Pictures by James Chardon

URBAN MINIMALISM There are just these kind of days, where you feel like rolling out of your bed (literally), in your pyjamas, eventually keep the blanket too, grab a toast and coffee and just head out and do what you need to do without worrying about anything else… Like the clothing you’ll wear, or the make-up, or the skin care… Uaargh, I mean sometimes when I see how simple it is for James to wake up and be all cool, get ready in like 5 min. I need at least 10 to dry my hair… Most of us, talking to you girls, have a much more complicated morning routine… Don’t we? And honestly, I feel like sometimes we should just stick to the basics like the guys and get more beauty sleep… it’s even better than make-up!

So we spent these past couple of days in Zürich, as we had some really cool shootings planned (don’t hesitate to check my Insta feed for more info, simply by clicking here) and few meetings to do. I decided to go for a really comfy and natural look, and now I wonder : why don’t I do this more often? Like, okay, usually I don’t wear make-up during the week-end to let my skin breathe a little, but during the week I don’t even think twice about it as I have such an established routine. I do it mechanically in the morning and that’s it! + I love my cat eye, and pampering in general. Using great products is a treat and such a luxury to start the day. But really, I loved having this nude face day (well almost huhu, used some YSL BB cream in Medium for a healthy glow, Terracota from Guerlain bronzer which has great highlight in it as well and tiny bit of Mascara, but let’s pretend it’s nothing). Thinking about doing it more often, even though I feel like I do look more tired with this look. What do you guys think?

BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Chanel
BAG : Valentino
RINGS : Topshop
WATCH & BRACELET : Michael Kors


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Casual chic at it’s best. Love your bag :D

xx Mira

you look fantastic so pure. but you look a little bit tired ;) You are a natural beauty you don´t need all that make up.
I only need my mascara, an eyebrow pencil and rouge during the week. My daily routine takes about 10 Minutes I guess..

Hello,Ciao…magical photos…magical appeal…gorgeous outfit!

you are gorgeous !! this look looks so pure !!! magical pictures :)

you do have make up still… and i’m sure it took you time to do your “non make up look too”. be natural for god sake !! you don’t need all of that you’re pretty enough

Beautiful, chic and simple yet so stunning! I am so in love with your bag – the studded detail makes it so unique and classy with an edge! So obsessed with your clean top and denim shorts combo as well <3

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Stunning look. Love the shorts and blazer combo. Totally beautiful!

You look gorgeous, love the bag.

You look so gorgeous! I love the outfit, especially the blazer and shoes! x

Rosa {Rosa & Fox}

Don´t worry you look great! I really like minimalism in every way. And it´s true: good sleeping is more important than make-up:)

You look great, this haircut is perfect for You :)

Greetings from Estonia

best town *.*
you look stunning, as usual!


Tu es très jolie avec ce maquillage naturel! Je comprends, moi aussi je me trouve l’air fatigué sans rien (ou presque) autour des yeux. Essaie peut-être une trait léger de fard noir estompé au ras des cils en haut, ça donnera plus de profondeur à ton regard, et un trait de fard cuivré sous l’oeil (ça ira super bien avec tes yeux bleus et ton hâle <3) ;)



Beautiful as always!

You look great without any make-up! Besides you’ve got a natural beauty :)


My first comment on your blog just to say that you’re beautiful even without makeup (or almost hihihi :) !!) Never give up ♥

you look tired but still amazing, you’re a natural beauty i wish i was like you, you have a perfect face looking like a doll.

would you bother doing a video of your eyeliner make up?

Nice photo’s that bag is amazing;)

Kristina, I absolutely love the natural look on you too! It looks so fresh and cute!

Cheers, Selina

Evangeline 15 August 2013 / Reply

Well I think this make-up suits you much more, it makes you look more innocent, natural, pure and just cute…I love this kind of beauty:) But of course, it depends on what makes you feel better;)

beautiful in white kayture.

minimal always win.

So beautiful, white color looks great on you

Despite the minimalistic makeup look – you still managed to look gorgeous. Love the outfit, the Chanel flats are beautiful.

