THOUGTS ABOUT PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Since I’ve been doing Kayture, meaning since 2 years, my life has been changing non stop. And definitely in the most positive way possible. Many of you write me, asking me some questions regarding my life. James and I wanted to find a nice way to share with you some of my thougths and a little story about my childhood, hoping that some of you could relate to it and/or find it inspiring. Founding Kayture in 2011 was one the best decisions I’ve honestly ever made, it was a space where I was free to express myself. Thanks to a great team work with James, awesome efforts and creative improvements, the blog grew very quickly and we had to consider it as a carreer. It’s crazy how internet has changed society so much, now it’s offering so many job opportunities but most important : a voice to people. Both James and I are learning so many things right now, and are managing a real business. It’s extremely interesting, and everyday, there’s something new, a new challenge, a new trip, a new project. I’ve always though, while growing up that I’ll finish my high school, go to university, get me master and then work for a company. 

Secretely I’ve always been dreaming of founding my own business and working for nobody else than myself, managing my schedule and seeing my hard work affect directly my entreprise (okay I’ll admit that at 5 I wanted to be a superhero, but erm that isn’t very accurate). I feel like so many teens go to university without knowing what they want to do in the future, but most of them also have a secret dream in a little corner of their head that they try to ignore because following the traditional path is seen by society much better than somebody who makes up his own rules. Nowadays especially in Switzerland, most of the people have a university backround, and it’s more and more difficult to find a job. So how to be special? How to make a difference on the market? Build up your own experience and believe, hard as a rock in your dreams even if they may appear worthless in the eye of your surrounding. If you have an idea, go for it. Work for it! Develop a concept and study to get the theoric knowledge you need to be able to maintain your craft. Because university is the most amazing opportunity, but it won’t teach you life or how to make your own experiences. The holidays are soon arriving, and I am wishing good luck to all of you guys who are passing their exams!! Crossing fingers for all of you :)


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amazing !!! wow so interesting !!!:) and thank you for wishing good luck – have an exam on monday actually – the last one !:)

Thanks for sharing the video. It’s always interesting to know a little background story behind the blog. You are such an inspirations for many bloggers <3



Your story is amazing, you inspire me! I have a blog too and I study at university but one day I want to work in somenthing relevant with fashion like you. Do you have any advice??

You and James have already developed a style regarding videos. I am so proud of myself for watching this blog grow. You’re awesome, guys. Lots of love from Romania

Oh c’est vraiment une bonne idée, la vidéo est vraiment magnifique !

You two have done amazing work so far! Really happy for you,stay the best. :)

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

You’re so sweet !!! I’m revising for my BAC but aniway i can’t live without checking out your blog every day and now i’m seing that you’re thinking about our exams it’s so so kind !! You are definitely true when you speak about people forgetting their dreams to be like everibody and i hope i’ll find the courage to fight against people who don’t believe in you and begin my own blog because thanks to you since i follow you (about one year), your life become my dream. You really make me believe that every dream is possible when you work a lot and most important when your heart is following it. So thank you so much for this life’s lesson (exactly what i needed to motivate me to revise my Bac !!)

Nice thoughts, I also think that founding a blog is a great idea to create a place to channel all your creativity :)

very inspiring story, glad too see that your hard work paid off and your passion brought you to amazing places!


Thank you Kristina so much for sharing this! It’s great to know you a little bit more :)

Parfaite ! J’ai commencé à lire ton blog dès ses débuts (Romandie power !) et cela fait plaisir de te voir évoluer. Comme toi, je trouve qu’il faut suivre ses rêves, et être acteur de sa vie (sounds so cliché ;-)).

Bonne suite, xoxo from Fribourg

You two make such a great team ! Keep on the good work
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Wow soo amazing Kristina and James!! Your work is so fantastic…and you inspire me to work for my own dream!! Thank you for this wonderful Post and video!! You guys are so beautiful and smart persons…thank you thank you thank you!!

Love Marina from munich

So inspiring! I am a relatively new fashion blogger myself, and have yet to be discovered. Loved hearing about your experiences and life story. :) you are beautiful.

