Pictures by James Vyn

NEW HAIR, NEW MOOD As you guys might have noticed if you follow me on either Instagram (@kristina_bazan) or Facebook, there’s been since a couple of days a little change, or maybe even a big one. I must admit that I hate going to the hairdresser (always end up unhappy about my new up do) but I was getting really tired of my classic middle part and needed absolutely, despereately something new and fresh to try out. 

So here I am, introducing you my new hair style! Bangs for the win, bangs are back and I feel so happy about them. I don’t know yet if I’ll keep them for a long time but I love the edgy touch they add to my looks and this haircut fits perfectly to a rock n’ chic look which I’ll be playing with in the following days. My rule is to never be afraid of a little change, life is too short and it’s always nice to try new things out. Either it is food, or music or even a hair style!

JACKET : Minusey
SHIRT : Zara
EARRINGS : Shourouk (find them here)
SHOES : Guess by Marciano (find them here)


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These are your best photos so far!! Looooveeee!!

I love your new hairstyle is so chic and modern

Wow that new hairstyle fits perfectly to you! It was definitely the right decision…Amazing photos!!

xx Chris

I love your jacket and heels! You look so beautiful

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Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply


Obsessed with these pics!

Tobruckave Blog

Congrats…very suggestive Look…so Powerful!

Wow absolutely stunning..You always look amazing <3

Love from India

Amazing jacket, and you’re very very very beautiful!


Incredible. You are beautiful, my friend.


Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

You look perfect !

Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

i really really love you with bangs!
looks absolutely fabulous!

wow it’s absolutely stunning! great cut it suits you so well enjoy the bangs! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Kristina whatever you do, keep that hair cut. You look really good and you are right it does give you an edgy look compared to your old classic, “sweet” girl look. You get my vote to keep it for sure.


Photos, gorgeous, as always! You’re lovely!

You look gorgeous and love the new hairstyle!:)

You look absolutely stunning! The bangs suit you perfectly!

The bangs suit you perfectly!
But I agree that there is nothing worse than coming out if the salon and hating your new hairstyle!

Love your new hair style !! Gorgeous

XX Luba
See my “working” chic look today on

At start it was hard to adjust to your bangs, but down – damn, you look amazing. I hope you’ll keep them for a while. Really rock & roll!

I love your new hairdo. Looks fabulous on you and the black and white shots are sooo rad!!




you look gorgeous! such a wonderful photoshoot…xo, Alma

Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

So chic! I always love your outfits, you’re a great inspiration! <3

It suits you so well !! Beautiful !

The new haircut is much better than before!

J’adore cette nouvelle coupe !! ça me fait un peu penser à Jane Birkin. Ca ne peut etre que chouette! :)

Love the bangs :)

Those pictures are amazing, you both have done a great job!

Love this new haircut :)


I told you, you look amazing in bangs, I prefer you like that :)
Andrea in Fashion

I love the influence your new hair has on your style ! I agree A little change can be fun

Pretty photos, love the jeans
new outfit post

cool pics!

xoxo from rome

Amazing photos!
Really love your new hairstyle, looks great on you!

France-Laure 9 May 2013 / Reply

Amazing black and white photos. It reminds me of pictures of models from the 90′s :)

Ahhh, I love the new hair! It looks great on you, so sexy.


Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

Awesome pics!!

You look great. I love the bangs

Wow! Love this post! As a true rock’n'roll lover these pictures are really my cup of tea! Rock on,girl! :)))


I loved your old hair cut. okay the bangs are cool and it rocks, but I think the old one looks better. I had bangs, too and know I am so happy that my hair is growing..

Omg i love these photos of you as well as your new hair! Looking good as always ;)

You look perfect with a fringe! And those jeans are amazing.

wooow! this is so amazing!

Wow sooo unbelivable beautiful!! i Love love love love this pictures!! You are soooo an big inspiration!! xx Marina

Love your new hairstyle!! You look so pretty!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Bangs look great on you. I‘m thinking about getting them as well, the only prob is my wavy hair. I guess your right, we should just try out new stuff!!

