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 THE TALK Okay so I always had pretty strong opinions about bodycon dresses, or the ”suck-it-in-super-tight-it-squeezes-errrthang” kind of dresses… So either you la-la-love it, or they give your nighmares. I shared both opinions… During different periods too… So there was the one with and without a work-out routine obviously (aah the pleasures of squats…)… And as you can imagine the one without was yuk. I mean, I always felt like bodycon dresses, bandage and stuff, always looked kind of tacky. Kind of like you want to show the world that you have a flat tummy and tight butt (okay… I TOTALLY get it, after hours of training you wanna spread the love!). Or it’s great if you have beautiful curves, dem’ little bum boom right where you need to have it.

I’ve personally never really been a huge fan. Even if I’ve done my core exercises (werk, werk) and lunges, I’m not a bandage girl especially since you can barely have a glass (or the bottle like I like to hehe) of water, or even grab some lunch without thinking about your tumzy sticking out afterwards (breath in, and don’t breath out!). Ahh us girls, all the things we have to think about right… Imagine if guys had to wear bodysuits and leggings. Well some do actually! Anyway, I thought about giving a try to this funky dress as since I was mad about the print. Since fashion week is almost there, I take advantage of playing it comfy as I know that in September my feet are going to suffer enough from high heels. Love how sporty this dress went out with the sandals and the denim! A good way to play down a bodycon dress! So what is your opinion about it?

DRESS : Omnitrade Fashion
SHOES : Divine
JEWERLY : Vita Fede


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This dress looks amazing on you. Amazing print.


xx Mira

I dpn´t like this kind of dresses. you need a perfect body to wear them. but you have a perfect body, so you have the right to wear them!

Stunning dress ! looks amazing on you

XX Luba

Easy urban loook with boyfriend jeans today on

Simple and nice outfit! I like your sandals a lot!

Heeyyyy I’ve never thought of that, but the idea of pairing a bodycon with some casual sandals looks great.

I love this dress, it’s so cool with the denim shirt. I like so much when you wear flat shoes, you looks amazing
(old wearitwithpassion)

ho you’re hiding your flat bum ?
I agree these dresses are for curvy women, i don’t even see the point to wear it when you have no boobs and no bum. Well, whatever. The long dress fits you better

So lovely printdress :) It looks really nice! -M

I love it on you! Don’t you worry about a flat tummy, you look absolutely stunning (as always) and I would kill for your body!

I’m not a huge fan of most bodycon dresses either, but this one is very pretty. LOve how you dressed it down ;)

beautiful dress !

It looks really cool! And you’re definitively thin enough to wear this.
I’d be the first to tell you, if you weren’t ;)

You look so pretty with this dress!

That dress is amazing!


Very cheap and nice shoes ! airmax

Trop belle cette robe !!


Lovely dress. The print makes look more sophisticated comparing to simple bodycon style. Great choice!

I have some similar prints on

I think it’s great! I’ve just discovered your blog and I love your style. What a cool dress! Even when I’m not a huge fan of that ones because I’ve got a lot of curves and I couldn’t wear it without losing some weight… (women, always so strict with ourselves)
Anyway, I even can dream about this one! And congrats for your blog. You seem very nice! Love from Spain xx

not a fan of bodycon dresses especially not worn with flats. but well, you changed my mind :)

it looks amazing because you have an amazing body. I love how you’ve dressed it down with denim too. It looks awesome!

Francesca xo

Cool print, you look amazing!

This one looks great on you and I particularly like the combination with the denim shirt. What you say about bodycon dresses is absolutely true, although I don’t think they are only good for super-thin women. You have a point about the curves and from my experience guys do not really care for a tummy peeping out, as long as they say the right places being emphasised (if you know what I mean! hehe). I would say bodycon dresses have more to do with age (I wouldn’t like them on women in their later 30s etc)rather than perfect body measurements :)

What a sexy dress, baby!

The dress is very nice but I don’t feel very comfortable in bodycon dresses too.


I had a dress like this at my birthday this year and I haven’t wear it since then..thanks for this casual idea

You look beautiful in this dress :)

i completely agree with your comments on the bodycon dress! but your one is quite a flattering print, and you work the dress well! :)

This dress suits you really well. Awesome print and the sandals are amazing too.

Love it! Great dress and amazing sandals <3

I wasn’t sure about the bodycon dress but you were it so well, maybe next summer I’ll give it a try!

Sandrine xx

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It’s mostly in how you wear them, I think. Just bodycon and heels, for example is very starightfoward. But if you add some sort of loose vest and wear them with flats like you did, it has a totally different vibe. (It’s my prefered way of wearing bodycon too). But obviously, you’re always showing off all the different curves in your body but that happens to be exactly what I like about them.

Beautiful dress! xx

// Inês Paúl //

the dress suits you so well, also like the sandals, they look comfy :)


Really like this casual look on you!


I think the print here is the key to the perfect fit of the dress. I share the same doubtful opinion about this type of dresses, but this one here is like the best of the best. The curve of the pattern gives a whole another vibe. It seriously fits you perfect!

Beauty! Love much the dress!
Hope you had a great time at Barcelona!

I don´t like bodycon dresses but looks great on you :)


I love it! You look great, and I also generally love this post..your comments made me laugh!

Kirsten x

Stunning photos as usual!
Also love your dress!


