Pictures by James Vyn

QUICK UPDATE So this month of May is going to be pretty busy for us, which means obviously very good. We’ve got a lot of absolutely amazing surprises waiting for you, which of course you’ll find revealed throughout the month, but you can expect the unexpected and some really exciting destinations. Today I am announcing one to you. As you know, we’ve worked already a couple of times with Hugo Boss. We attended a couple of their events and had a great time with their cool team!

At the end of the month we’ll be leaving to Shanghai to attend a Hugo Boss fashion show plus after party, which will be our very first time in China. Already looking forward to it! Now it’s going to be a very big event and the great news is that one of you will actually be able to live this experience too. I invite you therefore to join in a very special Hugo Boss Shanghai fashion show giveaway, simply CLICK HERE to enter the sweepstake and we’ll see each other there hopefully! The video at the end of the post will give you a little preview of what’s to expect ;)

P.S : Spent the day choosing my outfit for the show a the Hugo Boss store in Geneva, guess what I picked ;)


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I’m new to following your posts and I’ve loved your new hair style! I look forward to seeing more travels and adventures from you :)

Oh my gosh, I just screamed in the middle of class when I read this post. I live in Shanghai! I wish I could go to the fashion show!


Beautiful photos. I like your hairtyle very much!

Oh my goodness, lovely photos! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us to see! Beautiful!

Juliette Laura

Oh, China will be AMAZING! I’ve always wanted to go…

I like this post so much!!!! You’re lovely!

congrats dear! I’m so happy for you :)


oh good luck, i like your bangs looks pretty nice on you!

So exciting ! would love to go to China…

Check out my new outfit post :

Loving your look, great post!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Absolutely loving the rock-chick fringe on you – making me think about cutting mine! Shanghai is one of the cities I really want to visit, I’m sure you’ll have a great time, especially with Hugo Boss!

Do you even know how stunning you are? I love your pictures and the new hair is so amazing!
I am so excited to see more about your trip to Shanghai, I would so love to go there once!


The link does not take you to any giveaway :(

baby you’re beauty is amazing


Cool pictures! so exciting that you’re going to Shanghai.

Fashioncontainer Facebook page

This makes me want ombrè again sooo much!

can’t help myself but this hairdo is MUCH better ♥♥

Lovely bag <3

Anonymous 7 May 2013 / Reply

It looks like it´s going to be a great event! I wish I could be there, specially if Jon Kortajarena is going to be there too…hahahahaha! Besos!

the orange pastel dress is so pretty!

Coccinelle ↝ Honor Thy Mother

ave a great may!

xoxo from rome

Wow you’re so lucky! I love your haircut, it looks great on u! x

love your pink dress! every pic is great..xo, Alma

I love it!!

Love all three looks. Sounds amazing. I hope you´re going to enjoy your stay in Shanghai <3



You look beautiful! So excited for what’s coming next. :)

xoxo Laurenzia

Ah la Chine, je suis jalouse :P profitez bien!

love your hair :)

Lovely photos, I love to have fringe, and it really suits you ;)

I like your hair <3

you can be so lucky that you have the opportunity to travel so much and to do a job you love.

shangai is amazing!!

The fact that I would be able to attend the Hugo Boss fashion show in Shangai and meet you is so exciting!

Cool ! Very curious to see your total look
new style inspiration post

Can’t wait for your new adventures!!!

Oceanwind Blog

Great news! You look sooo pretty!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

I love your new hair cut!!!

very beautiful!

i love the all white ensamble!

You are so pretty! Love ur blog!
Love from Sweden

What are you babe. Smile just crazy.

i love your new hair, you look absolutely stunning and fresh!

Love your new hairstyle! I like Hugo Boss they have some nice and special pieces! :)

the bag is stunning!:) and you look lovely as always!

you are really beautiful, and your photos talk alone !
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AnneLyse E. 7 May 2013 / Reply

waooow Shangai! what a wonderful destination! you are lucky! can’t wait to discover all these surprises!
and by the way, this new hair cup is really good on you!
have a nice day! :)

As you’re pretty feminine … maybe the dress … but I love the all black look much ! :D

Anonymous 7 May 2013 / Reply

I really love your blog and your style.
I think your a very beautiful girl but the new hairstyle isn’t for you (in my opinion of course ;)). Your face looks much bigger :/ You were way prettier before. Anyway I truly admire your work :)

Xo, Brair

Love your new hairstyle !
New post:
Love from Paris

You look amazing dear! Love your hair!!
Dont forget to check out my first giveaway:

Love, Nastya!

Anonymous 7 May 2013 / Reply

You are a true inspiration, Kristina.

Love Shanghai! Such an amazing city! I have no followers, so if anyone could follow it would be really appreciated!Thank you Xx

beautiful dress! :)

Those bangs look so nice on you! x

You look so pretty! Your hair is amazing as always! xx

your new haircut is great.. I’m glad you’ve decided to cut it! :))

this hairstyle looks amazing to you!

Bisous from STYLE FEST

OMG that’s so amazing ! You are so lucky and I’m happy to follow you

I look forward to seeing your new adventures in Shanghai! You look stunning in these pictures! Love your new hair style!

so happu for you! and i love your new hairstyle, so good, looks amazing :)

U have wonderful hair! <3

wow you really look amazing with bangs!! at first I didn’t like them much I was so used to the other you!! but indeed you look great!! can’t wait to hear more about your projects to come!

