Pictures by James Vyn

BEFORE THE LOUIS VUITTON SHOW Do you guys know this feeling, when you feel so good about something that it makes you just happy for the whole day and motivates you and brings you energy to smile and see everything from the bright side? I don’t need a lot to get this feeling as I got it simply with this outfit I wore yesterday for the Louis Vuitton show in Paris during the last day of fashion week. 

Not only was I completely in love with the edgy and designer mix but also really obsessed with the accessories Louis Vuitton were extremely kind enough to lend me in order to get creative and make this look as cool and unique as possible. Speaking of which, their show was completely breathtaking. You guys can by the way check out the streaming on their webside by clicking here. Kate Moss rocking the runway and Marc Jacobs in ”pyjamas”, what can I say : priceless. We’re off to Los Angeles tomorrow, looking forward!

COAT : Zara
SHIRT : Vintage
LIPS : M.A.C ”Girl About Town”
SHOES / BAG / BRACELET : Louis Vuitton


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I love your outfit. You look stunning as always! Would love to meet you one day xx

this look is soo beyond chic and amazing!!

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I absolutely fall in love this outfit. You look a doll. Just one word to say : fabulous :)

These pictures are amazing!
Enjoy LA!

Extremely beautiful as always. I love you guys, Kristina and James. You are the perfect power couple.

Perfect combination! You look flawless all in white and the things I especially Like are skirt and coat! Perfect! I admire You xX

Beautiful, elegant and fashinable! I like the dress so much
Thank you for inspiring!
Kisses from Belarus

know this feeling too :) but i haven’t got this for a long time…:( pity…your outfit is really fabulous babe and that cute bag? awesome totally understand why are you obsessed by this :)

Very fashionable pics..perfect look.

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This is just so lovely and feminine!

ladies in navy

Awesome shoes and bag. Have a nice trip!!!



You´re so pretty! LOVE that daisy shirt! Very LV SS 2012!

Ciao…che Meraviglia…Sei Incantevole, Magica…che Charme…che Carisma…Chapeau!

You look beyond stunning, like a hollywood diva of old times – wow!

You are very beautiful! This look is gorgeous:)

I thought you were wearing an all-Louis Vuitton outfit! It looks so gorgeous :)

YOU looked absolutely breathtaking!
Have a save flight to L.A

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Stunning look! This is just amazingly perfect!!!

I love the shoes, you’re beautiful xx

you look amazing! really beautiful..xo, Alma

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

I really love the way how you mix clothes from all brands

So pretty! You look ravishing in all white xx

you look stunning ! very girly, paris chic :)
lucky you for getting to use these beautiful accesories, definitely gives you outfit inspiration
new outfit post

Beautiful look, love the shoes!


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I really hope that dome day I will be there too!! You are a big lab that you blogging everyday and thank you for this inspiration!!!

This outfit is breathtaking! ♥

Your look is so classic and pretty, I love everything I think you can’t do better! I love you bag and this heels are like a dream. You have a very good lucky

One of your best looks Kristina!! White looks so flawless on you! love it! :)

love your shoes!

xoxo from rome

gorgeous as always ♥

You look so sensual and chic! Love this loo so much!

Such a beautiful outfit ! I especially love your shoes

Perfect…fabulous as always u look great in white color :)

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love this style!


Your bag is so pretty!

Tu es ravissante :) Je n’aurais jamais pensé que la jupe venait de chez H&M !

You look really beautiful in this style! :)

I’min love with your blog and your pictures ! They’re amazing! Plus this whole look is absolutely gorgeous :) you’re such a goddess ! xx

favourite Outfit Kristina!
ozhen sdorovo!!!

Vivien & Valentine

Where is our picture together !!! I would love to see it :)
You were so beautiful baby.


You look stunning ! those shoes are gorgeous !
New outfit post up:

you look absolutely adorable in this outfit! x

You look stunning with these sunnies, very lady. And the outfit is absolutely amazing, the white looks really good on your skin!

By the way, I am proud of you because you wrote the word “obsessed” right!! :D

Have a nice day dear!


Love this outfit, you look so chic.


Wow Amazing! Love your Hairstyle, you look so beautiful! And the Shoes are Gorgeous <3

so sofisticated i love this cute bag :)

Beautiful! xo, Christina


J’aime beaucoup les looks tout blancs! Et cette jupe est vraiment belle et chic.

wow,Kristina! I really love your outfit here!

