Pictures by James Vyn

COMFORTABLE AND CHIC If you guys follow our little adventures on Instagram (@kristina_bazan and @james_vyn) then you might have seen that James and I have spent the most lovely Easter at his family house in Montreux. It’s always such a pleasure to be there, I mean honestly Montreux is one of my favourite places in Switzerland. Just the air, the view and the ambiance : everything about it makes me feel so happy. 

So it’s has been a very relaxed couple of days, all we did was eat, sleep, watch movies and spend time with family. A dream come true after all the trips we’ve been on lately. We craved a good night of sleep and being able to just forget about schedules and appointments. A real heaven! Now back to work, with full energy!

SHOES : Bally
BAG : Louis Vuitton


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I can’t get enough from that faux fur coat!! It’s gorgeous!!

I wish you an amazing week!! :) xx

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your hat and fur coat combo is just perfect!

Ah amazing!
I’m falling in love with you!
I mean the way you wear such clothes! ♥

Very foxy outfit. Reminds me of a femme fatale in a film noir.

need your fur collection haha :)

One of my favourite outfits you’ve posted!
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Adorable look. Love the fur jacket and the cute hat. Glad you guys had a great time :)



I love this look. You looks amazing with this hat!

really love the colors of your outfit and the fur coat and hat!
xx Kate

The Style Department

Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

i love this coat as well as the LV bag.
do you get these luxury articles free or with a special discount?

Love those beautiful pictures! Lovely outfit, but that is no surprise :)

deine Tasche ist wundervoll. du trägst oft Hüte ist mir aufgefallen.. stehen dir super!

Looking fabulous as usual !

XX Luba


You are so so so beautiful!
I’m so glad that you had lovely Easter weekend :)

Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

Gorgeus as always!

Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

Sometimes I feel like you dress like an 40 year old women, my mum would wear those boots. You are young and georgeous, I think you should be more youthful when dressing. Anyways I,m a huge fan!

I don’t like the faux fur coat :/ but you are beautiful as always!

After I’ve seen your post, I decided to devastate the H&M shop in searching for that hat :) You look very beautiful!

Sparkle On The Floor

nice look!

xoxo from rome

Beautiful look! xo, Christina


You look beautiful and so glamourous! xxx

you’re photos are so awesome! :) xx

That hat <3 Omw, you should wear them more you suit them perfectly. LOVE your outfit x

I looove this outfit!! and the colors!

Very flattering and very beautiful outfit, the colour is absolutely gorgeous!


Amazing look, this is why you are one of the best bloggers out there!!

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Love this hat! And your hair! xx

So beautiful! Love the fur coat!!

Wonderful outfit, like this coat hildren!

The fedora, the fur, the bag…love love love it all <3

Love the look! And that hat suits you really well!


Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

Do you really call your princess-life work?? All you do is shopping with your daddy´s credit card and travel around the world. you don´t know what hard work is.

Can’t believe it’s that cold there, love the jacket though

Hope you had a good rest! Love this dark burgundy palette for an outfit!

Even if your outfit reminds me more of fall than spring, it’s absolutely georgous! Unfortunately in Vienna weather looks more like winter than spring, so the look would be perfect :-/ … I’m longing for spring, sunshine, warm temperatures, … <3 ... Kisses from Vienna,


Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

This is amazing! Love it! :)

It’s important to rest sometimes! Happy to see you back with all your energy ;)
I have never been in Montreux but I have been once in Lausanne, That’s very beautiful there, I am a young photographer and birds are my passion so I loved to meet all the swans! Switzerland is a beautiful country ;)

i want this bag :) outifit amazing like always

Such a pretty outfit! Love the background too!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

You look gorgeous! :)
That lipstick is really nice to, may I ask what it is?

Amy xx
A Little Boat Sailing

I absolutely adore your hat and coat! Brilliant pieces. :) xx

I love your bag and coat!!!

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you look very beautiful and country-side chic here!
kw ladies in navy

i love the combination

Wow! Beautiful look! Ты красотка)))

Follow me and I will follow u back!

You look amazing with this fur coat, but the weather is crazy, isn’t it spring in Switzerland already?? Here in Brazil it is cold than hot… and it’s autumn now :/

Love your fur jacket as usual l!! Kristina, Can you please make the post about yourself? I suppose it would be interesting for your readers) For example some facts about you or your favorite food or your habits or how do you usually spent your day( from the early morning up to night, including making photos and posting)..I think it would be very-very interesting to know more about you!!

