Pictures by James Chardon

DIM SUM AND BLUE SKY I think that what I liked the most about China was all the Dim Sum (how plane right). Okay I am just joking here, obviously the city was beyond amazing with unexpected views (and heights by the way, we went on the top of the Park Hyatt hotel tower, the highest building in Shanghai : so impressiv!), a completely new culture and mentality with totally different standarts and values than us. It was so much fun discovering all these new things and I did feel a bit lost at some point, but that’s just the thrill of travelling.

However, there is a part of true when I say that I got crazy about Dim Sum. I mean we had dumpling for breakfast, lunch and dinner, of course we also tried other things like jellyfish, duck or beef, but these ones that really got us cray-zay. We also tried the famous Hai Di Lao Hotspot restaurant, and it was a real struggle to find it as it was kind of hidded in a business center building, fact is we were the only europeans in the restaurant, but the service was so incredible, I’ve never seen such friendly and caring waiters. For our second day in China I wore my brand new holy grail purse from Saint Laurent (recent obsession) that I got from Runin2, they have the best selection ever. I won’t hide you guys that I obviously had to quickly change for flats during our visit, those Choo babies are too damn high.

DRESS : Goat
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
RING : Calvin Klein + Brandy Pham


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You look amazing. I love your vibrant blue dress and the Choo’s are to die for <3



You look so divine! I love that blue ! The bag and your shoes are fantastic and give that blue elegance! My favourite lipcolor!
Love Ines

you look super chic ! Love the bright blue and white together
new outfit post

красивый цвет платье!тебе идет)
а от сумочки я вообще без ума)

your heeeeeeeeels ♥♥ oh my myy my !! perfect pictures :) electric blue always suits you !

Such a lovely dress, the colour is stunning!
Gorgeous bag and shoes!

wow this outfit is amazing!!! Evrything is perfect, the dress is so beautiful and the shoes with the bag….I love it!!
And I can`t stop saying how much I love your bangs :)
kisses Gio

You look absolutely phenomonal, love your dress! So jealous of the fact you went to China! x

so special pics, the dress amazing the shoes so cute, georgeus!

In love with the colors of the outfit! Fits perfect to color of your eyes <3

I absolutely love the blue! It’s so vibrant!
Stay awesome!

great color!

xoxo from rome

So beautiful! xo, Christina


Les chaussures sont sublimes!

I love the simple cut of this dress, and bag is just perfect addition! The shoes are amazing, but so high! I probabbly couldn’t wear them even for a minute! Great post!

Amazing pictures, you look beautiful, loving your heels xx

Very beautiful outfit, I love the bag and shoes!

wooow! amazing dress!

You look stunning! Just like always!

♥ Oksana

You look wonderfull in this dress, this colour suits you perfect, I am thinking about some similiar, so thank you for the inspiration ;)

what a beautiful blue dress!

love your hair here, the ombre light yellow tips look uber cool :)

Katie x

Looks amazing! I’m in love with the shoes;)

xx Laura

Love this color!

Anonymous 7 June 2013 / Reply

I have just fallen in love with that Choo’s!!!
WOW! And they look incredible together with that bag (which I have already fallen in love when you wore it in Cannes) :)


Great outfit, it has an asian-touch with this dress :)
The pictures from Shanghai look so cool.

I love the shoes. I´d like to go to shanghai one day. I love dim sum! And I love to discover foreign countries!

Great outfit!



You look amazing! Great outfit,lovely shoes♥

Those Choo babies <3

SO so beautiful! What is your nail polish color in this post??

Lovely as usual Kristina! And thanks for confessing that you had to change your shoes!! Hahahahaha ;-)

Wow nice Outfit & beautiful pictures :)


You’re looking once again just amazing! Love the way how you’ve perfectly matched your bag with the adorable shoes <3 ... Kisses from Vienna,


The dress you chose is so beautiful! The color is absolutely incredible on you. Love the rings & bracelets as well.


I have the same lipstick and after seeing it on you in contrast with blue, I can’t wait to try it myself!!


Such an amazing look dear :)

It was so great to meet you again in Shanghai – and may I just say that you look just as stunning in real life as you do on your pictures on the blog.



You’re so doll like on this pictures!

I love dim sum too it’s. delicious!

Kristina i really love the dress. The blue really suits you.

Those Choos are incredible!

Also.. what happened to James “Vyn”?

Love the shoes and how they work with the purse. The blue dress gives it an amazing contrast!

that dress is stunning, the color is amazing!


killer dress. so loving these flared sleeves

beautiful! <3

Love your nailpolish ! :D
and your outfit :)


wow beautiful outfit!:) love the color of your nailpolish!

Amazing outfit and colours – and the portrait is stunning. I don’t blame you for changing out of the heels!

You Look beautiful, really like the combination of the blue dress and the mac morange lipstick! :-)

this dress is dreamy! :)
kw Ladies in Navy

Your shoes are so amazing!

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Great pictures! Blue is such a nice color on you!!!