Ca fait plaisir d’en apprendre plus sur toi. Et je n’aurais jamais cru que le français était ta 3ème langue, I mean, tu parles parfaitement ! Aussi bien que tu parles anglais d’ailleurs :)
Je suis 100% d’accord avec toi, ce n’est pas le moment de délaisser Kayture, je pense que tu es bien partie pour te faire un nom dans la mode avec ton blog, et tu peux toujours reprendre tes études (si besoin) dans 5 ou 10 ans ^^
En tout cas ce blog est toujours un réel plaisir pour les yeux, que ce soit photos ou vidéos tout est soigné et je crois même que vous faisiez partie des premiers à soigner autant vos contenus. Et même aujourd’hui très peu de blogs mode sont d’aussi bonne qualité.
Continuez comme ça ! :)


кристиночка ты просто красавица и молодец! продолжай так-же!

Greetings from Tel Aviv (y Belarus)

Tu as un accent anglais tellement beau. Continue à vivre tes rêves et fais surtout ce dont tu as envie.

Bonne continuation :)

I find it impressive that you two began working on this idea so hard and reached so many things at quite young age. Actually I am the same age as you and your story is really encouraging me to follow my dreams. Thank you for the inspiration!

Successful Girl, I’m very admiring. Your storie’s quite “classic” but there is something extraordinary in the way you take all those opportunities that came to you.
Congrates ! I wish u the best for the rest of this Successful story !

Solene Sy from

you’re amazing !
And I think that you can stop the studies for one or two years and when you think necessary you come back…
Just a question, what you studied in university ? I’m always curious and I don’t know yet.

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

What a great video!
I love watching you and looking forward to read much more about you on <3
Dear Twiggy

Kristina, you are so cool! I wish you good luck! And keep on doing your wonderful blog which is very inspiring for me and other girls, I think!

I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I must say you are always present in my inspirational posts! I love this post so much and you should do personal posts more often. I would love to read interesting facts about you. Kisses,

Bianca from

What an amazing video! This is so great to learn more about you. You and James really did an awesome job on Kayture and I hope that both of you will keep going.


Tu es juste parfaite, ce fut un plaisir de pouvoir en découvrir davantage sur toi. :)

I am your age and Im in the first year of university, but I agree with you that university is only a half way to your success, you definitely decided right! x

Such a nice post and video!
Best of luck Kristina!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

Nice video !
New post up:
Love from Paris

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

Hi Kristina. I’ve followed your blog from the beginning, but I never ever posted a comment on your posts. I just watched this video, and I thought: I have to let her know, how much I adore her.

You are extremely beautiful and really talented. I look up to you, and you inspire me everyday. You and James are such a cute couple, and I have so much respect for what you 2 have achieved.

I just wanted to let you know how much I respect and adore you, and I wish you and James all kinds of luck in the future.

Always follow your heart and know, that me and all the rest of your followers/fans will be here and support you no matter what. Even if you start uni and wont blog as often as you do now. We are always here, and we love you :)

Have a great day Kristina! <3

Kind regards,

Work experience, business contacts are not easy to get. You can always go to school. Don’t lose what you’ve creating by so much hard work. Besides you are free and it’s more fun than any office job!

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

Awesome! You’re awesome! :-)

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

aww, such a sweet video :)
i love your confidence and how james always seems to be encouraging you in whatever you are doing :)


The best video so far! Amazing work!

You’re so beautiful and amazing! Love hearing about your story

Seaside Beauty

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

Wow, your story is amazing!! You’re a wonderful girl, not only beautiful but also clever :) i wish you luck!

You have achieved so much in such a little amount of time. I’m very proud of both you and James.

Keep up the gorgeous pictures and outfits :)

really loved it :)
you should do more videos as it kind of brings this whole site to life ;)

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

I must to say that I really admire your passion and courage in the pursuit of your goals. You guys are great! I think that you are creating the best blog ever and we all can see that you love it and you are real in what you are doing. I keep my fingers crossed for your future!

Love from Poland,

I really enjoyed watching this video, now that I literally just graduated and I’m going to start a whole new life next year. The video was really inspiring and I’m looking forward to another year of Kayture, because I really do enjoy the blog and I’m sure I’m not the only one. X

You are still very young! You can do it all. For now enjoy your dream job and live life to the fullest while doing so :)

Such a great post!

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

I am sure you did the right decision. Even tough education is important, I feel like this is a once-in-a-lifetime-chance and I just hope you and James will stay true to yourself and not lose yourself in this big fashion world:))Good luck!!

