Pictures by Zhanna Romashka

SHOOTING IN MILAN You guys might remember if you’re following me through social media that I’ve worked on an exciting shooting a couple of days ago in Milan with the lovely Zhanna Romashka. She is a fabulous photographer based in Italy, who contribues often for Vogue or other fashion magazines, but she is also known as a fashion week It Girl, strolling around in absolutely perfect outfits. And that is actually how I met her.

Zhanna is originally russian, so during the whole shoot we spoke russian which was so nice, felt like going back to the roots. The make-up and hair artist was also russian speaking, so we had a real russian mafia going on over there (James who was there as well, was a little bit lost between all this!). Anyway for this shoot we wanted something different and very 60ies ”Twiggy” inspired. The pale skin effect is of course done on purpose. I think it looks so interesting with this whole black and white theme. 


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Wow I love this look and the photos are marvellous. Gorgeous black and white setting <3



you look spectcular baby


You look stunning! I’m speechless!

incredible !! you look stunning :) i love the striped photos the most :) great illusion :)
kisses from

oh wow! u look stunning here!

I discovered only now that you speak also Russian.
The pictures are very beautiful, as a model “Twiggy” never goes out of fashion, then the black and white is a must this season.

Very cool and original photos ! Must have been speaking Russian together :)
fashion in Belgium

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

too bad its been photoshopped

great pictures. this black an white is perfect. I love your hair like that!

Very very beautiful, just perfect! I love the earrings!

wow amazing pictures. except the second one, that looks kind of weird

Such an interesting backdrop! It’s so cool that you speak Russian – I am beginning to study Russian history in school! x

Gorgeous pictures and heels!

xoxo Laurenzia

wow!!! perfect photoshoot, you look amazing :)

Beautiful! Love polka dots!

xx Oksana

Nice shot! Black&white is a fail-proof combination ;)
But I think the flower doesn’t really belong to that style.
And I dislike how the cheekbones are done (not to offense your beauty!) ;)

Amazing stipes shooting! You are so beautiful kristina!

Darling, you look amazing in these pictures. But on the second one there’s way to much photoshop. You’re face looks so different and not in a positive way (you look way better natural) and in the fully body it’s pretty well visible that you’re legs where made thinner with photoshop (because of the stripes which are not straight anymore). But you did an amazing job with modeling and you look stunning. love your hair and make up a lot. :)

It’s really great)))))
I didn’t know you speak Russian. It’s amazing))))Could you tell from where?? It’s soooo interesting)))

The styling is Zhanna’s as well right? I can tell that XD
Lovely photos!


Such cool photos. Very Alice In Wonderland.

The Fashann Monster

so cute,

thanks for sharing

hope you come visit me at

The pictures turned out fantastic! I really like the 60′s as a motive.
And it suits you well I think :)

You are so gorgeous!

Cool, nice Idea with the Stripes I love the first Pic! Your Make-up is awesome!<3

Awesome photo shoot! Great idea with the similar background and clothing. You look gorgeous as always


Beautiful dresses!

Those pictures are lovely! You look gorgeous!

Just Amazing ! :) you are gorgeous !

omg this is such a cute photoshoot! love it!

Stunning as always! I really like the way your eyes look in these photos!

Sparkle On The Floor

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

juste un mot: perfection

so so beautiful! I love how your blue eyes contrast to the black and white stripes.

I really do love reading your blog :)

It would be great if you had time to pop by and look at my london beauty blog!

Waaw great shoot, and love those Chanel earrings ;p

The third photo is my favorite. :)

loving the combination of the stripes and dots! and that earring added a little brightness and differ to it :)

I don´t like to much this earrings but you look amazing.


New in the blog. BE MAXI.

Love love love this!
You look beautiful as always Kristina!

Kiana (from

Loved it! Amazing shot!!!!


Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

James does a better job, he knows how to photograph You, this shoot looks toooo photoshopped, not natural, weird

Looking totally amazing! I felt in love with the striped dress you wear! It’s the perfect pattern!

gorgeous pictures! you are beautiful, and the outfits! :D

Gorgeous photoshoot!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

You look gorgeous, I really love the photos! xxx


You look so different here! But I love it. Black and white stripes are gonna be strong this season!

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

WoooW :-)

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

I love it!

The fourth photo is so cute and the whole retro vibe is very interesting. :)
Andie xx

Очень стильно!!!

these shots are amazing, i especially love the ones of you in the striped dress against the striped background.


So wonderful!! I love the black and white stripes and your eyes are just so beautiful!

I simply love your stunning pictures :)
New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

Прекрасная фотосессия, Кристина! :)
вы такая красивая *-*
тема фотосессии сама по себе очень интересна: 60-е… У вас всё очень хорошо получилось!)

Gorgeous photoshoot
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You are a very inspirational young woman. I hope I will be able to inspire as well.

I love those Chanel earrings!!

fun graphic prints and wall behind you!
kw ladies in navy

As perfect as always.

Sílvia Casals form Barcelona.

fantastic photgraphs !

Кристина, привет! У тебя русские корни? Kristina hi! Are you russian?

I didn´t knew you are Russian! Amazinggggg shoot babe, stunning!


oh I love it, though I really have to say that I prefer James style of photographing just a tad more…but the pics are beautiful nevertheless.

Amazing photos !

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

Shooting parfait, et à vrai dire tu es une digne successeuse de Twiggy sur ces photos ;)

You look gorgeous! Your absolutely perfect and I love the heels

Seaside Beauty

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

Nice photoshop ;)

lovely photos, you look great.

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and see my travel to poland ;)

such a nice style:)

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bisous bisous

AnotherReader 7 June 2013 / Reply

Gorgeous as always, but I don’t why alalways found you more beautiful in the pics that aren’t from a colaboration, you look more natutal but still love these ones too :P

wow love the china doll complexion here and the gorgeous pixi lashes! what a stunning look from the makeup to the hair and outfit too! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Zhanna did a really great job with this photoshoot! And, obviously, she was so lucky to have an amazing model like you, Kristina!


these are beautiful looks! i love your eye makeup and the way your dress is playing with the background!

Wow, awesome! That’s all I can say!

don’t forget to check out

I’m in love with this post! Your looks are gorgeous!

Check out my blog and follow me on bloglovin if u like it!Thanks in advance!

Very Twiggy indeed. Great shots and you look stunning. Not so sure about the earrings though. Poor James, I could inagine his going “wtf??” with you all speaking Russian.


Amazing photoshoot! Love the striped dress!

Anonymous 7 June 2013 / Reply

I usually like your pictures a lot but this styling is not very flattering for your face. The whole vide is pretty much over the top,now, don’t get me wrong, I love the sixties and the exuberance of that time but the feeling here is too artificial to be considered 60′s.

Wooow that’s a rare but cool look! You look very different but cool, loved the shoots! And hair!

You look great, but it’s too bad it’s been photoshoopped, and the second picture does not do you justice!

Since I saw a teaser photo on facebook, I was waiting for these photos. And what can I say – they are brilliant! Real food for eyes! :) Thank You and your team!
Best wishes!!

Very inspirational photos ! You’re lovely Kristina!

These pictures are beautiful!
Amazing blog, I just followed you.

If you can, check out

You are absolutely STUNNING!


perfect back and white…

wow amazing pics <3
lovely and classy at the same time !!


bellissimo outfit bianco e nero

love your earings!! wish i could afford them LOL LOL!! But you are working it my friend!!

Amazing photos!!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Stunning photos and amazing combination. Loved the earrings and tose brilliant blue barbie eyes. The black and white is so much in trend and is making a big hit everywhere even in jewelry. Thinking if a pair of black and white diamond earrings would be added to this look! what a brilliance it will get!!!

I really loved them, you look different but so cool!! The poses are really awesome haha.

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