A NEW ADVENTURE Even though I did a couple of runway shows at the time when I was in a modelling agency in Switzerland, I never considered myself as a model and surely never (evar evar eveer) wanted to become one. First of all, I really love food and I could never restrict myself from things I love. Second of all, to make it in the modelling business you have to be really tall, and my height is 1m73, which is already quite good but nothing compared to the usual 1m75-1m80. So I did some photoshootings for fun and to meet people in fashion. Of course when you’re in an agency you get to do some runways. I’ve done 5 or 6 but never would I have considered that I would one day open the show of such a great brand like Mango and especially in a city like Moscow. 

So here I was, tiny me, among all the 1m80 models standing by my side. Luckily, my inner voice pushed my confidence levels up (maybe the super dose of adrenaline pushed it higher too…and the 3 cups of coffee I had before, whoops) but anyway I was ready to rock that catwalk. I was quite nervous at first, but ready to enjoy every single second. Mango just launched their new sports collection, so as it is the big news I was wearing a Mango Sport outfit to open the show. Everything went absolutely great, and I even got the chance to dance with some lovely pumpkin heads who were presenting the Mango Kids line. Once the stress was down, we enjoyed the after-party and our last hours in Moscow. Enjoy the shots babes!


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Wow congrats Kristina!!! This is pretty cool. Love the collection too.

xx Mira

The pictures look so fun! must be a great experience. I love the leopard sweater you are wearing, looks awesome :)

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You looks perfect in the runway, like a real model. I love the black dress with the touch of gold, is amazing and you are so beautiful
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gorgeous you !! congrats babe :) you look fabulous, they chose wisely :)

Congrats !! You are so beautiful !
XX Luba

Pairing today comfy shorts with elegant striped blazer, awesome shoes and vintage bag

What a great experience. You look fab!:)

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obsessed with that hoodie!
kw ladies in navy

Congrats, keep up the good work :)

Absolutely amazing news!! The pics are awesome!! You look stunning;)

you looks so good in this sporty dress!
the advantage you habe over a normal model is that the brands want YOU because you are a own brand. When you are a model you are one of million. and your are in the positon to work withe brands and they want to know your opinions and don´t only want you to present their collection like a normal model. do you know what I mean? it´s hard to express it in words. (In english words ;))

You looked stunning! I love the dress you wear in the last 2 pictures

Sparkle On The Floor

Nice black dress!

Don’t miss today my Party outfit with a marvellous dress by a youth designer….and the lovely Jewel Shoes I published yesterday.

Kisses from My Bloglovin

Please post a video of it.. Were dying to see you walk in the runway.. Xoxo

Anonymous 22 July 2013 / Reply

Like the sporty Look on you! ;-)


gorgeous! you´re a supermodel now! ;) you look awesome! xo, Alma

Kristina, it was so great seeing you again in Munich! I think even besides 1,80m models you’d always have the most breathtaking appereance, not only because you’re pretty but because you have personality! I hope you have safe further travels and we’ll see each other again, maybe even in Munich :-)


Looks like it would have been a lot of fun! You look gorgeous x

So great! You are beautiful!

greeat!!! must be awesome to be on the catwalk!

You looked amazing on the catwalk! And I love your after party dress too!

You look gorgeous, and unlike the other runway show models, you smile ! :)

you look great! It must be a great eperience!

These photos look amazing and it looks like you had tons of fun! Well done :) xoxo

You were the most beautiful there!

Amazing experience! You look pretty on all photos!

I love love love MANGO.

Amazing pictures! Seems like such a fun experience and you look stunning!

XOXO Lillian Chaton

so happy for you! must have been nerve wracking ..

wow great look! congrats to your walk

Amazing pics, congrats !
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Love from Paris

Wow! Is that little black dress from Mango? It’s awesome and looks great on you!

WOW….it is so cool !!!

Oceanwind Blog

Love the first outfit, so comfy!! xx

That’s so amazing that you finally live some incredible things like this !

nice pics..amazing experience!


You are so amazing!

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Your figure is so naturaly beautiful. I think you should be an example of how models should look like!

You looked amazing, must have been so fun! x

You seem to have had the best time ever :)

I love the tartan heels you’re wearing !!


