Pictures by James Vyn

STYLEMAKERS LOOK II I am so happy to share with you peeps the second look James and I shot for the CHOO 24:7 Stylemakers project. We’ve done these images while in Montreux for the week-end at James’s family house (our favourite spot to relax as the climate is absolutely extraordinary, nothing to do with the usual swiss weather). It felt incredible to go out like this, but sadly this paradise didn’t last long as 2 hours later it started to rain. 

Anyway, right now it’s almost midnight over here as I am writing this article (which will be posted this morning hehe, love technology) and we’ll be leaving in a couple of hours to Paris. We are currently working on a lot of new projects and developping new content. I can’t wait to share everything with you once it’s finalized. Meanwhile, I just wanted to let you all know that, James and I absolutely love reading your comments, they’re so positive and many of them bring up great constructive opinions. It’s really interesting and as we are always looking for improvement, knowing your critics is key. Of course, I do moderate the comments on Kayture as we don’t need strange spam or vulgar/obsene messages over here, right?

SHIRT : Number A boutique
SHOES + CLUTCH : Jimmy Choo
BLAZER : Minusey
SUNNIES : Windsor Store


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I love this Hippie-chic inspired look. The sunglasses are so amazing!
And the shoes of course as well… ;)

Looks like such a beautiful location !
Love the electric blue accesories
new outfit post

amazing style baby

Do you like the combo of flowered shirt and white pants?


Always gorgeous, you look like a model! I fell in love with the shoes and the sunglasses!
Have a nice day :)

Loving the cropped blouse/shirt, it’s sophisticated but with an edge
And as for those Jimmy Choo shoes – oh my oh my they are beautiful!
Have an amazing day
& Congrats on all of your new projects coming up :)
Lots of love
Kate xo

Perfect outfit! The heels are amazing!

lovely outfit and Montreux looks like such a fabulous place!


Wow stunning and cool outfit. Love the shirt and the shoes are to die for <3




I love this shirt, but I don´t like this sunglasses all people have someone in Spain! arrg!!

very nice! love the shirt and sandals! xo, Alma

ooooh i love this outfit! it is perfect!
this crop shirt is amazing!

Ooh the laaast picture is beautiful !!!!:)

the shoes are perfect as you!
have fun in paris!

Absolutely stunning first photo! And amazing Choo heels…

again great look and amazing pics!!

love these photos!

I’m so jealous you get to live in a country so beautiful as Switzerland :)

great shoes!

xoxo from rome

wonderful pictures. i love them so much. and the last one is a dream!
good journey.
maren anita

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I love your jacket! photos beautiful as always!

Again a perfect look with the perfect shoes!!

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

Love your shoes. :)

Great pics, looks like they are from an editorial!



Love this look! It seems you’re not wearing anything on your feet because the shoes are very very sophisticated! No many people tend to combine black and blue, but you did it and I love the result!

By the way, I love the last picture on this post (:

Have a nice day dear!


J’ai été il y a quelques années de ça à Montreux et j’ai été subjuguée par sa beauté! Ça n’a rien a voir avec ce qu’on a l’habitude de voir en Suisse (allémanique pour ma part) et ça m’a beaucoup rappelé le sud de la France. Quelle chance d’avoir une maison là-bas!

Ces photos sont superbes comme d’habitude. J’aime pas mal de modèle de Jimmy Choo!

Wahou la dernière photo ! Magnifique (comme les chaussures ^^)

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

If you like critics so much then why do you delete all of them? Like when people correct your english, or tell you they dont like this outfit as much as the other?

So beautiful ! ♥

Love your blog and your way of posting! But this is not your best outfit.. But still, lots of love from me! <3

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

Kristina, I am much older than you but I am really enjoying reading your blog in search for new fashion inspirations. You are doing a great job, without any exaggeration.
Besides, I love Switzerdland, spent some time in Montreux so I am always happy to see this magic place :)

the shirt and shoes are fantastic!
i love the look!
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Great outfit! Really love the purse:-)

You look amazing!! Great style and shoes! The view in the last photo is just breathtaking!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

I’m in love with this outfit!!!

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love your sunglasses! really finishes the look off!


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This shoot has such a cool editorial feel to it !! Love it <3

Beautiful outfit! Love the shoes :)
And the view on the last picture is AMAZING!


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very beautiful Kristina <3

so jealous of the palm trees and sunshine. incredible

Gorgeous and perfect. Come to my blog and follow me!

AnneLyse E. 14 May 2013 / Reply

first of all, the final photo of the shoot is a beauty, this landscape radiates something magical! you are definitely very good at posing for brands, so professional! it’s actually a pleasure to see a girl like you on photos and not skinny model.. Jimmy Choo made a very good choice by choosing you! and I adore your top since I saw him on a former article!
have a nice day in Paris both of you! :)

Montreux is one of my favorite places in Switzerland.
Relaxing by the lake with a beautiful mountain view of les Dents du Midi…

Have a great time in Paris!

очень красивые фотографии! Прекрасный образ!

J’adore!! Toujours aussi élégante!


you look stunning! last pictures and view on it is amazing <3

Hey Kristina! I think that your blog is a great source of inspiration and I’m happy to see that you have wonderful projects coming to your way. You deserves all of those amazing things that happens with the blog because it’s an awesome blog, I love to read it!

Sandrine xx

I’m waiting for next one Choo article!
3 photo.
it’s me favourite!

That clutch has an awesome tone of blue!

xoxo Laurenzia

OMG amazing view!!!! Lovely outfit!!!


I think blue is all over the place right now, and I love it, I find it such a calming colour!