Wow, you can’t even believe how impressed I am. since I discovered your blog a year ago I couldn’t help to skip on kayture every day. I was delighted to see your professional pictures and articles. I started my blog about a year ago and found yours two months after that. Firstly I loved your style, I wanted even to look like you, dress like you, I wanted to be YOU! But then I decided to follow my style but I still enjoyed all of your posts here. Now I’m even more impressed (if it’s possible) how amazing you are in motivying people. I’m dreaming about a job in a fashion industry, I try hard to develop my blog snce it’s really important part of my life. I’m 16, I’m from a little town located in East Poland. I’ve never been to any of big cities. I buy clothes in second hands and sew them in a diffreant way, just to make them fit me. I love fashion. I love blogging. You’re my authority

You are so inspiring! I created my blog three years ago, at the age of 13 and my dream is to become as successful as you are. I just have to finish my high school. Your blog makes me realize that it’s possible. Keep going, what you are doing is fabulous!

xx Sandrine

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

Tu voudrais aller où à l’Uni? Pour étudier quoi? :)

So inspiring! You and James are so dedicated and you guys really deserve all this success. I cannot wait for more from you guys and I’m sure will keep getting bigger and better. Keep it up!


Je fais partie de ces lecteurs qui viennent tous les jours sur ton blog mais qui postent jamais de commentaire mais cet article me donne vraiment envie de t’écrire pour une fois. Je trouve que tu es une fille très intelligente et mature pour ton âge! Je dis ça alors que j’ai 19 ans aussi c’est plutôt drôle aha Mais honnêtement tu as une vie de rêve et tu as raison d’en profiter continue de te faire un nom dans le domaine de la mode, tu es jeune tu as le temps de reprendre tes études un jour comme beaucoup de monde! C’est incroyable que tu en sois arrivée à ce stade si rapidement… Je trouve que ma vie ressemble un peu à la tienne dans le sens ou je suis née au Chili, j’y ai vécu jusqu’à mes 6 ans avant d’emménager en France avec mes parents, j’ai été au lycée, j’ai eu mon bac, maintenant je suis en 2eme année de fac et bon je fais partie de ces étudiants qui comme tu dis n’ont aucune idée de ce qu’ils vont faire après, probablement travailler pour une entreprise… Si tu en es arrivée là je pense que tu as bien travaillé et été maline mais avouons aussi que tu as eu de la chance niveau génétique et famille, proches, etc…. ahaha. Néanmoins tu n’as pas du tout l’air d’avoir la grosse tête, tu as les pieds sur terre et c’est ce que j’aime comparé à d’autres bloggeuses célèbres dont je ne citerai pas le nom ahaha. Enfin bref j’écris un roman mais sache que j’ai trouvé cet article génial, surement le meilleur depuis le début (et oui, je te suis depuis la création) et très inspirant! Continue comme ça et bonne continuation!!

I love watching your videos and listening to you. You have such a sweet voice! :)

Destination Moi

Loved watching this video, you have accomplished so much it’s truly fantastic!

You are amazing! thank u for the inspiration :) im going to go to Switzerland this summer and I hope I will enjoy it! :)

Loved the video, it is nice to find out more about you! xxx


You are right. We need to follow our dreams no matter what others say. I’ll take your advice. Thank you for sharing your story and inspire many people :)

Fashionably Sparkly

this video is amazing! we met you at the kayture for fab. party in the jelmoli and you were sooo lovely, meant a lot:)
you truly are a big inspiration!
lots and lots of love

with this video you just have made my day beautiful! its good to know you a little bit better and i totally agree that you can always go and study but as long as your blog is growing and developing you should definitely work on it as hard as possible! keep up with the great work you doing :) i finally know why you talk so good in english :)

Very nice Kristina and James! You’re just the perfect couple, it’s nice to see you two working together. Keep posting, we love it!

i find it amazing how you open up in such a personal way to all of your readers. u truly are an inspiration to everyone who reads your blog as you succeed in creating such a unique mix of fashion, labels and personal experiences.
i will definitely keep on following your blog!

Fantastic and pure post! I hope you can make this happen!

I loved watching this video! Love your videos in general..hope the next one follows soon!

Cinja’s Blog

thank you so much for sharing this! loved getting a little glimpse into your life!
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

How much to you make per month just by blogging? Love your blog by the way! The best I have ever read.

This is so inspirational Kristina! Thank you for sharing!! I always feel that I need to venture out. I graduated with a health degree and 3 years into my job, I realize I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be in this field. Now, I am deciding whether I should make the jump which is always the scariest.

