SOMETHING ABOUT ME As many of you have requested, not only on the blog but on all our social media, for me to talk a little more about myself and about some personal stories, James and I have decided to come up with an original idea and so a video was absolutely perfect for the purpose. And as you guys know, I am such a hat lady, it was the occasion to incorporate fun and fashion together in a way.

Still as you can imagine it’s important for us to keep a certain privacy, I mean a lot of you ask us questions about our family or friends or even more details but we all need our little private sphere and we already try to share as much as possible. Anyway, here are some facts that we fought might be funny to know about me and the blog! Hope you guys will enjoy them :)

P.S : A little surprise in russian and french can be expected!



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This is great!! :)

Haha!!! You made me laugh!! I was traumatized by Ring as well – I was scared by televisions for 2 months! I couldn’t sleep next to a tv….you made understand why. :D xx

Check out my latest article!

I really like the facts about you haha!


So funny, you are great !

Loved loved loved it!! Put a smile on my face this morning :-) x

You are adorable :)
Good luck with blo and everything.

Love love love!!! You are so funny!
Nice getting to know you :-)

The video so cute. Love it :)



Liked this video a lot, it is so good to see the facts about you, we didnt know!

That video is super great! super funny! You should defo do more of those! xx

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

OMG! I love this video! It’s so funny! :D


perfect video honey, it was a really good idea !!!

samaya milaya knopka na svete.=)

Aaaaw. So cute singing Britney :)
And your little baby nose.

This was utterly cute!

Oh kristina i forgot how cute and funny you are since we met at the stylight blogger event! How cool is this video?! I like it!!! Lots of love
Zisan (intern from stylight)

This was an awesome video to watch with breakfast
Thanks for sharing

Your English has gotten so good!!! :)
I was born and live in Minsk, so it’s really cool to know you’re from there and to hear you speak Russian, do that more often please!
And you are a sweet heart! :)

Génial! Continue comme ça, tu es de mon avis l’une des bloggeuses les plus fraîches et sympathiques qu’on a vraiment plaisir à lire!

Funny video, really like how you and James get know ;) Also like videos from your childhood ;)

Awww this was so cute, loved the apple store dancing, amazing that no one even said anything, I have to try that sometime! hahah.

Lots of love,

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

You look so cute together. Love your blog :X

hahahaha takaya smeshnaya))) osobenno kadry possovetskogo detstva) lots of love from Canada!

hahahhaha Ur so sweet!

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

You’re brilliant! I didn’t even know you’re Russian. I’m gonna start reading your blog more often now :)


AnneLyse E. 18 April 2013 / Reply

This video is just hilarious! during the little awkward scene of the restroom I laughed out loud and my mom and my sister (I forgot they were in the living room with me..) stopped talking and looked at me like “god she’s loosing her mind..” (then they understood why i laughed after i showed them the video too) and what about this duck face on Mary-Kate Olsen’s way? wow so realistic, you really look like her! you secretly had to train for that.. didn’t you? such a wonderful talent! hahaha and James with this russian accent and proud face after his sentence is so comic! well I am not going to comment on every part of the video because actually all those ten things about you are comical! thank both of you for this moment! keep on making others funny videos like this one you are the best!
have a nice day both of you! :)
(thank you for the french surprise too, it’s a plaisir to hear you speak french!)

Awesome video!!:)

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

AAAAh Kristina I LOVE YOU !!!!!!
Rien à dire sur la vidéo, parfaite, drôle, vous êtes sublimes, continues !!! Je me suis régalée !!! Et le coup des cours de russe… ahahah bien joué James.
Bonne journée à vous deux

Hi! I was a liitle bit shocked when start talking russian,потому что это мой второй язык :)Откуда ты знаешь русский?)

OMGOOOOSH!!! This is the cutest video ever! I died laughing at the awkward scene hahaha! And also at the dancing scene! I wanna be your frieeend :D Keep up the good work, guys!

lovely and fun video, love the hat ideo!


Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

оо как мне понравился отрывок на русском)))

Sooooo amazing!!! Love it

Love the video, especially the office part! Def worth a try ;)

great video! Говори почаще на русском:)

C’est sympa de te voir en vidéo, tu es tellement différente que sur les photos ! Je crois qu’on a toute une vidéo de nous petite sur Céline Dion ! Ahaha En tout cas c’était super ! ♥

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply


OMG Kristina!! This video is SO funny, natural and real!! Hahhahahahahaha… I love your voice and the way you express yourself! Thanks for this nice surprise dear!! ;-)

What a fun video!! LOVE it! xo, Christina


Congrats, dear!!! Good luck in your way!!! Hugs from Russia!

Хаа!!!молодец!классное видео!!

[ Oh my god! Your dancing was insane, but it's great.When I heard your russian I was only sorry that it's not polish. By the way how many language you know?]

I really enjoyed this video ! Well done Kristina :)


Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

love it! do mooooore of it they are really cool!x

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

Потрясающее видео, очень понравилось! Очень приятно, что ты говоришь по русски! Видео, где ты маленькая, просто потрясающие (такие ковры были у всех в России, и до сих пор). Ты очень красивым ребенком, красивая и сейчас!

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

Забыла сказать, что у тебя такой милый голос, когда ты говоришь по русски! И у тебя отличный. А ты дома с родителями обычно на каком языке разговариваешь?


That’s an awesome video!
You’re sooo good in acting! :)

I was surprized to discover your russian background, but am so glad you revealed that fact! Now I am even more passionate about you ;)

Kristina and James thank you sooo much for sharing this with us. I always though of you as sooo serious and perhaps one of those means girls at school but watching as made me laugh, and seen a whole other side to you. Love the embarrisng moment and you as a kid. Please please do more of these often.


Amazing video !
New post:
Love from Paris

Katherine 18 April 2013 / Reply

This video was adorable and hilarious! I loved it!

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

love the video! you’re such a fun person : ) look forward to more videos in the future!!

Là, je me sens bête.
Je découvre que tu parles français à merveille! Je suis moi même française et je suis ton blog, assiduement, tout les jours et les quelques fois où j’ai posté des commentaires, je l’ai fait en anglais. Je suis impressionnée de voir avec quelle facilité tu passes du français, à l’anglais puis au russe! Respct. En tout cas, ça fait plaisir de te découvrir un peu plus même si il est tout à fait légitime de vouloir garder son jardin secret! :) :)

Great video!!! I guess we’ll all have to keep guessing about the tattoo?! :P

OMG! How many languages do you speak? I speak russian and I’m learning french (which sucks) :D
And where are you from? How did you learn these languages?

Trop bonne idée, cette vidéo ! J’ai adoré :D
(tu étais trop mignonne quand tu étais petite et maintenant tu es la plus belle femme du monde *.* )

Haha I really liked the video,
you have such a nice personality :)

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

Мне бы твой носик )))) Tu es splendide comme d’habitude ! Vidéo géniale ;)

You’re very funny, you should do this kind of videos more often :)

Sparkle On The Floor

Wow! This video was amazing! :)

wow, Kristina the video is awesome! I was soo surprised to hear you speak Russian and without any accent:)) so nice to see that:)
good luck with your blog, it’s already fab, but it’s getting even better every day!

how funny this video :) love love it!

Love these kind of videos! You look so pretty

x Jana

Amazing video ! I had so much fun watching it :


the best video ever)) u’re great)) please, tell us how did you learn Russian?