You look so beautiful here,blue is definitely your color Kristina!


your hairstyle is absolutely stunning, and i do love that electric blue colour dress … it goes so well with that beige purse! lovely,

Woow totally stunning! The blue dress fits perfect! I love your hairr!!
Looks like it’s an amazing city Shanghái, have fun!

I could totally wear this outfit myself! LOVE it.


WOW Amazing! That dress is perfect on you!

You´re just gorgeous! :) Blue is perfect for you.

Radka from

La robe <3 le bleu klein est l'une de mes couleurs préférées ! Et bien sûr, super beau sac !
Contente que Shanghai vous ait plus, à James et toi, il faut avoir l’esprit ouvert pour vouloir goûter des plats atypiques (comme les méduses), ce n’est pas courant de nos jours, bravo !

love blue and white!
bright colors look perfect on you..
great outfit!
and I don’t blame you for changing to flats haha..

I love that Blue on you! :) And the Heels are very stylish!<3

J’adora la couleur de ta robe ! Et ton sac Saint Laurent est magnifique !

You look fabulous! Love this cobalt blue dress. It’s gorgeous! This outfit is absolutely perfect!

I feel like your new hairstyle looks better with jeans and more casual look..

Anonymous 7 June 2013 / Reply

Like always: Beautiful, Fashion and very Elegant!! :) I love your style..

so beautiful…the blue dress fits your perfectly

sisters go bananas

Such a beautiful colour of the dress and your nailpolish. Your shoes are awesome again. x

Gorgeous look! Love the heels and dress :)

Shanghai is the best city to be in China. Loving the blue dress and the Saint Laurent mini! :)


Love those shoes!!! I would fall and die within 2 mins of wearing them ;)

Blue color suits you very well. :)

Gorgeous bag and that blue looks great on you!

High but gorgeous shoes
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That blue dress is so gorgeous on you. The photos are amazing and you looks stunning!

what a lovely dress! I love that colour!

You´re so amazing!! Loved the color of the dress!!
:*** from Brasil!!

You look incredible with those killer shoes! Hope you enjoyed Shanghai :)

Great post! :) I hope to see you in my blog sometimes.. Thanks! I’m your new follower. Kisses from VV!!

omg that nail polish is amaazing!


Love everything! The bag, the shoes, the dress… Amazing choices :)

I love your bag and your heels look stunning!

Seaside Beauty

omg those shoes are sooo beautiful! love the outfit and glad you had a great time!

Hayley xx

What an amazing look! That dress is gorgeous!
And the pictures are great too.

Great blog, I just followed you :)

If you can, check out


Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy that you admitted that you changed out into other shoes! Those Choo’s look super high!


I think it’s the most accurate combo-navy blue and gold-I love it!
Most of people would combine this pretty blue colour with black-but isn’t it boring? :-)
You are doing a girl work Kayture, keep going :-).

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Beautiful as always! You’re just perfect Kristina! :)

-xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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Yours blog photos is amazing.

You Are So beautiful!!
I like your blue dress!

I love this kind of blue…

Amazing pics…I really love your dress!
Always looking forward for your next post:)

Anonymous 8 June 2013 / Reply

Love this electric blue dress!!!

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LOVE tha blue on you!

Very cool! :)


A very nice place for a nice radiant lady.

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


I love the simplicity of the dress and the color is so gorgeous ! The accessories bring the perfect touch to the look !


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I like a lot that superbright color from the dress!!

(Navy outfit)

I love all accessories!

Love that color!

you’re gorgeous with this colour! and i love your rings :) xx

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This gorgeous lady just inspired me to wear blue. Love the shoes.

those shoes with that purse is such a killer combination. love this bright blue look for exploring the city and all of its dim sum offerings!


Great look girlie!!U look fabulous with that outfit!!Like a supermodel =D


love the dress and shoes!
great accessories
you are so gorgeous, love the lip colour

Здорово! Ты очень красивая, смотрю постоянно твой блог и радуюсь)

Great pictures, and a lovely well kept ! :3

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


I like so much your shoes!
You’re beautiful.

Lot of love from Paris xx

amazing dress you look so pretty

happy sunday

You look gorgeous loving those shoes :’) perfect outfit!

Beautiful shoes !!

Quel fabuleux voyage ! J’adore les chaussures ! Tu es magnifique !

Magnifique tenue ! Wahou ! J’aime tout, je veux tout, bref je crois que tu as compris :-)


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these pictures are amazing! doing great job guys!

beautiful dress, love the color on u.

That blue is the perfect colour on you! and those shoes are to die for <3

Beautiful! I love the color of your dress! You ve followed my advice about the color right for you :P
Visit my fashion blog :)

Love this colour on you…and so glad you liked China. As a Chinese I’m kinda proud (though I live in Singapore) haha! Isn’t Dim Sum the best!

Love the whole outfit especially the cobalt dress! I recently did a blog post on how fabulous that color is & featured this outfit as inspiration in it!

Really like the combination on you! Your hair and makeup is so gorgeous!! Nice dress

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Totally agree that China has different standards and value systems.

Hope you didn’t have any nasty encounters because I’ve heard that their city isn’t very courteous.