You look stunning! Love the combination of the skirt and the shirt. At first I thought it was a dress. Gorgeous. xx

This outfit is just stunning!!! You look gorgeous!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

So elegant look. I like it. :) ♥

OMG these pumps are perfect <3 Have anice day!

you look amazing! I mean, the whole appearance, the whole vibe that comes from this outfit, it’s so ladylike! First, I thought this skirt & shirt was a Louis Vuitton dress but as I’ve seen that it’s a H&M skirt paired with vintage, I was so suprised. Definitely the best outfit you’ve ever posted :)

Absolutely stunning, love the outfit!

Waouhh! You are looking soo gorgeous!
Love absolutely all about your outfit. <3


Omg I love EVERYTHING about this look!!!


your shoes and that dress is gorgeous!

Oh my, this has to be my favorite outfit of yours! This is so chic and classy and I love your hair like that! Such an inspiration x


This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! I love it! I love the shoes, the top, the skirt! Wow! So feminine, and romantic…It suits you! A very chic result!

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

wooow stunning! i’m in love with the whole outfit so vintage !By the way i can’t clik on the link to see the show :(
You’ve been travelling a lot these few days lucky you. It’s will be your first time in LA ?

Pink lips really suit your colouring. Stunning!

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

Amazing! I love everything about this looks but the shirt is <3 <3 <3 you are very very pretty!

one of my favorite looks for you! so in the mood of LV!

I love this outfit so so so much, it’s so elegant and pure, I especially love the shirt and I love the fact that it’s vintage. And I love the way you wore your coat in this and previous post, you’re actually not wearing it, so stylish.

Amazing look !!! LOVE IT


If I have worn this outfit I would be absolultely happy, too! You´re looking awesome <3


I LOVE your look Kristina!
And the small LV is so cute! *-*


Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

You look so beautiful! Stylish, elegance. I just love it! The shirt is amazing and those shoes are wonderful <3

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

it’s not the weather for bare legs yet! be careful, you could catch a cold.
beautiful outfit :)

Beautiful look as always

wow,your whole outfit is so elegant…<3
i never thought white could be that cool.

Lorraine 7 March 2013 / Reply

J’adore ce look! ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas autant aimé un de tes ensembles (même si je les aime presque tous, donc c’est dire!)
Super classe, c’est parfait pour toi!

Bonne continuation =)


Looking Stunning! Love everything about your outfit & your hair looks amazing!!

You look like a princess! Just so beautiful !!

wow great look

You look so ladylike! The vintage blouse is absolutely darling. x

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

WOW! You look incredible! I think it’s one of your best outfits ever!
Can’t wait to see photos from LA.

You look beautiful! Love the shoes.


That’s definitely a pair of cool shoes!! You rock with it =)

Kristina you are the perfect ambassador of new classic style. I follow you from the beginning and i really feel a lot of respect for you than the other blogger because despite the success I can still see your pictures and find things easily to buy and good ideas with prices to suit all budgets. I hope my blog will work as yours to work together one day.

Love this look – especially the crisp white, the coat as cape, the sunglesses… okay, all of it! So classic, and classy. :)

Also, this makes me miss Paris! What I wouldn’t give to spend an afternoon at the Louvre.

Style to Stage

I love the shoes!!! LOVE LOVE!

wooow you are awesome!
I love that you have the ability to transform a dress from H & M in one piece so sophisticated.


Ah beautiful outfit! Very cute, but chic!


I love your dress, it’s so beautiful! And you’re so lucky that you were able to visit the Louis Vuitton show!

you dress so classy! seriously you have an amazing style!
really in love with it sooo much!

beauty :)

greetings from poland

Beautiful photos! And amazing dress. Love, Jaimie

im in love with that skirt ♥

Gorgeous outfit ! And those shoes are amazing !!!

I can see why this outfit makes you happy!! It is so cute. I can’t believe the top is vintage! What an amazing find.

I am in love with this! The skirt…shoes…top..everything!!! Perfect as always.

One of the perfect look I have seen so far!:)

Your’r really perfect and I love your LV shoes!!!

Wow just amazing ! One of my favourites looks of yours ever ! :D

This is one of my favourite outfits of yours EVER! Everything about it is just so pretty :) Thanks for posting and hope you have fun in LA! xo

amazing outfit :D

new outfit post:

This outfit is amazing! I love that top,it’s soooo lovely! *-*

I love the vintage lace shirt! The cat eye sunglasses makes this a really retro look!!

