Pictures by James Vyn

WITH CHOPARD AT THE FILM FESTIVAL Sometimes James and I have to pinch ourselves to make sure we’re in the right place or simply to make sure that we aren’t dreaming. This time, we really had to as we got the chance to live a fabulous experience with one of our favourite luxury labels (straight from Switzerland, which makes it even more special) : Chopard. As they are the official sponsors of the Cannes film festival we got invited to attend various events with them and of course walk the red carpet, but more about that in my next post.

We really got to enjoy a royal treatment and one of the most amazing views ever from their lounge at the hotel Martinez. The spot was a real hidden treasure as it had such an amazing terrace which reflected the spirit of the brand so well : fresh, feminin, extremely elegant and of course purely luxurious. Not to mention that they had delicious snacks to enjoy throughout the day, which made us stay there for a little while (whoops)… Can’t wait to share with you guys all our little insights about the festival.


SHIRT : Guess by Marciano
SHOES : Louis Vuitton
BAG : Yves Saint Laurent got through Runin2 (find it here)


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gorgeous clutch, jewelry – you :) cannes must be awesome :)

Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

way too gorgeous

Glad you enjoyed your stay. The photos are awesome. Love your dress and the leo heels are fabulous <3




Orange looks great on you ! Amazing pictures !

XX Luba
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Such a beautiful photos, you look stunning as always!

You look so gorgeous…. this colour is great on you! Love the white manicure too! :)
Have a nice day!

Very pretty spot ! Orange looks great on you
new outfit post

Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

Congrats to James for making every post spectacular with his undeniable ability to take the most gorgeous photos! :)

xx, A

ohhhh great! in love with your bag and shoes! xo, ALma

Oh my! The view is more like….breathtaking?! You look gorgeous by the way – you should wear orange way more often! xx

Looks gorgeous, hope you had an amazing time there! xxx

What an amazing porch, so romantic and elegant.
This orange dress looks fantastic, especially with those great shoes!
You look so elegant and pretty as always!
Love, Ines

Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

Lucky you! Seems to be beautiful out there!

The color of your shirt is beautiful and blends perfectly with the lipstick. Love it!

Looks so relaxing and delicious!

xoxo Laurenzia

you look amazing!

xoxo from rome

Love your orange blouse!

Lovely Post! I love the bag and that ring! :)


I would have to pinch myself too :) It looks amazing!
Orange really suits you! :)

The White Studio

That place looks really lovely !

The location where you shot the photoset is awesome. Germany really needs that kind of sunshine… :D

Amazing place and potos!! xx


Such gorgeous photos! I love this outfit and am very jealous of the weather!

rosa @ rosa & fox

Lovely pictures dear. And your heels are just amazing!

You’re wonderful ! Really :).
You’re probably the only fashion blogger which I definitely like and admire. I’m also very proud of the fact that you come from my same country. You’re very elegant and you don’t pretend to be someone you are not.
You’re classy yet simple and fresh, a combination which became pretty rare to find in the fashion world.

You’re amazing dear, keep climbing up as you’re doing now :)

Kisses from Switzerland.

Orange color look really good on you. :)

Waaw that must be an amazing experience! love the pics !!

Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

Tu est trop belle, tu as bien de la chance….

You look so pretty! Great place!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

You look stunning!

wow, everything looks like it`s from a fairytale! I`m gonna dream about this tonight! you look wonderful, as usual <3

Wow so beautiful photos :) And I love youzr outfit :)



You look stunning in orange! xo, Christina


you look amzing
and this place looks like heaven on earth
where was it in cannes?

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Coline ♡

These photos are amazing, lovely place and really beautiful outfit :)

What an absolutely stunning place! Gorgeous flowers and view, and you look lovely as well. So feminine.

so pretty & the photos are just sa pretty as you are!

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Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

C’te vue..
Quand à toi, magnifique, comme d’hab :)

Amazing pictures, you look stunning!

Gorgeous ! Enjoy Shanghai ;)

these photos are gorgeous! looks like an amazing experience

Cinja’s Blog

Really beautiful. You’re so lucky!

Oh the Chopard pieces! Absolutely stunning craftmanship and design. Really gorgeous photo’s. I swear you look gorgeous in every shot on your blog!

- Mandi
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Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

I love this bracelet and lovely shoes! Amazing !

I’m so jealous, in a good way.. I see you had a great time. Can’t wait for your upcoming posts! Chopard <3

Love the colors of your outfit! Great choice for the location!

Oceanwind Blog

I stayed here a few months ago!! Looks like you had an amazing time.. you deserve it xx

The orange dress really suits you! Love the leo printed heels :)

Nice Photos! xx

Check out my blog

Wow! Beautiful photos and the area your in is amazing! :) xx

What a lovely location!

amazing photos! and you look so gorgeous!

I think I would never put this two colours together (bright orange and brown-orange) but I must say that the combination looks really good.

Woow this looks so nice! Hope you had a great time!