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awesome photos babe <3

such a gorgeous look for easter, and it sounds like you had a great holiday.

abigail lind

Lovely look.. soo simple and classy.. exactly what i love at most! —– check my newest post, guys :))

xxx ILLA

Amazing look as always! I absolutely love that faux fur Guess coat, it’s gorgeous.

Can’t wait for the next post!


Great photos and it’s always good to relax!

You look really lovely Kristina! :)

Lovely outfit! Beatiful
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great outfit kristina! the fur-jacket is killer! love, tones. <3

The hat looks so gorgeous on you!

Hey Kayture beautiful look
kises from France =)<3

Nice Outfit! I like your Hat and the Coat looks gorgeous!<3

Anonymous 4 April 2013 / Reply

I like your style so much! Please please please write what lipstick you used????????? Thanks, Julia.

Gorgeous! I love the hat!

So beautiful! I love the brown and black on you..I think you are the only one who can pull that off.

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You look gorgeous when you wear a hat! And your make-up is fabulous! I really realy love this outfit because it’s simple and casual.. I can imagine myself wearing this :)
And is it just me or James is more more and more amazing photographer? Because portrait of you (the second picture) is breathtaking!
I have been always wondering where you get money for traveling and so much awesome clothes but that’s not the point of Kayture. You and James work hard and try to do the best (and you do it!) and you care about your readers! I think shooting whole day without pause is very hard work and we can’t even imagine how that’s like. And that’s why I love Kayture.. You don’t just post 3 photos and write to them what you wore. You write about your experiences..
My English is horrible but I’ve just wanted to tell you.. You are amazing blogger and you!re doing a great job!
Thanks for making my day nicer :)
Kisses from the Czech republic
Anie Green

So beyond stunning! Fur is the only thing I will be missing come summer!

J’adore ton chapeau ! superbe tenue !

just like always <3


How come you replied to those cowardly anonymous harassments but not to people asking you about your lipstick?:) Don’t worry about the mean comments, one of the indicators of success is the haters chiming in.;)

Love the hat!

Amazing!!! Visit my blog??? I wait you!!!

you look perfect!

Love this look :)
need that hat in my life

We are absolutely crazy about LV bag and we like also this furry coat on you:*

This fur is awesome ! xx

Ter from

Love that hat and the fur coat. I hope you aren’t offended by what people write on your blog. You are gorgeous and dress beautifully, and they don’t understand how much hard work we all put into our blogs. Very nicely said, by the way!

Non mais cette anonyme elle se rend pas compte là! Moi qui ne fait déjà qu’un petit blog avec des articles tenues “simples” genre maximum 2 fois par semaine (avec l’école c’est dur dur de trouver du temps), je trouve que ça me prend un temps fou, trouver un endroit où shooter, faire toutes les poses nécessaires à une bonne vue d’ensemble, trier et retoucher les photos, écrire un article, arranger les photos, poster sur Twitter, Lookbook, Instagram… Alors je n’imagine pas vous, qui postez un article tous les jours (qui sont toujours PAR-FAITS), qui voyagez, avez des rdv… C’te folle! Oh oui comme c’est bon de prendre des jours pour ne rien faire, dormir, glander ♥♥♥ Je suis étudiant en stylisme et c’est tellement dur que je vais me permettre un jour de congé demain! Au fait, j’ai rêvé que toi & James veniez dans mon bled pourri en Belgique, on faisait des photos dans la campagne, c’était trop bien! :D Oui je rêve de vous tellement vous me faites rêver avec votre blog ♥__♥ Bisous! -F, votre invétéré fan Belge

You´re so beautiful Kristina! :)

Radka from

Your coat is everything!!!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

That looks really pretty :-) I like the hat a lot !

Love how you paired your whole outfit, even your makeup! Your lip color is amazing <3


LOVEEE THE OUTFIT! you look gorgeous and im definitely missing the colder weather here in california to be sporting fuzzy outterwear


Your makeup looks stunning here. From the lips to the eyes to the finish of the skin love!!

J’ai vraiment du mal avec les chaussures et le sac mais bon, c’est toujours un plaisir de voir tes jolies et fraiches photos!
Et j’ai bien aime ta reponse a anonymous, very clever

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Excellent OUTFIT,coat-shoes-hat all dress looking nice, are you feeling comfortable?

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The look is so glamorous, I loved it. The hat and the coat were my fav!

Major thanks for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

Im grateful for the article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

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