Lubna | ELLE VOX

I love the natural look on you:-)

Hi, I love a natural look. I feel more comfortable in natural make up or other. I found your blog yesterday and i spend a two hours to looking each photo. It’s amazing. Each photo looks like with Vogue! I add your blog to my favorites. Greetings from Poland. Angelika.

I love this pure minimalistic chic! Great outfit!


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I love this look, very simple but chic! And this natural make-ip looks very good on you! :-)

Amazing my dear!
Perfect match, stunning Valentino bag!

With love
Elisa – My Fantabulous World

Tu es tellement belle; sans maquillage et avec…!

the lighter makeup looks nice!


I think you should do that more often, you look very sweet when you are without (almost without) makeup. I like to keep it simple too sometimes.

you look absolutely stunning without all that make-up <3 you look good with it too of course, but this is the real beauty :)


Tired, what? You are the most beautiful girl ever, in ever single ways!

you should wear that kind of natural make up more often darling. you look beautiful and love the clean look!

This is such a pure perfection :))

Beautiful bag and the first picture is just amazing! x

I love this look, it’s really fresh and beautiful! x


so beautiful!!!

You look stunning! I love your flats!

Sparkle On The Floor

C est la premiere fois que je viens sur ton blog et j adore ton style! Ce look est vraiment top!

A bientot ;)

Perfect! Amazing colours and very comfortable.
Xoxo from Poland!

You look absolutely stunning! I love the natural look; it suits you so well.


Kristina i really love it, i think you look great with this little make-up !


you are gorgeous…you need to try new things..maybe try some pink, purple. you have amazing eyes

and you’re still so beautiful! i love it!


You look so fresh and beautiful! I always have the intention of going for a subtle and natural look..without liquid eyeliner etc but it rarely happens, I just feel like everybody will look at me and be like ‘Oh no, she looks awful..put some makeup on love’. But I definitely know what you mean about wishing you could just roll out of bed and not have to worry at all, like boys!

Actually yesterday I wore much less makeup to work, then found out we had to have a picture taken for the work website & so the makeup went back on! Haha

Kirsten x

Love the simplicity ! And awesome picture’s! x

You are so beautiful, and I love your blazer!

I am so there with you!……. first off I CAN NOT just bounce out of bed! I wake up and need about 5-10 minutes to gather myself! and then a further 30 mins to shower, make-up and dress….my husband jumps up and is ready like superman! hate that!.. but sometimes I really wish I could do it!x

perfect look!love the ballet flats and the bag is super stunning

You are right, it’s so easy for men to get ready and we spend so much (a lot!) time to get ready. Sometimes I get tired of doing my make-up routine too. You are really gorgeous without make-up. You don’t look tired at all. You always look amazing, beautiful and flawless! Love this comfy outfit. Lovely pictures as usual!

The white & denim combination looks great on you!

Chase Miller
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You look stunning with a bit make-up!
Love Joe♡

I am absolutely in love with your face when you wear as little make up as here! So beautiful.


You are so gorgeous! Love the outfit, my favourite are the shoes! Yum!

It’s a lovely look and the pictures are beautiful!

Congrats to your photographer on Photoshopping your legs to oblivion! You look like a plastic doll.

Maybe if you add some illuminator under your eye, it will give you a more fresher look without looking tired.

do a tutorial for your make up please !!

I love the fresh look you’ve got going on here! So stunning <3 You’re beautiful with or without makeup Kristina!

loving the more natural look! really great

Love this all white look and I agree I wish our morning routines were as simple as theirs.

Gorgeous! You are rockin’ it. And those shorts with that top is wonderful. Love the basic makeup with the “basics” outfit. :)

You look like an angel!

It’s funny because of summer vacations I thought I could use a break of eyeliner, mascara & co… and using no make up products for two weeks made me confident enough to not use them at all :) since I don’t have blonde eyelashes there’s no one saying “you look sick” when I don’t wear mascara :) I really like it, that I’m able to ‘touch’ my face and don’t ruin any make up…

Kristina I love these photos, your skin looks flawless (as usual)! ;)

And I’m loving the blazer :)

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This is the perfect outfit!

