Pictures by James Vyn

STYLEMAKERS LOOK III This look was shot in a small swiss town between Geneva and Lausanne called Nyon. That’s where I used to go to high school and have spent most of the past couple of years and actually, this place doesn’t really remind me exciting memories as my last couple of months in high school weren’t much fun (reason why I kind of try to avoid this place, of course it’s completely impossible) but there are some parts that I really love about it and spots that are so typical and beautiful in their own special way. I guess that if you spent every single day of your life during 3 years in the same tiny little city you kind of get tired of it, you know what I mean? ;)

So this time you guys have the opportunity to discover a ”typical” swiss backround (well you can always find more typical but that’s what most of the cities here look like over here, and you can even have a little glance of our swiss flag, can you spot it?). As the project with Jimmy Choo was evolving around something very personal and close to the roots, I thought that it could be a nice little change! So here’s a super comfy look matched with some fab Jimmy Choo’s, what about that?

JEANS : Guess (personally customized at their HQ in Los Angeles, great memories)
SHIRT : Topshop
COAT : Zara
NACKLACE : Cornwall Street
BRACELET : Nayla Arida
EARRINGS : Lionette


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You look gorgeous. Love the coat and the fabulous sandals. So pretty <3




Great shoes I love this outfit <3 so special as you are!
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Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

gorgeous :X

I love this casual look with heels. it looks so georgeous!

love these shots darling! Well, I love all your photos!
The Jimmy Choos are awesome!

You look stunning! Love your sunnies and coat!

Gorgeous look ! The shoes are to die for !

XX Luba

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Love the whole look! And also the iPhone case! Where is it from?

Love the neon touch (and obviously this clutch!)

You look so gorgeous! I loooove the jacket and the shoes! *_* Great bag too!
I understand you, I have bad memories of my high school too!!!!
Have a nice day!

Your jeans are amazing! And the Tee is so simple but so nice too! And about the shoes.. They belong in heaven! Great look! I should definility wear it! x

Wow! The shoes are fabulous! xo, Christina


Les chaussures sont sublimes je peux en dire pareil du jeans :)

I’m a big fan of this look, the neon bag is such a cool detail
new outfit post

those shoes… stunning!

Amazing look! These shoes are just insane!!! Love them!!

you look lovely!

I absolutely love this look. The combination is so chic!

Very nice look. Distressed jeans and high heels are always an amazing combo

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

ouais non j’irais pas non plus jusqu’à dire que Nyon c’est le coin le + typique de la Suisse, mais joli quand même ;) t’aurais dû faire quelques photos derrière le château, avec la vue. Là t’aurais époustoufflé tes lecteurs :)

Amazing outfit :) love your iphone case and bag!

I just love the mix between the zebra and the neon. And how awesome are those lace heels?!

xoxo Laurenzia

Gorgeous!! Love your jeans and those heels look amazing!!


Love that look,the jacket, shoes and bag are so beautiful!!

Absolutely amazing heels.

Adorei o look! =)

I love this look. So casual and chic at the same time. Shoes are amazing as well as all accessories the including your phone case :D

OMG that is absolutely fab!!! and I’m loving the bag aswell

My gosh these shoes!! Adore the whole look by the way! The sunnies are also perfect !

I love your jeans!!!

I love how a usually casj get up doest look at all casj when styled by you,lovely outfit dear and the pop of neon is gorgee xox

Love the shoes *.* Great look, you are amazing!

Shadow Of Style

Way to make distressed jeans chic.


may i borrow your shoes please? thanks!

Your look is very chic, the hint of Neon ads something edgy to the look! Very nice ensemble!! I visited Nyon a year ago and found it to be a very charming village! Beautiful pics, and you rock the outfit!

I like every single piece of this outfit except… the shoes! o_O

Surprisingly, but these do not attract me (even being “my style” in general)…


From a distance the shoes look amazing! But up close, they are a whole other thing!! Too incredible <3

love contrast between the zebra coat and the neon bag!:)

your photos literally look like editorial pictures!!! James is getting better, and better exponentially!!! the quality is amazing and you’re gorgeous!! красавица, продолжай в том же духе!!! надеюсь вы когда-нибудь навестите Чикаго!!

Love this look, so simple but those gorgeous Jimmy Choos make it so chic
Amazing :)

baby i love it

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Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

I spotted the swiss flag, on the 10th picture :) Amazing shoes! You are such a great blogger, and James is a fantastic photographer. Keep up the good work. xxx

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

oh why were your last months at school not good? LOVE the crisp white top with the jeans!

