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SPANISH FEELING Usually, I am quite a calm and serene person. I like to enjoy life, cozy up, have long silent walks and just relax. And honestly I don’t party that much (except all the fashion events we constantly attend huhu). I don’t know if it’s because of my personality or because I spend too much time on my computer (hello nerd) but I’m just not that teeny weeny dress and party girl kind of type. But during my stay in Spain, something must have gone wrong in my head and I completely switched of personality and mood. Holà Barcelona, coming through!

I think it’s because of the beach, the sun, the hot air, the fashion week and all the stylish people around. I was really in the mood of dancing, enjoying life in a much more vivid and crazy way in comparison to my ususal swiss-like very zen behaviour. I took my heels out, and stroll in the city happy like a clam. Gosh how I missed summer. We need more! 

P.S As you guys are reading this message, we’re in Moscow with Mango. Follow all my live updates from Instagram (@kristina_bazan), Twitter (@kayture) or Facebook! Tseluyu

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DRESS : Mango
SHOES : Jimmy Choo
BRACELETS : Vita Fede / Kris & Jules



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Wow pretty in blue. Love your dress and the golden heels. Have a great time in Moscow!!!

xx Mira

WOW! You looks amazing! I love your dress!)

sometimes it´s time to party. I am like you in this point!
nice dress, wonderful colour. mango is awesome! I was shopping at mango this weekend.
have fun in russia!

Blue colour looks amazing on you!

I love your outfit! You look gorgeous. Barcelona is such a great city, I’m a little bit jealous ;)

Gorgeous dress ! Royal blue looks amazing on you


Gorgeous colours, blue and gold are perfect together!

Amazing pictures, love your dress and the belt matches perfectly!

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Great shoes! Amazing

the portrait is gorgeous,and so are the shoes :)

So beautiful!! Love the shoes and dress a lot!

love those shoes +electric combo :)

You look stunning! That shade of blue is my favourite color!

Sparkle On The Floor
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Love this color, beautiful dress!

It does looks really fun there even though it’s just in the street. I can’t imagine how lively the nightlife would be there! Your dress is such a perfect cut.

The Fashann Monster

Blue stays stunning on you! Love your belt, and what a gorgeous picture’s! x

your face is awesome!

WOW! :) Breathtaking… You look gorgeous in blue Kristina :)

Radka from

Ohhhh…the dress is amazing !!!

Love the shoes with the belt !!

Oceanwind Blog

I’m def not the party girl type either! nothing wrong with that:) I’m dreaming of going to Barcelona asap! gorgeous city!
blue is such a nice color on you! especially this cobalt!
have fun in Moscow!

vas increible con ese vestido! guapisima!

Anonymous 15 July 2013 / Reply

Your face is perfection! So stunning and also so elegant! keep on like this!

Lovely look, this dress suits you really well maybe because of your hair :)

This outfit is really amazing, honestly! I love the gold of the shoes together with the belt! The shoes are stunning!!
Have fun in Moscow!
xo, Leesa

wow wow wow !!

I love this dress, you looks amazing with this look. I need to know the secret of your hair!
(old wearitwithpassion)

love the dress, you look so edgy and stunning! xx

Love the dress, the colour of it is so amazing! x


Wow! Barcelona is so beautiful! Great photos and amazing dress! :)

Haha, that’s why I started following you. Because u r not a teeny weeny partygirl in flimsey dresses ;) . I was immediately attracted to your class and style which are exceptional for your young age. And it is okay to live (party) a little every now and then!!!!
Ciao beleza <3

OMG your sandals are to die for!!! <3
… you are stunning as always!

With love
Elisa – My Fantabulous World

wow. blue colour looks good on you :)

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Anonymous 15 July 2013 / Reply

Love the electric blue colour of the dress!


in love with that deep blue dress, cute!

You look so gorgeous, so do your pictures !

Ahhh, such a beautiful Blue. And the city looks amazing! So does your makeup :)

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Looovely blue dress and amazing heels! Enjoy Barcelona….you should also visit my city (Valencia) ;)

Don’t miss today my Comfy & Chic look….with amazing Coco&Raffia wedges and bag!!!.

