Pictures by James Chardon

SWISS MADE So as you guys know, it has always been extremely important for me to support swiss market and especially new designers, jewerly brands or emerging top quality beauty slash skin care labels that really deserve some serious attention. I’ve been hanging out at my local drugstore when I saw this brand new Eve skin care line, entirely swiss made, from the packaging til the product itself made of swiss apricot extract from the Valais. It caught my curiusity right away, and turns out I’ve met the owner a couple of days later who told be the whole story behind the label, and I got seduced. So seduced that I instantly felt like it had to find it’s place on Kayture.

I am happy and proud to share with you the shooting we did for Eve in order to support this amazing new swiss label that’s doing so well currently (you can basically find them everywhere, at Manor, Sun Store, Benu and Amavita) but also check out their website I feel like a swiss blogger, it’s kind of my duty to make you guys discover some of our new trendy labels. The creams are all super natural and feel pleasantly soft. Their textures are perfect for younger types of skin, but I am also super crazy about their hand cream which makes my hands smell like little apricots. Super yummy. P.S Gotta try out their sunscreen, you can never be safe enough when it comes to sun bathing during holidays!


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I love your lipstick! What one are you wearing?

Seaside Beauty

I love the photos. Can’t wait totry these new swiss products :D




Anonymous 28 June 2013 / Reply

Where is your nice nail polish from????

you look amazing on this pictures!

Coline ♡

Nice post! You look fantastic!


You are beautiful! :-*

Beautiful photo’s! Love your blog !

Wow, I love swiss skincare, too bad you can´t get a hold of it in Germany. Beautiful Pictures as always. :D

“Their textures are perfect for younger types of skin”…
Honey, are you joking?! You’re 20! :)
Couldn’t be any younger! :P

Great products, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for making us discover this brand. Seems to be real quality
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So beautiful photographies ! ♥
Kisses, M.

sooo beautiful eyes. check this out

the coconut bottle

So lovely!
X Ines

ooh mais quel plaisir de lire ce post ! Des produits totalement suisses, et aux abricots, je suis déjà séduite ! J’irai au plus vite à Manor Genève les essayer. Merci pour ce joli post, avec des produits bien de chez nous. Xx

You’re gorgeous and I wish I could buy these products here in Australia!

wow great products, need to try them some time!

beautiful pictures my dear. James is such a good photographer! And I really love your white bag in one of the pictures! May I ask what brand it is?

Oh ça vient du Valais, le canton d’où je viens! Trop fière ahahahah :D je connaissais cette marque mais je ne savais pas qu’elle venait du Valais !

You always look so beautiful! :)

Destination Moi

nice! especially if it has some sweet fruit escence or extract! xo, Alma

I didn’t know the brand but great presentation !
It’s great be proud and present good products from our own country !

seems to be a good product. it´s cool that you support products of your country!

It’s lovely to see you supporting local brands! I adore these beauty posts x

supporting local industries and products is such a nice thing! Go on this way!

Anonymous 28 June 2013 / Reply

Ce sont des abricots non ? Parce que ça y ressemble beaucoup.
Beau blog btw !

Les abricots suisses <3

Je ferais mon stock de crème quand je retourne en Suisse!

Hi !
I’m swiss too and I know Eve very well ! I have a lot of their creams ! Their so cool :)
Nice post


these products look so nice! These products look so nice!!

love that post!


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You made me curious ’bout these products!

Alexandra |

Nina Sax 28 June 2013 / Reply

Je connais en plus c’est fait aux abricots du Valais :-) La crème pour les pieds est pas mal!

Anonymous 28 June 2013 / Reply

Taking photoshop to the next level! way to go! tsk

saw the sylight commercial a few minutes ago for the first time! nice spot. You all did a great job!

I have another question. Do you read blogs? I don´t mean high end blogs like yours. Do you have sometimes a look on the blogs of your readers?

have a nice weekend!

Beautiful photos !

stunning photos, will keep my eye for their products!

Hayley xx

J’irai voir à Manor la gamme, merci de nous la faire découvrir !

You are so gorgeous dear! Thanks for introducing this brand, looks like it smells really good too ;)

❤ Jenny Tsang
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this is amazing, loved <3

Gorgeous photos and great product review!

Love the nails, you look gorgeous! xxx

So natural!!! I loved this, your hair is soo coooool!! Make up!!!

Beautiful photos as always, and wonderful to see your support for local products to you! Will have to take a lookie at this swiss brand! :) X

Amazing photos!! love them!
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Love your photos :)

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Thank you :)

Wow! These pictures are so beautiful! I love it! And the white nail color looks great on you! sooo beautiful!

so pretty :)

Anonymous 29 June 2013 / Reply

amazing kristina1 What is the brand of your nail polish????

I don’t live in Swiss :( but the product seems to be amaizing :)


Anonymous 30 June 2013 / Reply

oh lord, so gorgeous

beautiful images Kristina. you look amazing! I’m tempted to try this product. I adore apricot fragrance. btw, I bought the same watch but never worn it yet… don’t you find it too chunky and heavy? xx

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woooow, how beautiful you are! ♥

Kristina, I love your blog! You have such amazing style & you are so beautiful.

I have just started a new blog please check it out, any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks! x

Lovely pictures. And I cute manicure. Best, Stella

It’s really nice to know about more brand! You are extremely gorgeous and you are really good seller !!




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By the way, what nail polish you used for the shoots here ? :)

Xoxo, Saga

Comprare los Mios
espero encontrarlos en mi país!

Pasate por mi blog

Love your nailpolish, which one is it?

I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

Major thanks for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.