So casual yet stunning! your outfits always inspire me!!!

i would love it if you popped by my blog!

Beautiful dress, beautiful look, beautiful girl!


Wow beautiful dress and suits you really amazing!, Hope you have a great time in Barcelona

Style and Paper

I already saw this dress on your Instagram and I fell deeply in love. I love dresses like this one, but as you said there has to be a looot of workout the weeks and months before so it does not happen very often that anyone is seeing me in one of those beauties. Maybe next year (planned a huge fitness and healthy food routine for winter) ;)
Anyways, you look fabulous in this dress. You need to wear it more often, just because you can ;) xx

Love the outfit. Mixed sexy & simple with the short dress and denim shirt!

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I love the print! It’s like a Rorschach test!

The Occasional Indulgence

In my humble does not do your classy personality any justice.
Like you mentioned it squeezes and pronounces areas you rather hide.
I love all the other stuff you wear!!!

I just love this dress…especially the way you style it casual, laid back and sporty…just gorgeous Xx

My body is relatively petit so I like tighter dresses because they usually fit me better.
On the other hand, I’m thin but curvy so it’s always hard for me to wear tight dresses in a casual manner. A good example of that is the black and white pattern dress you wore here:
I liked that dress so much I immediately ordered one for myself. However, I was a bit disappointed to realize I couldn’t quite wear it in the same casual-but-elegant manner you did. My body is not the best for cool, stylish fashion. You, however, manage to be at the same time sexy and elegant.

you look so amazing! the dress is adorable, i believe though that it would be perfect with another pair of shoes :)

Wonderful dress! I love black and white dresses with an accent color elsewhere in the outfit.

J’aime vraiment beaucoup cette tenue, ça te va super bien :)

You look amazing! Lovely print, think it looks great with the denim and sandals :)

You look amazing in this dress! I think you worry too much.

Top cool your outfit of the day !

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


The dress is amazing. You look beautiful.

love the jeans shirt over the dress, however switching flats for heels would make the outfit really fabulous. In my opinion, only tall models can pull off bodycon dresses with flats. We “normal” girls need just a few inches of help ;)

xx, A

I liked the contrast of the tight dress with the loose of the shirt.
Love your style.
Greetings from Mexico


Que bella eres!!! i´ll love that you visit my website and my blog I´m a fashion designer and handbags, take a look.

wow you look greatè

You are such a beautiful woman ! I was wondering, are you going to post about your workout routine and what you usually eat !? We the readers are very curious and want to get to know you more !!

I have my concerns as well about body-con dresses – but what are you talking about, you look incredible! Love the print and the photos are gorgeous.

Lubna | ELLE VOX

you look lovely as always!
that dress is really interesting


Amazing dress and looks so great with denim shirt!

I love the dress and it looks so good on you! xx

This dress looks so beautiful on you.

Bah je ne vois pas où est le problème en fait, tu portes très bien cette robe ^^ Même si tu as raison sur le fait que c’est pas forcément très pratique de porter ce type de robe après un déjeuné mais bon il y en a qui aiment, d’autres qui détestent (perso quand j’en porte j’ai l’impression d’être toute maigre, j’ai horreur de ça …)

Gorgeous, love the print!

Oh jeez! I know exactly what your taking about. I have a boy-con dress as well and I do love it but it hates me sometimes for unknown reasons (I can’t breathe or eat because I will look like I have a food baby! lol).

This dress looks amazing on you! I really love the print, and even if it’s a bodycon dress, you dressed it down easilly with the chambray and your flat sandals ♥

i think that dress is gorgeous and it´s fit on u very beautiful way :)

hahahah ‘bum boom’ .. love it kristina you’re too funny!
And the dress is amazing! I totally agree that bodycon dresses are a challenge for most girls because they don’t allow for much breathing room (literally and figuratively!) but you pulled it off well!
And an interesting take on wearing that dress! I would’ve thought heels and a red clutch or something but the flats and chambray kinda work!

I completely agree. Bodycons look great on everyone else but me, it seems. If you don’t have great posture, the dress will backfire. If you eat, the dress will backfire. So I just keep away from bodycons.

BUT the ones with print, like yours, definitely help hide the bumps! I really like the dress you’re wearing :)

<3 you are so pretty <3
the dress is amazing, hun! ;)

Love the dress! It looks amazing on you!

I love this kind of dresses and I don’t care that my tummy grows bigger after grabbing lunch ;)
It suits you perfectly :)

looks great on you!! the print makes the bodycon factor a lot more subtle!

Amazing look Kristina!! You really rocked it!

I think you definitely have the body to wear this kind of dress, and it’s doesn’t look “show off” on you, just super cute and feminine :)

Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

I’m okay with bodycon dresses, for the right occasions and of course done with taste…you look great :)

gorgeous outfit! I totally agree with bodycons, there pros and cons. I think you look amazing and styled it really well! So no tackyness here ;)

Hayley xx

I think you look gorgeous in this boydcon dress! xx

I really really like this print of the dress. I know some girls and they wear bodycon dresses. Ok, you want to show us that you’re slim but the print is awful. But when I look at this dress I like it and I don’t think that you wanted to show us your body. You wanted to show us this perfect dress. Does it make sence? haha And with the denim shirt it’s chic and still comfy (I think :))
Anie Green

Fantastic blog article. Fantastic.

You look gorgeous on that dress and the sandals is simply beautiful.