Oh this looks amazing! The pairing with the neon bag and zebra bag is amazing x


those shoes are amazing!! —————– CHANEL GIVEAWAY on my blog!

xxx illa

Beautiful town! Gorgeous photos! Perfect shoes!

Juliette Laura

This is one of my favorite looks, I love the coat and the bag !! Thanks for sharing with us your special places :)

I also like that you have an original iphone case, not the same penguin/rilakkuma case everyone has! I think it’s important as a fashion blogger to have your own style and not copy other ones/feature the same things. And you do that perfectly :)

(sorry for the big reading haha)


Love this outfit! These shoes are amazing!

The heels look amazing!!! Love your whole outfit

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love the neon bag, contrasts the print of your coat.

It is boring to you, but so fascinating to me, please show us more of Sweden! :)

Wow, these shoes are amazing! But they seem very uncomfortable :D


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Oh my goodness! My heart missed a beat Your entire outfit is divine, but those shoes? wow!

you look stuning!
enjoy the whole outfit!
The bag is simply cool!
And jeans are perfect ♥

Neon with zebra print…I’m going to need to try that!

xoxo -j

Amazing this heels, you are perfect such as always =)

Love this outfit!! Look at you :)
YOu look amazing <3<3
The shoes are amazing!! Ahh..I want it all!!! *o*

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awesome shoes! love the distressed jeans as well!
kw ladies in navy
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Amazing outfit! I’m completely in love with this shoes!!!


I love the idea if having a neon accent with all black and white outfits

Lovely outfit, I always look forward to the next Jimmy Choo look.

PS Congrats on the feature with Who What Wear!

Those shoes are absolutely perfect in every way. Love the lace detailing and the nude shade of them. LOVE!

Bold Subtlety

These photos are so so amazing! Love this outfit! You look great, Kristina!

Woww I loved totally the outfit

Wow those shoes are perfection!

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

Je suis extremement curieuse pardonne moi mon impolitesse de te demander pourquoi évitais tu ton école ? Si les gens n’étaient pas sympas avec toi c’est parce qu’ils étaient jaloux . Je pensais vraiment que tu avais une vie parfaite, vraiment tu es wonderful

You are so amazing! Love your style!
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perfection as always

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

these shoes are awesome!

saw you in the 20 minutes today…:) really nice, i already knew the outfit;)


Great bag!!



Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

Great outfit ;) Love the bag ,shoes ja coat;)

Love the lace in the shoes, they look beautiful! xxx

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

J’aime bien la façon dont le look (super confortable et simple) tranche avec les chaussures! Je crois que je serais totalement incapable de tenir une journée sur ces chaussures, bien qu’elles soient splendides! Mais un jour j’y arriverais j’espère, ça fait tellement femme, chic et sexy. Je crois que je vais m’entraîner ^^.

OMG perfect heels and outfit !
i love the whole association :)

Coline ♡

wow love the shoes!

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

You are always beautiful! I love your earrings and your coat! Very very nice!

OMG: this look is frekin’ cool!! I’m in love with every single piece!!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

OMG I love this heels, are so amazing!!

I love the details in these shoes!
Becca x

Amazing outfit! you look super chic xx

Those shoes are so amazing. I love all the mixed prints!

Amazing shoes, amazing you!!!!!

Love, Elisa My Fantabulous World

gorgeous outfit i love it loads! You look beautiful :)

Hayley xx

beautiful. the shoes and purse are amazing.

Oh I am loving your Jimmy Choos. It’s definitely crafted beautifully!


I love this shoes !

Anonymous 16 May 2013 / Reply

I looooove this outfit! I just bought the same coat :) and found a pair of choos that would perfektly match with this outfit and your bag :)

do you also speak german as a swiss girl? :)


The shoes are amazing! Its so interesting to see where you lived as a student (:

La tenue rend très bien dans l’ensemble ! :)
Les chaussures sont exceptionnelles… mais tu arrives à marcher avec ??? Ton pied à l’air très courbé ça doit faire mal !

Bisous :)

The Shoes are so pretty and I like how you combined them with your Coat!<3

Bold colour and Bold print, Love this look!

Gorgeous outfit! I love this coat!
Have a great weekend dear*

I can’t believe you have only just finished high school! You seem so much more mature and sophisticated than 18/19. Love the yellow bag x

Love these shoes so much!! Great look as well
Maya – Archistas

the shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

Not my favorite look so far but still great pictures!


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