Dining on Style

You are amazing person!!:)
Greetings from Poland:)

Beautiful! I think you made jsut thr right choices! Wish I had a “James” to take photos of me all day :)

Beautiful and inspiring, thanks Kristina
From Colombia :)

Such an amazing story, I’m so glad you shared it with us!

very inspiring…that’s true about building a concept..

Great video! I Love how you talk. I hope you do go to university at some point, but take advantage of the Kayture opportunities now.

I this that going to university is not always the right thing to do. You should follow your heart and not always do what everyone else is doing.

You absolutely chose the right way darling. If I would be at your point with your opportunities, with all the amazing and well known brands which are interested to work with you, I would exactly do the same. Always hoping for that twist to get as “famous” as you are. You’re doing a great job and I’m so proud the Switzerland brought up one of the top bloggers of the world! Go on and do your thing babe

I admire you a lot !

Cette vidéo est merveilleuse tant par les montages que par la musique, les paysages vus et la qualité de l’image. Bravo James. Merci à toi Kristina de nous avoir partager ta vie, j’avais découvert ton blog l’été dernier et puis en moins d’une semaine j’avais lu tous tes post, tellement ton style m’avait plu!! Et depuis je continue à lire tes posts tous les jours, admirant à quel point ton style a changé mais et resté le même à la fois (j’espère que je suis claire lol). Je pèse mes mots lorsque je dis que tu es un modèle car tu as persévéré dans un milieu où il est dure de se faire un ‘nom’ mais je suis sûre que le tien et celui de James deviendront une référence un jour.

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

How long will this importance given to bloggers? Everything is ephemeral …

I saw that yesterday on youtube! It’s a great video! It’s always interesting to learn about blogger we like :)

U r Awesome! Good Luck on your future!

You’re great, just keep on doing what you think is right :)

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

You are so beautiful and have such awesome taste… fashion blogging is definitely the best choice. I will continue to read your blog, and good luck!

This is such a lovely post dear! It’s quite different from your first video, you look so self-confident, and your style has its own voice now. Your blog was the first fashion blog that really attracted me, and i’ve loved to see your style evolving with time. Focusing in your blog has been the greatest choice! Maybe in the future you have the desire to go back to school, but i think you have so much to offer to fashion industry that you have to follow that path. So the best luck for you and James and for all the years ahead!
Love from Chile

The two of you are incredibly talented and inspiring. It is hard to believe we are the same age! I am so glad you are continuing Kayture, looking forward to many more posts!

Juliette Laura

Oh wow, what a nice and inspiring post! It’s totally right, everyone needs to be individual and build up his own dreams to stand out from the crowd :) For me, you are one of my favourite bloggers, because you are different than most of the other blogs that i follow. Thanks for sharing so much of your thoughts! <3 Kisses from Germany

Amazing! You have such a great personality and I really love what you do! :)

i wish you the best!

so motivating and the video is so clear. only on the last part that you become a bit redundant but over all it’s so inspiring! thanks for sharing your story!

btw, what video cam are you using?

new post Dolce & Gabbana outfit

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

Swiss University rocks and you still got time to get life-experience besides ;) do you have at least a bachelor??

You are so so inspiring person, so warm and lovely ! :)

Kristina you are really great. Thank you for the school wishes! I really liked the commet… I’ll watch now the video<3

How you say Kristina, you should listen to your heart and do what you think that will be great for you and James. I really love the idea of carry on with Kayture. Follow your heart Kristina. You are very talented and inspiring to me, I would love to be your friend, (that’s what I say always) haha, but, well, this video is so beautiful. I wish you both, James and you Kristina, the best.
God bless you both.

Mariella. :)

It is great that you finally posted this kind of video

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

I am glad your life is taking off this way.
I would just like to point out, that Switzerland (and Germany & Austria) is one of the countries that have a very long percentage of students. Around 20% that is, the rest does an apprenticeship. Unlike France, UK, Canda, States where going to University or College is mainly the only path before professional life.

All the best to you and your great work!



You’re so inspirational for me. I’m also into having a fashion blog. I think you and James are the cutest couple I have ever seen:)Great work ! Amazing shoots !
Congratulations to your blog !