Kisses from My Bloglovin


this dress and its colour is absolutely gorgeous!!

This dress is so nice, and the pictures are amazing !

Have a great monday :)

It’s great to hear you had a great time!

Amazing dress ! So lucky to be in Barcelona, I love this place !!!

You are so beautiful! I love you dress..

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love your shoes and dress, just perfect!
don’t be too crazy but have fun :D

Ypur heels rocks.
Love the color of the dress!

Nice look! Amazing shoes :)
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My city!!! (Now I live so far away, in the Caribbean!)… I have really loved this post and this blue looks great on you!

I am a man, but honestly, I fell in love with these Jimmy Choo shoes you are wearing. They are really awesome!

They are so subtle, so fine. I have to confess : I love gold. But gold – like pink – are difficult colors because they can seem vulgar. When chosen with taste, it can be marvelous. And this is the case.

Dimitri Gee (

Cobalt looks so pretty on you! Great look.



Love this colour on you! And it works perfectly with the gold tones <3

Love the look! The heels and the belt are amazing accessories.

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I perfectly understand you Kristina!! That’s exactly how I feel when I travel away… from my beautiful Barcelona!! ;-)
BTW lovely dress and amazing shoes!!

omg! you are so pretty!

Love the royal blue on you!! Amazing shoes too.

Wooow! Amazing dress!

I love the color of that dress. You look lovely :)

Gorgeous outfit. I’ve heard similar tales of people going to Barcelona and being in a party mood because of the atmosphere there. I’d love to visit there one day. Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous 15 July 2013 / Reply

Incredible! As always! Hope u’ve spent nice days her in Spain!

Anonymous 15 July 2013 / Reply


Dat dressss! Loves it :)


Amazing look!


Lovely dress! I really love this cobalt blue color! You look so gorgeous! Mango is one of my favorite stores. Enjoy your stay in Moscow.

Tu es magnifique Kristina, il n’y a même pas de mot assez fort pour décrire ta beauté. Et cette tenue est fabuleuse **

Anonymous 15 July 2013 / Reply

Im sorry but you ve over done PS this time, you havent got knees????

That dress is lovely! Hope you have good time in Moscow :D

Fashion everywhere!

What a color! :)
You’re so beautiful :)

your eyes fit perfectly to your dress …CONGRATS for an excellent outfit !!!! well done !


Thanks for this post. I’m feeling a little inspired!

Sounds like a lot of fun dear! It’s good to step out from your comfort zone and try new things, have a blast in Moscow too ;)
Btw, love this shade of blue, and the belt fit it so well, stunning shoes!

This looks stunning. That cobalt blue is so striking on you.

Loving this colour Kristina! And so chic-ly accessorised!


You looks amazing!love you’re dress

Gorgeous photos, you look stunning in that dress!

you look great, it’s one of my favorite colors. Love your style as usual!

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I really like these pictures. I love the combination of blue and golden.
Barcelona is an amazing city. Enjoy it and keep partying there as much as you can :) xx

gorgeous outfit! Really chic and casual <3 Loving the photos aswell cant wait for my hols in Aug!

Hayley xx

I lived in Barcelona for a year and really miss it. Great pictures. The blue dress really embodies the bold art of the city. …and I loved their sidewalks as silly as that seems. ;)

Laura <3
Paper Mothball Vintage

Super cute dress, your shoes are awesome!

xoxo, Diana

It´s because Spain is gorgeous! I miss it :(

Love the combination of deep blue and gold, looks so royal!

The blue just looks stunning on you. Loving this colour for summer!

I cant believe you are a year younger than me and you look that stunning. I dont even look near as lovely as you! And I definitely blue is your colour!

Your hair color and that dress color look perfect together.

love that blue color dress. vibrant color. and of course the Jimmy Choos! gorgeous look!

Te ves divina, ademas ese color te resalta muchoo!

ur blue mini dress is soooo eye catching! luv that look fab..and your blue dress out of this world look fab..and your blue dress out of the world

Great ingtihs. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.