Pictures by James Vyn

SNOW IN VIENNA As in this outfit, I was referred as the lady in pink, it happened not only in our hotel’s lobby but also at the restaurant where we had our lunch, ”the lady in pink ordered the ceaser salad”. Complicated as my mind is (or just freakishly annoying…) I kept thinking ”darn, my coat is peach, or salmon coloured…light orange okay but not pink”. Maybe that’s just me obsessing over colour facts. But anyway, I am quite fond of this new coat I just got at Zara. Little *clap clap* for the story of the day please.

These pictures were taken while we were in Vienna with Omega, and as soon as we got out it started snowing. Ah it’s already march and it feels like we’re in the middle of winter. Where are you sun? We definitely need you. Can’t wait to show you guys this week some more picture of this trip, we’ve met some pretty awesome people. By the way, if you aren’t already please feel free to follow my blog through Bloglovin, you’ll see it’s really gonna save you some time as it’s so easy and great to stay updated. Bisous!

COAT : Zara
SHOES : Bally
BAG : BCBG Maxazria
PANTS : Guess


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You always look so beautiful and feminine!

It looks so cold, and you still managed to look gorgeous! <3

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Beautiful. Love the coat. Let´s just hope the Spring will finally show up :-)



lol that so salmon not pink, *clap clap* you’re beautiful! xx

I get you – I’m the same with the colors. And the Zara coat is great!

I love the peach color! thanks for sharing! :)

Awesomr coat honey, shape, colour and minimalistic look:)

Adorable look! That coat is so nice and I love that color!

wow kay amazing pictures, i love your coat.

This look is so pretty, I love the coat
is it true that now your are brunnette???

i love this amazing coat on you!


it´s definitley not pink!
very nice!

This coat is beyond elegant ! Looks amazing on you !

XX Luba

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I adore your coat. Perfect color. :)

stunning photos!!!!

The coat is gorgeous!!! Stunning photos!!


Really love your coat, so cute :) These are such beautiful photos.
And i totally understand your annoyance, that definitely is not pink!

Shannon Marie x

That’s my dreaming coat from Zara. I so love the colour! :)

Destination Moi

That’s not pink, but really great colour nevertheless!

First photo is so beautiful, really nice outfit ;))

I’m crazy about that coat, but I agree it is definitely not pink :)
new outfit post !

Beatiful coat, I love the color. It definitely isn’t pink haha :)

the coat is gorgeous! very much salmon though :L

Your coat is absolutely amazing!!

Sparkle On The Floor

This coat is never ever pink, they must have had problems with color-seeing! I love your PEACH coat ;)

This is wonderful seeing you in Vienna, I hope, one day I will be able to meet you personally!
Your first April’s fool was gorgeous by the way!
Lots of Love, Teresa Valentina
Make the most out of your Live

I can’t understand why you were bothered!! Hahahahaha ;-)
Anyway you looked beautiful and chic!!

The peach tone really suits your colouring, I can see what you mean about it not being pink though! xxx

Wow great outfit! :)

Love this Coat, nearly bought it myself :) and it definitely is not pink!

That is an awesome outfit! I’m in love with the coat. And you look gorgeous as always.

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I love peach!!

Oh My, I just love your outfit!! THE COAT! Thank you for being so inspirational. Love you, Kristina! <3

that coat is just speechless, loving the colour and the shape, nice!

Gorgeous pics…love the colors!

love that colour on you! it suits you perfectly!

Don’t worry babe, in Poland now is even worst than there! White everywhere -.- annoying snow.

Oh, and your story of the day.. OMG I thought this is only me obsessing over colour facts! How people can not distinguish pink from orange? Or green from blue? Ugh..

Anyway, great photos *O* love it!

Just love this look!


your not pink coat is beautiful:)

These photos are so amazing! Love this peach color of your coat!

Loving your coat!



Loving your coat!!! It’s hot here.. can’t believe it’s so cold there!
You look lovely :)

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Completely in love with the coat! You look stunning with that hair style!

You look beautiful in your PEACH coat Kristina ;)


Wow this coat is perfect for you because of this amazing color! And you are totally right – it is NOT pink!!

You look gorgeous :) this little bag is so sweet :P

You´re so beautiful dear Kristina :)
Radka from

Your coat is definitely not pink! Nice hair and make-up :)


Beautiful! xo, Christina


Love your coat !
New post up:
Love from Paris

your coat is not pink!!
and you look stunning as always :-)

Francesca xo

Perfect look with a great coat! It reminds me of my coat in my post “color of hope” :-) … Cause I’m living in Vienna I have to agree, that it’s freezing cold and very difficult to make some outdoor shootings without snow :-) … Kisses from Vienna,


I love this colour (peach! :p) and your tiny bag too :)

I like your PEACH coat very much. Heheh. I get quite annoyed when people get colours wrong too. :P

The coat is absolutely amazing!LOVE it!! i have one very similar but longer..

I love your coat and shoes!! They’re amazing

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You look like a princess :)

nice nice nice!!!

You look stunning in the photos! Really love the coat and the shoes :)

J’adore ce manteau et cette couleur te va très bien!

Love your coate, Kristina! You inspire me and a lot of other women as well :D Keep up the good work!

Fantastic photos! At least the weather in Greece is a bit better. Better temperatures but still mostly rainy.

