Pictures by James Vyn

CHOO 24:7 STYLEMAKERS LOOK IV The proverb is right, one shall never say never. Remember when just a couple of months ago I was talking to you guys about my personal fashion tastes and how I am not that much into pants, jeans and trousers in general? How I prefer dresses and skirts? Well, who would have known that in just a couple of weeks, I would completely change my mind! Indeed, I am currently completely obsessed with those and put all my little summer dresses in a stack in the back of my wardrobe. What happened? 

I feel honestly like my personal taste has been evolving a lot lately. And I am not even talking only about fashion, but also about food and general lifestyle habbits. I’ve always been a big sucker for sugar and sweets and yet now I crave salty snacks and pasta, while I’ve never liked pasta. Or another weird fact, I started working out and actually enjoying it while it never happened before. Is it something about the weather, or me getting older? It must a little bit of both ;)

P.S : Do you guys remember the special announcement we’ve made about the Hugo Boss show in Shanghai? Well the giveaway to win the tickets to attend the fashion show is now finished but you can click here to follow the updates concerning the event and feel free to discover at the end of this post the episode 2 of the HB Shanghai affairs video series! See you soon in China!


SHIRT : Zara
SUNNIES : Dsquared via I am Italian (find them here)
LIPS : YSL Baby Doll ”Vernis à Lèvres”
SHOES + CLUTCH : Jimmy Choo


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amaaaazing outfit, i love the shirt! and the glasses even though they wouldnt fit me at all but they look awesome on you! and those shoes are my favorite ones till now this week!
but hey kristina, i’ve signed up for the ticket but the problem is that as soon as i click on the “register”-button (can be found in the email they’ve sent me) it sais: not found. there is no link, it doesnt work. but i really really wanna come to shanghai with you, what can i do?
here’s my email, if you could find the time to help me: thanks a million

I don´t like the galsses on you, anyway it is a nice outfit.
it´s funny if you ask me a couple of month ago I would have told you that I never wear trousers just dresses and skirts but now I wear trousers more often then dresses. It´s crazy!

Really cool outfit. Love the floral shirt and the ripped jeans <3




jeans are looking good an you honey, but you should not completely replace your little summer dresses ;)

Gorgeous! Everything is perfect! My favourite pieces are the sunglasses (so cool! ) and the shirt!
have a nice day!

Great outfit, love your BF jeans and the sunnies! :)

xx Chris

amazing combination with divine shoes :)

Love love love the shirt and the glasses are Amazing!!;

You look gorgeous and chic! Love your sunnies and shoes!

Anonymous 16 May 2013 / Reply

The sunglases are amazing, they just bring the look the touch that makes it different and special!

Love it all ! the shoes, the sunglasses, the shirt… working it !

Fabulous look! xo, Christina


Amazing sunglasses!!!! Great total outfit!

you look fantastic!

xoxo from rome

Oh you definitely look stunning in red heels, a floral top, and boyfriend jeans! Have a fun trip to China!


I have the same flower shirt! i love it ! :)

I love your otfit!! xx

Beautiful Post! I have bookmarked your blog so I can get here in just one click. I love you so so much and look up to you. You are so amazing Kristina and are inspirational. xx

Love your outfit! It fits you perfectly!

These sunglasses!

xoxo Laurenzia

love your shoes!
the outfit is so gorgeous
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great outfit, love the sunglasses xx

It’s so funny how people change over time =) I used to hate, hate, hate jogging and now I like it! Unfortunately, I’m still a sucker for everything sugary…
I really like how your style is evolving, I have especially liked the latest looks with printed trousers, you really know how to rock them!

I love the way you wear boyfriend jeans – you still look incredibly feminine and chic! I have been the same way with pants – I used to be all about skirts but for the past half a year it’s been second nature for me to pull out boyfriend jeans or trousers in the morning! Looking forward to seeing your continued style evolution!


love this look!

Perfect! you look awesime! shoes are the best!

