chic. plus everyone looks so graceful when wearing one.
like the skirt and the necklace, not a fan of the shirt and the shoes.
the skirt is very feminine, so are you, while the shirt is so masculine or androgynous…

p.s.: very cute picture of you two. :)

I think you made a good choice – I love love this skirt! Especially with the shoes and bag.
Becca Wade x

I love that you actually wore this skirt! It’s so beautiful and elegant <3

Great colours :)

I’ve got the same skirt and i always feel amazing and comfortable in it! You look great and all your style is perfect. I must admit that I also find it better than these orange pants. Good luck in LA and I’m looking forward to see your posts and photos from there!:)

You’re so beautiful.It is my dream to visit Paris.I’m jealous:)
Ola from Poland :)

You look so stunningly good <3 ... And I especially love your skirt!!! In my opinion it doesn't matter if something is "trendy" at the moment or not. I love combining quite old clothes with new stuff - this mix is my definition of "trendy"! Kisses from Vienna, Katja

This is perfect!! great look!

Such a lovely look on you Kristina – the skirt is perfect and somehow you can make ANYTHING look trendy (even though it is not…haha).
Loving the pictures and your bag is my FAAAAVE!


I love this look! It’s very classic, but with a modern twist. Perfect! <3

You look great! I love your blouse!

You look lovely with that blouse. :)

You look so amazing! That necklace is gorrrrgeous.


Me encantan la camisa, y el collar, son ideales!!!!
Que guapa!!! Cute, cute!!!


Amazing bag and details! :)

i love your simple and ellegant bag :)

This is my favorite outfit I have ever seen on you. stunning necklace and look overall! xx

Nice outfit! :) Love your style!

Stunning look. Totally beautiful :)

That bag is probably the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen! I don’t know why, I just love it so much.


you are so pretty!

lovely outfit :)

Love Your style! ♥

Hey Kristina

I have linked you on my Blog. :)



beautiful as always!

Anonymous 10 March 2013 / Reply

It seems we have a shared obsession with the alma! I have such bag envy! You look beautiful as always, hope you had a lovely time in Paris

I love your outfit. The details looks amazing, I need to add it to my outfit too
I just started my post about outfit of the day need some practice.
good to see some really good examples.

Check my outfit post and say what u think would like to hear your opinion

i can’t stop lovin u

Nádherný outfit!:) Jsi hrozně krásná!

Wow!! Beautiful<3

You are such a cute couple!!:)

Gorgeous outfit! I love the colour blocked shirt and the beautiful motion in the pictures captures all the romance of Paris!

Your look is WONDERFUL!!


Honestly I don’t really like this look. Let’s say that the shirt is not my favourite you’ve ever worn and the shoes are just not my kind. :/

PS : You and James are really really cute ! :D

J’adore la combinaison de la chemise et du collier! Les couleurs sont vraiment magnifiques!


Julia from

Anonymous 10 March 2013 / Reply

Adorable couple xx


speechless ♥♥♥

Eh bien moi je suis fan de ta tenue ^^
Je trouve les jupes longues toujours d’actualité, et même si ça n’était plus le cas, tant qu’elle te plait toujours, c’est le principal non ? ;-)

Bisous et amuse toi bien à LA petite veinarde !

Perfect choice in the end <3

Gorgeous look. I just love your bag.

The Purse Snatcher 

You look absolutely gorgeous babe! Loving the two-toned shirt on you. And I have to say you are truly beautiful!!

xx Nita

Kristina, this outfit is amazing! The color scheme is fantastic, and the necklace is the perfect accessoy to make it stand out.
Hope you find the time to visit my blog:
Nymphashion FB


I loove your outfit & lipstick! So chic!

I really like your skirt and necklace!
And last photo is so sweet!!!


Love pleated skirts like this, so romantic! And I actually saw the orange pants combination on Instagram, and I thought that was not bad too!

Love pastel colors! The necklace is stunning!

Beautiful! Love the neutrals with the green pop! xoLili

This is just too perfect, statement necklaces neevr get old!

You two are so cute :)

woow, you look so amazing. I loved this outfit <3

Great pictures!


Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

Non, c’est une masta BLA-GUE? Quelqu’un t’a sérieusement dit ça? Le beige et l’orange, ça cartonne! Cela dit, ça va très bien avec ta jupe également! Y a-t-il moyen que je n’aime pas ta tenue une fois? Je ne pense pas! On dirait que le collier fait partie du chemisier c’est assez troublant! :) -F, ton invétéré fan Belge

I Just Loooooove this look. It’s extremely gorgeous! You are, Kristina.
Classy, Chic, Diva!
xoxo Sweetie.