Pictures by James Vyn

THE ICONIC CAT EYE You guys might have noticed that I do almost every single day the same make-up. I’ve gotten really attached to it and it became sort of part of me, like you know when you reaally like a pair of jeans : it suits you so damn well you want to wear it every single day because you feel so confident, comfrotable and good in it. Well it’s exactly my case with the cat eye.

A lot of you have been asking me how I do it, trust me it’s super easy once you got the trick and got used to it. At the beginning it could take me up to 1-2minutes to do a really good one. Now I’ll make one in 20 seconds. The best advice I could give is to use an eye liner pen, here I used the Yves Saint Laurent shocking but you can just as much use one from any brand, it just have to have this special pencil/brush tip. So here’s my technique to achieve the perfect sexy cat eye look in 3 steps! 


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EARRINGS : Windsor Store
RINGS : Backstage
EYE LINER : Yves Saint Laurent shocking (lasts forever, really worth it compared to cheaper brands which dry out in less than two weeks)
Lengthen your eye by drawing a thin line up towards your brow, about 0.7 mm (precision!)
From the top on the line you’ve drawn, join the other side of your eye with a thin diagonal line
Fill in and correct the imprefections. Voilà!


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Your eyes have such a beautiful color, the first photo is really gorgeous ;)

I have been amazed by your cat liner all of the time and yes of course I have noticed that you like that look as do I but somehow I just cant get them exactly the same on each eye. will def. be trying your tips though! thanks! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Oh yes! Je vais enfin savoir comment bien mettre l’eyeliner! Tu as vraiment bien montrer et les photos sont superbes! Meeeeeerci! :DD

I love how cat eyes look on everyone, but every time I try to do one I do a big mess! haha, I’m going to practice more! By the way, you look beautiful in all of these photos!


perfect make-up tut babe ! love it :)

You look so very,very pretty:) ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Looks so pretty and easy. Thanks for sharing <3



You make it look so easy, you look really great with this cat eyeliner and I loved the bow!

Thanks for sharing! Love the photos!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

stunning photos! love the cat eye, but LOVE the big bow!

Katie x

I LOVE!! I love this post!! thanks for sharing ;)


impressive photos & great tutorial!


I love this look. What lipstick are you wearing?

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So beautiful pics!

J’aime beaucoup le cat eye mais je ne sais pas pourquoi je n’arrive juste pas à bien le faire! ICe tuto me donne envie de réessayer encore :P

My cat eye shape changes everyday, which can be frustrating as on some days, I just can’t get it right. Thanks for tips!

Smart to start on that side instead of the inner eye like I usually do (and then I never get them even!), thank you for the tip!

And I love your bow, big enough to be a hat almost!

Amazing portrets! You have so nice skin :)

Omg, you are so beautiful! Love that eyeliner ♥

I love a good cat eye, wear it almost everyday myself as well :)

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gorgeous portrets!)

I’ve never tried it this way before – maybe this time I will actually get it right! I think the key is a really steady hand.

I use the same trick too even if i never used during the day.. only for night actions.. but maybe next time i will try because with the daylight you look absolutely stunning!! :)

xxx ILLA

Loving the pictures!



I might try this pencil now. I just did a make up tutorial on my blog too (that’s funny). You guys come and check it out

Cheerful and elegant photos! Great Post!:)
Best wishes!

Gorgeous, love these pics.


Stunning pictures! It looks so easy.

X lisa

So pretty ! love your earrings !
Love from Paris

Ah this post! I think I speak for many if I say that a) these are one of the best portrait pictures that I’ve ever seen! b) this tutorial is mind-blowingly good! Your make-up inspired me so much and I started doing a similar make-up few months ago, trying to get the trick! I think it’s very important for everybody to keep in mind the shape and size of their eyes, because when I do a cat-eye, I have to look that I don’t make my eyes look smaller :) Your tutorial is really great and wow it really is so easy! Again I want to mention that these pictures are so good: you are a great model & huge huge WOW to James who took these amazing photos:)

Much love,

It looks so simple… yet I still can’t manage it! >.<


You’re so amazing!
It’s a good advice to me.
Best regards from Poland

Trendy Bow

Lovely tutorial! you look like a doll! :)

It looks soooo spimple when you do the Cat Eye, but honestly, I need 20 minutes for it :D Maybe I have the wrong Eyeliner…

Wow great post!! Thanks for the tips!!

Tu es sublime ! Maquillage parfait ))))

I think you meant 0.7 cm.
Good tutorial though!


amazing pictures and a nice step by step tutorial. Good one

That huge bow is so cute, I really like the liner too!

Gonna try it as soon as I’m home!

XO Lisa from

Soo easy and looks perfect I’ve tried eyeliner a couple times but because I don’t have the steadiest hand it always turned into a squiggly line which I rubbed off but will definately use this technique now, thankss love xox

You look absolutely stunning dear! Love it!

amazing pics, so pretty

You look sooo cute!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Great tips and gorgeous pictures – Lovely post!

¡Oh yes! Yves Saint Laurent is really good in makeup ;))

You’re so beautiful! I actually use the same technique, it’s so simple! =)


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Oh wow, looks so easy! :-D Haha wasn’t able to wait for that post any longer! love it so much <3

this liner looks amazing! and adore your bow! will be trying this for sure
kw Ladies in Navy

Merci pour le tuto :) Ton blog devient encore meilleur !