Confortable and basic but lovely!


Love your style! Great hair!


I love this simple white outfit <3

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Love the natural look on you, so gorgeous! And the best part is that you aprisiate the make-up-look so much more after some days with the nude look. It’s the same as fashion; change and contrasts (masculine/femenine) is what gives (often) new ideas and so much more fun!

Best inspo, best blog ;)

Ca surprend toujours quand quelqu’un qu’on a l’habitude de voir maquillé ne l’est pas, mais comme tu es jolie, tu le restes :) Pour ta tenue j’adhère, simple, confortable! xx

Love the natural look on you!


Beautiful ♥♥

in love with your natural makeup! you look so pure and flawless


you look so beautiful, young and fresh with a natural look.
I really like yr cateyes, so either that or a simple mascara is fine.
I’m not a fan of the make up you usually use on your cheeks/face base. it doesn’t really bring the best in you and it makes you look older.
I really love yr pictures in the first year of Kayture in which you are so super happy and smiley and fresh. and somehow more natural.

Ta tenue est très belle, j’aime les coupes, les couleurs, c’est parfait ^^ Et que tu sois maquillée ou non, tu es très belle ! Je devrais le faire de temps en temps aussi, je mets beaucoup de temps pour me préparer oups !

That is a really nice blazer and some nice shorts! You look lovely!


Hey Kristina…I so get you. You look good with either makeup. Maybe you can interchange, some days this simple earthy look (specially those days were one wakes up lazy) and other days your famous cat look. It also depends on the clothes you wear. Have a great day..bye!

So pretty! I love your eyes : )

Yes we girls have it harder! But you look so pretty anyway xx

You look angelic as always!


you look beautiful!


Very nice to see that I feel the same way about pampering! It’s a pleasure but sometimes it’s worth to be skipped.

This outfit is so simple and so beautiful! Love it!

gorgeous and natural

Nice style, i adore white clothes, they look so fresh.

Super cute! ♥♥♥

Stunning look! I love the blazer with denim shorts. So cool

Beautiful outfit!

I think you look amazing either way, but it’s nice to see a more natural look from you from time to time. And it also makes you look younger, which is good, because you look more your age. Your skin is impeccable, so you don’t really need make up..You’re a natural beauty. Also loved the simple look, and the light in these photos!

Super cute look, love the bag. I’m also loving the photography in this post, amazing!!

xoxo, Diana ☠

Simple/natural makeup makes you look younger! It is good to switch around once in a while :)

I think you look just as pretty this way. You look not tired, but dreamy and cozy :)

Very very nice coat!

Loving this white on white top. You look great!

По-моему, это просто замечательно!
I wish you did more looks with natural makeup (and you do not look tired).

Love the purity portrayed through the pictures
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WIth love,

look tired? no, the opposite! you look incredibly fresh faced and i absolutely love this new look!

I love the makeup look you have in these pictures! So effortless and polished :)
Same thing with the outfit, gorgeous! xx

// Inês Paúl //

You look so much better this way, natural, fresh and pretty. Natural beauty, let it show more often.

Wow, you have nice hair. I like as this brown color hair. You’re shoe also touch my eyes.

I think you look great taking on the natural look, I agree being a lady is more complicated but living in a world without pretty things is worse. :)

I love the freckles on your nose :)

You look very very good with no much makeup,! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Omg! I love you without so much make-up on! I feel like you’ve just opened us like we’re your close friends and that’s really nice feeling :) Actually I don’t do my make-up. I’m 14 years old (turning 15 in November) and I sometimes use mascara but I think the more late I begin with make-up, the better :) So it’s just cool that you’re a little similar like me (even though this sounds weird haha)
And your outfit? Love it, love it! Chanel flats are perfect and the Valentino bag is just the best :))
Anie Green :)

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