Dress : Louis Vuitton, Alma bag: Louis Vuitton, Sunnnies: Louis Vuitton, Jacket: Louis Vuitton, Scarf : Louis Vuitton

 First of all, a big thanks to all of you guys for the awesome comments on the last Louis Vuitton Alma story post! I was so excited to share with you this project and getting your support was just great.  I mean, honestly that’s one of the most amazing part of blogging is to actually get to work with brands you love and look up to, it’s part of an evolution and I am extremely happy to see your support on things we do and things we achieve, I’m really gratefull for that.

Working on that second set was quite challenging and fun at the same time as we shot these pictures when it was still super cold outside (end of february beginning of March), it was actually raining a little and it was one of those looks where you just can’t wear tights! But hey, it was so worth it and I had fun all the way through. So this time it’s a more classical look with a white Alma bag that can go with anything, what do you think about it?



Add yours

Stunning pictures! I love Paris!
Your outfit is so beautiful, great sunglasses!

great picures. but I think you look better without fake lashes

Gosh, you’re so beautiful <3


♥ My Blog ♥

I love you, I love your blog, I love your clothes, I love all!
Kisses from spain.

You look like such a glamorous jet setter… but, I guess that’s because you are… These belong in Vogue…

You look amazing and those lashes are soo pretty, everything looks flawless, and congrats !

Je prefere cette taille d’alma :)
Et les chaussures sont encore canon!
Par contre tu es un peu overmaquillee je trouve, j’imagine que c’est le but mais c’est quand meme un peu lourd ;)

Such nice pics! And love your shoes.

DYING. This is perfection. Your makeup/hair/sunnies/ EVERYTHING is amazing.

xoxo from los angeles

Stunning, i absolutely love the jacket! Gorgeous photographs.

the pictures are just CRAZY BEAUTIFUL :’) really GORGEOUS :)

x Zane Silver

Love it !<3
amazing pictures and you !*.*

Gorgeous look! Love the bag :) x

I like the color of your lipstick and the scarf around your neck! amazing!!

wuau! You look so amazinh in all LV photoshoots. Congrats for your perfect job!
Keep it and stay strong <3

Ces chaines bijoux sur les sacs, ça casse l’unité classique des teintes, j’aime beaucoup! Tu as presque l’air méchante avec ces sourcils héhé :) Paris est décidément beau peu importe le temps! -F, votre invétéré fan Belge

This outfit is my favourite one, it looks so elegant! I love the white alma bag because it goes well with everything. You are gorgeous, as always ;)

amazing LV jacket and sunglasses. You look sooo pretty)

love your blog.


Gorgeous close-up shots! x

This blog post is absolutely flawless <3

Love it.


you look stunning. love your outfit.

So beauty spot!

Amazing photos and attire !!!

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