First of all, I completely love this outfit from head to toe. I agree with you, you can’t never say never. I experienced that when some years ago I say that I hate Jeffrey Campbell’s litas and then, I saw them everywhere and now I am in love with them. I told you: jeans can be worn with infinite combinations, from a casual outfit to a chic one, and that’s the thing which make them versatile.

I love these sunnies Kristina!!

Have a nice day,


Your pants and sunnies <333

you’re absolutely amazing baby


Beautiful outfit. I love your blouse and the sunglasses are amazing.

Those sunnies are EVERYTHING! Putting those on my wishlist now! Your outfit is casual yet so chic!

Love the outfit!!! Really good combination, like the jeans so much!

wow, i love these sunglasses ♥

Hi Kristina,

I was just wondering.. Is this Zara shirt new or old? Or is it not in stores yet?
I really love how it looks!

Thanks so much,

You look amazing, lovely shoes and floral jacket!

Shadow Of Style

You look gorgeous! Love the shoes!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

These shoes are perfection, I want them!
And the past few years, i have been more of a dresses-and skirts-girl like you, but as of late, I start enjoying trousers..who would have thougt that ;)

i am so in love with your heels and top! perfect!

Kristina, you are more than amazing. I admire not only your perfect yet efortlessly style, but also your honest dedication to everything. Keep up the good work, you’ve done nothing but impress me since the first time i’ve started reading KAYTURE.
I am definitely a fan of yours and James’ as well.


LOve the shirt and how well it matches with the BF jeans. LOve this look.

This Jimmy Choo project is amazing! Every single picture is gorgeous!

I love that lipstick Kristina!! What is it?

Those sunglasses are perfect I love the cat eye style

Anonymous 16 May 2013 / Reply

Do you speak german as well? I was just wondering, because you grew up in a french-speaking part of switzerland, and I’ve seen from a video you can speak russian, too…. :)

And it’s probably because of spring you are feeling this way. Spring is always a time for change, that’s why I love it so much :D Hope you have a nice day! xx

Love this outfit and especially your sunnies :)

You are so beautiful; loving the “pants look” on you lately!


You look perfect as usual! BF jeans really suit you.

Lovely … I’ve never been a fan of boyfriend jeans myself? Being a lil more hippy, but you’re making me wanna try out the idea again :) loving the floral shirt too! X

You look absolutely stunning! Those sunnies are gorgeous and they go perfect with the outfit!

Sparkle On The Floor

I love your top and heels! The heels are so me!

Check out my OPI nail polish giveaway!

So beautiful! Love everything about this outfit! <3

Liebe Grüße,

♥ Mein Blog ♥

Omg, amazing outfit! Love it!

awesome shoes, sunnies, and shirt <3
love it so much!

Diary of a Dreamer


Really gorgeous! Love these sandals!

Love love the top!! It’s so beautiful

Love this outfit, the colours are beautiful and you look amazing! xxx

Hi! You’ve got a great blog here and I’m your follower. I’d love it so much if you could follow me back via GFC and Bloglovin :) it’d be great to keep in touch!

well styled! i love the shirt.

Wow, love the shoes! Pasta is always a good thing to like. It is my favorite.

Don’t worry! You look great in jeans too!


Fabulous! LOVE the sunglasses! I’m looking for so long for beautiful sunglasses with mirror glasses.

You’re so cute in these pics, you really look like a doll :) I love the jeans and the sunnies !!


Amazing outfit!!! Loved the lips!!!


I really like you new style! It has more to do with your age! and mine too!
keep on posting this kind of outfits!

Anonymous 16 May 2013 / Reply

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I am currently writing my thesis about luxury brands and their digital marketing strategy.

As you are all Kristina’s readers, I think that you are the perfect persons to help me out by fulfulling this little 10 questions survey about this topic.

I would like to thank by advance each of you who will take one or two minutes to answer the survey.

