Pictures by James Chardon

 IN RUSSIA WITH MANGO Hello there folks! Well this week has been super intense for both James and I (as you might have notice, I didn’t even have time to approve your awesome comments, but I just did and they totally made my evening. As always thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts with me, it’s really inspiring). We left this week to Moscow for an express adventure with the amazing Mango team. A lot of really exciting things were involved in the process, first of all of course the opportunity to come back closer to the place of my childhood (I was born in Minsk) and second of all be able to walk the runway, as the first face during their fashion show in Moscow.

Among all this, came along some great opportunities of interviews and photoshootings for some of my favourite russian media like, Cosmopolitain or Elle Girl. I think that the most incredible point about this whole trip though was to be able to speak russian during the whole stay. As you might now I was born in Belarus and speak russian every single day at home with my family and have some russian friends in Switzerland too. It was amazing to be able to buy some of the foods I used to eat when I was a kid, like the ”prianiki” or ”morojonoie plombir” (note that I really suck at writing in russian alphabet, takes me 1 minute to type one word!). Here’s the outfit I wore on our arrival day, really cool yet perfect for casual-ing in the city!

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JEANS : Mango
BLAZER : BCBG Maxazria
SHOES : Zara


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You look marvelous. Love your cute blazer and the rad jeans. Glad you enjoy your stay :D

xx Mira

Such a simple yet chic outfit! The blazer and jeans are amazing ♥

XoXo Selina
Rose Kiara Peaches

wow! those shoes……… love them!

love this look.especially the sandals are cute

love your outfit!
the jacket is amazing!
i hope you and james can have an easy week :)

I have the same shoes, but leopard print. Very comfy:)

Kristina you look adorable! Fabulous blazer and jeans!!!


Как я понимаю это ощущение, когда возвращаешься в родные места.. Привет из Штутгарта!
Образ очень лаконичный и по-настоящему для большого города: можно и на работу сходить, и вечером с друзьями встретиться.

Wow! Stunning! I love your jeans and your shoes!

that´s so cute. My husband was born in russia, too and he is always excited like you wehen he can find some russian food here in germany. an he told me also about plombir. in berlin is a very special russian restaurant called “matroishka” (I don´t know how to spell it)where you can eat the best pelimeni and manty. so at your next visit in berlin you have to go there.
I love russian food!

Love the blaser and jeans so pretty !!!

Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

Shoes are really fabulous, kind of Jimmy Choo by Zara and I’m still figthing with myself- to buy or not to buy ;D
Do you use any sunscreen/cream with SPF or cream before Guerlain base?

Amazing shoes! I love that you speak so many languages.

The blazer reminds me of Spain. Very nice.

The Fashann Monster

Lovely look as always!


Love this outfit from head to toe! Amazing jacket and jeans! Great post


Great outfit! Love your blazer and shoes!

Hi Kristina, we are shoe sisters today !
Loving your blazer !

XX Luba

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I really love this look, I love the jacket with these print and the heels and the bag!
You looks amazing
(old wearitwithpassion)

me encanta tu pelo con ese flequillo! siempre vas hermosisima!

i love your blazer! :)

Amazing blazer!

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Kisses from My Bloglovin

love your blazer, totally cool! xx

Amazing blazer and beautiful photos!

Ces chaussures sont sur liste. Elles sont sexy.

Кристина, Вы такая молодец! Здорово, что не забываете о своих корнях и говорите на родном языке! Особенно понравилось упоминание пряников и мороженного! Ждем Вас еще! Pictures are awesome as usual! Most stunning are those in front of blue and white building!

Кристина, Вы такая молодец! Здорово, что не забываете о своих корнях и говорите на родном языке! Особенно понравилось упоминание пряников и мороженного! Pictures are awesome as usual! Most stunning are those in front of blue and white building!

I like the blazer. It’s cut is very original. It a nice mix with the bag. The “dots” on both of them are quite similar. I like also the jeans and the shoes (a lot). You had them in a previous post, right? Ok, I confess, I like the whole outfit ;)

Enjoy Russia!
Dimitri Gee (

love the color of these photos!!

