Pictures by James Vyn

A WEEK-END IN PARADISE As you guys might know, weather swings are the most common thing in Switzerland. A couple of days ago we were still in the middle of winter, and there I was hanging out in my faux fur coat with tights under the pants. Now during this week-end, it almost felt like summer! Wait a minute, it was summer : +25°! What is wrong with you weather, couldn’t you be more predictable?

Of course, we were happy like little kids as we woke up and saw the sun. We decided that spending the week-end in Montreux would be the best decision ever as we’re kinda pissed off that we’re not in L.A for Coachella. So we definitely needed something to change our minds and make us feel like in hot California. We took advantage of the amazing landscape to shoot the first shots of the Choo 24:7 Style Makers campaign held by Jimmy Choo and I wore these amazing laced up beauties for the occasion, any thoughts?

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PLAYSUIT : Love Clothing
BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
NECKLACE : Lulu Frost


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Insane shoes and just adore the dress
Kw ladies in navy

Ugh those sandals! I love them~

The Occasional Indulgence

Looking beautiful! I like this outfit very much!

Oh my God! How’s that even possible?! You look amazing – those shoes are so gorgeous!

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woowo c’est vraiment magnifique !! *-* j’adore, les jimmy choo sont incroyables!!

Amazing pictures, I don’t know if the best is your outfit, or the place, loved it!

Love your slicked back hair and aaaa-mazing shoes! The weather looks wonderful.

you look stunning and those shoes <3


gorgeously styled! in love with your heels / sandals!

my gosh these boots sandals look amazing !!!! perfect perfect perfect babe !!! :)

when I was looking at your Instagram pictures, I couldn’t get over how beautiful the scenery was. Now I’ve found out the weather was like it’s even more ‘wow’. I wanna go to Switzerland!!

Francesca xo

Wow the shoes look sooo rad and the dress is lovely. Maybe you´ll go next year to Coachella :)



The view is absolutely amazing! love the pictures and those shoes are so cool.

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Anonymous 15 April 2013 / Reply

OMG Kristina I love this look I really love this look<3 you are so beatiful your shoes AMAZING :)

Amazing dresscand necklace!

Gorgeous photos and the shoes are so amazing!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Amazing sandals! wow so georgeous! xx

wow. amazing pics!

Beautiful photo! Playsuit is stunning!


Stunning shoes ! Love how you styled them !

XX Luba

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I love the shoes!!! I want to be in California for coachella too. Feel like summer is already here in Montpellier, weather is kind of crazy!

love the reflective clutch, & the blue nail polish is gorgeous!

Katie x

the last two pics are so awesome! Like the gladiator sandals x

great shoes!

xoxo from rome

Loving those sandals & the weather seems just divine !! Great post <3

That dress is perfect! You look gorgeous. Lovely photos!

loe the playsuit and those are definitely interesting shoes! xo, Alma

wow great photos!

Amazing landscape and photography! I take it you fixed your camera? I actually love the Jimmy Choo sandals, and the playsuit matches perfectly.

aww so beautiful! love Montreux!

i am so loving your sunnies.

The Milano Mode

You look amazing!
The dress, the sandals, everything looks great!


Love this outfit! Such a gorgeous print! x

Wow I really love hat scenery and it goes perfectly with that dress and jimmy choos’s

Wait, it’s not a dress? How practical … and pretty!
The shoes are an eyecatcher and of course you own the most amazing jewelry collection!
I look at your perfect cateye and realize that I still didn’t try out your technique…

Beautiful outfit, the shoes are so gorgeous!

I love that dress, you look so amazing! xxx

Maddy from

loving the playsuit! xx

I share your happiness about this gorgeous spring weather that has finally come to deliver us from Freezerland !
You couldn’t look more stunning for this shoot ! I love those lace up sandals they’re just amaze.
I am not sure if your camera has already been repaired but these shots are beautiful :)


AnneLyse E. 15 April 2013 / Reply

ces photos sont sublimes elles font vraiment oublier le mauvais temps de ces derniers jours et ça fait plaisir! la robe et les chaussures sont magnifiques également!
have a nice sunny day, :)

The shoes are not really my cup of tea, but I love the total outfit anyway

Beautiful photos !
new outfit post

wow this outfit is so amazing and the choos are to die for! love it!
xx Kate

The Style Department

You look stunning !
New post up:
Love from Paris <3

These shoes are perfection,love that dress such a pretty print.


