Pictures by James Chardon & Cup of Couple

HOLA! We had the chance to live a super exciting adventure with one of our favourite brands in Spain, yes guys I am talking about Mango. You might know that we’ve already met their lovely team last season at their show and this time we’re back again for some more fun and so many new surprises… We arrived in Barcelona at 10am (meaning that we had to woke up at 3am in Switzerland to make sure that we’re on time at the airport etc… the image of spanish sun woke us up right away!) and had the day to visit the city and pick a lovely Mango outfit for their show. 

The runway was held during the spanish 080 fashion week. Spain is definitely the country of party, life and sun. I couldn’t be more happy to be back in this hot fiesta spot and get ready for the night. The new collection was super edgy and very rock n’ roll. With this sun outside, I had troubles imagining myself wearring boots and sweaters but actually I can’t wait to try some pieces from this new line. It’s perfectly boyish and fits exactly to my current state of mind. We enjoyed a great party afterwards with my babes Jessica from Tuula and Gala from Amlul. Tomorrow James and I are leaving for Russia with Mango as we’re currently working with them on a really exciting project which I can’t wait to tell you more about! Stay updated :)


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Great post!

You look gorgeous and it looks so fun!

Seaside Beauty

You look gorgeous! I love seeing you with Jess Stein x

Great shots, looks like you had a great time!



Super zdjęcia.

Aww the children!

Great photos! You look gorgeous!

wow that must have been fun !!! :)

Nice dresses and accessories. Also, that classic black/white outfit suits you, as always! Can’t wait to hear about your project with Mango.

Dimitri Gee (

You’re such a lucky girl!

Cool experience!

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Kisses from My Bloglovin

I love Mango and I like so much your look for the fashion show
(old wearitwithpassion)

Just amazing !! So lucky… I’m jealous ;)
You look so beautiful !
Des bisous.

The Mango collection looks amazing. Love the cute pics.

xx Mira

in reference to the name of my blog.. i know YOU DOES IT BETTER :( :P
kisses from Poland :)

I loved all the pictures :)
Today on my blog new outffit :)


I love that maxi dress, it’s gorgeous! xxx


you look great!

you, jessica and gala are looking stunning. looks like you had a great time.

Spanish fashion is honestly one of the coolest around and Barcelona the best city. :) the influence of avant-garde art is everywhere, in fashion, architecture, painting, sculpture and even cuisine. Catalan masterpiece.

Wow this looks like such a fun show, I love the structured looks on the Mango runway!

I love the new Mango collection! They are so many pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe! And I’m pretty obsessed with the jumpsuit you were wearring !
You and Jessica look amazing !

bought a lot of mango dresses and accessories last week. want to buy shoes but sizes are big… hope it fits asian

I love your hair like that it reveals your gorgeous face! And the outfit is amazing as usual! xx Maylis

Amei as fotos! Os looks estavam fantásticos! =)

Great event

I love Mango si much!!!
Amazing experience my dear!

Elisa – My Fantabulous World

The collection looks amazing already…I love all things rock’n'roll! <3

Great pictures!


You look so beautiful! Love the classic pairing of b/w + red lips.



your outfit is perfect!!

check out:

great pics as always! the new line looks really amazing. I will definitely have to go for it!

xo, Leesa

Great collection

Lots of love,

April Fashionreports

You look amazing! Loving your makeup


Wooow…u look so chic!

Great post and photos. You look so pretty.

You look beautiful!! :)

Kisses Lis

I love the outfit you picked, very classy and elegant, very you!

Love your outfit, and the stuff on the runway :B Looking forward to hearing about your project!

Such a cool event. Jon Kortajarena looks stunning, and so do you, love! Great post.

looks like such a great time!
kw ladies in navy

I love mango, it’s one of my favourite brands! Great photos, kids with baloons are so cute!

so excited to see what you are up to in Russia!

Looks like you had an amazing time!

This looks like you had such a fun time , looking gorgeous as always!
Becca x

Really nice pics! Looks like a lot of fun xx many gorgeous acessories ! <33

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Nice! Red lipstick looks so great on you!:)

Looks like you’re having an amazing time! Safe travels!

Столько знакомых лиц)
ты потрясающе выглядишь!

You look lovely! Black and white suits you so well :)
And I know the feeling of having to get up at 3am for your flight – but I have started to always book em like that, it gives you so much more time on your trip!


lovely, love all your outfits!

you look fab! you and jessica are my favorite bloggers!

you look stunning in this outfit! and really nice to see pics behind the scenes :) xx

Falling in love with those well-structured black heels. They balance your outfit so well. So lucky, enjoy your time under the Spanish sun!
x eva

The show looks wonderful! Were you wearing a jumpsuit or were your bottoms separate trousers?


I like when you wear your hair up!

Those are great pictures. It looks like a gorgeous event!
I love the outfit with the black ripped jeans. xx

Barcelona is one of my fav places to live! I like your white top.

Te ves divinaaa!!!
ademas tu outfit esta espectacularr

Love your outfit, so elegant ! And the little kids are toooo cute

It sounds amazing and you look absolutely gorgeous!!
Lots of love from New Zealand,

Say, you got a nice blog. Cool.

I truly appreciate this article. Really Great.

Jesús Calleja 17 March 2015 / Reply

Hi! I’m the guitar player of the band who played in that show and in Moscow! Hahaha. Even more, I am the guy who appears on the picture number 8 of this post, playing the guitar with a white-red straps t-shirt!
I remember we met you just a few moments before Moscow’s show started and I thought you we’re really pretty and nice! Your blog is awesome and your pictures ara amazing! Keep doing it Kristina!

PS: I watched some videos of you singing and you do it very well!

Kisses from an spanish fan!