Pictures by James Chardon

MY DAY IN TOWN Who would have thought a couple of months ago that I would become a ”jeans & trousers” kind of girl, didn’t see that one coming that’s for sure I mean, now I’d open my closet and take some cute pair of pants without even having second thougths while I remember very clearly that I couldn’t even bare with the idea of wearring jeans a year ago. Dresses and skirts were my rule n°1. I guess our rules change, and we also change. We grow, we evolve. Our opinions and personal vision becomes different, we see things that we didn’t see before or saw differently. I currently see in swiss cheese and red wine, my hidden heaven. 

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Geneva hopping through a couple of appointments and answering phone calls, e-mails and texts at the same time after the spending the morning on a shooting (more details of this new project coming soon). I decided to wear a cool yet comfortable outfit and add a super massiv sexy detail : these nude anouk Jimmy Choo. My go-to piece in case of any shoe-shoe doubt. Can’t go wrong with these!

JACKET : Minusey
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Goodnight Macaroon
BRACELETS : Kris & Jules / Vita Fede
NECKALACES : Cornwall Street / Jennifer Zeuner / Avinas


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I love your trousers and bag!

Seaside Beauty

You look adorable. Love the cute pants <3




Lovin’ the pants, the print is so beautiful! and love those cute little necklaces <3

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fav pants !!! they look totally awesome on you my dear

love your bag, and same here, I’m now addicted with jeans & trouser, they’re so comfy! but you look super cool and pretty xx

Those pants are so cool and I’m loving how you styled them!

Amazing article! Amazing outfit! I adore your pants and shoes!

Anonymous 26 June 2013 / Reply

Love the blue of the bag! Beautiful!


that´s cool, my mind about jeans has changed, too. Last year I only wore dresses!

I love the print of the pants, all this look is so summer. I love it!
(old wearitwithpassion)

Cool look, but I cannot imagine myself that those Jimmy Choo’s are comfortable ;)

Same here! I was a skirt and dress girl all my teenage years and since I started to study at university I more and more fell in love with pants. Now I have a lot of jeans and some pairs of different pants and leggings. And the same ones that you are wearing. I feel so comfortable in them.

You look adorable as always! I love that you two always shoot editorial-like pictures and you look so flawless.


gorgeous summer fresh outfit, and again love the photos!

wonderful- i love your look.
maren anita


pants suit you! You look lovely in everything you wear..and your make up is amazing as always! <3

have a great day!

Perfect outfit! Love the blazer and shoes! :)

Destination Moi

Wow! So stunning. I understand what you mean about jeans. But these ones are so pretty and look so comfortable! x

gorgeous printed pants and those sky high nude heels are such killers! wow!

I <3 These shoes!

Great look like always ;) Love your shoes <3

Shadow Of Style

Gorgeous outfit. Very cool but elegant too
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okay, these shoes look everything but comfy ;)

Love the bag!:) cute outfit as always♥

i love that outfit!


Such beautiful pictures as always and I love this casj-chic look the print on your trousers is really pretty and I love you minimalist styling with the nudes and ofcourse that beautiful cobalt blue bag! You look really lovely and I just love the layering of your dainty necklaces! xo

You looks amazing in this look!! Love it alot and the heels are killing me soooo beautiful ! :)




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Le pantalon est vraiment super joli :)

We love your bag!:)
Visit our new post:)

Amazing style and amazing photos <3

Those heels look amazing but so painful!

Amazing outfit! Love the bag and the pants!!

I’ve been thinking I would like a pair of those blue and white trousers with a (what it looks to my eyes at least) Moroccan-Mediterranean style print… They look so great on you that maybe I’ll have to hunt down a pair from someplace too ;)

You look gorgeous! Love the portraits!

Have a wonderful day, honey!

♥ Oksana

Amazing look! :D
My fashion blog, guys! ;)

Lovely outfit!! The shoes and the trousers are amazing!!!


Your trousers have such a beautiful pattern. x

Affascinante!…Charming Look!…every photo is as beautiful as a Painting!

I’m in love with your pants and dainty jewelry!

Love these pants! The entire outfit is perfect! I absolutely love the shade of blue of this bag and your shoes are really beautiful! So elegant! Your pictures are gorgeous!