I’m sure it is not easy to walk on that pier with your Jimmy Choo heels..
Although the pictures turned out great! It does feel like Summer in Switzerland by looking at your pictures =)

Wow! I love the dress and the close-up photo is so beautiful! You look gorgeous! xx

In general, I like the lace up sandals, but these particular ones somehow do not attract me…

Can’t say that I dislike this look, but I can’t say I like it either…

Woooww!! Pictures are perfect as usual… And thoses shoes ares beautiful though I’m sure they’re the most uncomfortable shoes in the world!! Hahahaha ;-)

New look on the blog!

Anonymous 15 April 2013 / Reply

i love you and your dress and the view, but these shoes are horrible to me, im sorry :)

You’re looking so amazing! And the pics are just wonderful, inspiring and let me longing for summer :-) … Kisses from Vienna,


Anonymous 15 April 2013 / Reply

How do you manage looking always so perfect Kristina? I would love a post about your foundation routine! Your skin just looks so perfect, flawless! I would even believe you don’t even use any foundation because you won’t see it!
xx Christina

Aleksandra Z 15 April 2013 / Reply

Awesome!Great outfit and magical place.Love it!

These pictures are just perfect! The light is so beautiful !! And your shoes are stunning ;)

Beautiful outfit! Have a wonderful day Kristina <3

Really interesting shoes,but I don’t like them,actually. Anyway,you look gorgeous like always :)

I absolutely adore everything of this outfit.. from head to toes you are just perfect!! maybe the best i´ve ever seen on you.. good luck!! :)

Les photos sont si jolies ! J’aime beaucoup ta robe, qui te vas à merveille ^^

Je viens d’ouvrir un tout nouveau blog !


Wow..That’s a very beautiful place! Well I guess it’s happen all over Europe :D Here in Portugal last was something like 19º and quickly in a week are 29º, but it feels
awesome, Summer is my favorite season :D
That gladiator Jimmy Choo shoes are so elegant and fresh.. and that sunnies I fall totally in love, in fact I’m obsessed with round shapes.

Have a wonderful week darling,

Gi ♥

Anonymous 15 April 2013 / Reply

I usually love your outfits but not this one. I mean the playsuit is okay, I love the clutch but those shoes… terrible. Sorry.
Love your style anyway.

XO, Blair

Amazing shots, the water looks incredibly blue!!
Love those Gladiator stilettos.

You’re so beautifull! I like dress and shoes, ultra feminine…

Gorgeous photos! J’aime bien tout les photographs parce qu’il y a l’atmosphère gentile et heureuse! Je voudrais que déjà l’été arrivait.


Aww… California is lovely, but I always love your photos from back in Switzerland the most! I don’t know what it is about them… Switzerland has the perfect equilibrium of nature and elegance :)

The Stranger

such a cool boots :)

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i really like your skin and your boots ^^

I love the dress, but the heels are adorable!! I’ve always dreamed of having gladiator inspired heels!


Las botas son una maravilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Un besito y feliz lunes!

Those shoes are insane! Such a statement piece! I’ll pair it with just a simple black dress (:

We absolutely love your sandals and geometric dress: *

Just STUNNING !!!!

Awesome pictures!You look absolutely GORGEOUS! Beautiful place! Love the outfit! Everything is perfect!
Enjoy the nice weather!

Anonymous 15 April 2013 / Reply

You are so beautiful!!!♥ This photos are just amazing and awesome♥

OMG! Those sandals are amazing!

Sparkle On The Foor

Pure paradise- adore the geometric dress on you!

Your shoes is amazing! fabulous girl! <3

wow I love this photo and the view is incredible *.*! Finally spring arrived also here in Switzerland!! Why didn’t you & James go to Coachella?

The pictures are wonderful! And you are beautiful …

The pictures are wonderful! And you are beautiful …

Perfect look!

The heels are amazing.

