Pictures by James Chardon

LAST SUMMER FEELINGS? HELL NO! Okay, so remember the speech I gave you guys a couple of posts back from now about how ”blah blah blah summer’s almost over, blah blah blah I’m going to wear my bikini while having a bath because I don’t want summer to end blah blah”? Well turns out, I just found out (well, the right term would be realised) that it takes 1 hours and half on Easy Jet to Barcelona to get back on the easy breezy summer feel. Yihaa! Got my new Lovers & Friends dress on and new Ebel watch, the game is on!

Since we haven’t been together at the Park Güell with James, we decided to visit Gaudi’s amazing creations and take advantage of the craziness of the place to take some pictures. It was soo crowded but totally worth it. I was happy like a clam to be wearring my new Ebel ” Onde 36mm Malachite dial” which has this absolutely incredible deep green colour (looked so good with the palms and the general atmosphere of the park).  I paired the watch with some golden bracelets to give it a really cool summer feeling. You’ll see guys, it’s soon going to be 10° again soon in Europe, and I’ll have my bath party with dem’ bikinis on. You’re all invited. 

DRESS : Lovers & Friends
SHOES . Zara
BAG : Roberto Cavalli



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Adorable and beautiful maxi dress. I love your new Ebel watch.


xx Mira

totally incredible dress !!! love the slit detail :)

the dress is perfect, the watch is perfect and i love this park. it is so nice there.

Nice landscape and of course your outfit!! :)

Have been there 3 weeks ago. But it was way more crowded. You’re lucky to be there now without that many people in the backround :)

Stunning look for a stunning girl at a stunning place :)

Tu es sulbime dans cette robe, j’adore!

how cool is that!

xoxo from rome

the watchis really amazing! and the dress is super fresh and cute!

Unusual to see you wearing flats, not heels))

This dress is a dream and you look gorgeous with it! Love the shoes too, comfy but chic at the same time! :)
Have a nice day!

You look absolutelu gorgeou, I love the picture where you stand just in the middle of the palm tree, it looks so artistic! Lovely colors on your dress too <3


Great dress!


This watch is to die for, love the deep green colour it has.
You look stunning on this dress and yes we all wish summer could last a bit more…

You are so pretty..
Love your dress!

X, Comtesse Sofia.

Park Guell is a beautiful place to shoot pics, your dress is great!

that flts you pretty well.
Your figure has much more harmony when you wear long dresses.

Love your dress, amazing pictures dear <3
Shadow Of Style

Beautiful dress, love its colors and print! And the watch suits so well to it!

You look so gorgeous!! This dress is amazing and I love BCN.
(old wearitwithpassion)

Je n’avais pas vu ces chaussures chez Zara, elles sont vraiment jolies <3

Beautiful dress! You look gorgeous xx

// Inês Paúl //

You look gorgeous, lovely dress (:

Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl ;)
And in Barcelona !!!

Stunning pictures as always! I love how the dress fits perfectly to the background colours!
Kae from

Such beautiful photographs, lovely blog!

Kristina x

wonderful dress, love how you accesorised it <3
You are such an inspiration!!
P.S.I have my first giveaway on the blog, so i invite everyone to sign up for it.

These photos are even more beautiful than normal, if that’s possible!

You are a Goddess!

Beautiful dress!


Nice photos…this dress is beautiful :)


WOW the dress is absolutely breathtaking and i can only imagine how beautiful it looked in real life.

Does anyone know where I can buy the dress online? Many thanks!

x Renee

Your so pretty, I feel the summer breeze just by looking through your pictures!

Kristina you look beautiful in that snake print dress.:D Anyway you really should come to Portugal, you know… it’s end of August and the temperatures still on 33ºC. :D

Great pictures! Parc Güell is such a lovely place!

Park Gaudi is such an unique place in Europe! Highly inspiring and optimistic! You chose your outfit perfectly! Like always… :) Best wishes!

amazing shots!

Oh my goodness, how amazing do you look! I am in love with your dress!

Kirsten x

Thanks for sharing…wlovely post…well,Gaudì is a master of Art …but You’re a gorgeous Artist of Style! ;)
…and…Your Beauty & Style is a Masterpiece!

