Pictures by James Chardon

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE For weeks, no okay for months we’ve been waiting, craving, hoping for summer to arrive. Now, it has never been so hot in Geneva lately, we won’t complain right but still. Why can’t there ever be some sort of a balance? Who’s with me? Anyway, last week-end James and I needed a break, a little rest in our favourite spot in Montreux. Yep, everytime we need a healthy getaway we go there and fuel up with energy, good food and sleep. 

It’s kind of like my personal little L.A paradise but in the heart of Switzerland, with all these palm trees, ice creams and smoothies, I honestly feel so far away : like on a stunning island and forget suddenly about everything. Talking about a cool therapy! Being in Montreux is so refreshing, and we really try to go there at least once a month, also because James has some family living there. An occasion to spend some quality time. 

DRESS : Lavish Alice
SHOES : Zara
BAG : Roberto Cavalli
RINGS : Calvin Klein, H&M, Avinas


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I love your pretty dress and the photos look beautiful as always. I complain about the weather all the time too :D




stunning dress, so classy and feminine :)

I usually don’t prefer kitten heels but after seeing you pulling them off so well, I have try them! :) xx

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love the monochrome dress, you look so sublime against the contrast of the green background.

you look so sexy! love your bag too <3

Stunning photos! xo, Christina


The photos are incredible! I follow you since two years and this photoshoot will be one of my favorite one!
Wish you luck in all your new beginnings!

Kate from Ukraine

Beautiful dress, those photos look magic!

You look stunning, and I am loving all the rings together, perfect look xx

Lovely place and nice outfit. Love the dress so much! :)

Destination Moi

I’ve been waiting for summer too. Eve thought winter has just arrived.

The Fashann Monster

wow!! love that pictures!! love the location too!

have a nice tuesday!!

Cool dress!

This instability with the weather sucks. Mon, Tue & Wed over 30 degrees here in Zurich and on Thursday rain + 20 degrees, wtf?! How a bout a constant 20 to 25 degrees with sun? Nobody would be complaining then…

Anyway great outfit, it’s very elegant. Agreed, Montreux really is a great place to be!

Love your classy outfit! That dress is gorgeous!

XOXO Lillian Chaton

i’d love to go there once, looks beautiful
Really like that dress, super chic but young at the same time

Montreux a vraiment l’air d’être une jolie ville, je n’imaginais pas :)

Chapeau!…every photos is as lovely as a Painting…
and Your Beauty is more Shining than the Sun!

Parfaite ma belle! Ces photos sont sublimes


Anonymous 18 June 2013 / Reply

Love the dress! And Montreux look so beautiful!


♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥

You look amazing and love those pics, here summer finally arrived and I am so happy :p

That place looks awesome and you are gorgeous! :)

Love the photos!


Great outfit, that dress is fabulous! I’ve been to Montreux once and I really liked the place!

truly Looks like summer!

The chevron dress looks absolutely stunning on you! Love your hair like that in a bun.


Amazing pictures! You look fantastic!

Have a nice day!

xx Oksana

That dress looks lovely! I am delighted! :)

beautiful! I love the rings!

Nice dress and bag!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

OMG! I have that exact same dress. It’s looks really great on you.

Totally with you about the weather. The photos are great! They make me longing for the faraway. :)

Sunny greetings

that dress is amazing and looks fantastic on you!!!! xo, Alma

Beautiful ! Stunning photos !

What a beautiful look.

You are such a beauty in that dress!

amazing photos!!!!

I also can’t understand, why there isn’t any balance. Two weeks ago we were freezing and now it’s 35°C in shadow. But your dress are adorable and the pictures, too! :)

adore this gorgeous chevron dress! congrats on the weather getting better. i know you’ve been chilly over there for a while
kw ladies in navy
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As we say in French: jolie, magnifique!!!!

♥♥ ♥♥

I don´t like this hot!! it´s awful, I´m burning :/ nice pics :)

You have such a delicate figure! Congrats to you and James for developing the project “Kayture”. You’re both amazing, guys, but together you are astonishing! :D

Lots of ove from Romania

Nice Kristina

You’re perfect as always!

Elisa – My Fantabulous World

I absolutely love that chevron printed dress on you!


Love your hair and dress and looks so relaxing there!

your dress is really perfect for cool & elegant summer look! you have such a good shape ;)

I liked your dress and hair! You look very good here

Can you please send that ball of sunshine over here in the UK. we are very much missing it. I love your take on the whole monochrom trend. The dress is tres chic and ladylike.


Gorgeous dress, very elegant
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Anonymous 18 June 2013 / Reply

oh my god, i hate your shoes… let it go please

wow <3 amazing

This dress is gorgeous and I love your hairstyle :)

Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

amazing photos! i love Montreux, so beautiful!

Cinja’s Blog

Looks so pretty, gorgeous outfit and setting! xxx


You look lovely!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

That place is like paradise! So gorgeous… I want to visit Montreux, too!
But at the same time, I am already tired of summer although I live in Germany where it’s never really hot. But I have always been a autumn and winter girl because of the fashion and the christmassy mood… I miss it.

this dress is beautiful :)

This is such a stunning look! Great post.

waw. again and again gorgous pics and you are lookin beyond great!

You look so beautiful and your body is really complimented by that dress! Hope you had a great time in Montreux or still having a good time, if you’re still there. Looks beautiful :)

love the dress!!! cool look! simple but high fashion! perfect!

Srsly, you’re so gorgeous!

I agree, this weather is too crazy! But I kinda like it more now! It’s finally time for dresses!

You look absolutely amazing:* We love the dress you look stunning:* White open heels are great option for hot days and the bag is also simply beautiful:*

I love all your jewelry, such a gorgeous area!
Becca x

Anonymous 18 June 2013 / Reply

Kristina, can you make a make up tutorial video? I’m really curious, how do you make your beautiful make up

gorgeous outfit! you look so sophisticated and amazing

Hayley xx

Beautiful look! Love the jewelry and the bun! i would love to see a hair tutorial form you :)

Love your dress! These pictures are so beautiful! Montreux seems to be a really nice place to relax.

Gorgeous Kristina! And Montreux looks like an DREAM!!!

PS: I have a GIVEAWAY on my blog ;)


that dress is beautiful :) amazing photos!!


That dress is perfect! I enjoy the heels as well!

that dress is amazing!
xx Stephanie (

an amazing outfit, love the monochromatic put together.

stay chic,


Seeing a typical swiss mountain combined with palms and bright colored buildings is so much fascinating! I love how you wear the old fashioned kitten heel trend so well – it’s all a matter of good style and attitude after all! And how does James manage to flourish with such a fast pace the last months? I guess that all these trips are very benefiting for a photographer’s eyes. Love ya xx

Love the accessories!!! Nice look!

Oceanwind Blog

It’s definitely a nice city. Beautiful in fact.
I like your dress and the way you matched your bag with it =)

This is so gorgeous! You really achieved that sophisticated look.

I am a great fan of your content, and you are true to say that content is all. Keep going, and wish you the best!!!

BTW love the dress, and the shoes

Black and white! Never gets old.

I really loved your dress and the location. Although I’d prefer the dress with higher heels. Either way, it looks nice.

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