I like when you speak more about you :))


Love your jeans !
New post:
Love from Paris

krasotka!!!)))) a mi privikli tak pisat))))) a morojenoe plombir uje ne takoe kak bilo v detstve :(((((((

Love the jeans, wow.

you’re so lucky to have the life you have because it sounds like an amazing trip. It’s so sweet you got to relive childhood memories too :-)

Francesca xo

This is such a fantastic outfit! Love the scarf-like jacket. And congrats on walking the runway! It must have been an intimidating/exciting experience for you.

Lubna | ELLE VOX

very beautiful look, the shoes are amazing =)

J’adore ce blazer, l’imprimé est splendide! Je ne suis pas d’origine ruuse, mais j’aime énormément ce pays et son histoire ainsi que sa langue, y aller un jour serait un rêve <3


I’m in love with your jacket! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Moscow and keep practicing your russian writing ;) hahah I totally understand you, I’m uncapable of writing properly in Greek, which is my moms language and which I speak fluently.

So pretty, greetings from Venezuela

L'eau-riz 18 July 2013 / Reply

Oh my god I love the shoes !
Really nice outfit and you’re beautiful as always.. =)

Loving your blazer. And seriously, you look fabulous with this hair cut!



Beautiful photos, only aren’t present sense to write that they вМоскве, after all Moscow on them it isn’t visible

You are absolutely the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen!!:-)

love the whole outfit! the jeans the jacket the shoes!!! xo, ALma

I loooove this look! All these pics are like straight from Vogue! I need to have those shoes and that jacket is so gorgeous! Your blog is such a great source of inspiration :)

You look perfect!

Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

The blazer is wonderful! Very nice Outfit!


omg! these blazer is insane! I want it so bad ♥

you are gorgeous ! i am repeating myself but i cant help myself … :)

Cute look! Love the jacket!

xx Karolina

You’re gorgeous ♥ Love the whole outfit! Hope you had an amazing time in Russia !

Perfect mix of kimono and blazer, I love the whole outfit! x


Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

Looove your shoes!

I love BCBGMaxazria! The prints are just amazing. I fell in love with the outfit as well.

Your blazer seams like a scarf! So cool!

OMG! You look incredible!! So beautiful, and the pics are great!

Kiss, Kiss.

Fantastic blog!
A lots of inspiration :)

wow! love it!

Such an amazing outfit!
Can’t wait to see the pictures from the Fashion Show! :)

Hope, you enjoyed your trip to Moscow and had some fun, Kristina! Can’t wait to see your next adventure

Love it, you’re stunning!

Check out my blog :)

Your blazer is quite a beauty! I own the same heels, love how you styled them. x

Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

You are so gorgeous as always. The outfits are always fab. However, you need an editor my dear! People learn from you not only in terms of dressing up but also in expressing oneself through words.

This is gorgeous! Love the scarf print jacket! Another lovely look.

Love the easy feel to this look! You look flawless! Love it!

Visit my blog!


I love your eyebrows ! So thick and fabolous :) They indicate your eyes very well :)

This Blazer is beyond awesome! Love your style!

xx Nicola

woow! love this jacket!

The heels they’re awesome!

That blazer is just incredible!
Instagram: @cristinamonti
Tweet me: @thebohoflow

With Love,

Gorgeous photos, you looks stunning as always!

You look so great!


love everything about this outfti, but mostly… the shoes, omg!

My blog –

Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

Russian style)

this is amazing! love those pants and the edgy jacket
kw ladies in navy

i adore this outfit!!!! especially that blazer and those shoes!


Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

the blazer is gorgeous!! *.*
could you tell us more about your haircut? Is is a straight cut? it is layered? how looks at back?

love your blog ♥.♥

amazing outfit, j’adore les shoes!!

That jacket is to die for!


Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

you are gorgeous!

Love the jeans, they have this edgy look that I just love.
Anyways I wanted to tell you that you are amazing, and it is great to get back to your roots. hope you had an amazing time.

Beautiful outfit and pictures :)

Follow me with GFC, it would mean a lot to me :) Thanks.

