Pictures by James Chardon

 IN THE CITY OF SUNSorry for the little lack of updates you guys… Ugh, I mean I know it wasn’t even such a long time right (…monday and tuesday…) but still. I missed you terribly  (psycho blogger maniac comin’ through)! Fact is that I usually hate skipping, especially mondays. Blogging is part of my daily work and routine now and when I pass on it, I feel like it’s the same as missing a day at work, you know… But here’s what’s happened : my wi-fi got totally cray-cray for 2 days (loong days) and it was impossible to open any page in my browser. Drove me nuts. Literally.

But it’s okay, now everything is repaired and I can eat, sleep and breath now (no but seriously… I feel like I need a 1 month electronic detox or something… Ever heard about it? Some say it’s KEY for good mental and physical stress relief since there’s soo much external pressures and radiations from our electronic devices, yuk). Back to our little story now though! This time we’re in Spain, Barcelona as we’re organizing all the last details with Mango for one of our new super exciting projects, which is coming up in just a couple of days. I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it, but for now, it’s all a big secret!! Stay updated for news, meanwhile here are some black & white, super extra artistic, conceptual and meaningful pictures (huhu) we shot on our arrival!


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Fabulous black and white shots. You look amazing. Glad you’re back. I missed your posts. I had an electronic detox once cos we had a power failure. I didn’t like it at all :D


xx Mira

Unbelievably beautiful photos!

I love your hair! you looks amazing in honey blonde as well but this darker tone is so dramatic!

always gorgeous as ever. there’s something sultry in black and white :)

These photos are gorgeous! The fact that they’re in b/w just makes them a little extra special

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. You’re a lucky girl.

Wow, perfect pics. Have a nice day.

Les photos sont magiques,très beau noir et blanc.

your photos are always very good, but text… I’m a little bit bored of “super exciting projects” and your fav word “luxury something”. Sorry but maybe you could improve it? it would give a freshness to your blog

how cool is that!

xoxo from rome

Great pics! I’m glad that your wi-fi is ok now!

I totally understnd you. I am addicted, too. But in your case it´s your job, your work so are under another “pressure” then us freetime blogger!

Wow, these pictures are so cool! love the black and white.

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The black and white effect is gorgeous. Thank goodness your Wifi is working now!

You look so pretty!


Black`n white photos make you look even more beautiful, minimalistic, but still very classy look!

So nice pics, you look so beautiful! Welcome to Barcelona ;)

Nice black and white photos :)


I went there this summer and loved it! Wish I could be back there already! xx

I really love all your b/w pictures on the blog.

im always first :) you look perfect i love your style :)

You are so beautiful, I’m jealous!
(old wearitwithpassion)

so beautiful! as is Barcelona and I can’t wait to see more photos from your trip :-D

Francesca xo

Ahhh Barcelona *.* love that city!
…and pictures are lovely!

Ahhh you look so elegant and timeless in black and white.

So beautiful Kristina! I love this pictures!


cool shots… there is something about black and white images that really capture the mood.x

You look increidble, as always. Barcelona, so lovely!
Wanna float with us?
The Floating Team!

Wow…amazing photos! You’re beautiful :)


cute photos! enjoy Barcelona

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You’re a bombshell ♥ and wi-fi issues are the most annoying thing ever …

you are so pretty!

You are such a beauty! And James a good photographer, I’m always so impressed with what you post on your blog!

Sandrine xx

Again love the pics! Have fun in Barcelona, glad to hear your internet works again :p missed you too :p

Thank goodness you’re back, we missed you:P Loving these gorgeous black and white shots <3

Love thoses black and white pictures

Lovely pics, Kristina! Black&white is always a good idea! x

You look incredibly beautiful, I can’t wait to hear more about the Mango project!

Kirsten x

Aleksandra Zojceska 28 August 2013 / Reply

You look stunning!Enjoy your stay there Kristina!

beautiful photos! I love the black and white!

Love the black and white pictures. Your posts are always so top notch!!

Again beautiful beautiful pictures! I totally understand you, when my internet drives me crazy I’m literally yelling at my laptop until it works again. Yes, maybe this can last a few hours. So you’re not the only maniac here ;)
Can’t wait to read more about your new project. It sounds so great! xx

How do you manage to still look so good after hours of travelling? I always look like shirt after I’ve been on a plane, haha.
Enjoy your time in Barcelona! Can’t wait to hear more about your projects <3


ok, I admire you because of your beauty and the quality, but the most for me here is your devotion for this blog. since I can say I was wathing your blog and it’s amazing how much people can achieve just by putting all their heart to do what they love. no wonder you doing so much better than other, very famous fashion bloggers, it’s just the way you live with it, as if it would be a part of your body.. i absolutely love the way you run your own thing! keep going! ;))

Such beautiful pictures! Love your makeup! :)

I totally understand you! ;)
Love the pics!!! And love Barcelona, my hometown!

Lovely pictures! Can I borrow James to take me some pictures as well?? hahaha xoxo

I love Barcelona! One of my favorite cities!

Your posts are always so beautiful, I’d love it if you stopped by mine!


I always love your pics :’) you’re gorgeous! ♥


Photos and you are fabulous! Have a beautiful day!


<333333333 nice!

you look amazing! I’m lovint the black and white pphotos <3


You so beautiful o.o

You are beautiful.


Such an unique photo session <3 I love black and white pictures.

Oh my god! You’re so perfect! You can be a model seriously! But I’d rather you than a blogger because I really love your blog so much!

in which hotel were this photos taken?

beautiful black and white pictures.

Wow gorgeous!!! Such stunning photography!

I think the black and white shows a fresh minimalism to the blog! love it :)

You are so photogenic, Kristina. Beautiful photoshoot!


Hi Beautiful Kristina, I follow you so much and I love your style!!
When a post about your autumn skin care?

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I still love how the bangs look on you!
great pics! :)

I wuv the photos <3 It does look classy! Lol :) I recently took a five-day internet-free trip and it was refreshing not to be connected so much.

You should definitely try it and let us know!

please tell us where your grey jeans are from, you recently posted on instagram! they are so cool!

Awesome black and White shoots, and of course you look fantastic

stunning shots! You look beautiful :)

Hayley xx

Black and white pictures? Yes please! You look incredible of course! It’s perfect that you’re working on another project (yes, I know now what is it about but it doesn’t matter, right?). I think that some post with the “technical” stuff would be perfect. Like how meetings work or something like that :))

I appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

Very neat blog post.Thanks Again. Will read on…