Amazing! You’re gorgeous and I adore the shoes!

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

love love your style!
wish you luck in your future

Love the crisp white blazer and those shoes are incredible!

Love the crisp white blazer and those heels are stunning!

love the look and the pictures honey! well done! also love the location! is it in geneva?

Cute tank top, it looks so retro with the pin stripes

Amazing! I’m absolutely in love with that CHOOs the Colour and everything, so lovely! And I like your top so much :)

You’re totally right to moderate comments !!

The shoes are gorgeous <3 and the last picture is breathtaking !!


Hi! Recently found your blog and LOVE it! Your looks are so chic and pulled together while still being relateable ways to incorporate the runway looks in to “the real world”. Thanks for that!

xoxo -j

Love the outfit, the shorts are beautiful! xxx

The shirt is so strange :/

love the shoes and love the athletic feel of the shoot
kw, ladies in navy
giveaway on the blog!

Wooow so beautiful post!

Love the shirt and the shoes!


The photos are amazing! So beautiful! Congratulations on the production ;)

J’adore ces photos!

gorgeous shorts and clutch, nice!

You´re so beautiful! :) I´m in love with those sandals.

Radka from

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

Perfect look! Love your blog! You are inspiration to how to dress perfectly!
+ You should make a post about summer 2013 make up and clothes trends!

lovely photos, great shorts and shirt, love everything :)

Cette tenue est sublime (comme toujours)!
J’ai un gros coup de cœur pour les escarpins qui sont, juste, magnifiques.

Love this look, especially the top and bag. They go perfect with the last stunning shot of the sky :)

Chase Miller
The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Lifestyle Blog

Hi Kristina!! Love your blog, the outfits are really inspiring for me :) so keep going on!!!

Looove these shoes! And you look fabulous as always. :) I really like royal blue on you :) keep up the good work!

Lovely pics and outfit! x Lana

Haters are everywhere :S i don’t know why some people have time for write horrible comments or thinks like that :S!. I love your blog, the way yoy write, your outfits and the quality of the photos :).


Wow those shoes are amazing ! :)
Even though i don’t like this look as much as the last one you look stunning as alwys :)
Oh and the last picture is so pretty – I literally want to be there right now :)

tu viens de me faire découvrir montreux et cette ville à l’air très belle quand je vois les montagnes au loin c’est magnifique, tu me donne envie de faire un peu de tourisme dans le coin moi qui n’habite pas loin de la suisse, et bien entendu ton look magnifique comme dab !!!

The last picture is incredible! Great outfit, very summer chic.

Super cute outfit!! Love!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

I am loving all the diversity on your blog!


Oh I love them Kristina!!
I would love to have a message from you on my tumblr!
or at least I would love you to answer one of my comments!!

But it’s ok if you don’t, I’m still being your fan!


Loved the blazer the most. :) Great style as always, Kristina! And the pictures are amazing as well!

Really beauty!Great photoshoot, and your’e outfit are really stylish, i like that royal blue, it really will fits to your’e blue eyes i think!
And can you make answe-question video? For example, are these stilettos comfortable?:)

This is wonderful dear! Congrats on your team work. Love this outfit, the shirt is amazing and goes so well with the shoes.
The final pic is so beautiful! Must be a wonderful place, hope to visit it someday :)

love it! :)



Lovely outfit! Huge crush on your sunglasses ;)

Such a dream.

You are always so perfect.

Anonymous 14 May 2013 / Reply

Mon dieu ces chaussures ! Et ce haut ‘! Et ce short ! Et ces lunettes ! C’est magnifique !
1 truc à dire: je trouve que le blazer blanc casse un peu l’ambiance rock n’roll que tu avais instaurée, j’aurai bien voulu voir ça avec une veste en cuir noir, comme celle du shooting LV.
Bisous et continue

lovely! love the combo and the crop shirt is soo good!

gorgeous outfit really love the shorts and top! All of it is perfect and thats just how you look <3

Hayley xx

The shoes look awesome!! It’s so dainty and curvy, and you seriously just WORK it!! Awesome photos :)

Lady Indo

Wow, this place is really charming! And you look as always flawless! Deep blue fits you so well!
Best wishes!

Anya Fearnley 15 May 2013 / Reply

Amazing pictures and i just love the shirt.. and the blazer! .. and the shoes.. aand the shorts, sunglasses and clutch, so pretty much the entire outfit, haha! Love your blog :)

I am loving the all blue accents in this outfit!


Anonymous 16 May 2013 / Reply

I love your work! you´re so beautiful and you really have you´re own style, that´s what I try to find for myself, not so easy ;) and james work is also amazing!!! I´ve never seen so much perfekt photos on a blog. please never stop doing this! Can you maybe give some tips/write a post about packing your luggage? as you travel a lot I thought you have some special tips? That would be so interesting :) xoxo Mia

Hi Kristina! I really loved your post, these are my favourite Choos by far! I was thinking about buying a pair for my prom…Could you tell me if they are true to size and comfortable enough? I don’t usually have issues with heels and I can keep them on for hours but I don’t want to be dragging my feet after a short time.

I’m not sure but I think I went in Montreux years ago as I was 8 or maybe 9. I mean, I agree with you, this spot is an amazing place, unfortunately all I can remember was the rain that fell that day ^^

While everybody is adoring your outfit (as I am too) im also loving the view of the last picture. Make me want to take an airplane and go there inmediately!

The perfect outfit. I loved this play of blue and white. The colours suit you so well. Adore the sunnies!


Hello I’m a reader from Singapore and I really love your style :) keep it up!!!!

what languages can you speak btw?

Loved the whole look