Pictures by James Vyn

MY BEAUTY SECRET A lot of you guys ask me questions about my skin care routine and in general how I manage to maintain clear skin with all the travels and late night events we attend. The best advice I could give is to eat healthy (honestly, everytime I even have one square of chocolate a red head shows up) and sleep at least 8 hours a day, but we all know that that’s not always possible. So let’s be realistic, it’s nice to have a good clear skin pal, that’s always there for you when you’ve indulged on sugar and partying, have barely slept and need to look good, fresh and clean. 

Mine is definitely that little gadget, it’s called Visapure by Philips and it’s kind of genious. You might know that I was using the Clinic three step, well recently I switched to Kiehl’s products. So basically, I use a little bit of face washer every morning and evening with my Visapure and I’ve seen tremendous results ever since I’ve been doing that. It cleans my face 10 times better and I’ve also noticed that my creams are better absorbed into my skin. It tickles a little, but honestly it’s like a massage, so relaxing… I thought I might share this little secret with you, it’s so worth it.



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Wow you look so stunning in all of these photos! I love it!

and here i was thinking you couldn’t get anymore pretty!

baby the first pic is so amazing!


Wow !! I really love this post, the shots are amazing ! Have a good day (:

These pictures are so cute! ;) I’ve been thinking about investing in this little gadget ever since it came out. Since you seem to be so happy with it I think I’m really going to give it a try. :) Thanks for the review.

You look gorgeous! Seriously! Also Such great photography!

cool !!! nice beauty ritual babe :)

Beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing product <3
I wonder why you switched to Kiehl.



you look lovely even without makeup!:) I’m so jealous!

Wow, you are truly beautiful. Your skin is just incredible and would love to know what your ‘healthy diet’ consists of!

Emma x

such a natural beauty!
I´d like to try visapure I guess.

You are beautiful!


Gorgeous photos! I’m using something similar Clarisonic and totally loving it too

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

I was contemplating buying one of those! Going to shop around now. Thanks for sharing your secrets. You have beautiful skin to go with that beautiful face X Lotti X

love these photos Kri, you’re looking way more beautiful with natural make up like in this post!

Looks amazing, very similar to the Clarisonic! You look beautiful with no makeup! xxx

Maddy from

You’re like perfect!

that looks awesome! need to try it…xo, Alma

awesome routine! I’m gonna try it out!

xoxo Laurenzia

wow love these pics!

Anonymous 6 May 2013 / Reply

Is this just for publicity? Because I hope you know that many people spend their many on these kind of products just because you tell us they really work. I hope these is real and not just publicity because tha labels pay you for doing it or something like that. Anyways, you look georgeous as always! :)

Very beautiful pictures!

Fantastic photo series! :)
Loving the natural touch.

Love these photos! Yep, your skin is definitely amazing and I might look into one of those electronic gadgets.


wow, you look amazing without make-up<3

You look awesome even without makeup! Your skin si perfect. Wish I had the same.

Anonymous 6 May 2013 / Reply

You look beautiful and perfect!

Omg, You are sooo preety!

Very pretty photos ! I think both Clinique and Kiehl’s are good
fashion in belgium

Beautiful! Xo

you’re so stunning even without makeup!

you’re beautiful even without make-up! wow ♥

Love that post so much, you have a wonderful skin. Such a wonderful product to, I am really considering to buy it.
Have a nice day!

You are so beautiful! I love the last picture!

BEAUTIFUL editorial shots!! Love it. So you don’t use any toner in between the washing and moisturising?


wow! you are so beautiful!

Prefer you as a natural beauty!



beautiful! this product seems to be very effective!

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Gorgeous photos and amazing products :)!


You look amazing without make up!!! Thank you for sharing your beauty tips!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

It’s true you have an amazing skin

You have such a beautiful skin !
Love from Paris

Ur so beautiful even without make up!

You look so beautiful without makeup on … natural beauty!