Feel free to visit my blog , it would be great :)

Kristina…that was such a sweet post. You are doing great teamwork guys, I will give credit to both of you. Of course, Kristina is a wonderful model but I hardly see such great photography and videos in other blogs. Great work guys… (if only James could persuade my boyfriend to help me in blogging) :) :D

Keep up! Kisses from Denmark-Greece

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

¿Podrías poner la traducción del vídeo en español? Me gustaría muchísimo!!

Anonymous 15 June 2013 / Reply

What a nice video. Keep doing it.
With love,
Lili Monari

Beautiful video and really inspiring thoughts! You definitely have to continue blogging! You are the best! :)
Best wishes!

This was a great inside to the process you’ve gone through and what you’re planning for the future!
Supporting the both of you and your proyect from Venezuela, A :*

Your words are so inspirational! I think that the career that you’re creating is amazing. And I also think that you’re going to have an awesome future, because you’re very talented and beautiful. I would love to make a career like yours. I’m from Argentina and I can see that you have more opportunities to build it, but I won’t give up anyway. We have to believe in our dreams. I want to be a fashion journalist and that’s why I decided to start my own fashion blog. Your blog is an inspiration to me. I always talk to my friends about you and how great you are. Thank you for the nice words! And please tell me if you read this, it would mean a lot to me. XOXO!

Amazing video! Thank you both for sharing your journey! x

Thanks for sharing!! loved it!!!!

It’s so nice to see that someone else has the same thoughts about growing up and the ‘expected path’. What you’ve said is exactly what I think and I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone. You are an inspiration. Thank you

I haven’t been following you for long but I fall in love with your blog right away. I love your styling and the pictures are amazing.
I also like your way of thinking!
I wish you all the best in the future and keep blogging :)

Your history really inspires:)

Ouh, feel like I know you a little bit better now. I think it’s great how you write that university doesn’t teach you life and how to make your own experiences. That is true!

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

xx Oksana

Anonymous 16 June 2013 / Reply

your decision is a good one. you can always go to university. it will always be there waiting =)

Anonymous 16 June 2013 / Reply

it is so true everything you said about the university … i’m on my second year right now and i’ll be 25 in a few days … i had so much fun during my ‘off college/university’ experience that i sometimes miss it sooo much … just do whatever you feel like is best for you because that’s the only way you’ll be happy with your choices and you won’t regret a thing! :)) p.s. thank you for the wishing all of us good luck with our exams, we’ll definitly need it. xoxo SQ Croatia

I looove it! So nice to hear all these things

super vidéo ! ça te va tellement bien la frange !
pourquoi james a-t-il changer de nom de famille ?

Suche a great video ! You’re getting more and more professionnal !

Anonymous 16 June 2013 / Reply

I’ve been always asking what would happen if James and you broke up, because I can see all the things related to the blog are build because of this relationship. Would you keep a professional relationship or the blog would end it? That its a major concern for me, mostly because I love your blog and I would hate if something happen.

Anyway, the video is great. Its a pleasure meeting you more closely, seeing you as a real person, a person with fears and wishes. I wish you the best, keep being real Kristina.

your story is so inspirational! it takes a lot of guts to pursue your passion and do the unexpected. honestly, a lot of individuals will go into university not knowing what career paths they want to follow (but still do it anyways because it is “expected of them”) and even at the end of their 4 years, will still have no idea. knowing what you want to do earlier on is a huge gift! we all take different paths to achieve our dreams, so it doesn’t matter how you get there just as long as you eventually make your goals in the end :D

TY for sharing!

Amazing video! Your life seems perfect so enjoy it! It’s ideal opportunity to prove us that dreams come true :)

Such an inspiring video and even more inspiring article you wrote about it… you made me think about my future a big more :) Thanks!

Radka from

Great video guys. Good luck on everything.
Kiss Andie ;)

My my, holly moly guys. You are just so awesome! Thanks to all of you for sharing your story and your opinions. It’s so important for me, I am so so thankfull.

I am so happy that you found this article inspirational, I think that each and everybody has to believe in himself and in his own dreams even if sometimes it may appear extremely challeging depending on the country you live in, financial, political or even religious backround. We’re all free to fight for our passion! I have some great stories to tell of extremely inspiring people, just like my parents. But that’s another story anyway. The thing is that, I’ve seen people fight and get what they were reaching for, starting from absolutely nothing. So go for it!

hi Kristina,

I’ve been reading your blog from its beginning and it’s been an amazing journey. Being a virtual spectator feels like been close to a neighbour or to a friend and sharing the joy with every happy occasion.
You’re right about people nowadays who just want to have a degree. It doesn’t matter what they want to do in life, but everyone would like a diploma or almost everyone wants to be a manager/specialist. Funny. :)
Regarding your options, I’m not the one to give advice, but just pointing out that, should you want, you don’t have to choose.
There’s always the option of studying AND working in the same time. Lots of people do it with great results. It’s a pain for a couple of years, but do-able. :) Plus now you also have the online classes, which allow you to study while on the road.

