FAIRYTALE  As you guys know, James and I had the priviledge to be invited this year to the Cannes film festival by one of our favourite luxury brand : Chopard. We were so happy to be able to take part in such a wonderfull adventure and looking forward to experience the famous red carpet and stairs at the “Palais des Festivals”. Of course, as soon as I learned the news the obvious question popped out : which dress shall I wear? I mean okay, now I’m starting to get used to the fashion week process and it’s all about picking out the perfect street-style look. While in Cannes it’s a completely different story, forget about the “less is more” statement (I still suggest to keep it in mind at all time, being subtle is the key to elegance, amen). So in your mind you start thinking that the dress you’ll wear to the red carpet is a really big deal…

And it kind of is. First of all because you want to feel gorgeous, comfortable, elegant, sexy as well as super subtle and mysterious at the same time. So good luck to find a dress that says all this… I did my little research and thanks to my lovely friend Soraya and their boutique in Geneva, I thought that Elie Saab was the perfect solution. Their dresses are young, fresh yet full of chic. In this dress, I felt like a modern mermaid and the Chopard jewerly I got to wear, brightened everything up and added some amazing glamour to this already fabulous evening. We had the chance to see ”The Immigrant” by James Gray, with Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix, quite a deep and emotional movie. It was great to see Marion receive her standing ovation. We ended our evening at the restaurant ”La Petite Maison” located in the hotel Majestic Barrière. Again, a huge thank you for this fabulous experience, and hopefully we’ll be back next year.


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simply gorgeous!!

XO Lisa from

you both look amazing, perfect couple my dear :) wish you all the best plus have to admit i am bit jealous about your experience again – must be gorgeous event :)

I liked the dress but i liked more the yellow “gucci dress” that you use.
Lovely experience you’re so lucky Kristina :)!


Oh, the two of you look so glamorous! A magical experience I’m sure neither of you will ever forget. I have always dreamed of attending one day… and I definitely wouldn’t mind attending in Elie Saab! I recognized it as soon as I saw you in it…

Anonymous 11 June 2013 / Reply

Lovely dress!

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You look amazing and the dress is gorgeous!! You are a very lucky girl! :p

This dress is amazing, you look like a princess

That dress is amazing!

It is a pity not to see the shoes you wore, I am sure they were as wonderful as the Elie Saab dress. You looked gorgeous!

you look wonderful that´s an amazing dress!!! xo, Alma

wooow you were so stunning! And i have to tell, you should smile more, because you have an amazing smile!

Love the dress! You totally look so fabulous!

I can ‘t add anything… You really look like a mermaid. You both are a pretty pair!

You look stunning!

You look so stunning in this dress, dear!!!! Very beautiful!
And I have to admit, I`m a bit jealous that you were wearing Elie Saab!!! :O
kisses Gio

you look amazing, did you get to keep the dress?? (((: xx

Wow you look amazing! I really know what you mean, I always wanted to find the perfect prom dress!
I can remember I was running around Vegas for like three whole days with my best friend until I finally finally found the ONE!! :)

You look gorgeous! It’s the perfect dress for you :)!


This dress looks fantastic on you! You both are wonderful couple!

xx Oksana

I love the dress so much. it is perfect. the lace and the colour. I am really in love!

Anonymous 11 June 2013 / Reply

WAY TOO GORGEOUS ! ne change absolument rien tu es tellement parfaite… La ribe est merveilleuse et te va comme un gant, quel corps délicieux que tu as ! MERCI enfin une fille qui n’a pas la peau sur les eaux… tu es tellement belle, tellement équilibrée, un modèle.
Et puis James quelle élégance !!!

So beautiful x

Beautiful Kristina!

You look beautiful! In my opinion, you have chosen the most amazing dress possible.

Such a gorgeous dress
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you felt like a mermaid and definitely looked like one too. Beautiful :-)

Francesca xo

You look gorgeous. :>

You really do look like a beautiful young mermaid! :)

Amazing, this is one of my biggest dreams: being on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival & see a movie there…

Although it looks great on you, I really don’t like the colour of this dress. Ellie Saab has amazing dresses though

wow you look gorgeous!:) lovely dress!

wow.. you look gorgeous in that elie saab dress! the jewelry, your manicure, james.. everything is so perfect! :)

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<3 the shot of you by the valet stand :) You look so tall and elegant!

Such an amazing dress you were wearing!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
Win your favorite pair of sunglasses!!

Beautiful Kristina

Stunnig look! and the dress… very high fashion!
Love it!

Your dress is amazing.
I recognized that it’s by Elie Saab before I read it in your article. :D

Je crois qu’il ne pouvait pas y avoir plus parfait qu’Elie Saab comme créateur pour ta première montée des marches <3 c’est vraiment mon créateur haute couture préféré!

You have absolutely gorgeous dress!!! The last two photos makes me jealous :) I mean I wish you both luck and make your dreams come true :D
Greetings from Poland

You look like a mermaid, so gorgeous! So happy for you guys that y’all got invited, must have been such an honour!

A real life mermaid ? You were looking amazing!!!

wow you look stunning



You definitely looked gorgeous at the film festival!

you look absolutely incredible!
the gown is so beautiful

Anonymous 11 June 2013 / Reply

Потрясающее платье!

