Pictures by James Chardon

REMEMBER IN SHANGHAI Okay, so I was browsing the other day through my picture files and realised that I completely forgot that I haven’t shared with you guys these last pictures that James and I shot during our stay in Shanghai with Hugo Boss. I guess, I was a little jet lagged when I got back home and simply forgot that these pictures even existed. Luckily I found them since they bring back such awesome memories of an exciting day spent in China at the famous Bund.

As we had a little bit of time off that day, we decided to go ahead and visit some iconic places in Shanghai. Other than the red bar (which we unfortunately didn’t had time to see because of a tight schedule with HB) we got tons of suggestions regarding the Bund. And you were right. It was definitely breathtaking, and even the terrible weather didn’t ruin our impression. We had a long walk under the rain, admiring the mega tall buildings and feeling extra small (even smaller as I wasn’t wearring heels that day, comfort above all for city tours!). 

BAG : Hugo Boss
SUNNIES : Roberto Cavalli
SHIRT : Mango


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Love the photos from your Shanghai trip. You look gorgeous. Love the Zara pants <3




What a gorgeous look ! In love with the nice jacket !

XX Luba 

Mary Quant inspired skirt in my look today

As always you look amazing, and the pics are beautiful

love your outfit! those pink sandals are so cute and love your sunnies! xo, Alma

I love those pants, they look just perfect for a vacation!

I absolutely love your laid back look on your last day in Shanghai!


Lovely outfit! I adore your sunnies!

Anonymous 19 June 2013 / Reply

Love the portrait very much! <3


I love the sunnies so much! you’re incredibly pretty as always xx

wow. impressive pictures James shot again. He’s very talented and I love your sunglasses and the Valentino sandals!

oh Looks like you had an amazing time there. I love the Pants!

I have this pants!!! I love this look with these shoes, I need these shoes!
(old wearitwithpassion)

The photography is beautiful and you look stunning! I want to go to Shanghai so bad! xx

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how cool is that!

xoxo from rome

your face is so pretty!


Stunning pictures, loving your look, and that noodle soup look very yummy xx

Amazing view, stunning photos!
Good memories about Shangai… ;}

Just saw these pants on ‘Collage Vintage’ and now seeing them on you…I am convinced I need them! Adore <3

Those pants are really beautiful. Love the skyline pictures <3

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Cool shoes!

классные очки! :)

J’ai tellement envie d’y aller :p
J’adore les lunettes de soleil sur ces photos ;)

Cool casual look ! The view is really impressive

Beautiful style and photographies. ♥

Amazing photos!

Great outfit Kristina! The sunglasses are especially sweet – Roberto Cavalli can’t go wrong!

Lovely pictures!


amazing look, amazing city!!

you look amazing!

Cosmic sunnies! :)
It is a pity that due to the weather we didn’t have a chance to actually see them on you! :)

U look so beautiful!

Great pictures! Love your flats! You look stunning!

xx Oksana

Anonymous 19 June 2013 / Reply

I love your makeup!

Amazing photos and nice outfit!
You are amazing!! :)
With love,

A quite interesting color combo with the pants and the sandals. It’s such a beautiful place: splashes of color on a monochromatic background. And all the pictures are in the same spirit, I think. So sweet!

Love the pink sandals with the patterned pants x

Georgous pictures kristina! Also love your eyeshadow <3



Love your outfit! Those Zara pants are so cool!!

XOXO Lillian Chaton

Love the city, great pictures!

Shadow Of Style

Your life is such an inspiration !


I love the shape of your sunglasses!!

Such a beautiful city!
I like your blazer Kristina!
Stella from a A Shiny Place

This jacket is fantastic! Love all circus-inspired jackets :)

Anonymous 19 June 2013 / Reply

I love the pink and animalier together!
And great make up!


Love this post, as i always love all of your posts!
&love the jacket you wear!
-xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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Nice pants !
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Love from Paris

wow great look

great pants !!! have the same, love the way they’re so comfy !!:)

beautiful outfit and I LOVE this sunnies!

gorgeous ! Love the sandals in spite off they aren’t the best shoes for that weather ! ;)

Beautiful! I love your sunglasses!! Like cats eyes!!

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Your glasses and your clutch…swoon. x

Great jacket! Love these photos.

I love this outfit so much! Your jacket and sandals are sooo nice

Seaside Beauty

The sandals feel rather out of place, but I’m in love with how you look! The blazer and pants are fabulous!


Beautiful and rainy Kay!

Love how you paired these pants with a black top and white jacket. This outfit is really beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Shanghai looks beautiful and your outfit is perfect!


I really love your pants and make-up! You are always so perfect!<3
You can’t be a human:D

You look amazing ! :-)))

I am Lucky that you found the pictures.

Amazing pictures <3

Lovely pictures
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So beatiful
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Love the trousers, you look so gorgeous! xxx

Wow, it seems amazing :)
ahhh! now i feel like i should go to shangai. Im glad to know, that you guys had such an amazing time, hopefully more great things will come in the future for you.

Carolina P. S.

wow, beyond beautiful! that backdrop is stunning Heart of Chic

Amazing! I love those pants!

Love your pants and sunglasses, you look great as always!

Great Pics! James does really good work and you look pretty as always! I like your Pants!<3

this outfit is just fabulous! love it- you look amazing!

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Love your shoes and sunnies!! You are truly such an inspiration! I loved the video you posted the other day!

J’aime cette tenue ! Surtout ton sac *.* je suis folle de sacs, c’est un gros problème che moi haha

I LOOOOVED your bangs….you should leave them down :D xoxo

Great post, K. Love the look, and the trip looks exciting!

The Bund was one of the highlights during my trip to China last year! Lovely photos.. and shoes!!

The sunnies are so lovely :D! i want that pants, so trendy :)


definitely thought you were wearing Louis Vuitton pants!

Such a nice view!

Love your shades and your Valentino beauties!

this is so stylish and cool i just love the combo with the pants!!

xx francesca

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Frank Vinyl – California style blog

I love this look! Nice shots of Shanghai too. :) I went on a trip there a few years back.

AWESOME sunglasses!!!!

Beautiful as always and I love those trousers! Great print ;)

❤ Jenny Tsang
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Fabulous! I love this look :)

I love the combination between the burned orange pant and the light pink shoe!