Nice beauty routine!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

I can’t believe u’re the image of LV! OMG thats sooo awesome! apart from blogging I guess u’re model, u look tall and u have such a pretty face :)

I’ll follow u right now! I know u won’t visit me cause u’re too busy, but I invite u to know me :)


Very, very beautiful and natural :)

have a nice day,
> Patricia

you are so beuty! :)

Wow, you’re so beautiful, even without make-up! <3


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Your absolutely beautiful without makeup! So lucky

Seaside Beauty <3

I love the Visapure too and now your bottles of gel!! xx

Très jolie meme sans maquillage.

Anonymous 6 May 2013 / Reply

What nailpolish did you use in these photos???It’s perfect!

Amazing pictures
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Much Love,
Tezory Jewelry

woww.. so it basically exfoliates your skin? or removes debris.. whose bathroom is that? I love the yellow tinge!

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I love the message ‘Stop the water while using me’.

<3333333333! woao!

It seems like such a nifty gadget, so cool!

Thanks for sharing your tips – I love Kiehls so I’m excited to give your suggestions a try. Great pictures too! :)

You are so beautifull
I love the pictures !

you’re beautiful even without make up !

Coline ♡

you’re gorgeous in these photos and i love your advice! thanks for sharing!
kelsey, Ladies in Navy

You look so pretty and fresh without all your heavy makeup and big false lashes we see every day on your blog. I follow and like your blog very much, but I almost always wonder why you hide o much your natural features, especially those heavy lashes and recently those terrible thick and dark eyebrows… And sometimes it made me wonder that maybe without them you are not that pretty, but now I see the contrary, your natural face is sooooo much prettier, you don’t need all that plastic, Cristina, you are a natural beauty, go back to simplicity please! Your face is flawless, don’t be scared to show it as it is!

Seriously, I want to have your skin, it’s perfect!
I want to try the Kiehl’s products but I can’t find them in my city! :(

Fashionably Sparkly

Amazing and usefeul!!

I love your skin! You are so beautiful without make-up♥

So beautiful!!! Amazing pics!


You look beautiful without make-up! And thanks for the tips, I’ll try this out!

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you are so stunning. such a natural beauty. love the way youve shot this


Anonymous 6 May 2013 / Reply

Such a beautiful skin! The last photo is my favorite one ;)
You’re a real rolemodel! Stay who you are :)
I will try this gadget, (it’s already ordered :D )

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Camille 6 May 2013 / Reply

Wow, you’re really beautiful!

Simply and perfect.

Anonymous 6 May 2013 / Reply

So cute, you’re really beautiful even if you’re wearing no fundation etc… Great blog dear Kristina, it’s always a pleasure reading you!

Loved learning about your routine!

Thanks for sharing your beauty secret! You always look so gorgeous! Your skin is just perfect! I use Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System and love it! I totally agree with you, the best advice is to eat healthy foods (lots of fruits and vegetables).

Have a wonderful week!


Thank you for a nice beauty advice! It is always interesting to know other people’s beauty secrets!

Flawless, you’re a natural beauty!

wouuu, you are beautiful <3

thanks for shating – must check that out x

you’re so cute!
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Why are you so gorgeous?!?

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You are so beautiful!

Wow, these pictures are amazing!! and you look so great even without makeup!
Love your blog <3

You look so pure and beautiful. :)

baby k you’re my muse!

beautiful pictures! :)
and visapure sounds interesting, maybe i’ll try it…

You are gorgeous without make-up as well! Love the photos! :) xx

You look amazing without make up!
Also great tips :)

Love ti love it love it!
Seeing you without make-up is always so nice and I feel like I know you more and you seem like Kristina and not like the perfect Kayture (I love both of you ;))
Thanks for sharing your little secret. I think I’ll try it.
And the last picture is breathtaking! You are gorgeous and James did again a great job!

Anonymous 6 May 2013 / Reply

Impressive: with no makeup you are so like my daughter… Ach, I am old!!

Wow how pretty! I want to buy this but the Philips Visapure is not available to ship to the US :( What else could I use?

BEAUTIFUL SKIN :D look so good xx

Amazing photos!
You are very very beautiful!!

