Pictures by James Chardon

CONCORDE, BERLIN Never did I imagine how much time will I spend in hotel rooms when starting my blogging adventure. But obviously when you begin travelling that much, the hotels where you stay become quite an important choice and I must admit that I am getting more and more picky on each trip (spoiled little brat). I mean, 2 years ago, on holidays for example, I wouldn’t even care where we stayed because I knew that we would spend the day out in town, at the beach, or exploring the city. Now, the hotel is key because believe me, after a crazy day of running round, nothing feels more important than going back to your room and actually forget that you’re far away from home. It’s a totally different approach. 

I need to feel sheltered, taken care of and be in a zen atmosphere where I can quitely work on my computer. The most important things for me are : the wi-fi (as a blogger it’s the n°1 priority while checking in) and of course breakfast. After a good, healthy breakfast I feel so ready to start the day. And not many hotels have a good breakfast, so I kind of judge them by that. If the breakfast is good, then the hotel gets my approval!That’s how it works! When we were in Berlin, we had the chance to extend our stay and try out the hotel Concorde, which definitely got my ”yes” because of it’s perfect location, lovely interior design, cozy ambiance, great wi-fi connexion and above all fabulous-ly crazy breakfast of gods! So if you’re ever in Berlin, make sure to check it out.


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Amazing pics. Love your total black look and the Jimmmy Choo’s shoes.

xx Mira

great pictures !!! love them :) just like your outfit :)

It does look like a cosy room and I agree the breakfast is super important
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I like your photos! Nice hotel room!

I love stay in hotels! It’s so glamorous and chic
I like so much these leather pants and your Jimmy Choo, I want it so badly!
(old wearitwithpassion)

Lovely room and great outfit!
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Looks like a nice place to stay, I like how you’ve used it as a scenery for your look :)


It’s amazing :)

great shot!!

Love your shirt! Where did you get it?

xx, Leesa

Looks like amazing place !! And you look wonderful !

XX Luba

Sea colors inspired look, today on

it´s true. after a long day come to a nice hotel room is like coming down again.
on holiday it´s different as you said because you are only there for sleeping. But when you have to work all day you need some relaxing time.

how was the show? i am so excited for the pictures!

love your hotel room, and your outfit :D


You look stunning! Have you guys ever been to India or Sri Lanka?

That hotel room looks perfect! Btw, you make me think about having a bang, but I´m affraid it won´t look as good as it looks on you:D You are beautiful,)

Looks like a lovely place, the photos are gorgeous! x


Thanks for teh recommendation. I love hotels, sometimes I even pick my destinations according to the hotels I want to visit :)

Anonymous 17 July 2013 / Reply

Love your posts about hotels. I work in the industry and have the privilege to visit the most amazing ones around the world, so it’s interesting to see other people’s views about different accommodations/locations.
Keep up amazing work, Kristina!

Anneli x

Great hotel!

I am also very finicky about hotels when i am on vacation. This is definitely a lovely hotel, the interior looks so nice and you look stunning as always.

Perfect look! And the hotel room seems to be totally amazing !!

lovely, love those Choo sister heels! xx

great shooting, lovable place in which spend some time

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You look gorgeous! Wi-fi is also incredibly important when I travel – kind of sad, haha.

love your pants!


wow! Dear you look amazing as always! And about hotel you are absolutely right! It’s important how it looks :)

Anonymous 17 July 2013 / Reply

Looks really like a very comfy hotel!


I am also very finicky about hotels when i am on vacation. This is definitely a lovely hotel, the interior looks so nice and you look stunning as always.

Coool room!

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Kisses from My Bloglovin

amazingly beautiful as always, even more in a casual and calm shoot… Pictures are just wow, every single one, it’s a pleasure to travel the world through the eyes of such a talented photographer !

Great outfit! Love it!
-xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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You are absolutely stunning, you’re style (and hair…and face!) is to die for, you are an absolute inspiration. I’ve followed you for a really long time and would appreciate any feedback you could give me on


I love your hair! It’s just… perfect!

