Pictures by James Vyn

RAINY DAY *Shall be read with heavy british accent, as corny and snobish as possible* may you please allow me a short exclamation : this weather is too damn shitty. You can read with your normal accent now, in case you actually read with a british accent… Oh I love how I get all into annoying jokes when I’m stuck in bed with no one to talk to. This flu keeps all my family away from me (actually already infested my dad… might be the reason why they stay away).

So we tried as hard as we could to make some pictures yesterday, but it seemed like everything was acting against us : first the rain, the wind, freezing cold, then our camera which is now broke and finally my head burning. So please excuse the little amount of pictures, but it just wasn’t our day. I loved my outfit though, I was wearring my new dress created by Kaviar Gauche for Zalando Collection. Absolutely love it, they have some cool pieces : definitely suggest you to check it out. For those interested I’ll join a little video at the end of the post :)


COAT : Zara
BOOTS : Morgan
SUNNIES : Windsor Store


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Please take care of yourself and rest. No twitter, instagram… – you need to rest. If you don’t give yourself time to rest and heal, it will only get worse, trust me.

Bisous! xx

The dress has beautiful details, love your outfit even with less pictures then usual ;)

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Very nice your dress looks awesome!!!:)

Very beautiful photos! I love your dress

Aw, hope you feel better soon! Even if you felt crappy you looked fabulous!! Your dress is so cool and I always love your lipstick!

Anonymous 9 April 2013 / Reply

I usually love how you match/fit clothes and colours… but I don’t like black tight with white dress. It caused that dress loose it elegance and freshness.

Adorable black and white look. Hope you´ll feel better soon and fix the camera :)



Gorgeous and chic as always! Fabulous dress and coat!

you’re one amazing blogger baby


the weather is indeed shitty but the pictures turned out amazing nontheless!

Beautiful dress!!

You look fab ! Love the dress !

XX Luba

Cupcakes and fashion in my post today

uhhhh love this classy b&w combo!!!! :) xo, Alma

Wow – you look great! I really love the sunglasses!

Love these photos! Have they been taken in London?


Get well soon Although how you manage to look so good whilst ill is beyond me!

you look fantastic!

xoxo from rome

Love your Outfit Sweetheart!
xx, Laura

J’adore la tenue ma belle! J’espère que tu vas aller mieux d’ici peu de temps :)


I know how you feel!
I have problems to shoot my outfits in Zurich as we haven’t had sun in over a week! Fortunately the sun was shining and my mood went up 100%.
Hope that I am able to shoot some pictures today.

But against all your bad luck the pictures turned out great.

don´t worry, the pictures are great as usual!

You still look great despite the flu! ;)
Get well soon!

Nevertheless you did a great job! I would never tell the shoot wnt so bad, you’re a real pro! :D

The dress is stunning and as a friend of mine said “Women wearing leather gloves are abnormally attractive!”

Get well soon!

Beautiful coat! And that dress is so lovely.



That dress is amazing and you are an artist of fashion!

Aleksandra Z. 9 April 2013 / Reply

Love it!The dress is perfect.Hope you will get better soon Kristina!:)

This dress is gorgeous, and you look just fine :) But what happened to your camera???
Take care and feel better soon!

Hi Kristina,
Love the first photo, you and James are so talented! Get well soon! :)

(Says she in a cut glass English accent)

Perfect as always!

LOL! Love reading your posts!!! And yes, I was doing the British accent…hehe. I don’t think it is even possible for you guys to have a “bad day”. These photos are amazing and you don’t look sick at all but beautiful as always.

xoxo from Johannesburg,

Gorgeous!! I love it!!

the pictures are considering the circumstances really good!
pretty coat
new outfit post

great outfit! and get well soon, dear :))

*.* Suuuuuper cute!

Love the sunglasses!

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beautiful! :)

Even with flu you look pretty! Loved your outfit :)

Great outfit! Beautiful dress!

You want to follow each other in Bloglovin and GFC?

Best wishes,

Hope you feel better. I know the feeeling.. Plus the rain is something we have to battle here in London. But as always, James has done a great job at capturing you !


beautiful dress and adore the black and white look!
kw ladies in navy

beautifull dress and I love the pictures!

x Jana

Lovely outfit, so classy!

xoxo, Diana ☠

I wish I looked like you when I am sick !

what a cool dress!

i love your coat

Amazing Dress dear! I love it, you look very pretty in this Black and White Look!<3

Love this look! Beautiful dress and brilliant sunnies. :) xx

You look amazing!! :)

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I can’t believe you are sick and took these photos with a broken camera. They are so fantastic! Kudos to you!

Love your sunglasses and pretty white dress!!

Kristina, I love your blog and I have been following you for ages, you have wonderful style and James takes fantastic photos of you.

However, I thought I would point this out because I don’t think you meant this on purpose, but the ‘corny and snobbish’ comment about certain British accents is actually really offensive to quite a few people, me included. I just thought I’d point that out so you don’t make a careless comment like that in future where you might not know some people may take offence, but they do.

You look flawless as usual you look nowhere near ill aha and just loving the mochrome your just such a classy bird aha and I am brittish so i started reading it like the queen aha xox

well you sure do not look sick! you look amazing! hope you get well soon!

I am loving your dress. I am sorry to hear about your cruddy day and for your broken camera. Things will get better soon!


Hope the weather gets better for you!!! I need my Kayture posts!

gorgeous outfit! love the colored tights really gives the look something unique! really loved your latest on the go video. hope you feel better really soon hun! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Wow, love it!



Wow tu es peut-être malade mais tu n’as pas perdu ton sens de la mode (c’est moi ou cette phrase est bizarre ?), ce look est magnifique et c’est un de mes préférés depuis longtemps (le dernier étant “Preppy Daisy” avec une robe parfaite et des talons LV à mourir à Paris), alors que crois-moi, tu es la blogueuse fashion la plus classe que je connaisse et que j’aime toujours tous tes looks ! :)

Bon courage pour ta grippe et repose-toi bien surtout ! :)

Love the coat and layering in this outfit…

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Amazing dress!

Really amazing!!!!

Elisa My Fantabulous World

Wow cet effet dentelle est superbe! Il me faut VRAIMENT un manteau blanc, c’est tellement clââââââsse chérie (prononcé avec l’accent d’un Anglais qui parle français)! Et bien sur ces photos tu es malade, tu es une malade GLAM. Votre appareil s’est cassé?? :O:O :X Aoutch :( Condoléances! -F, votre invétéré fan Belge ♥

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Encore une fois je ne suis pas fan des shoes et ces formes la ne te flatent pas le mollet
Mais par contre en ce moment j’aime trop le blanc en hiver porte avec du noir opaque :)

You still look great while sick though! Hope you get well soon!

you’re so pretty and love the dress!

You look great…

You´re so beautiful :)

Radka from

MAKEUPPP!!! AND HAIIRR! AND SUNGLASSES, AND GLOVES, Wow, you really got it Kristina!

Hey, thanks for the article.Really thank you!