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

OMG Kristina !!!!!! You’re AMAZING!!! I think i’m addicted to your video. Seriously James and you have done an amazing job !!! Since I’m reading your blog, it’s really the first time that you two surprised me like this I just LOVE !!! You’re funny, amazing simply stunning!! Your blog is really a god gift( well perhaps I’m exaggerate a little bit, but that’s nearly true…) because it bring a lot to my life, like fun,joy, hope. Because every time I’m reading you it’s just a mix of good feelings. I wish one day I will do my personnal fashion blog and that it will be as good as your but I really doubt… althought, I thank you two to bring this little touch of fashion inspiration, style of life, and girl power in my every day life. Each time I wake up in the morning I think to your blog, then I’m reading it when I’m going to highschool or while i’m breakfasting (I think this word doesn’t exist…)Really today I have really fun when I see your video because you really have something friendly and funny. This blog is like a big house full of fashion victim and you re the “maitresse de maison” who’s here to help us to live with our fashion trouble :) And I just have to had that your nickname button because of your nose doesn’t really fit you because for me you better “the sunshine” beacause you really shine !! With all my love <3 Diane

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

R U RUSSIAN???????
great video!

marvellous!!great video and facts!i didn’t know u can russian!where exactly are u from?

hahaha..HATS OFF the funniest vlog ever!!! love the Britney

I enjoyed this so much!!!!

J’adore t’entendre parler français :D

J’adore cette vidéo !! T trop mignonne et tu joues vraiment bien la comédie ! <3


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Great video! And I am so glad you did it, since it was totally unexpected. Who knew you’re such a silly girl haha :)

Awesome awesome awesome! The best video in the world! And your French? stunning!

you are adorable :–)

ahaha you are so funny and sweet!


I loved it! Love your personality!

this was very likeable :)

AnneLyse E. 18 April 2013 / Reply

I’m following you since few months, I wasn’t aware of Kayture before, but since I’m following you, I do it daily, became in a way a habit! when I turn my computer on each day, i check Kayture with facebook and the site. so as I didn’t do it since the beginning of Kayture I decided to look your blog since the beginning! it’ was fun and so great to see all the things you posted and all the events you took part before I followed you! it’s really inspiring for me to follow your blog, everything posted on it is always source of inspiration and good advices. I always like fashion but I didn’t really pay intention of my look, how matching clothes, the colours to wear, jewellery etc.. but since I follow you I discovered a certain passion for that because I wanted to start taking care of myself. I never be self-confident so wearing pop colours, or heels wasn’t really my cup of tea. but after watching you wearing so beautiful girly things dresses, skirts, jewelery, beautiful make up AND heels I decided to change my shy-girl-habits and I said to myself that I could also wear it! I never wore heels, because I thought that it make me look like an “adult” and I didn’t really want to look like a “woman” instead of a 18 year old girl (i didn’t want to make more that my age) but now I wear some heels and this is actually great to feel tall first (haha) and aged! and as I’m also a blond hair girl juste like you, I can inspire me of the colours you wear and the make up you do. plus as you speak english, in a funny way reading your posts, watching your videos and postings you some comments in english make me improve my english too! (I’m french).
so all this blabla to tell you, that your blog is wonderful, and james and you are so talented, so thank you to share with us, it is really a pleasure to following you each day!

Loved this video, it was really nice to find out more about you! xxx

Maddy from

This video really made me laugh haha! Same thing happened with me and The Ring!
Keep the great videos coming


You are very cool speak Russian! I’m from Ukraine, and I was very pleased to hear native language=)

this is so adorable! my favorite of your posts ever probably. ha!
kw Ladies in Navy

Super video! Really great idea of sharing this with us, thank you!

I love your videos!

Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it! <3

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

haha once more you made my day.:) so funny! and i can totally understand that you need some privacy and i don’t even think that you should share your whole life with us because in fact we are strangers to you and you are also a stranger to us even though reading your blog every day may give us the feeling that we somehow know you. but it’s so great that you let your personality show in your posts. and kayture has become such a big part of my daily routine. i really enjoy reading and watching it!:)

xo skiing girl

Не может быть!!! “сижу с открытым ртом”!!!Кристина вы русская???Так много кометрариев к вашим видео или постам на блоге хотелось написать (естественно хороших) но думала что не поймете!!! Я в шоке, теперь даже и не знаю отвечаете ли вы на русские коментарии???

aw so fun seeing you on video! You look so beautiful in all of the hats and I loved learning more about you!

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

Haha you’re hilarious! Do more videos

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply

Amazing video! :))
Thank you! Lots of love from Latvia! <3

You’re an amazing girl!