Really prefer your hair this way!



You are gorgeous and I love how edgy you look

Love this new hairstyle !
Love from Paris

I absolutely love your bags! Really cool.

You look great!

Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

Kristina, whay happend to your feet in the 11th photo?

I think the bangs suit you perfectly, you should keep this hairstyle!



these pictures are so beautifuly, you’re a breathtaking beauty, no question about that! :) hope you don’t mind I added some contrasts and stuff on one of these pictures (this one: and I’m seriously planning to print it and put in a frame on my wall :) it is the best picture ever taken of you. James is a wonderful photographer and you’re a great model.

Awesome! Extremely beautiful and stylish!

Gosh .. this shot is freaking amazing!! You look fab!!

Beautiful pictures and stunning sandals! (Giudy)

So gorgeous! Love the b&w here.

Kristina i must admit that i prefer to see you on that “doll” looks you use to show us but as you i really think that life is short so we have to try new things whenever we want to. And i like your new hair cut (maybe because it’s similar to mine :D).

Good-looking at all nice. :)

you look gorgeous <3

love your new hair so much :)

Very beautiful photos Kristina! I love it!

love your attitude and edgy look! You rock!!

New hair new mood. You are spectacular girl!

This pictures and the new look that you have ( and that looks so good on you ) are soooo Saint Laurent !! i absolutely love them !!

xoxo !

You’re absolutely right we should never be afraid of change. At the contrary its refreshing.
This rock’chic look really fits you Kristina.
Thanks to James for those great pictures.
Kiss Andie ;)

AnneLyse E. 9 May 2013 / Reply

OMG! those pictures are amazing, as the model on it of course! this look rock! James and you are definetely made to work together because the result of your works is always something surprising and awesome!
nice day both of you! :)

This new hair cut is gorgeous !! I was a bit sceptical at first, but I like how you style your hair and the new style you’re experiencing :) So thumbs up!


I love it! Will be interested to see how you go after a while…I am considering bangs too but am concerned about maintenance and sticky forehead syndrome in summer!

Gorgeous pictures!! Love your style and your look.

You look so pretty ! love the new style !!

These are editorial worthy pictures!! You are STUNNING

I like the unclean and messy look of your new hair!

I think this is my favorite photos of all the time !! You look incredible, sweetheart! ♥

really beautiful pictures! you’re the perfect model!

xoxo Laurenzia

Love your new hair style! You are absolutely stunning in these pictures!

wow, amazing pictures, love those bangs on you!


Amazing pics!!! So beautiful!!!


I love your photos! and your new hairstyle!! Beautiful pictures!

Love the photos (I say that in almost every comment, but James really is so talented!), although I think I prefer the old cute/feminine look. Maybe its because you look so different now!

great photo’s! love that edgy touch, and you’re hair looks amazing!

I am going to be honest! at first I didn’t like them but now i really love then on you!! you look amazing !!!!!

these photos look amazing! great photography indeed


Lovely! <33
OMG, you are amazing!

Love these Black and White photos, you look gorgeous!!!! And love that leather jacket!

incredible look



these photos are awesome!!

I like a lot that leather jacket!!

(Electric bue color + White outfit in BarcelonaBridal Week)

love this distressed casual style! the bangs are looking awesome!
kw Ladies in Navy

WOW! Bangs are truly your thing!! You look even more beautiful than ever.
Black and white suits you very well


Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

You’re so pretty :) I love your new hairstyle :)

I love your new hairstyle and this photo shoot is amazing!

I really love the bangs, this look is kinda fierce! Suits you very well, I think you are really just stunning!! <3

Saranda @ Sarandipity

PS: Burberry the beat giveaway ending tomorrow:

Love it!! The photos are amazing!

James photography is getting so good! And you look amazing with the new bangs, more rocker chic. Can’t wait to see you in different outfits with the new hair (:

Wow! Stunning photos, love the casual look and you look beautiful like always :) The b&w makes the post really interesting and cool, great job!