Breathtaking gorgeous girl! :)

Destination Moi


You look stunning! This dress is gorgeous and so elegant! Turquoise is my favorite color and looks amazing on you! You and James are the perfect couple!

what did you wear under this dress?

you look incredible in this dress! cute couple xx


That dress is… perfect! You looked like a little princess!

Sparkle On The Floor

You look stunning, I love the dress that you wore and the jewellery is beautiful too! xxx


A dream event, A dream dress, A dream couple, sigh sigh sigh. Lovely!! <3

beautiful dress and adore your jewelry
kw ladies in navy

I love your dress! You look so beautiful. What makeup are you wearing?

Seaside Beauty

beautiful dress :)


Vous êtes magnifiques tous les deux ! belle aventure. Robe splendide, bien que je trouve que la couleur va mieux pour une brune.

Your dress looks amazing!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

You look stunning Kristina! I am from Lebanon too like Elie Saab so it’s amazing to see designers from a tiny country go worldwide with their work!


you look absolutely stunning

Lovely couple :) What a glamorous dress!

Radka from

WOOOW Kristina! This must have been one of the best and great experiences in your life!! You couldn’t have made a better “dress choice”!!!

Such a wonderful, lucky opportunity! I love that color on you, it goes so well with you skin tone…and Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers. I really hope some day I can be as fortunate as you :)

You look stunning! And what an awesome experience to visit this film festival!

Amazing dress – Elie Saab is my all time favourite for evening gowns. Plus you can always tell when a dress is Elie! <3

You look heavenly, like a princess. :)

You and James look so cute together :)

You and James looked amazing, really!! Your dress makes you look like a mermaid or something, I love it so much. Beautiful post, looks like an amazing time and event!!

Wow so amazing! As you know I love Cannes every year again and such a dream to walk on the Red Carpet! Congrats that you was able to do it. It’s such an honor..So sad that I was on my way back home when you arrived but I hope I’ll see you next year!<3

Amazing !! You are so lucky ! So beautiful too.
Des bisous mademoiselle…

Anonymous 11 June 2013 / Reply

Looooooove your Dress �� kisses form austria

amazing pictures! you’re stunning with this colour ! xx

You look absolutely amazing , that dress is flawless!
Becca x

Amazing pics! Beautiful dress!


Anonymous 11 June 2013 / Reply


Amazing photos. Your dress is adorable.
You are very very beautiful.

Good luck!

Mille merci! Spasibo vsem! Really, thanks to all of you guys for all these amazing comments. I am so gratefull, and it’s really because of your support that we get to share these kind of adventures. You’re always so supportive and kind, that honestly means so much to us

Big kisses xx

Love that dress! Keep going girl :)

Beautiful photos! Love the color of your dress :) So pretty!

Giveaway! :)

This must be the most stunning piece on this website. truly wow.

Wow u look amazing, this Dress is so beautiful.

In every post and in every picture you both always look really gorgeous!
But this post, I’ve no words for it. The dress you wear Kristina, is absolutely stunning, really really beautiful! You guys are just perfection!
Love you both and I will never stop supporting you guys! ♥

-xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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Quand j’ai vu les photos je me suis tout de suite dit “oh ! on dirait une sirène”, je vois qu’on a pensé à la même chose haha.
Bref, félicitations, tu as tellement de chance d’avoir pu participer à un événement comme celui-là, le mythique Festival de Cannes, c’est juste… wow ! Merci d’avoir partagé ce moment avec nous, j’ai pu vivre ce rêve par procuration hihi.
J’espère vraiment vraiment que vous y serez de nouveau invités l’année prochaine !

You both look amazing and your dress is perfect for the occasion. Congratulations on all your success. God Bless you more. :)

Wow, Elie Saab all at once! I’m so proud of where you’ve reached in your life, you really showed us that you can do what whatever you want if you put your mind to it. Best of luck to you and James, you guys are adorable!


That dress is absolutely STUNNING!


Ever since I was introduced to fashion and become able to recognize different brands, Ellie Saab became my dream number one. I am melting with every new collection. Each his dress is like little piece of art. I very happy for you having the opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening wearing this dress. Sending lots of love

You look absolutely mesmerizing in that dress, it’s gorgeous! It’s such an honor to get invited to the Cannes film festival.

This is such a gorgeous dress ! You and James look adorable ! :)


I loved your dress!!!!! You look like such a glamorous A-list Hollywood couple <3

Your dress is AMAZING!

Elie Saab. There are no words!
always my favourite.

This dress is ABSOLUTELY amazing! You look stunning. Everything about this look is perfect. So magical to be part of the Cannes Film festival !!!

Pretty and elegant! Be happy you two!

Your dress is amazing
you looked stunning

Lots of love,

April Fashionreports

You’re so beautiful on the last picture. Simply amazing! x

Your dress is like a dream! You both look so cool – perfect couple – like from a movie! Best, Stella

Anonymous 17 June 2013 / Reply

what nailpolish are you using? the white one. what brand is it? :)

I agree with you that on these occasions “less is more”. Very pretty you were.

Gorgeous look, beautful dress^ :)

Such a BEAUTIFUL Dress on a Stunning girl!


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Wow what a nice dress is it! I like it very much.
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