Pictures by James Vyn

OMEGA ”LA NUIT ENCHANTÉE” Honestly guys, like usually I don’t post the pictures we shot during the evening events as it is most of the time very formal and you know well the light is pretty damn difficult to picture. But this time I could’t wait, I was absolutely speechless by the incredible Omega event we attended during our stay in Vienna. Everything, from the beginning until the end of the night was like a fairy tale surrounded by a magical ambiance.

As Omega launched their new Ladymatic line, their testimonial Nicole Kidman was among the guests. I basically grew up watching her movies, Moulin Rouge was my favourite one. I use to keep a note book where I would write the dialogues of the movie so I can actually play it. Gotta admit that I always had a huge passion for acting but never really gave it a try. Meeting Nicole was beyond inspirational, and who knows maybe one day, I will give it a try!

DRESS : In Love With Fashion
SHOES : Yves Saint Laurent


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You look so gorgeous in the white gown!

Oh, I am so happy for you! Nicole Kidman is truly one of my favorite actors of all time! :) xx

I wish you an amazing week!! :) xx
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WOW! The first photo is really beautiful, you both look wonderful :))

You are always as ever beautiful, gorgeous, glamorous, and everyone knows – fashionable. You’re one lucky girl to be of attendance in these kind of events. And your boyfriend, I wish he’s mine! I’ve been wanting him since the day I followed your blog. loljk
Keep up the good work girl! xoxo

Very beautiful pictures. Love the one with Nicole Kidman!

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You look so lovely!



Magical! You are very beautiful!

awesome !!! you are so lucky that you met Nicole !! :)

Wow, you are such a lucky girl!

Thanks for sharing, Great Post and Photos…You Look amazing, very very very Pretty, Fashionable, Chic!…Chapeau!

Wow c’est magnifique ! Tu en as eu de la chance de la rencontrer! J’aime tellement ta robe *.* tu es magnifique !

You and James look stunning! And you’re so lucky to have met Nicole!

Sparkle On The Floor

You are awesome great post !

lovely place! everything looks so beautiful!

The first photo is beautiful. Really love this post!!!
You look absolutely stunning Kristina!


Looks like an awesome event. Congrats on the pic with Nicole. Your dress looks stunning <3



Wow! A dream came true! You’re so beautiful in this dress, you really look like a Hollywood star! :)

you look totally amazing and that pic with Nicole!!!! gorgeous…xo, ALma

Anonymous 3 April 2013 / Reply

So that´s how “good life” is,ha?

WOW such an amazing event ! So glade that you enjoyed !! The pictures are really stunning !

XX Luba


Ta robe était sublime <3

You both look lovely and it must have been so inspirational to meet Kate Winslet! xxx

Amazing party! You look fantastic! xx

Beautiful photos!


You’d make a beautiful actress! Can’t believe you got to meet Nicole Kidman! I’m so jealous x

Nicole is stunning!! You look gorgeous! Great event!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

you look gorgeous!

Wow beautiful pics ! You look stunning !
Love from Paris <3

You’re gorgeous! and your dress is perfect and suits your so well !!

How cool to have met Nicole, love your dress and you look gorgeous.


Honestly,you are even more beautiful than Nicole Kidman:)))) (and I think,that she is perfect)
xoxo Vesi

Wow looks like an amazing and magical evening!

Who is the lady with green dress? She looks amazing!

Amazing !!! You are so lucky ! I hope you know that :)
And your are so beautiful as usual !!
Des bisous…

I love this event so so much so magical :)
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Oh wow I’m so jealous that you can visit an event like this! Nicole Kidman is gorgeous, it’s a pleasure to meet her. I love your pic with her and you look beautiful as always!<3

it does look like a beautiful event !
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omg i’m so jealous

Wow, it looks like a dream!!!


Oh you look gorgeous, love your dress!


looks like an amazing event!

Wow, you look gorgeous. I love your dress.

I can’t believe you met Nicole Kidman!

Jade xx

Soooo luckyyy!!

The pictures are amazing!!!

Wow, you looked amazing and the night does look like a fairytale come true. Congratulations on meeting Nicole Kidman! I’m from Australia and I would love to meet her one day!