Wow these photos are stunning! Which camera do you use? Would love to hear your answer! :-)


beautiful photos and love the dress!


bikini while taking a bath……hmmm….very good idea Kristina!! That’s what I call blissful denial and I approve!
And love the dress! Looks great with your skin tone, hair colour and eyes! I need to figure out how to wear backless dresses because I’m a bit more endowed in the chest area……complicates things..

I’ve been at this park and it is such an amazing place!

The python dress is amazing on you, especially the color. Such a fashion inspiration.

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beautiful Kristina, i have a some questions for you….
1) why did you stop posting looks to lookbook?
2)why don’t you come to Colombia? i’m dying to meet you

but i wanned to ask you if you can make a video about James, about his history , studies etc :::
thanks k

you look lovely :* that watch perfectly suits the outfit :)


I love that park! Most beautiful place:)

That is amazing <3

Amazing dress! I love it! Here in Romania is still warm and I hope to wear dresses until middle of September(with jacket and boots:D)


Beautiful shots! & great setting, fits really well with your outfit :D x

You’re radiant beauty !

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


Amazing, that dress is way too stunning!

Amazing maxi and pics!


Wow I really like the dress. It looks very comfy too!

OMG! Totally in love with this outfit.. everything is perfect! the dress, the watch, the bracelets.. the colors!!
Great great pics! keep it goin’ :)

I love your dress! the colors and the pattern are so beautiful! *-*

Fashionably Sparkly

L’imprimé de la robe est super et avec la montre, c’est très beau !

Gorgeous print and I love the back!
Becca x

Well I guess I have no choice, Barcelona, here I come! p.s. the dress is amazing.

I’m so in love with these pictures. You look stunning and the location is adorable. I went to Barcelona a few years ago and visited Parc Güell, too. It was so breathtaking (and yes, VERY crowded, too). Maybe I will go on a short trip to Barcelona at the end of September. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a not so expensive flight and hotel to appear ;) xx

So stunning look Kay! CONGRATS!

It is really very nice pic. I am glad to have a look on this type of pics.

Love love love the sandals.

please say which camera did you use?(you look beautiful)

James takes the coolest photos! :)

You look adorable!

beeeeautiful dress and watch!!!

Gorgeous dress, wonderful scenery too :)

I love the golden rings that you have on! Well, all the jewelry that you paired with the Ebel watch is pretty :)

This dress is gorgeous and the watch is so beautiful, I love this green colour !!!

Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

Gorgeous photo’s! Love your dress!

The print on this dress is amazing, its just perfect for the beach!

Wow, Barcelona is really amazing, and your look is perfect for this city! Mina ♥
The Style Fever

The dress is so stunning! perfect for a chic day in the beach!
i want that weather in my city :( ENJOY YOUR DAYS IN BARCELONA, winter is coming (that sound so GAME OF THRONES jajaja)


Nice summer look

Amazing photos!! Parc Guell is so beautiful!! I miss Barcelona so much!!

I love your blog! Please check out mine!
Thank you so much XoXo

The dress is gorgeous

Wow wow wow! Absolutely beautiful photos! You look stunning with that dress!
I love much Gaudi works!

oh I’m so jealous!:) the weather in Czech Republic is quite chilly now.. love your dress!♥ amazing outfit as always♥

Beautiful dress and your jewelry look impeccable xx

Kristina, I follow your blog quite a long time and I have a few words for you. You are so unique and incredibly beautiful. Your clothes is gorgeous and you are a great inspiration for me.

Greetings from!

The shots and dress are amazing! x

This may be the most beautiful dress I have seen in a while. This is gorgeous! Love the print and the style of the dress. Great look.

Barcelona is so beautiful.. I like your accessories a lot.

I definetely have to go to Barcelona and visit this place. It’s realy nice. I like this post of you wearing Ebel watch the most from all the posts with Ebel. I think this watch are stunning! Perfect shape and the colour? Love it! You chose your outfit perfectly :)
Anie Green

Appreciate you sharing, great post. Awesome.

The watch’s color and design match perfectly with the dress.