I love those printed pants, very pretty

I’m also a huge fan of dresses and skirts, but pants and jeans like this one, are also perfect!

Anonymous 26 June 2013 / Reply

WOW, how can you walk in these…??
Anyway, LOVE THE OUTFIT!! <3

Love everything you’re wearing – and I love those extra photos!

I love your bag! <3

You look stunning! I’m in love with those pants, the pattern is gorgeous, so unique :) ♥

great look! love your heels!

Goodnight Macaroon bag is awesome especially the colour of it:) We love totally this pants! And your classic Jimmy Choo heels… oh we didn’t found the perfect word for it<3

i m in love with your blog,love almost all posts !!!!
I would be very happy if you follow me if you want.xoxo

Great print on your pants!

The Occasional Indulgence

I love your Electric Blue Clutch Bag! And… I Love your hair! Best, Stella

I was expecting to see some jeans.

LOVELY pants!

Très jolie look..!!!! J’adore tous!

Bisous Bisous

Elisa The Candy Blog

wooow! awesome!!!

I loved the top part!! And the hair! as usual

i can´t wait for know about your new Project, you look so pretty

I really like the new you wearing jeans and trousers I think you look amazing xx

i love that outfit and your blog ! xx

Amazing :) Love your pants! Such a chic look!

Gorgeous! Love your pants!

xx Nicola

Anonymous 26 June 2013 / Reply

Jolie pantalon, par contre les chaussures ont l’air d’une torture, toi-même tu avais dit que les noirs n’étaient pas confortable ..

nice shoes…

Lore – Pinkadicta

I love the outfit! Everything just goes together so well! The bag is especially nice!

In my opinion, you should try to use more blue tones on you, like the dress u used in Shanghai, that for stand out your eyes, and also you would look different but still pretty with just a few of make up!

Cute! Dear, just a little mistake notification wearing goes with just 1 “r” hihihihi just to let you know;) Looooove your style!

you look gorgeous!! I must have those pants! I’m also a huge pants and trousers kind of girl now!

Anonymous 26 June 2013 / Reply

Hello kristina, I wanted to tell you something since longtime but don’t take it personally I Just want to give my opinion. So you have a nice blog with beautiful pictures, beautiful clothes, beautiful makeup, aso…where we can explore your wonderful golden life. You say you are a fashion blogger, but I think you are more a marketing blogger: you post pictures of clothes (that brands offer to you sometimes), but you never talk about trends. I think that a “fashion” blogger should talk about fashion and inspirations sometimes. Maybe you are just like some other bloggers that are interested by making business/money.

It’s only my opinion :)

Awesome look! So classy and chic

you’re my girl!

one word STUNNING:)

The outfit is an absolutely stunner! The simplicity of it combined with the patterned trousers just turns heads!

Lubna | ELLE VOX

ur bag is match with that bead “blue” bracelets..luv it!

Anonymous 27 June 2013 / Reply

you still look stunning,but i loved your “old” look – now look more like many other fashion girls …

lovely outfit…nice selection <3

love the printed trousers! Beautiful pics BTW!

Anonymous 27 June 2013 / Reply

I really admire your blog but.. Comfy in this heels? I don’t think so ;D :P

Love the prints of your pants! And this outfit is amazing!


Love your pants

Lots of love,

April Fashionreports

I love your rings! Your bangs look amazing on you too :)

Anonymous 27 June 2013 / Reply

you said you change and that’s why now you love wearing trousers and jeans. well, i dont think like that. it look prepared, your “edgy-efortless” look seems all arranged

Love the bag and the trousers are nice too.
You can’t go wrong with Jimmy Choo ! ;-)

Oh my goodness, I am in love with the print of your trousers and how you chose to style it with a cobalt blue purse!


Nice pictures and so like your hells)

Those heels look insane! Love the pants as well!

I absolutey love the bold printed trousers and the royal blue bag! I love how the outfit is simple so with the pants and the bag it brings out the outfit!! Perfect for the summer. This simple and sophisticated outfit is exactly the style we love to try out and post which you will love to look at!!
xx, The Golden Girls

Love this combination!!!

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