You look so beautiful! I already saw some of the photos on your instagram. Love it. When will the next Kayture-on-the-run be out? xx

really adorable pics. Looks like it was amazing evening.

amazing event! I followed it on your instagram :)



Everything looks so beautiful (:

Beautiful dear, that dress looks beyond stunning! Looks like you guys had an awesome night :)

It seems to be an amazing night! Thanks for the pictures!

omg gorgeous pictures! And you’re with Nicole Kidman woww! :D

You look gorgeous! I can imagine how amazing the event was.


I think it was a great experience :D Nicole Kidman is my idol, too
Francesca from

O.M.G. Erm.ah.gerd.


this looks so fun! love your dress
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous 3 April 2013 / Reply

You are so insanely beautiful! And congrats on meeting Nicole Kidman, that’s awesome!

Wow Nicole Kidman!! And you look amazing!

I think you’ll gonna be a great actor Kristina, you should defiantly give it a try some day! But not if it means that you have to leave the blog, cause that would just break my heart ;) I’m to addicted to kayture!

You soo lovelly , and the dress fabulous

love your dress! you & nicole look gorgeous together :)

Wow, amazing evening and you look gorgeous!

Wow, that’s amazing that you got to meet Nicole!!

It does look like a very magical evening :)

This must have been a fabulous night! And you looked incredible *_*

This is my favorite blog :) :)

wooow wie schön du aussiehst und wie gut, dass du nicole getroffen hast :) xxx

This is such an incredible event! You are beyond lucky to have taken a photo with Nicole Kidman! Unbelievable :)


You so beautiful :)

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You look gorgeous!
So cool that you met Nicole Kidman.

You’re so beautiful and lucky! I’m so jealous :(

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i love your yves saint laurent heels

Anonymous 3 April 2013 / Reply

witch camera do you use? :)

oh my god… this is soooo unbelieveable!im very happy for you.. and nicole is amazing!!!! :))

xxx ILLA

Anonymous 3 April 2013 / Reply

I almost had a heart attack when I saw you next to Nicole in that picture! She is like my all time favorite… I remember when I was little I asked my mom *mom, why dont you look like nicole?* *she wouldnt talk to me for a week after that event* haha

You and Nicole are wearing amazing dresses.

Looks like a glamorous evening:)

Frances O

Wow, the event looks fantastic and I can’t believe you met Nicole! Moulin Rouge was my favourite and I actually got to play it a bit in a short theatre adaptation.
Your dress was fantastic!

Amazing photos!! Nicole looks amazing, so lucky you got to meet her.

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

You’re very blessed to be able to see Nicole in real. I’ve always see her as a really strong woman.

Ahhhhh, BEAUTIFUL! What an etherial beauty. You look like a movie star!!

you look absolutely stunning
it looks like it was an incredible night!

ellay xxx

You are so lucky to meet Nicole Kidman, she is an amazing actress. Your dress is so beautiful, and you look so stunning. <3

Looking gorgeous as ever! Seems like you had a good time! I’m happy for you :)


It really looks like a dream, I think you should follow your dream and if you want to be an actress, you should try even if it is to see that you are not talented to that job but I think you can do it ;). All that you’ve done for now is behind you and you are young, your future is yours.

Plein de bisous, je crois en toi!!

Wow, I also would like to meet Nicole :-) You look great!

SO pretty! x

what an enchanted night indeed. so cool that you got to meet nicole kidman and be a part of the festivities and you look amazing doing it!

abigail lind

Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

your dress…………….. <3

You look absolutely amazing! And omg you met Nicole Kidman! So jealous! She is seriously beautiful!

you look hundred times more marvelous than nicole kidman

Je suis super contente pour toi ! ça a du être un moment magique pour toi :) et je pense que tu devrais te lancer et suivre ton rêve, tu ne peux pas te détourner de ça sans avoir au moins essayé. Courage ! :)

WOW You looked incredibly beautiful :)

Radka from

you’re so lucky to have met Nicole Kidman! love your shoes!

Nice Post.Thanks for Sharing this post.

You are absolutely gorgeous! Nicole sure does make Australia proud :)

You lookes so beauty here. So elegant, and congrats! With Nicole Kidman

Im grateful for the post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

I am so grateful for your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.