Pictures by James Chardon

ALL ABOUT MAKE-UP Even though fashion is my main passion and obsession, I’ve always been quite fascinated by make-up products. I feel like a good make-up adds a special touch to any outfit and creates a perfect harmony. Whether it’s playing with a bold brow, a nude lip, a smokey eye or a bright orange lip gloss, I feel like make-up brings so much personality to a look, and to me, putting make-up on in the morning is just like dressing up : it’s a great way to pamper, get a little creative and learn how to hide your little flaws and accentuate what’s most beautiful and special about you. So it’s kind of a learning process all the time!

I must admit that in terms of make-up I am not the genious, but I know my make-up routine very well and I try to perfect it every single day by using better products or trying to make improvements in the way I put my make-up on, wether it’s in the quantity I use or in the gestures I make to apply it. So it’s really about the details. For a long time, I’ve been buying drug store cosmetics thinking that it didn’t make a difference with luxury products and blaming the price tag. With time I learned to appreciate quality over quantity. I have a little selection of my absolute favourite products, that are not only good for my skin but also a pleasure to apply every morning. Here are some of them.

1. I use Météorites Perles ”Base Eclat Les Ors” by Guerlainas a primer, it gives my face the perfect fresh glow 2. Because I have such pale skin, I need something to boost my natural sun kissed skin glow, for that I use Guerlain’s Terracotta Skin’s ”Healthy Glow Foundation Second-Skin effect”, it has a very natural texture which blends in perfectly with my skin, looking completely transparent yet adding the perfect shade or bronze. Remember that it won’t hide imperfections 3. To hide little flaws, I’ll use my all time favourite foundation, Guerlain’s ”Parure Lumière”. It’s honestly the best one I’ve found so far. I wear it in colour 02 Beige clair. It has a very light and creamy texture which gives a beautiful glow, making the whole make-up look very natural. In my opinion Guerlain has honestly the best skin beauty products out there, really worth trying! 
4. Only recently, I started to discover the hidden mysteries of contouring (I make it sound so mystic don’t I). As I have a round shaped type of face, I like to use Too Faced’s Chocolat Soleil Bronzer under my cheekbones in order to create that sexy shade and accentuate the impression of high cheekbones. I like this powder in particular because it’s really more of a light brown/chocolate shade instead of an orangy bronze one like in most of the bronzers. So it really does look like a natural shade. + this powder really does taste like chocolate, I am absolutely not kidding
5. To finish my skin make-up, I like to add some Terra Ora ”Sculpting Powder, Contrast Highlighter” by Guerlain on my checks to add a sunny glow as well as some highlight that will accentuate the contouring previously done. 6. For that I use my beloved limited edition Dior brush, I don’t think it’s in store anymore but you can always try to check with your local Dior beauty counter or get it throgh the link I posted above
7. I’ve always been a huge lover of Yves Saint Laurents eye shadows, they have the most fabulous colours ever, with great colour pigments (you don’t have to insinst too much on your eye to have a nice colour) which last the whole day. In this case I re-created my favourite bronze smokey using only 3 shades from their new Marrakesh Sunset Palette (summer collection). I’ll use the lightest middle shade on my whole lid, then work the crease with the golden tone and finally finish the smokey with the dark brown.
8. Even though I am a big sucker for bright lipsticks, I recently got obsessed with nude shades and this one must honestly be my favourite one by far. It’s the colour ‘Crème De Nude” by M.A.C and looks so natural yet shiny like a light non-sticky lip gloss, giving your lip that sexy yet natural pout. Plus it smells like fresh vanilla, simply fabulous.


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Thanks for sharing your beauty routine. You look so pretty and your make up is always flawless. I have to check out the products <3



wow !! thank you so, so much !! you make-up is always beautiful, so inspiring :) so great post !!! :)

Honestly I am no make up expert. I wish I were.
Your make up is always perfect!

I love the bronzer! Your products look so luxury!

Seaside Beauty

I’m in love with this post! You are gorgeous!

Check out my blog and follow me on bloglovin if u like it!Thanks in advance!

great post!

xoxo from rome

Thanks for sharing! I’m quite pale too so those skin prducts really come in handy!