Ps: I am not trying to spam your blog, it s been one year that I follow you with your advantures and I will even write about the partnership between Kayture and Louis Vuitton in my thesis. J admire ton parcours et te felicite :)

Glad to see you taking up a more healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to eat healthier and exercising more. And trying to get myself more interested in pants, haha!

ah those shoes are such a perfect touch to the outfit!

you look great!)

I want everything in this post!!! You look too good x

I’m absolutly in Love with your Outfit! Amazing!


In love with this outfit! The shoes are absolutely gorgeous! :) ♥

stunning outfit! :O I really love this look. Im also trying to get into trousers more, ive bought loads recently and just havent worn them! I love those heels aswell.

Hayley xx

Beautiful high heels! And your floral shirt is simply gorgeous!

Well, I noticed you changed your tastes since a little while. When I discovered your blog almost one year ago, you were more elegant and classic in your looks, but hey, I don’t mean you’re not anymore now ! ;) You’re somehow just more funky and creative I think. But you’re my favourite fashion blogger since I discovered you, and I’m sure you’ll be still be for a while !
Go on evolving, there’s nothing bad to that !

PS : I’m pretty sure you’ve the same sunnies than Chiara Ferragni (from the Blond Salad) had a little while ago, isn’t it ? Anyway, I love them !

beautiful shoes and super cool sunnies.

Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous

My favorite outfit! You’re gorgeous Kristina !!!

<3 <3 <3

The florals! Loving the “granny grunge” vibe I’m getting from this outfit. Thanks for the sartorial inspiration, my dear! xo

beautiful lipstick! which color is that?

Great look!



the flower print looks so cute on you:)

Absolutely amazing! beauty! :)

Love the look! And the video 2 :)


I think I like your ” new style” even better than the previous one, a bit of change sometimes is always good

BUt I have always really liked that shirt!
new outfit post

Love this outfit ! and cool video !
Love from Paris

du bist so unglaublich hübsch! tolle fotos wie immer!

xoxo milla

Anonymous 16 May 2013 / Reply

OMG, you’re a doll! you look great in jeans, you rock this look girl :)

Danm perfect!

Love every details of your look!

Wow the glasses are so crazzzzyyy

wow girl you are a big inspiration for me!!

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Beautiful! I recently posted a look with boyfriend jeans on my blog too :)

Amazing look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your top!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

A beyond fabulous look! Love, love, love your glasses!

red shoes…so sexy!

Love your sunnies!!! Also love how you mix high street and luxury brands, it’s much more practical but still so so so chic :)


Anonymous 17 May 2013 / Reply

great shirt! Is this the current collection? :)

Anonymous 17 May 2013 / Reply

Love your shoes !

I actually love you in pants/jeans! These look great…love a style revolution!!

what an amazing outfit !
it’s incredible how you pull of such totally different yet handsome styles in every of the Jimmy Choo posts ;)

You look gorgeous. I adore your sun glasses.:)

The sunglasses are gorgeous *-*

Fashionably Sparkly

I think this is my favorite of the Jimmy Choo series. You are totally rockin’ it!

My favourite look by far! Love the shirt, love the sunnies, love the Choo Choo’s! I definitely understand about personal state evolving as you get older. Maybe it’s a maturing thing x

wheewwww those shoes was aweesssoomeee..never wrong with red pair of it !!

love your style!

Comparing to the last 3 outfits you’ve worn with Jimmy Choo’s shoes, I like this one most. Your outfit is fun and subtle at the same time and you let your clutch, sunnies and shoes shines out =) I like your style on this one. Good work for both you and James =)

I love the contrast between floral feminine and the boyfriend jeans.

I love your mirror glasses <3

love this outfit!!

love this to death

Love your stunning sunnies!!!!

Your look awesome here Kristina, everything

Awesome appearance with lovely Heels and Wedges !!

Excellent lady. Excellent perspective and Shoes . I believe the fact. Style should be fun and taking threats and re-modelling what we like and don’t like. I really like how you went strong with this!!

Outstanding woman. Outstanding viewpoint and Shoes. I believe the truth. Design should be fun and getting risks and modifying what we like and don’t like. I really like how you went powerful with this!!