Lovely outfit! I really like the playsuit. Also, you look beautiful as always. Amazing eyes!

wooonderful dress :)))) the shoes are a lill bit weird but you look still great :)

Wow I loooov the sandals!!!! Are so amazing

At first I was going to ask you how on earth you got those shoes on -but then I see they have a little side zip. Sneaky!
The photographs of the lake look gorgeous! Your BF is very talented (or Switzerland is just lovely)

The lace ups are not very appealing, but love the dress!


Amazing look. You’ve got some great style.
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Much Love,
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I’m in love with the playsuit and this outfit is just amazing!!!

Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it! <3

Très belle ensemble!

Lovely look ! And a beautiful location !

wow! i love the shoes and the pics are gorgeous!

Amazing pictures!


Such amazing shoes! James is such a wonderful photographer, he always catches the perfect moments. :)

Amazing look ! You’re so perfect Kristina ! :)
Yay in France (Alsace, not so far from Switzerland) it’s the same for the weather, today I was in shorts with 25° but last week I had a coat, so strange.

PS : I just discovered a cool jewelry store online and I thought you might be interested, personnally I’m in love with this brand, they have so beautiful pieces *__*
this is Fiona Paxton ->

WOW babe, those shoes are soooo awesome!


Gorgeous pics…as usual. Back to summervibe!

By the way: you’re it-girl of the week on:

Danie is Holland’s best fashionstylist and she posts all kinds of amazing articles on her website. The piece is in English. Thought you might like it!

Bisous Patricia @MissPdB

You are so gorgeous! Those shoes are not my style but I love how you styled them x


Just.. Wow!
We all in cold Europe needed sun but you? I think you should live in some hot country because your spring/summer outfit is more awesome than every winter outfit! I love the dress so much!! The heels are perfect and you look fantastic with this type of sunglasses! I want to wear everything from this outfit right now!!
And the pictures.. How are these amazing photos even possible to take a photograph? I mean.. Every photo is soo gorgeous and profesional! And on the portrait you look like the nicest doll :))
This place looks really like paradise! Hope I visit it some day :)
Kisses from the Czech republic!

(I comment again, yeah)
I forgot to ask you in my other comment, why didn’t you go to Coachella last weekend ? I would have loved to go there so much too, life is unfair :’(

I don’t like shoes, but the rest is perfect

You look stunning! Amazing shoots! Lovely place!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

love your look a lot! you’re photos are gorgeous! Perfect light!



Love the playsuit and the sunnies! It’s such a beautiful and stylish look!
Andrea in Fashion

i think u have modelface look i love it :)

This is such a nice location, I love this outfit!
Becca x

that place look absolutely beautiful! loving the sunglasses!

Ana xoxo

Awesome photos!! You look great!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Amazing photos!

The playsuit and the complements are greats


I am loving your Jimmy Choos and that romper!


Love your outfit. The dress is so gorgeous, and you are so beautiful. <3<3

Shoe gives a different look and makes you look taller.

So beautiful! The Sun and the Blue Water wow! I love your Look!<3

Love everything! those choos are amazing! and the background! not to mention the outfit!

Simply….. Jimmy Choo *___*

xx Elisa My Fantabulous World

woow, so perfect… you’re shining in the middle of the sun!

These Jimmy Choos are perfect, very sexy. x

Stunning playsuit and photos are so pretty!

I love the dress!

Wow, je n’imagine pas une facon plus parfaite de porter ces shoes, bravo, j’adore !!
La lumiere est superbe, oui oui on se croirait presque en Californie ! :)

Don’t like so much, i think it’s better to have very very thin legs and you have not a tiny knee. It’s not a judgement don’t worry. But i saw that.
However, James has known how to take those pictures in order to not see this detail here.
Great job.
Love you baby

WOW, ça ce sont des Statement shoes! Canon canon canon, gladiatoooooor! La 4ème photo avec la zone de lumière là : Speechless! Ca a l’air d’être un merveilleux endroit! -F, votre invétéré fan Belge

So lovely dress! :)

Radka from

WOOW the the boots!

chic, loved the shoes

Hey, thanks for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

This piece was a lieekacjft that saved me from drowning.