Love your pictures! Kiss MUAKS!
I Love cupcakes

Amazing look, love that lip color!


Irene :)

Great colour this coat, so lovely!! =)

You look perfect Kristina! I really just looove you and Kayture! You have the face of an angel, the hair of a goddess, and you have just as good fashion taste as miss mademoiselle coco chanel. I’ve been following Kayture from the start, and I must say that you and James do a great team, he is such a talented photographer and you are such a good model, and I have to point out that James photographer skills just gets better and better, I’m always happily surprised every time I see a new post! and the video project you guys are starting, with kayture on the go, is just so awesome, I love it!!!


Oh I really love this color for spring, although it doesn’t really look springy in your place at all. By the way are thick and full brows part of your everyday make up now? :-D

loved it!! Peach looks really good on you :)

love the jacket!

what a gorgeous tone of peach!

xoxo Laurenzia

this coat is so beautiful and the colour also!


Lovely photos!!
Your look is amazing :)

heartbeat blog

i love your jacket! boy this looks freezing though!
kw ladies in navy

Beautiful color!! I love it and the necklace as well! Brilliant piece. xx

the coat is most definitely peach but no matter the color it looks amazing on you.


Hey, this colour looks great on you.. I think it’s between peach and salmon :) But I loved it, all pastel colours look good with your hair colour and skin tone :) Have a look at my blog, I think you’ll like it :) kisses..

Love the color of your jacket! It’s the perfect pop of color!! And love the shoulders too!!

I don’t know why they thought it was pink! It is a beautiful color, but definitely peach.

Mango necklace and the Zara coat were on my wishlist, I like them more when I see them on you :) Please keep posting on Vine :)

wow this looks amazing, I love Vienna :)
Hi from Slovakia :)

Anonymous 2 April 2013 / Reply

i’m sorry, but i think when your brows were lighter you looked friendlier..
nice look btw

Amazing coat, I was thinking of buying it too! I think you meant “it’s already april” instead of march, though :)

Wow! I love that Colour on you! Very stylish and pretty!<3

Too gorgeous :)

Beatiful as always!

gorgeous jacket! Yeah i agree that coat is not pink… it is more orangey than anything!

Hayley xx

That is such an elegant and pretty coat! Love it x


The most gorgeous color! Love that jacket

Very nice coat :)
You are beautiful

Coline ♡

You look so nice in this coat! :)

I am in LOVE with the shape and cut of this coat! Makes me want to seek out something like it :)

Anna Chloe 2 April 2013 / Reply

lovely! love your good taste for picking always the right clothes! absolutely awesome kristina!

i agree with you, there’s absolutely nothing pink about your coat.

absolutely love that coat, the color and shape are amazing, and you look stunning in it!


Love your peach coat and your lovely bag ! You’re amazing in it !

Love that coat and the outfit looks great!

Ahaha you’ve been brave to dress up like this, I can imagine how cold it was!!! Amazing anyway:)

you look like one of the Olsen twins (it doesn´t matter which one haha) in these photos! but u look awesome anyway!:)
xx Vanes

Beautiful coat and color (peach or salmon, but definitely it’s not pink)!


Gorgeous!!! Such a pretty coat!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Your coat is definitely peach! I love it!

gosh you’re so stunning

simply perfect!

I really love that coat from Zara!!!!!
Looks great on you.

To be honest I have never been an enthusiast of this kind of colors but I have to admit, it does look really good
especially the shape of your coat- it’s simply stunning

Anonymous 2 April 2013 / Reply

The coat is amazing, reminds me of the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffanys

This is so NOT pink! The same thing happened when I bought salmon jeans and then everybody said I have pink jeans .. Why?! It’s cute though still & you know, we all love Zara! :) I love that coat and especially the bright color; even though it must have been terrible weather you look beautiful :)

Much love,

For mens only exist pink, blue, black and white colors jajaja funny history :P!
By the way lovely coat! :)
and some days ago i asked you in instagram if the documentary about Kayture is avaible in youtube or something like that :P PLEASE SAID ME! i want to see it :)


You are just so pretty! No color can look bad on you :) I live in Alabama and we never see’s already 72 degress here!

I love the way you dress (ALWAYS!), but your hair looks dirty this time. I am sorry, but I hate that.

I’m actually so obsessed with your blog / style / life, just had to let you know!

That coat is so beautiful and definitely not pink. I love these photos they’re some of my favourite off your whole blog <3

peach is one of my favorite colors, and it looks great on you!

much love from NYC

Awesome photos :-) The color of this coat really fits you well !

Your makeup is perfect! The outfit too!

That’s funny people kept referring to your coat as pink when it’s clearly not.

Great coat! Very nice color…

you look so pretty, honey!
Emma xx

That coat is lovely!

Tiny darling

Such a pretty look
That coat is beautiful!

I don’t even know how this is pink I mean are they colour blind, LOL. Love the coat!

I love the snow and your wintery pictures. Probably because I live in California where my city get extremely hot.

I love your peach-colored coat, yours photos are amazing!


Beauty spot and outf

Hey, thanks for the blog article.Much thanks again. Will read on…

Wow kristina you were in Vienna! I come from Austria and my sister life in Vienna! Had i known that, I would have come! P.S.: My English is not so good;)

Ik moest nochtans even reageren. Een stuk aangaande
de trappenlift.