Anonymous 5 June 2013 / Reply

what about the mascara ? :)

both Guerlain and YSL my favourite products :) Fashion can’t exist without beauty products :)

You are using lovely products:)I also have my eye on the YSL Palette…And Crème de Nude is one of my favorits aswell. xxx Anna

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Great post, Kristina! It was quite helpful and interesting :)


Smells like vanilla?? Oooh, have to check it out! hehe

I really that you blog has so much more to offer than just outfit of the day! I learn so many new things from your blog, and your outfits are also amazing!

love this post! you are very beautiful!

Anonymous 5 June 2013 / Reply

Joli post et comment s appelle le rouge volupté saine ysl présenté avec la palette Marrakech et le fond de teint guerlain? le post Dior est prévu qd? Merci pr ces articles beauté

You look beautiful! xo, Christina


this is so interesting :) you look amazing

M IS FOR MODE – Fashion Blog

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this is great! although I think you don´t need much sweetie you´re quite pretty on your own.. ;) xo,Alma

great post! now the secrets are out hehe. just one question left: how long does it take you to do your make-up in the morning? it always looks so precise!

Cinja’s Blog

Great post!

That M.A.C Creme De Nude has been on my wish list for so long! Maybe its time i dive in, you make it look incredible! Beautiful as ever.
x Eloise – Jazzlipsandtulips

Stunning! And I just adore the way you do your cat-eye xo

You look amazing!

Great blog. I follow you!

You look amazing! I love the YSL eye shadow palette! the colors look so perfect!

lovely products



Agreed, Guerlain have the best make-up! Expensive, but well worth it :)

Which brush do you use to apply bronzer?

You have chosen some great products! Your pictures look stunning, fabulous post. Holly xx

you’re beautiful with and without makeup but just love your eye look!

Anonymous 5 June 2013 / Reply

Beauty post are the best !!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for share all those make upo advices with us !!!

Love the MAC lipstick! Suits you perfectly


Your makeup always looks amazing! I love the colour of your lipstick, might have to splurge on a creme de nude soon…

So beautiful! I have to try too faced bronzers!

Thanks for these product tips! Your day-to-day makeup is gorgeous.

Your make up products are amazing
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:D I love the way you do your makeup, it just works with your features.

Awesome post :D

what’s your favourite mascara and eyeliner?

Perfect make up!

Lovely post about makeup! Even though I use none of the above I like to read about them! :-)

<3333333 Super hon!

Anonymous 5 June 2013 / Reply

Merci pour ce post super utile ! Tu as toujours un maquillage impeccable qui te mets en valeur, je voulais vraiment connaitre tes secrets. Comme toi je suis fan des produits guerlain pour le visage, et YSL pour les yeux et les lèvres.

Wow! You apply too much on face! But look great though)

Btw, wht would you make a post about your skin-care routine, or body routine..?)

Anonymous 5 June 2013 / Reply

you use a lot of makeup

I love your eyes make up! Amazing post!


Great products!! You look so pretty!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Very interesting post. Greetings from Germany.

I’ve never gotten into nude lips but maybe I’ll try them!

lovely article!:) it’s definitely helpful! thanks♥

Stunning natural makeup ;)

What is your skin care routine?

Sounds good!
Thaks for your advices!

You are awesome!!!!

your makeup is so gorgeous here and loving the nude lip color
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous 5 June 2013 / Reply

Super article, merci d’avoir partagé ta routine make-up! Tu es toujours super bien maquillée!


Beautiful Kristina! I’ve never tried Guerlain products and you’ve really made me pine for it :) I’m also going to be looking into that YSL palette. That blue shadow, WOWSERS! Thanks for sharing, you definitely should do more of the beauty posts! From one beauty addict to another :) X

Your make up is always perfect!Great product!


Gorgeous photos! MAC Creme d´Nude is my ultime favorite lipstick! But your selection overall does not shy away from fabulousity—

You’re amazing as always!!!
With love

Elisa – My Fantabulous World

Loooved this post, and I also think that quality is better than quantity specially when it comes to the make up matter, we are applying it on our skin we should big concern on what we are applying!

That YSL eyeshadow palette looks so pretty. I am definitely going to pick it up soon. Thank you for sharing your favorite products! I love knowing about others beauty routines.

so happy to see this post from you as your make up always looks flawless. great little tips and tricks in here and it sounds like guerlain is a must try.


great post! I think your skin always looks flawless!
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flawless make up, gorgeous!


wow you ‘re gorgeous, excellent make up post!