Thank you for your tips, maybe I’ll try one day ! Are you shocked if I say that I never make up ? I bet you are haha ;)

Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

Love this cat-eye and looks amazing on your face!

You always have such pretty make-up!

You are so beautiful! And this eyeliner quality looks really good.

I will definitely try this ! The photos are great
new outfit post

AMAZING photos! It looks like a beauty commercial! Love it!

Thank you for this tutorial!! You look so gorgeous!

Looks so gorgeous on you, can’t wait to try it!

When I (try to) do the cat line I always have to correct two or threee times!

Anonymous 10 April 2013 / Reply

I know this post is about your eyeliner (which by the way looks wonderful!) but I would be so thankful if you would tell me which mascara do you use. I noticed before that your eyelashes are big, defined and, above all, curved. I have long eyelashes, but they are straight, so I’m looking for a mascara which would make them look curved. I would really appreciate your answer. Thank you and a lot of greetings from Croatia, xoxo

gorgeous! You look beautiful in these photos :) I need a good liquid eyeliner and i trust your judgement so i think i am deffo going to check out this one :)

Hayley xx

Needed this tutorial so much ! Just bought a look a like eyeliner and now I can make a perfect iconic cat eye !

Your blog is so amazing and inspirational, love every single post :)

beutiful. :) I always use the black lyner too.:)
I cauldn’t live without cat eyes, actually!

favorite pictures ever!

Love this cat eye look so much! So pretty!

i want your skin

l Love this look, I use it sometimes. Next time, i’ll try to use your tips!



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BEAUTIFUL! You look amazing!

Your blog is my favorite with Chiara’s one.
You both are the best girls !!!!!
Thank you for this trick with the liner.

You are very beautiful *__*

Elisa My Fantabulous World

I can’t get over how amazing your photos are. James is super talented!

I would have loved to see a video for this. Although the photos are great and you look super amazing, I think a video would have been more helpful!

wow love these photos!


Parfait PÂÂÂÂÂR-FAAAAIT! C’est vrai que tu le fais souvent mais tu mets tellement des tenues variées qu’on ne se dit pas “Encore le même makeup…” DU TOUT :) Ce noeud est une tuerie ♥ -F, votre invétéré fan Belge ♥

woow that’s really good. i’m still really bad at it, though. ooh and amazing pictures btw!


this is such a classical look and one that I love to do aswell! You look absolutely ravishing, the big bow just adds that extra “WOW- factor” a la Audrey Hepburn! I would love to see more beauty How-To’s from you!

Oooh I love this!!! :)

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it would suit you better if you do them a bit more upwards ;)

stunning as always!


Hey! I saw in a previous post that you are testing different kind of foundations. could you tell me please, which one do you think is the best. thank you in advance!

Anonymous 10 April 2013 / Reply

You are such a doll! I enjoy your blog posts so much! I will definitely try the YSL eyeliner.

~Best wishes,
Yulia (Seattle, WA, USA)

Stunning make-up on a stunning lady. Beautiful. I will definitely try the YSL liner – mine definitely did dry out quite quickly.

Thanks for the wonderful tips Kristina!

Love from South Africa,

you look beautifull like always ! Great pictures and blog !

x Jana

Amazing blog! I really love your style!!!!

Beautiful photos and great guide!

Amazing tips! I’ll try it this weekend :)

Ah! i love this look so much! have you ever tried out the loreal liquid liner?

nice… willl try doing this trick on my own too.

thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial, thanks for your help, ‘ll hopefully be able to get it right for once!

Perfect wing liner!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Wow!! Beautiful! xo, Christina+


Love it! Which mascara did you use?

I really love these how-to/tips blog posts. Please do more of them. I love the concept of this shoot. You are so beautiful Kristina xx

Love it! It’s so simple but yet so classy!

You look absolutely gorgeous! Your eyes are so beautiful! Your pictures are stunning! Thanks for sharing this tip!

I will definitely give the cat eye a try! The hing I lack is patience :D

Again my compliment to James for the photos!

Anonymous 11 April 2013 / Reply

I loved this post! I was one of the many who asked you to write about ur makeup so I’m very pleased to see that u take into considerantion what your readers ask you :) Way to go Kristina, keep it up, u’re blog is the best!

Anonymous 11 April 2013 / Reply

You are amazing!!!Love these pictures!;)

So amazing
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Twitter: fashionotesblog

Lovely pictures! I personally find liquid eyeliner really easy to apply i guess you just need a steady hand!

I’ve been trying to get a great cat eye for ages and thanks to you post I think I’ve managed to do it. thanks

Perfect cat eye and you’re absolutely stunning!

We love your beautiful makeup, very chic earrings and sexy ribbon!: *: *: *

Great pictures! Very professional! Very neat and precise. Keep up the good work! x

Stunning! That liner looks amazing

I absolutely love the headband!!! — please, check my newest post from bruxelles :))

xxx ILLA

Great article, the pictures are amazing as always. I also have an everyday eye liner routine but i make a much thiner line. I love your eye liner’s line shape i’m gonna try it out :)

I saw Michelle Phan recommending this method too! Definitely going to try it!

Eye-liner was always the most difficult thing on make-up, nice tip!

Thanks! I’ll try it!

Adorable photos!!! :)

Absolutelly gorgeous, love the ribbon, the steps of the liner, your EYES!, makeup. everythin.

You look glamorous and beauty! I’m glad you posted potos like these ones, to show how to use the eye liner like that, I love your style! And I loved it, the makeup! And the ribbon!

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