Pictures by James Chardon

 HAPPY SPORT LOOK I Since december 2012 (no exageration!) James and I have have been trying to keep our mouth shut regarding this super exciting project with Chopard. Their amazing team reached out to us a while ago to invite us on an extremely promising, yet top secret project. James and I got the chance to direct a whole shooting in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Happy Sport watch, I got to model for this fabulous styling project and therefore be the face of this new project. Turns out, as I am also celebrating my 20th birhtday this year it was kind of the perfect occasion!

The whole concept was about creating 4 different looks, for each season in order to give you guys some ideas on how to wear the iconic Happy Sport watch in any occasion of you life as it is a highly versatile model, which can be worn during they day as much as for a party or event. Throughout this year, you’ll be able to discover the new looks on Chopard’s social media, website as well as of course here on with some exciting exclusive pictures. Again, I am so honoured and happy to be a part of this beautiful project. It has been so enriching and interesting to work with Chopard and discover the brand better. I am completely seduced by their feminin, glamourous yet timeless spirit. Not to mention that it is a swiss based brand, so I can’t be more proud. Can’t wait to share all the adventure with you!


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As I can never go without a watch, this one is a nice consideration!
It really is super elegant,chic, classy and sporty in the same place!
Totally love it!
You look amazing!

xx Nicola

Beautiful photos. Love the jewelry and the watch <3




Congratulations!!!!I’m celebrating my 20th birthday too :) You looks amazing, fantastic and so fabulous
(old wearitwithpassion)

oooh my this looks brilliant !!! you look brilliant :)

OMG Kristina! It was worth keeping it as a surprise even though I’ve read about it in the 20-Minuten-article about you. This is amazing, congratulations.And holy shit, the picturs are so damn beautifu and grown up! Thanks for showing!

In love with the gorgeous rings !

XX Luba

A look between casual and dressy, today on

Anonymous 21 June 2013 / Reply

Very nice! So curious to see more!!! <3


Anonymous 21 June 2013 / Reply

Why you so pretty? And stylish? And intelligent? Oh my god can I have your life?? Like spell impossible?

Anyways, I just wanna tell you that I’ve been following you since then and you’re just so amazing. This blog has opened so many doors for you and am so happy with your achievements. And thank you for sharing everything. You inspire me to continue to dream and dream more. Who knows what you are will be what I will be too someday. I just have to keep dreaming right? But then, keep it up girl!

xoxo ♥

That’s a brilliant collaboration! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos you styled.


Wow you get to make so many great experiences! :D

wow amazing!

you look amazing darling. love the red lips and the whole concept!

These Chopard jewels are to die for!


So cool! Great watch!

You look amazing!

Congratulations! It sure is a very special project!
Have a nice weekend!

Wow! Stunning! xo, Christina


Pretty photos ! Love the dark lipstick
new outfit post

Looking at your blog is like looking an amazing magazine. Special thanks for your fiance for such amazing photos and ofcourse you, who just looks breathtaking in every single photo! :)

You’re so cute! Red lipstick looks very good on you!

Have a wonderful weekend!
♥ Oksana
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Bravo pour cette belle collaboration!

such an amazing project! the photos look really really good!

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Wow, this is such a super big project! Congrats Kristina, you look fabulous! And you can be proud, Chopard is such a lovely and international brand from little Switzerland. Wish you all the best.

awesome pictures, absolutely great!

Congratulations Kristina :)
I’ve been reading your blog for 2 years now (i.e. from the beginning) – can’t believe how far you’ve come! :3

This is so gorgeous Kritisna !!


Anonymous 21 June 2013 / Reply

Wow, the first photo is AMAZING!


Aren’t you gorgeous well done on this amazing project and it’s still hard to manifest that you are only 19 going on 20, you have achieved so much in such a short period of time well done and beautiful photos keep it up and love your blog its very unique in itself :) xx | Macadamia Oil Control Spray Giveaway ♥

pretty pics;DDD

i invite to me too

so glamourous and chic!

wow, what an amazing opportunity, congratulations!


You look absolutely stunning x

Qué guapa Kristina!
Me gustan muchísimo las fotos!
Un besito grande!

u look really stunning!

You look really pretty, and the watch is gorgeous! Congrats on the project!

great pictures – very sweet. :)

Such a gorgeous woman!
love your looks, always!

New outfit post; Catch the light

Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous watch
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You look so beautiful! I love your bag so much

Seaside Beauty

The pictures are lovely! Congrats for this new project!


Ohhh you really look trully glamorous and beautiful Kristina! Loved them!!

She always looks so pretty doesn’t she? :)

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Congratulations! I love these shots!

Please visiten mi pagina apenas la empece pero espero que les guste y la visiten :*

This is so great! I LOVE the pictures. When can I see them in the magazines? ;)

Beautiful pictures! And it’s a very elegant watch. Congrats for the partnership :)

You look stunning, I love the lipstick too! xxx


the first photo <3

Beautiful woman & beautiful jewellery. And the pictures are simply “WOW”.
Chopard is my favourite luxus-jewellery-brand. I love the “flying” happy diamonds.

Hugs from Zurich

Kristina, you are AMAZING!
Emma xx

Absolutely amazing!


it’s perfect! great campaign guys!

Congratulations for this new and fantastic project! You look fabulous as usual!! :D

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Wow, you are sooo beautiful! Your lipstick is adorable :)
Love, Anna

You’re damn perfect Kristina!
-xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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My first time on this blog
and i found beautiful photos :)

Really Nick Pics! And a Great cooperation

That’s so amazing :) You’re so beautiful, it’s crazy!


Gorgeous photos, like always! The accessories are beautiful, I’ll never get tired of the combination of gold and white!

Can’t wait to see the other pictures of your collaboration!


Anonymous 22 June 2013 / Reply

If you person, i’m not person. mmmmmm. wonderfull :)

wow what an amazing opportunity! you should be so proud :)

Ah you are seriously incredibly gorgeous!

I love the Pics! So beautiful and your Lipstick is gorgeous!<3

Wow!!!! That is great! Really happy for you and think that Chopard did a great choice ;)

the watch is incredible!!!! beautiful photos n.n
i want too see the all photos n.n


Gorgeous watch and pictures, love ir Kristina!

I love your hair here, and your photographs are so inspirational.. amazing!

THis is definitely a nice watch! Congrats on your exciting project with Chopard =)