This video was sooo cool!! It was really fun watching it:)

Love, love, love your video!!! I really enjoyed it! I laughed a lot! It’s so funny! So cute you singing when you were a child and your nose is absolutely perfect!!! You were a really cute baby!
I totally agree with you about keeping your
“little private sphere”. Thanks for sharing your stories.
Take care,

I was so surprised when you started talking French and Russian like it was nothing! Love the hats. :) xx

i love it (:
it’s so nice to see you that personal way.

fantastic video! i love how you come accross on camera :) you seem like a really fun nice person to know and hang out with.

Hayley xx

That was a really fun video guys :)

Yor’re so cute! lovely video! :)

i loved it and you :):)

Полина 18 April 2013 / Reply

Класс))) Привет из России!)))

Super cute video! Loved that bathroom scene and the childhood singing.

That was cute !
hahah i laughed at the bathroom ackward moment..

great video! I really loved this post!! Kristina you are the sweetest blogger!

OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO haha You’re sou gorgeous! And it was very funny!! :)

Ahahaha I swear I love youuuu you’re so funny, the kind of person I’d love to have as friend!

haha you’re so funny, Kristina!!:))

Emma xx

OMG!!! I loved it soo much and I really, really hope to see something like this more often. I feel like bonding with you in a weird way :D

We love this video ! We had so much fun watching it :*

sooo ein tolles video ich hab sehr gelacht….realy great!

This video made morning :)You are a good actress too!
Best wishes!

Oh dear God, this is the cutest video ever) your language skills are amazing

You surprise us every single day with amazing photoshoots that could be surely part of a magazine editorial. But today, you’ve surprised me even more with your “actress” side and sense of humour. I’ve really enjoyed this post. :)

Merci pour avoir partagé ces 10 facts avec nous ! Ta performance de Britney Spears et de Céline Dion m’a achevée ahahhahahahha Je faisais pareil sauf que les paroles c’était pas trop ça :P

Bonne continuation & Merci ;-)


Ну ты и артистка! Oчень интересная видеопередача хехе

This is insanely awesome! Seriously, you are amaaaazing!!!! I loved every single moment in this video, everything about this is just perfect!! You both are really cool! Just keep doing these great things you have been doing, pleeaaase ;)


So fantastic!
New post on my fashion blog
Facebook :fashionotes
Twitter : fashionotesblog
Instagram: @adelegug

Please do more videos!

You are ultra adorable. But you probably know that already.

I totally girl-crushed on you now!

Anonymous 18 April 2013 / Reply


Great work, it is absolutely hilarious and I have to admit that you always came along a bit stiff but this video was just perfect and you both look so “alive” you know?
That’s something we all can relate to!
Awesome! :)

That was an amazing video! I loved the concept, and I’m glad you shared this info with us. Your acting is also great. Loved the reenactment of the awkward bathroom moment. And you looked so sexy with the glasses and the accent. haha

Tu es très sympa! :D

Cute video, teehee :) I liked the tidbit about the bathroom, haha.

You are too cute! I really like you and I wish we could hang out some time haha

Haha it was so funny!! :)

This video was sooo funny and playful!!!!

your videos keep getting better! loved it.

Anonymous 19 April 2013 / Reply

Super cute video! :) loved everything!
Love from Uruguay

Such a fun video haha.. the second hat is my favourite. Your accent is so nice :)

Замечательный русский!!)))
You are beautiful!!
I like your blog)

Omg this video is amazing. Please do more! The random bits in it are hilarious like the acting in the toilets in the clip of you as a kid!

Francesca xo

haha that was soooo funny :D

LOVED this video! Keep up the awesome work, you guys are so creative and a great team! xx from Switzerland (rainy & gray Zug, yuck)

This was amazing! Its so fun learning more about you and James. I was laughing so hard at the Apple store dance part, hahaha!