You are right, really a royal treatment!!
Guys, you are so lucky!!
Kristina, you were absolutely fantastic whit all the dresses!




Beautiful outfit! Orange looks so good on you! =)


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Fantastic Pics! Cannes is so beautiful I hope you had much fun at the Festival!I’m in Love with your Heels! <3

yeah, it looks like a dream..
you can be so lucky that you can live this dream!

What an amazing place!!! Love this post, the jewelry is absolutely divine.

Love your outfit so much! I wish I could have your wardrobe

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you’re beautiful! and i love your bag, it’s so cute :)

You look beautiful, as always! x

You look amazing! Orange suits you so well :)

you and James is getting so good and more and more fabulous!

Such beautiful photos! I had no idea Cannes was this scenic! You look so radiant.


beautiful Pictures, beautifully styled…!

So lovely lounge! Amazing flowers!!!


You look wonderful with your combination – love the warm colors and the lounge looks perfect in Cannes… hope you both had a great time!

Vanessa –

I am your big fan dear Kristina,your style is very similar to mine and you really become one of my favorite bloggers :) Your style is so inspiring! Have a safe flight to Shanghai! :)

Best wishes,
Radka from

You look beautiful! I really want to go to Cannes, especially the film festival! Hope you had a great time :) ♥

Perfecttttttttt like always!

The place looks beautiful! So is your outfit!!! Love it! :D

Sending you loads of love ♥♥♥
See you over at BACKTOFIVE !

Anonymous 27 May 2013 / Reply

Amazing! You’re so lucky! :) Enjoy it!

so beautiful!

wooow u look so so so beautiful!!

Wow must have been amazing to go to the film festival!!

Lovely place!

I wish you would stand up to see the whole outfit :) otherwise it’s a beautiful place!!

You are amazing! Stunning pics!

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again and again breathtaking pics, im sure you had a blast there!

Perfect place and you

Beautiful view, beautiful hotel and beautiful woman!


What a great view and amazing opportunity! I love orange on you, most people cannot pull it off :)

@Debora Katia T.

Thank you so much darling! Your comment made my day :) was super sweet.

Lots of love

amazing and glamorous impressions! what a dream!


this looks absolutely stunning! i would never have left that beautiful terrace, especially with snacks! hope you had a great time.
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I really like your photoshoot and your style! :)

Amazing pictures!! Have a great time in Cannes! :)

You are so lucky to have walked on the red carpet at amfAR!

Sparkle On The Floor

You are so so beautiful in orange :) do you remember about me we irst met personally at roberto cavalli show s/s 2013
New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

Orange is a really bright and luminous color for spring and early summer!


Wow! What a stunning place!

Their jewelry is fantastic, so beautiful. You guys are very lucky but you deserve it… gorgeous place and amazing opportunities.

That purse is to die for! You look fabulous.

Style by Joules

Amazing photos!
The place looks so beautiful

Just beautiful! I love the shoes and the bag.

You are very very beautiful! *___*

Love, Elisa My Fantabulous World

You look gorgeous! Love your blog (: That lipstick fits perfectly with the whole outfit!

Cheers from Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up!

wow! it’s so beautiful there. and I love what you are wearing the orange dress is amazing and the orange lip combo is really nice soon. I also love the animal print shoes. thanks for sharing this and enjoy your trip! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous heels! x

You are just so absolutely stunning. I love your orange dress and how you paired them so well with your leopard pumps!


You look stunning and these photos could be a campaign for Cannes! What beautiful colors.

love your heels Kristina and Cannes looks beautiful

Love the photos!! You look amazing!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Your style is amazing!

It would mean a lot to me if you checked out my blog :)

The photos are awesome and your heels are a dream <3

Oh, pics look great! Nice summer-pics ;) Im jealous, I want to be there haha! And love the colour of the shirt :)

Love your vibrant all orange outfit, you look lovely and beautiful, keep it up and stay stylish :)

Beautiful pictures as always :) James is so talented and you’re always stunning!
I like the cut of this orange top and it looks so good on you!


wow, so amazing!!

Great photos and great look!

WOW! Every post of you is amazing….this place is so beautiful and i can tell you guys have a lot of fun there!
Ps.- is really cool how can you pull back your bangs…mine are longer and never stays in place when i try to hide them ppff


The first and second photo is divine! Your boyfriend is a great photographer :)

Lady Indo

looove the orange dress!
xx Stephanie (

Tu es très belle en orange!

comment tes cheveux tiennent en arrière avec la frange? je la laisse pousser depuis 6 mois car je ne pouvais jamais la laisser en arrière sans la tenir avec une barrette de petite fille et ça me fatiguait, donne-nous ton truc :) produits miracle?


Oh wow! Amazing pics but I love the orange+animalier print! Great look :)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

OMG, this place looks like paradise…

So springly and beautifullll

Wow You are looking so gorgeous… Thanks for sharing your information.Keep on updating.