I’m looking forward to your fashion show outfit. Of course, it’ll be amazing<3
Lovely pictures and enjoy it!

Have fun in China, it sounds like an amazing experience! xx
Maddy from

You look lovely although I can’t get used to your new bangs yet.
Congrats by the way! Can’t wait to see photos from China.

amazing things! I love the purse!
The pictures are great.

Your bangs look amazing!!

I love your hair and the bags look so pretty!

Seaside Beauty <3

Kay thats amazing, congrats. I love your bangs.

OMG! your hair :( whats happens? :s

OMG! lovely looks, you are so pretty :)!


beautiful store and beautiful items!
kw ladies in navy

Ohhh, Jon Kortajarena (L), the best.
What a nice giveaway Kristina! I wish I could win it!! I’m sure you’ve picked very sweet clothes for the event ;)

Have a nice day!


omg, you are the most beautiful women in the whole world!♥

Love Hugo Boss and you look perfect in this style!

Your hair is so beautiful :)

We like your honey – ombre hair and this camel bag:*

ты великолепна!!!Не перестаю тобой восхищаться) Ты меня вдохновляешь на новые свершения,ты такая аккуратная и это твоя некая изюминка)

What an amazing experience!!
Zalando Switzerland Giveaway!!

Bangs are so perfect for your face, you look beautiful!

Anonymous 7 May 2013 / Reply

Hello Kristina,

my friend Kathi and me met you and James at Baselworld infront of Grigogono stand and you were so kind to take a picture of us two girls and you in the middle with your phone! You would make us soo happy if you could send it to us somehow? You were incredibly beautiful as always <3

Anonymous 7 May 2013 / Reply

oh right and my email is: Maybe you an sand the picture there? We would be soooo happy :-)

I love so much your new hair style !

You’re gorgeous! I’m so jealous on you, that you have the opportunity to travel so much!
Have fun in China!

i’m loving your new hair more and more, you remind me french divas like BB and Birkin :)

soooo beautiful!!!


I’ve never been to shanghai. Please have as much fun as possible! :-)
Haha and I just randomly have birthday one day before.

you look absolutely stunning! Id go crazy for a fashion show, and I mean its HUGO BOSS! I’d freak out! OMG.. And the pink dress is sooo amazing on you! hugs

Superbe shoot ! Et la frange te va très bien :-D

Love your hair!! And the pink dress looks perfect on you.

SO BEAUTIFUL WITH THE BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tu es toujours aussi belle !! et j’adore la video !

You look georgeous:)
Visit us:)

I love your hair!!!!

Are you a model?

Ah god you’re gorgeous – I LOVE your hair!
I just came across your blog and I love it.
Lots of love from New Zealand,

I’ve opened the link, now how do I register for the sweepstakes? :)

My life would be amazing if I could go with you :)

You know what? I have always found you amazingly beautiful on all your pictures. But while seeing you in real yesterday, I noticed that you’re even prettier than you are on photos! Though, love the pics :)

I love your messy look <3

really beautiful and your hair changed in amazing way!!
good luck!! :)

Oh you can’t enter if you’re from Australia :(
You’ll have such an amazing time though!

Your hair is gorgeous !! I love how you style it! You should do a tuturial about it, I would love that :)

The pink dress is really beautiful too :)


I’m sooo in love with your hair cut! Looks amazing on you!
Wow, I’d really love to win the giveaway!

I love your pictures !
I hope I’ll win the HB trip to Shangaï ! would be amazing !!
have fun :)

You are such a beauty, waw. And your hair, oooh my, I love it :-)

P.S.: You can win the new Covergirl mascara on my blog, come check it out :-D

You look so beautiful with a full fringe.

so beautiful! xx

Gorgeous woman!

Love, Elisa My Fantabulous World

Such an amazing opportunity!!

Ohh partir en Chine, voir un défilé hugo boss *_______*

this show’s gonna be amazing,I hope I win

Jacqueline 8 May 2013 / Reply

I just applied of an PR internship this summer at Hugo Boss Shanghai! It would be so cool to see their fashion show in May!!!
Keeping my fingers crossed to win this trip :)
I would really love to meet you there and watch the show with you!

Looking forward to the surprises coming up, I love Hugo Boss.
True beauty lies from within but most of us would agree that nice clothes and makeup can make a girl feel extra special. You have added inspiration for us all here regardless of looks or body shape. The handbag would definitely make me feel good about myself (lol) !

And that fringe … <3


Hope you have a really good time in China, I really can’t wait to see your shots in Asia, it’d be so cool!

Nice video and interesting. She’s a very famous Taiwanese model and actress.

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

Rocking this fringe would look 100% better with a darker hair color. I’m a hair stylist, trust me darling. You look great !
I can already imagine u as a brunette. You would look so fierce !

Anonymous 15 May 2013 / Reply

Kristina, what are you wearing here? I love love love this look.

In love with the black outfit! <3


Wow girl, you really look gorgeous, your hair and make up is awesome.

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