Sparkle On The Floor

you’re so pretty as always :)
Amazing Photos!



beautiful hotel! I agree with you… you need to chose the hotel according your needs and budget of course… if you will use it just for sleep, shower and breakfast you don’t need to much… but in your case this hotel is perfect!

I hope I can try it some day!!



i love a good breakfast!
the room looks gorgeous and so do you :D

thats good! kristina you should also look for a wellness area, so you can relax your body and calm your mind a bit:) ! ur doing a great job! i really support you!

wi-fi & breakfast are really the important stuff, also the hotel need to be extrimly clean!
you look stunning as usual :)

In love with your blog!

Elisa from My Fantabulous World

You always stay at the most luxe places.

The Fashann Monster

I love all photos! Hotel is beautiful and cozy, love the design:)

Love the wood panelling of the hotel room…looks like an amazing place to stay!

A good hotel room is really important! And this one looks quite good :)

Verena from Who is Mocca?

the hotel looks beyond stunning!


U look perfect! As always :)

Love this top!
Where is it from?

Lovely outfit. I think that hotel is gorgeous and I can totally understand why you would be so picky! You travel so much! <3

Seems to be a really nice place to stay :) And you look fantastic as always :)

<3 Jacky

I am the same way about breakfast. Love your sleek outfit!

wow, such a cute creative post! that hotel looks beyond amazing, looks like fun! Heart of Chic

Love this post! The pictures are beautiful and it makes me want to check into that hotel NOW. Well done.

Enjoy your time there dear! Love your white bag btw! ;))

❤ Jenny Tsang
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this is a beautiful room!
kw ladies in navy

I love the coloring of the room, it’s so cozy!

Very nice pics…!!!

Kiss from Italy

Elisa / The Candy Blog

Great pictures

Lots of love,

April Fashionreports

You’re beautiful :)

This hotel seems to be really amazing. You look so beautiful in these pictures!

Looks gorgeeeous!


Those are beautiful pictures! The hotel looks aweseome. xx

love it, will try it out when I visit Berlin!
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With Love,

Anonymous 18 July 2013 / Reply

hello! Could you tell us what haircut you wear? I mean, I can see the front of it but not the back, Is it a straight cut? or the ander finish on v form??? is it layered??
please don escatimate on details :P

love your blog ♥.♥

If ever I visit Berlin I will take a look!

Love your Jimmmy Choo’s shoes! Also love all your Jimmy Choo looks! xoxo!

The rooms definitely looked cozy. Yes, I do agree with you that hotel & bed is definitely important after a long day out.

The room and the girl are all so nice, especially like the girl’s fashion outfits.

this is really fabulous!!!

OMG I loved the rooms.. I checked it out online too.. one night there is 5 times costlier than one night in india in a decent hotel :P or say 3 times.. haha
You look gorgeous as always.. it’s so great that you get to travel and stay at these fancy places.. ofcourse it would be tiring as well but you’re doing what you love and that’s always good :)

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Hotel is really very nice. Great pics. Thanks for this lovely post.

Your hair gorg as always

I would add the bathroom to your list, if the bathroom is not a 100% satisfying I just can’t stay in a Hotel!!

wow wonderful hotel, lovely view, looks absolutely incredible, I’m gonna try this out. Great pics

hotel in Dhaka

It’s a pity not everyone can afford that.

I stayed in the same Hotel last year and it’s really nice. I know so good what you mean, after a day full of experiences you need a room to relax!<3

You look fabulous!:) love the bag!

cozy room, and love ur outfit…casual yet sexy with ur black outfit :)

Gorgeous! :) I adore your hairstyle!

Radka from

AWWW this post Is TO cute:) and you look SO beautiful.

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Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria at

The pictures are so crazy and beautiful – well worth a visit! The Hotel sounds super. As always, thanks for the info.
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Needless to say the pics are awesome, makes me ask whats the camera?

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Sabine Molloy 21 November 2014 / Reply

Love the bangs, they give you such a fierce and dramatic look! Paired with a black out look, your last outfit was gorgeous. The soft leather shoulder bag and the skinny leather pants put some edge into your elegant style, while the lace edged cami and the duo-toned flats softened up the look. Elegant, stylish, and fierce.