Best of luck, whatever you choose. :)

you should definitely go ahead and go to university! once you’ll get your degree, then you can focus 100% of your time on kayture :)

Anonymous 17 June 2013 / Reply

This is so inspiring kristina !! Always love your ideas and experiences
your blog is one of my favorites !!!

Hi Kristina i think your story is very inspirational and I talk about your story in my current blog on social media and fashion industry, and how fashion bloggers are such a big influence.

I’ve just kept watching this video over and over again, thinking and relating to it. I watched this video for the first time with my fiance, who is also my photographer! We started last year when I moved away after high school and ONLY thanks to HIM I’ve started blogging! I love fashion but I lacked in confidence and self-belief so I didn’t even think about creating something like that. He’s pushed me so much towards my dreams and our dreams overall. He even learned to photograph because of me. :D Now when we watched the video together, we both got tears in our eyes when you talked about you and James starting all of it .. because we are the same! It was such an emotional moment and I can honestly say that’s one thing that drives me to your blog over and over again – I can relate to you in crazy levels and I admire you so much – not for the beauty particularly, but for what you are giving to the world by encouraging everybody. :) Since I also recently started seeing how my own thoughts and self-belief change my life .. I couldn’t agree more and I’d really say that BELIEVING in yourself is the best thing ever and that’s what makes great things happen in your life :) To sum up my awfully long comment: keep on going and I hope you keep doing what you do for a very long time, just follow your heart and everything is okay <3

Much love to you and James!

Like many other people before me, you inspired me. I’m so passionate about getting into this career and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for not only myself but everyone who has this burn and desire (we know what it feels like). How long did it take you to get noticed and begin to get where you are today? (I feel like im stuck!)

Thank you so much for this :)

I create my own blog, I hope, that it will grow fast :)))
You´re so inspiring, Kristina!

I am so happy that you posted this video since it is a bit more personal but so inspiring and beautiful. It’s wonderful to see someone make their dreams happen, believing in yourself is the key to success! Love you xo

Dark Lady 17 June 2013 / Reply

OMG! It was definitely so inspirational!
Congratulations to both of you, I REALLY REALLY LOVED THE VIDEO!


Anonymous 17 June 2013 / Reply

why do you only post nice comments?

Anonymous 17 June 2013 / Reply

Hello, Kristina!
Are you going to visit the Fashion Week in Moscow next autumn? It would be amazing to see you there.

Love the video! You are so cute and kind and your blog is amazing! ♥

Beautiful and inspiring video! James did an amazing job as a director as well


Kristina and James, you two inspires me so much.
My dream is to become a fashion photographer, and this video just make me feel even more like I can do it.
I know I’ve already got pretty far compared to my age, but seeing how much you guys already achieved make me wanna fight even more for it.
I respect you so much, you can’t imagine it. It would be such an honor someday to meet you.

Love, Emma.

I love your voice!!

Thank you for sharing this story, it’s really amazing! I always thought that you were German or Swiss and never even imagined that you are actually from Belarus! It’s great to know that people from all the different backgrounds achieve success in the fashion industry and have the passion for it!

Good luck to you and James!

P.S. it’s also very nice to see that you read the comments and reply to them! Good job! ;)

Drika Rodrigues 17 June 2013 / Reply

Adorei a iniciativa do vídeo, a forma como escreveu a matéria também foi incrível, pois não entendo sua língua e por essa razão só vejo as imagens sem entender o conteúdo, o texto é nesses casos muito gratificante!

Translation: Loved the video of the initiative, wrote how the matter was also amazing because I do not understand your language and for this reason I can only see the pictures without understanding the content, the text in these cases is very rewarding!