Lea Hudson

Looks like a lot of fun. You must have done it great.

amazing experience!! opening a runway!!! wowwwww
you deserve it!!


So nice) it was so great to see you in Moscow

I look amazing in this new style! love the 1st photo!

Very cool! Even though you never really wanted to become a successful model, it’s just great that you can do something big like this for once, right?

Love the photos, they are beautiful!

That´s awesome Kristina :) You was great!

Radka from

You are so lovely ♥ Please make more makeoup videos, those are so good
One kiss from Spain

what an amazing opportunity and experience!
you look so amazing

Loooove the pictures, and you’re so beautiful! You look so cute and cool in the mango sweater dress :)
Love the pic with the mango whote balloons and the kids with the balloons with the models, so very cute!♥
I also love your simple black dress, pretty :)

Enjoyed the post as always! :)

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loving that sporty look so much, honey! ive just made one on my blog, haha :)

WOW, you’re a super model!!!

With love
Elisa – My Fantabulous World

Wow this is amazing, you look beautiful!>

You are so pretty!! love the leo sweater!! is it from Mango right? Thnakssssssss

you look so pretty !

You look amazing! What an awesome experience.

I live in Moscow and I wish I came to your next show)))
You are so so beautiful!))

Very inspirational photos Kristina! You’re a fashion icon!

Gorgeous face! Congratulations girl.

I´ve had an catwalk experience as well. From Galeries LaFayette in Paris. Seriously the best (fashion)thing that ever happened to me! You look amazing babe! So cool :)


I love the hoodie!! I would run and buy one. You look awesome <3

Anonymous 22 July 2013 / Reply

you look amazing you should have more oportunities to do runway
could you tell us more about your haircut? Is is a straight cut? it is layered? how looks at back?

love your blog ♥.♥

Such an amazing achievement to open the show, you deserve it! Congrats! You look beautiful too!

Kirsten x

What a wonderful opportunity Kristina! And looks like an amazing fun time!


Wow, amazing job Kristina! Mango made a right choice to make you the face to open the show!

Wow so beautiful!

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With Love,

This looks like such an amazing opportunity! You look gorgeous!
Becca x

The tweed shoes… OMG! I just died! I cannot wait for them to be available on the stores.
You look super on the runway. Very professional (:

Congratulations! I’m sure you did a great job and you look absolutely stunning!

Te ves preciosaaa!!!

Absolutely gorg. The makeup was awesome as well as the outfits.

All Mango eeeeer thang.
I love Mango clothing and them as a brand. But Im not 100% sure on this sportswear.

Congrats Kristina!!

Good job!!

XX, Kate

I’m sure that it was such a great experience and you enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations! You look so gorgeous! Mango is a really awesome brand.

you look amazing! I wish there was a video!

whoaaa congrats! :) you look amazing!! :)


Congrats Kristina :D!!! is so weird see you in combat boots :P but the look is nice n.n

Great look
love the sweat dress

Lots of love,

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Congrats on this! What a great moment. You look fantastic on the catwalk <3

thats great! congrats on the expirence :)

So great.Right dresses are some can flaunt your inner beauty and even make you more standout in the crowd. But, when you choose the dresses, you must take your own skin tone into considerate.

You are so lucky! I am not interested in modeling in general but walking the runway is my biggest dream. So fun!

what fun! its so great to get your hair and makeup done for the day a bit relaxing perhaps. love all of the looks here! congrats this is very exciting I am sure. xx. gigi.

woow cool, you are a very talented person)) your enthusiasm is very catching!

Parfaite!!! ;) J’étais vraiment heureuse de te rencontrer l’autre soir!
A très vite j’espère! La bise à ton adorable James!

Looks like you had an amazing time! :)

Beautiful! Congratulations! I can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to be leading the show!

Keep rocking it

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aww lucky girl! congratulations xx

it’s fantastic! by the way I’m going to Moscow. but do not know the exact date.

Congrats Kristina!! I’m very happy for you that you’ve got such publicity. I’m sure hard work paid off =)

you absolutely exude confidence!! it is so inspiring to see a girl who is so confortable in her own skin! you rock Kristina!! what a babe. xoxo