You are such an amazing stylist! I’d love to see more of your work! I really hope you get to work for a big magazine like Vogue or perhaps a stylist for A+ Celebrities. You have this classy and elegant taste that’s still very now; and unlike most fashion bloggers, you don’t need to follow or wear all that ‘fads’ in one outfit to be stylish. You have your own sense of style, staying true to your aesthetic. Perhaps, the other fashion bloggers should be inspired by you, that being stylish is not about the clothes or brands you wear, but how you carry and present yourself. Ahhh! i’m such an avid fan. LOL

Wow! Oh my God!
This is amazing outfit! Love the hirt, skirt and coat! It’s perfect combination! And the Louis Vuitton accessories? Love it! These heels are so adorable!! I think this is one of the best outfits you’ve ever worn!
And of course.. The photos are (I have to use your word :D) breathtaking! I think James is more and more amazing photographer! I love the portrait when you’re holding sunnies in your fingers and you’re looking somewhere.. That’s really really.. God I don’t even have a word for it :)
You’re doing great job!
Have a nice fly tomorrow!
Anie Green :)

Why are you so perfect? :o xxx

Jennifer 7 March 2013 / Reply

Dear Kristina & James,
Kayture is my all time favourite blog and I look forward to reading your articles every time :) Thank you for sharing your incredible adventures with us, you’re such an inspiration! Keep up the awesome work :)
Much love, your fan <3

Absolutely gorgeous!!
I am so happy for all these amazing opportunities that have come your way. You’re a fabulous blogger with a classic sense of style…so wonderful to see :)

Anonymous 7 March 2013 / Reply

where are these incredible sunglasses from?

Wow, this look is so chic and beautiful!!! I love it! You, Kristina, carried this look out very well!

You look so super chic and elegant!!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

Love this ladylike outfit!

You’re so beautiful! Love this outfit, very chic!! xx

OMG this outfit is amazing its so beautiful and white! I love that its not all big branded designers! Only the shoes and bag which is amazing because it looks like an expensive outfit :D You look gorgeous as always

Hayley xx

The dress looks sooo cute!
Amazing photos.

oooooooooomg this is probably my favorite outfit of you! <333 those shoes, i love love love love them! that dress, aaaaaaah :D amazing! i can't even describe how much i love this,seriously!

spring wishlist♥blog

These photos are wonderful and the look is so amazing!

Anonymous 8 March 2013 / Reply

spent five hours to see all your blogs dairy, from the 2011, really like your styles

This is so damn gorgeous! Glad I found your blog…I’ll be following you now! I’d love it if you’d follow back <3

Kristina you are so breathtaking! The outfit and the photos are just perfection<3 I love your work so much :)

You look s unbelievably glamorous!!

You look stunning! your shirt it’s just soo beautiful and very cool shoes!

Wow!!! you look so beautiful… and your shoes are amazing!!!! I follow you since one month ago, and you’re one of my best. ^.^

Lovely outfit! You look beautiful!

This outfit is far beyond pretty. It’s so chic and you look fantastic with that lipstick on and your gorgeous hairstyle.

Love the LV stuff, it goes perfectly with the white skirt.

Amazing look darling!! So classy and chic. LOVE, LOVE your style…
I’m soo in love with that skirt! I’ve been looking for it in every single H&M stores in London but still not found it!!

love the handbag so much!

U don’t put the link in sentence ‘…on their webside by clicking here.’
Btw. You like awesome, as always.

You are perfect like this Katrina.
From where are your sunglasses please?
Thanks so much.

<3 <3 <3

Stunning pictures!! xx

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You look like a doll <3 You're stunning really!
Your outfit is so classy! Can’t believe the skirt is from H&M

You look amazing :)

Beautiful from head to toe! The vintage shirt is so gorgeous I need to find myself something similar!

Such a classy look, really love your makeup too! The LV show was so good!

breathtaking outfit!

Completely amazing Kristina! Your hair looked so amazing and I LOVE the LV accessories – lucky lady!!!
Where are the sunglasses from?


WOnderful look :) You´re my big inspiration Kristina!
Radka from

perfect outfit <3

You are fabulous.


OMG this look is my favourite!!!!!!!
love ya,
Emma xx

Wow i’ve just found your blog!! It’s wonderful, congrats!!

OGM! this outfit is amazing :D I love everything of it! <3

bye Ari

I really like this romantic outfit! Perfect on you

Ouf, de loin on n’aurait pas dit que les chaussures étaient monogrammées! J’imagine que le show devait être plus intéressant en vrai parce que depuis, ça cassait pas les briques… De toute façon, pour moi, rien ne pourra être plus parfait que la collection Spring Summer 2012 ♥ -F, ton invétéré fan Belge

So chic and awesome!

Definitely my favorite outfit! Love it! <3

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