C’est top ! Tu devrais faire encore plus de vidéos, c’est marrant de te voir sortie d’un contexte de photo/mannequinat ou grand évènements, voir que l’on peut aussi s’identifier à toi sans se dire qu’on aura jamais ni les moyens ni la beauté de porter les fringues que tu portes !!


so cool! very funny, your video!!

and your style is adorable <33

Hey, this post was amazing! So you speak how many Languages & how do you learnt them?

Many Hugs From Latvian stylist & Blogger

you look so classy on the pictures that I never realized how funny you are… really natural! Never lose that… sadly most of the bloggers do after a while!

J’adore l’idée de cette vidéo, vraiment sympa !!

Anonymous 19 April 2013 / Reply

Super cool video! Really funny! LOVED the “scene” at the restaurant! xD Thanks for sharing

Anonymous 19 April 2013 / Reply

You are so beautiful and I like your small nose :)

Кристина,привет тебе из Украины.
Не перестаю восхищаться тобой!Умная,красивая,забавная,успешная-просто пример для подражания!Так приятно слышать твою русскую речь.А до какого возраста ты жила в Минске?
В общем,продолжай в том же духе.Удачи!

Anonymous 19 April 2013 / Reply

Awesome! :)))))))))))))))

Wow, great job Kristina&James!

Im going today to Zurich Fashion Night… hope to see you there !



You are a very lovely girl!


I really enjoyed watching this video! Love how you put it together and your humor haha!

Ok. This was soooo much fun :)) loved it!

Have a great weekend Kristina!

Seriously thinking about doing an apple store dancing! LOL, I’ll do it someday for sure!!! You guys are so amazing and cute and everything! Keep up that job! Just amazing!!!

This is great, you look like such a funny and interesting person. And you are so cute as a little girl.
Love you girl

Anonymous 19 April 2013 / Reply


Hi from Dominican Republic

L-O-V-E it. Very funny guys, you should do things like this more often. I feel we are closer when you post videos :P

This video is awesome. You two have an awesome sense of humour. I found myself luaghing and awwwing throughout it! x

Anonymous 20 April 2013 / Reply

You’re so beautiful :0 and the video was sooo funny :))

Anonymous 20 April 2013 / Reply

Oчень классное видео! Молодцы! Good job! :)

Super cute video ! Non mais vous êtes vraiment trop mignons tous les deux, vous me faites rire :D
J’aime trop l’anecdote avec la femme et son oreille bluetooth et aussi le moment où vous dansez comme des fous au Apple Store (vous dansez très très bien haha), c’est à mourire de rire ^^ Et aussi quand James parle russe, c’est… épique !

Bref, continuez à nous envoyer du rêve avec des vidéos comme celle-ci, je vous adore ! :)

PS : le petite déjeuner est aussi mon moment préféré de la journée (particulièrement quand j’ai l’occasion de déguster un breakfast à l’américaine, ce bacon et ces pancakes, mmmmmhhh) ;)

Doll I really enjoyed the video! You rock girl!I love all of your videos xxx

love the video! :)

Anonymous 20 April 2013 / Reply

Кристина, ты родилась в России?? (или твои родители оттуда) у тебя хорошее произношение!

Super cette petite vidéo! Sur les photos tu es très belle, mais presque un peu froide… là on te découvre drôle et vraiment charmante! Bravo à vous deux! =)

Loved the video! Thanks for sharing! x

Oo, меня тоже папа называл и все еще называет кнопкай! ;D
P.S. Ты супееер!

It´s such a funny video,hahah! :)

Radka from

I think this video would be more funny if the artist inked tattoos designs too on her body.

Anonymous 21 April 2013 / Reply

MOOOOOORE, please!!! :D

Amazing vid ! this was the 1st post ive listened? to on your blog and the 1st one I read was the one talking about the reactions to the video. lol, very personable fun,interactive introduction to u guys, loved the public dancing bit. all the best :)xx.

You are so cute!!!

your voice sounds like rachel bilsons :)

Genial t’es trop adorable de partager ca avec nous :)
Trop chou <3

Such a cool video, ure gorgeous!

Ahaha I loved the video :) btw what’s the lipstick you’re wearing? It’s really pretty!

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