Congrats on the Mango experience dear! Must be good to speak your native languague and eat food that reminds your childhood again :)
The pants are amazing,and the blazer is so chic, looks like a foulard ;)

Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

Very smart photos: I love the combination of the blue walls with your jeans!
It would be great if you could upload photos of you on the runway!…

Fabuleuse tenue, rien à dire, c’est magnifique, j’ai envie de tout avoir dans mon dressing déjà trop rempli haha, je jalouse tes cheveux aussi, ils sont si beaux ! les miens frisottent sans arrêt pourtant je fais en sorte que ça aille mieux, oups ^^’

Bisous !

Amazing jacket dear! Love that it’s padded and it’s like a classic scarf ;))

❤ Jenny Tsang
– NEW POST: Edged In Black –

This blazer is just awesome!
And this scenery is perfect for this look.
Really want to visit moscow once in my life… Must be a beautiful place.

xx Selina

I love those shoes!

the jacket is so cute :)

Your hair looks amazzzing!

Anonymous 19 July 2013 / Reply

I`ve just found your blog, such a good work! I love it! ;) Greetings from Poland!

Добро пожаловать в Россию, надеюсь, русский язык ты еще помнишь))

Anonymous 19 July 2013 / Reply

don’t you wanna come to minsk? the weather is finally great there! :)

wow love the shoes!

Nice to see you in our city! Gorgeous outfit! :)


beautiful as always!

The blazer is gorgeous !!

I hope you will show us a lot about Russia, the architecture and the food, because that’s a country I want to visit so badly!!


Lea Hudson

I love this outfit…well I love all your outfits :)

Looks really amazing. Love this outfit!

Really pretty outfit!
Greetings from Vienna :)

Literally can’t get enough of your style! So effortless & beautiful!

Kirsten x

Anonymous 19 July 2013 / Reply

Добро пожаловать в Москву! Приятно узнать,что вы русскоговорящая:-) Пломбир и правда вкусный!

I love black with light coloured jeans. You done this so well.

I’m so so glad that you’ve just visited Moscow! It’s quite strange to see your photos from typical russian street, cause it’s so different from the europe one.Want to see you here again and to meet you live)

great look…I like the contrast between the light blue jeans and the dark blazer. I’m looking for a pair of lace up heels like those you’re wearing and I’m glad these are from Zara :)
very inspiring

sisters go bananas

Anonymous 20 July 2013 / Reply

Beautiful outfit!! Really like it :)
U are the best Kristina :)

I really love those heels (l)
have a nice day ;)

lovely outfit. the jacket is great!
xx Stephanie (

Absolutely amazing kristina and james! You both make an amazing team. those shoes are to die for!

Anonymous 20 July 2013 / Reply

it’s called Cyrillic alphabet (:

Leslie Condes de la Torre 20 July 2013 / Reply

Your casual style is super chic! nothing like the simplicity of jeans and a white shirt <3 I will use this outfit today!

congrats for being their first face!♥ I’m sure you were amazing!:) and I just love your outfit!

Love this outfit!

You look STUNNING, and the jacket is beautiful. The shape, the print… <3
Andrea in Fashion

Love the blazer and shoes together…congrats on walking the Mango runway! That must have been so exciting :)

Saw your blog mentioned in a magazine today and was reminded that I haven’t check it out in a while. Logging on and seeing your post about being able to speak Russian really made my heart melt. Your blog isn’t just a blur of outfit posts, you truly care and demonstrate your passion with your words!
Keep up the amazing work!
Lots of Love,

Świetny blog.;) Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie : ;)

beautiful outfit!!

amazing pictures

Love the jacket and the heels! they make a twist to the simple t.shirt and jeans :)

This blazer and the jeans are really nice !

Hello Kristina,
beautiful outfit; blazer, jeans and shoes are amazing. like it.
Greetings from Turkey.

You look so adorable. I Like this comfortable outfit on you. By the way, nice jeans by Mango!

You are amazing, stunning, inspirational. THE BEST.
Wanna float with us?
The Floating Team!

That blazer is just beyond …. ��

love your blog, i’m a new follower! :)

приятно узнать, что моя любимая блоггерша говорит по-русски =)

The jacket is absolutely perfect!

when I heard you speaking Russian in an interview my life was made, not only you are gorgeous you are also amazing in Russian, I didn’t expect that.

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