Great post!!
I like the way you make the article.. so clean.
I think I’ll give some products a try.. thanks!

very nice Post! I love it to get tips from you.. I think I should try the YSL eyeshadow!<3

Great products! This makeup look is perfect for you.
Please visit my blog if you’re interested in different makeup looks :)

♥ Oksana

Wooow Im glad you made a ppost like this one! Yourr gorgeous

Thank you for sharing you makeup secrets!

great post! I have the same lipstick and foundation :)

xx, Sabinna
Broken Cookies

Love your makeup, you always look gorgeous! xxx


you´re gorgeous! And very good make-up tips. I love make-up but I´m not really an expert so I like to read things about that ;)


Thank you Kristina for all those tips. I would love to see a video particularly to see how to do the contouring.
Love from Paris.

Et ton eye-liner? J’adore le trait bien foncé et il a l’air de durer longtemps sur tes photos :)

Love this post! Your beauty posts are always lovely :) I’ve never tried any guerlain product -yes, shame on me- but I think I’ll give the bronzer, foundation and primer a shot!

Beautiful makeup !

Egg chair <3

You look lovely as always!

Thanks for sharing these tips!



How lovely! so beautiful…

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

Your make-up is always perfect. Beautiful pictures and you’re beautiful. x

Great tips dear! thanks for sharing,contouring is an art i must learn soon!

amazing products and you are so incredibly beautiful!

thanks guys! The mascara is by YSL, their new one called ”Baby Doll”. It’s really good

great post! thanks for sharing your beauty secrets :) so jealous of your beautiful cheekbones!

That’s a great post and I love your hair <3

Wow, you look stunning in these!


♥ My Blog ♥

Anonymous 6 June 2013 / Reply

Thanks Kristina for the post! As always, really useful. I have some questions though, wich mascara do you use, and wich eyeliner? Also, I didnt understand if you use two foundations. Do you use the terracota skin foundation and Gerlain’s papure lumiere (in all your face) or the second its just like a conceiler? It would be great if you can answer that. Merci Kristina!

Such amazing guerlain products! And that creme de nude is one of my fave mac lipsticks :)

Oh yeah, I’ve got a round face too and contouring is key! And you’re also totally right about luxury cosmetics – they are so worth it. My skin has improved a million times and it just stays on so much longer and applies better and, what people tend to forget, you are happy that you got product every single morning.


Great routine, thanks for sharing dear. Btw, I love that red brush of yours’ :)))

❤ Jenny Tsang

it is fabulous!!

love to see you’re little secrets babe. But well, you look even stunning without make up, you’re a natural beauty. That’s the REAL secret :D

Great makeup post! I like how you elaborated on how you put on the make up too, and not just show the products. The MAC lipstick is perfect, I’ve been searching for a nude shade for a long time!

¿how fo you aplicate your foundation? i apliccated my foundation with mi fingers but i dont know if i’m doing ok :S.


Awesome post. Would definitely like to try the products. I am a no makeup person and use just foundation and eyeliner for special occasions. need to learn how to use these. Not sure if they are available in the US.


how about the eyemake up beside the eyeshadow, like mascara, eyebrow, eyeliner?
What products are you using?

I always love getting a peak into other individual’s makeup bags!

All your pictures are beautiful and attracts me, can I know the brand of that lipstick?

Amazing post, I love your make up :)

Radka from

I do not use almost any make up during the day, only a bit of foundation and blush, but I have a severe skincare!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Love, love your beauty ! And foundation you use suits you much and i come to know whats your secret of beauty and how you admiring everyone…

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Your make-up is always so perfect. Personally I am not an expert about make-up but I really would love to be able to do it so well as you. The products you use look so good and natural. Love it

Beauty look! Thanks 4 posting this!

You always have such flawless makeup!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

you put yourself together so well it is hard to believe you do this all by yourself good girl!

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Thanks-a-mundo for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Really thank you! Cool.

Hi Kristina, You look gorgeous all the time. I love the tips you posted for makeup and hair styles. I love your blog, it has given me so much ideas of what to wear and how to match things up. If possible, can you please make a makeup tutorial video. Your skin always looks flawless and I just want to know the techniques you use when your apply the makeup. Keep up the hard work, your blog is awesome.

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