Love, Elisa My Fantabulous World

Comme d’habitude les photos sont superbes! Le naturel te va très bien!

wow pictures turned out really good!

So so happy that you guys liked the little tip! As I love reading about beauty tricks on other blogs, I thought I might as well share mine. I mean it’s impossible to try out all the products and gadgets available on the market so it’s nice to have somebody point out what’s really good and what’s really working.

Anyway, note that in the last picture I did do my regular skin make-up routine (foundation+blush) but the other ones are indeed natural. Glad you liked them!!

Love your skin! It’s magic! thanks for sharing your tips <3

ahhh youre really beautiful and I love your beauty trick!!

you are so pretty without the makeup. Love these photos.
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You are such a natural beauty – and I must say how much I enjoy each and every one of your posts!

You are a beauty :) I think you look maybe even better with a natural look like this !

xoxo Maria

You´re so beautiful even if you don´t wear a make up :) Really like this idea of washing my skin, thank you!

Radka from

You’re absolutely gorgeous even without make up. So natural and flawless.

You have gorgeous skin ;)

You look stunning,love your photos!!
Most people use the clarisonic,nice to see someone using something different!!:)

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Anonymous 7 May 2013 / Reply

Maquillée ou non, tu es toujours super belle!

You look fantastic!


So natural you’re beauty!

Anonymous 8 May 2013 / Reply

Kristina, thanks for the useful tips!It sound like everyone should were this gadget!Anyway, let me tell you, you look way better without the heavy make up on these photos. I can see the blush, the lipstick and the eyebrows make up, but everything is more sutil and fresh. You should were this kind of make up more often, you look younger but healthier. And you dont even have to use foundation, you have a flawless skin (: Be more secure about yourself, dont hide.

I’ve never even heard of this gadget before, but it seems to do wonders for your skin so I’m off to check it out!
Lots of love from New Zealand,

thank you so much for sharing this!!!

Léa La Rousse

seems like Kiehl’s products are trending

you look so amazing ! love the pictures


your skin is glowing! it’s unbelievable

Your skin looks so good
I really need that visapure too

Lots of love,


So beautiful! Your skin is more than perfect! Thank you so much Xx

Anonymous 12 May 2013 / Reply

Its so sad that when blogger start to be famous her blog start to be unuseful – I mean we only hear about what company paid you to wear its clothes or what cosmetic company collaborate with you.. I dont think its bad but I liked your blog more before. Now its just about pictures – and I want to read bloggers opinions – what she really like and DISLIKE. I know its your job but I think it will be great if you publish some articles where you will say what do you think about something (just few). You will be different from Chiara and others and I think you will have more followers too (and so more collaborations too) if you publish just one article per month where you will talk about what do you think about trends/cosmetic products and so on.. Because thats why and many others reading blogs and not Elle/Vogue – its real and you think you can trust blogger more than magazines :)

@anonymous Thanks for your constructive comment dear! We are indeed working on a new section on the blog which will involve a more informative content with tips and advices. The thing about Kayture, is that we want to make it a postive space, so if I don’t like something I basically won’t even talk about it you know? I consider it as waist of time… Instead, I like to show you guys things that I love, and please note that I do absolutely love the product featured in this article, it was my honest and humble opinion. Seriously, it would be quite sad if I started to show things that I dislike, I mean isn’t a blog supposed to be personal?

Furthermore, you should see : we are soo picky with the brands we’re working with. And having the privilege to work with labels that we love is so enriching that having your support on special projects is absolutely priceless.

Lots of kisses,

Wow these pictures are perfect! James has really hit a new level.
Thanks for giving me a new good tip, I am sick of my skin.

soooooo beautiful
check this out
the coconut bottle

these photos are pure awesomeness. amazing … you make me glow from reading.

какая же вы красавица! такая естественная) это просто чудо!

So natural, with almost no make up, you really look gorgeous girl. You should post more like these ones, with no make up. Your look awesome. Love your hair

Anonymous 16 June 2013 / Reply

pretty even without make up…i wish i have skin like yours. lovely :)

Thanks so much for the blog post. Really Great.