I really enjoyed watching your story in this video. I’m happy for you and I think you did the best thing to postpone your studies in order to pursue your dreams. Who wouldn’t want to grow her blog into a successful business? Let’s be honest! Everyone would love to, and it’s great to be your own job and have amazing opportunities every day!
You’re really lucky not only because you succeed but because you had James on your side, supporting you! You’re a really cute couple, and you make the best team. Your content is always impeccable and you’ve worked hard to achieve everything. So congrats and keep on going! I’m sure there are many more opportunities for you out there, and we’ll be here watching following your dreams. :)
If only we were all that lucky!

Je viens tout juste de découvrir ton blog, et je te suis parallèlement sur instagram. J’ai vraiment apprécié ta vidéo où tu racontes ton histoire. Par ailleurs, la personne qui s’est chargée de réaliser ta vidéo a vraiment fait du bon travail!

Continuer à faire ce que tu aimes…

À bientôt!

Your story was absolutely inspiring. Good luck to you and James!


Thanks for sharing this great video! I really love it :)

Great video! Love your back story!

Thank you for sharing! :)

You did it right! But its Not only Hard work. I guess you are so Big in Business because you Look like a Model. Anyway i Love Your Personal Sight.

Hahah, you were obviously destined to be travelling around the world at any time of your life. I can imagine you having a 7-month baby bump and taking an airplane for the other side of the earth.
How great it is to be free and to be able to share that creative freedom with your special one.

Chouette vidéo ! Je pense sincèrement qu’avec le succès du blog tu n’as vraiment pas besoin de faire des études tu pourras facilement trouver du travail dans la communication ou la mode le jour où l’expérience Kayture prendra fin :) Alors oui tu as la chance de pouvoir vivre ce rêve, vis le à fond ! et encore bravo pour tout ce travail, car c’est du travail il ne faut pas l’oublier :)

Congratulations on your achievement. It’s nice to know you a little better by following your blog. It’s good to know that both you and James are a team and working great. Count your blessings as not everyone can afford or given the opportunity like you to pursue your dream.
All the best in your future undertaking.

Anonymous 19 June 2013 / Reply

Wow what an adorable video! So cool to hear about your childhood and school times also. Your blog is amazing, I love you and you inspire me so so much!

I admire you for breaking stereotypes. But don’t you want a higher education for yourself, to understand the world from a higher level?

This video is so amazing! I have been reading your blog now for about two years and I always love to see new posts.
It’s so great for your readers to get to know kayture better and to see the story behind this project. I hope James and you will be working on this blog for a long time, I would not want to miss your new entries in my bloglovin timeline. xx

Loved this video. And I think you’re right, you should follow your dreams and you can always study later ;-)

all the best to u & James, more to comes ;)

Your video gave me so much inspiration! Since I watched it I decide to follow mu dreams, keep doing my blog and do not give up. Thank you so much to share your story with us! <3 you

Anonymous 30 June 2013 / Reply

Hello Kristina!

Je passe tout les jours sur ton blog et ne laisse jamais de commentaire, tu en reçois déjà tellement qui te disent que tout est parfait et il n’y a rien a ajouté à ça! c’est la vérité, tes posts sont toujours extrêmement soigné ainsi que tes photos et vidéos sans parler de ta beauté et ta fraîcheur. Tu m’inspires énormément et me donne encore plus envie de travailler dans la mode et de suivre mon rêve. En tout cas, ne lâche pas le tiens tu es bien parti!

Ceci étant dit, je trouve que la frange te va très bien ça te donne vraiment du style! :)
et pourrais tu prochainement refaire une video sur ton maquillage? car celle que tu avais faite date un peu et j’ai remarqué que même si c’est toujours le même ‘genre’ de maquillage tu as un peu changé et je pense que ça en intéresserait plus d’une de voir comment tu réalise ton maquillage si parfait :)
moi quand je met du liner j’ai toujours les fards qui finissent par ‘tomber’ dessus en cours de journée :( any advice? aha


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Hi Kristina!

I love your blog! you are truly an inspiration! thank you for all your wonderful work and posts!

I love your blog! you are truly an inspiration! thank you for all your wonderful work and posts!s

The story of your blog’s success is so inspiring to the rest of us bloggers out there :)

This actually was my inspiration to start my own blog. :)

Kristina you have inspired me so much. I love how you started from wearing high street fashion and right now you are wearing all the luxury brands no one in your age could afford!! You are the best.

Sofia Supichaya | Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog

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I really love what you are doing. It’s so inspirational. Keep it up. Best wishes from Venezuela!!

Karol Velasquez (@Iamfasholica)