Pictures by James Chardon

HOT While you guys are discovering this article (depending if you’re an early bird, or afternoon kitty), James and I will be in the train for Paris (yup, the pleasures of living in Switzerland : being in the middle of Europe and therefore able to take the train to go to France…or even Italy!). We will be back in Paris for the couture fashion week and have been invited by Lacôme to attend their mega party in honour of their new collaboration with Alber Elbaz. Sounds exciting! However, it’s going to be an express adventure as we’ll be staying only 24h and then straight ahead leaving for Berlin for another project I can wait to tell you more about. 

We shot these pictures yesterday, as we were running in Lausanne for our appointments while shooting at the same time. The weather here is still swinging between ”yay” and ”nay” but I finally managed to style a real summer look, with shorts, please. I got this awesome shirt from Guess, and though I would say that it isn’t really my style on a regular basis, I thought that it looked so cool and absolutely needed to wear it. Turns out, I feel like it adds the perfect edgy touch to any look. 

SHIRT : Guess
BAG : Michael Kors
BRACELETS : Vita Fede, Kris & Jules


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I love the cool Guess shirt. Beautiful photos. Have a nice trip!!!



I love this outfit so much! Your bag and shoes are stunning

Seaside Beauty

Great outfit! It even looks kind of like L.A. in the background although we all know that Geneva doesn’t look like LA at all ^^

I want that bag! It’s so gorgeous! x

rosa & fox

Very cool outfit! I think you look amazing xx

We love your all black ensemble! This will pair perfect with our semi-precious stone bracelets!

Sparks In Spring / Stelle Nine

wooow is so weird see yu in some “edgy” style, but i liked :)


pure beauty :)

I love love love this outfit. I think you should wear this rocky style more often!

I love this look so much, super, love your tank <3

so rock’n'roll like! and i dont know how many times i said to you this but your hairstyle looks so amazing on you! i think you found your signature look! :)

This look is so rock, I love it!!
It’s not your usually look and I like that
(old wearitiwithpassion)

Cool outfit, love your blouse :)

I love this look on you, very different but still gorgeous! I wish you 2 tons of fun in Paris, I love Europe for being so versatile!

Love this look! The shoes and the top are beautiful!!

I am not erly bird but i am first here)Very nice pictures, so summer and ehjoy your trip to Paris)))

I hope you & James have a good time in Paris, i’m so jealous! Your looking fabulous as always, really love this look, your such a beautiful girl too! xx

You look like such a smooth rocker chic in this. A stylish grunge.

The Fashann Monster

Hi beauty!!! you look gorgeous as always I love the look!!
May I tell you something? Last year your blog has become a great success, you have so many wonderful and amazing proyects running, and you totally deserves it. I love to see all this, you are an awesome blogger and model, and it’s fantastic to see all your collaborations.
But your outfit pictures always looks like they are from magazine or a comercial, I love it, but I think it would be ok to see sometimes something more natural, with less make up, and just like the first pictures of you. Not always I understand, but maybe sometimes, some quick pictures, with a natural look would be awesome! just saying!

Love this outfit on you! It’s not that polished this time and suits you amazingly well!

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Ciao…You’re a Genius of Style:Cool Look!

Perfect hair coloring :)

Perfect hair coloring :)

Honey, please!
“I finally managed to style a REAL SUMMER look”… in BLACK?!
It hurts my heart!

wow!!!!! amazin!!!!

Anonymous 2 July 2013 / Reply

Very nice Look! Love your hair! ;-)


Beautiful pictires!!

Amazing outfit!!! Love it!!!


Love your look! So perfect like always!

Great shots! love the t-shirt, the outfit is really nice and suits you! Have a great time in Paris:) x

perfect look as usual <3

Love this look! You always have such an amazing photos!

The Fashion Cuisine

Tu as minci non?
Sinon j’adore la tenue c’est exactement ce que je pourrais porter au quotidien.

you look lovely dear

I love the rocker vibe that this outfit has! :)

Fashionably Sparkly

So rocker chic, love it!

I’m in St. François right now :))
I was hoping to see you ^^ but you’re leaving for Paris.


your hair looks amazing and this is such a fun rock and roll look!
kw, Ladies in Navy

I think you totally rock this shirt! Great use of afternoon shadows and motion in this post!

Anonymous 2 July 2013 / Reply

..Hey babe,take a walk on the wild side! ;)
Enjoy Paris Kris! Greetings from Rome! Cristina

I love the top, you look gorgeous! xx


You look so pretty! The outfit is really nice too! :D

Have fun in Paris! :D

with love, Cassandra xx

oh, wow! amazing! :)

U look stunning as always!

i hope you have a great time in france!
love your look

Totally love it ! Especially your bag and shoes!

you look perfect!!! that shirt makes you look like a chic rock star!

Your hair girl! I loved these posts, really.

I really love this outfit! The pictures are also totally gorgeous!

Love love love your Outfits!!
You are sooo beautiful!!
Good Work James and Kristina!!

Greatings from Munich
xx Marin a

Very nice as held.
And the pictures are very successful.

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


lovely photos!

Anonymous 2 July 2013 / Reply

you look absolutely amazing! I really enjoy your work, congrats!

OMG you are more beautiful than ever in these picures!


Gorgeous pictures! Have a safe trip!

I could totally wear this look myself! LOVE it.


I never expected to see you in this kind of look. Guess what it suits you perfectly. You are such an example!
love Imke

Love the blazer and the shorts !!! The tee looks good with the outfit but it’s not my fav style :)


White t-shirts or tees are a staple in my wardrobe.

C’est rock et à la fois élégant ! Amusez-vous bien à Paris !


Everything looks perfect on you rrr x)

love the fringe shirt and ecspecially love those shoes! you look amazing here!!! p.s. love the title! xx. gigi.

This shirt very cool indeed! I like how you paired it with the shorts and heels and kept it all black :-)


That’s such a cool shirt! I really like the fringe detail on it. It’s so hot in LA right now and we can’t really wear any outwears just because it’s so dang hot here.

I’m so jealous! Have fun in Paris!

Anonymous 2 July 2013 / Reply

Great look! Where are the shorts from?

Love your top so much! Great pairing with the leather shorts ;))

❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

Magnifique comme toujours !

Love this look, have fun in Paris!

You rock!
Love the tee and shoes dear

Looking fab!! loving those shorts!
Style Without Limits

Ah Omg your life is just lushh absolutely love the grungy vibe that top is pretty amazing and I hope you just have an awesome time in France then Berlin Tschüss aha xo

Awesome style! good luck in Paris!

xoxo Iren

Beautiful! Your photos are always awesome. Love your looks! Can’t believe we just discovered your blog, but we are officially fans and now, loyal readers!

I absolutely ADORE these photos! You look so free and happy!


you are awesome! love u <3

I love your bag so much

Seaside Beauty

love the heels!

I have never seen your freckles before!
They look very beautiful on you :)
On an outfit like this you definitely should wear less make up more often so we can see your lovely freckles :)
Love you and your blog!

xx Selina

I love that top! Very rocker. Hopefully we’ll see some imagery from Paris!
x eva

It looks very cool. love it <3

That top is soo cool

Lots of love,

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