I kind of see this in a Calvin Klein ad or commercial. It’s absolutely stunning.

Very beautiful! The pics are so stunning I think you find so many different poses WOW! I like your new Hairstyle I know it so well how it is when you need something new..I thought about the same some weeks ago but in the end I didn’t dare!<3

perfect…It’s so much better!

Les photos sont superbes ! Petit air d’Edie Campbell avec la frange.

Amazing pictures, this new haircut definitly changes you, I love the outfit you are wearing, so rock!

Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

wow, so editorial!
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You really inspire me in many ways, just like fashion, lifestyle and nutrition. My dream is to become a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I was always passionate about fashion and beauty.
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I think bang works very well on you: you seem younger than before!

The bangs look amazing on you! Also love the boyfriend jeans!
xoxo from los angeles

love this pictures so much, James is such a great photographer!

stunning photos! You look great!

Hayley xx

Love all the pics!! Your shoes are amazing!
Zalando Switzerland Giveaway!!

Really love love love your bangs!!!

:-* Nicki from

Love these photos! I’ve been rocking bangs since circa 2011 and I love them! They are perfect if you gotta a big forehead!

Love it, they really suit you! Have fun styling them! xxx

Kristina, I seriously love your new bangs!!!

you look straight out of a editorial in vogue omg love the rock chick lool

Anonymous 9 May 2013 / Reply

does not work with your instagramm link. please check it. nice new mood!;)

Oh mon dieu Kristina tu es sublissime.

Love love love your new hair style!
Would you please tell me which mascara you used on these pictures Kristina?
Kisses from Germany,

Love the photos but I’m not sure about the bangs. You’re still gorgeous but I can’t decide whether you’re better now or before, without the bangs. It’s a big change.

Très bonne décision ça te va à merveille! Ça me donne envie de refaire la mienne…


Wauw, looks amazing! I want hair like yours now :)

wow these photos are stunning and they really make me want to cut bangs too…

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Stunning pictures!

oh my , you look absolutely stunning!!

love the look on you! and all these photos are so amazing!!

So stunning! You are just flippen amazing. Favourite blog <3

LOVE the bags on you :)

I can’t get over these photos. Literally your best look ever – makes me wanna cut a fringe..x

Blog | Cocochic

I am definitely loving your new haircut!


Awesome look!! You look amazing!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Geez! I’m obsessed with these amazing shots! Now I’m obsessed with bangs! Totally LOVE

love your new hairstyle. James pictures get better and better, thought their was no higher level.

Your hair looks stunning! You are so beautiful. <3

Luv your lovely hair! Looks so pretty!x

Your new hairstyle is AMAZING!


Anonymous 10 May 2013 / Reply

I liked you more without bangs :(:(

Gorgeous pictures! Love the hair and outfit, bigtime!

You’re look is very becoming.
I am following your website ever since its beginning and I always felt that bangs reveals your true self. :P :)

Waiting now for a new banner/website redesign. :)

You are simply amazing!

Love, Elisa My Fantabulous World


These pictures look very professional and editorial-ish, you look totally amazing, ps. loving your bangs xx

J’adore cette série de photos qui est encore plus artistique de que d’habitude :D

I’ve always believe that cutting a bang, cut away some old age too! =D It definitely looks great on you and you definitely had a great hair-cut =)

Perfect <3

These are definitely my favourite pictures so far on your blog!


♥ My Blog ♥

Beautiful pictures!!! Love your jeans as well! x

You`re like the queen of europe right now.

Anonymous 21 May 2013 / Reply

THIS IS YOUR BEST POST EVER!!!I love it!You look incredible!Congrats to James:this pics are so well taken!You are my greatest inspiration!

Looking really good :) is always fun to have a change


Amazing, totally amazing shoots. The black and White effect, and your hair, bangs and outfit is totally awesome. And don’t forget about the make up. Well done!

Really informative blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

I am so grateful for your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

This is one awesome blog.Thanks Again. Want more.