Pictures by James Chardon

IN BETWEEN THE SHOWS Okay so I bet you guys have troubles following my fashion mood swings lately as I am wandering through grungy punk-ish chic inspiration then falling into a complete obsession about colour blocking, and prints (more prints! more prints! tralala). Yup, that’s just my mood. As you may have understood, I am exploring the fashion sea like a little fish, trying new things out and seeing how I like them! Because for me, fashion week is about that too. How will you choose to portray yourself today? I personally find it super amusing. So there I was with my fuchsia lipstick and sparkly Stella clutch rushing through the streets of NY…

That day, we had a pretty crazy schedule with some of my favourite brands showing their new collections. Unfortunately I missed one I was really looking forward to : Tory Burch. Maaarghr the traffic from Soho was so insane, we got stuck for 40minutes. Luckily (or unfortunately) I had Instagram to follow (or cry over) the updates of the folks who managed to attend the event (while I was yelling at the cab driver, okay almost… I’m a super polite swiss lady). Something funny I noticed as wore my quite extravagant outfit (cause let’s admit that this Cavalli print is pretty in-sane) is how my outfit looked sooo casual outside all the top fashion shows, with people strolling in print jumpsuits, platform heels, Valentino rock studs eeeeverywhere… So when I decided to go and grab a coffee in town, people litterally looked at me like I was some kind of freak or alien fallen from Mars. To those who were starring, I gave them a smile which meant ”have pity, me feet burn”. To those who starred with insistance I said ”I was just in the mood of wearring this coat today…A soya latte please!”. And you know what, at the end of the day, I am glad I managed to amuse some and don’t mind looking like a strange zebra in the middle of the city : I think it’s acutally really cool to stand up for things you love and wear the clothes you like. Of course, we all get a little crazy for fashion week (3:04min d’uuh it’s called fashion look it uuupp) but that’s part of the fun!

COAT : Roberto Cavalli
SHOES : Valentino
RING : Vita Fede


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Beautiful look. Love the coat. The print is really stunning.


xx Mira

oh my gosh this coat is just everything !!!

Amazing look Kristina !! WOW just gorgeous !


Minimalist, transitiona look, today on

That must be one of the most amazing coats ever!

I love the coat!xx

Love the dress and the shoes!

Jana ♥

i love this look!

xoxo from rome

that´s what fashion is about, explore and try new things. it´s really cool that you always do something new!

I love the pictures :) you look gorgeous!!

What a gorgeous coat!! Love the dress as well!


Gros coup de coeur pour ta coiffure, c’est vraiment super jolie ! :)
C’est parfois risqué de mixer des imprimés avec une couleur flash tel que le orange, mais tu y es arrivée à merveille, c’est très lumineux ;)

This, polite Swiss lady, is not a casual outfit. It’s elegant, color- and joyful!
Had to laugh about your sentence: “Have pity, my feet hurt.” ;)

love the coat, seriously stunning! xx

What an eyecatcher combi!!! It’s not a suprise people couldn’t overlook you :-P

The coat and the shoes are fabulous! You look amazing!

Could you have a look to my latest post?Thanks Kristina!

I would love to wear that coat anywhere in the world! it’s awesome!

I’m always amazed by how perfect your make-up looks! You’re such a beauty! This outfit is maybe not my cup of tee, but I don’t care. It suits You! Greetings from Poland!

Haha, true! Like an exotic flower in the middle of the jungle! This coat is gorgeous and the shoes just to die for…

This outfit is one of the best ones ever! I love how you manage to pull off all kinds of prints :) Don’t mind people staring, they probably thought “holy moly, that girl is devine!” :) Because that’s what you were! <3


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Gorgeous coat! Let people stare you rocked the outfit!

That’s like a kimono…Love it


Your shoes look not so comfortable!
But they`re Valentinos ;)

I love this coat so much!!! I would wear it in a heartbeat, so let those that stare-stare! Give them something new to look/think about :)

That coat is absolutely stunning! And you were right to ignore them, do they know something about fashion?

Sandrine xx

You look stunning Kristina! xx

// Inês Paúl //

What a gorgeous pieces! The colours are insane! x

What a gorgeous coat!! the dress looks just awesome with it <3
Love from France <3

that coat is soooo gorgeous!!
love it

I absolutely LOVE the coat…it’s beautiful, so what if people stare! It’s all about having fun…good for you!! :)

Layla xx

wow…I’m speechless…so different and cool. If everyone would dress like you it would be a better world :)…

love your blog, really nice post.


great post!

Amazing outfit :D
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My god you look stunning and I am so in love with that coat!i love the fact that you dared to wear this coat and you went over the limits! Honestly, this is my favourite look of yours and would like to see more looks like this one xx

What material is the dress made from? It looks awesome.

Whatever look you are going for, you always pull it off & look amazing!

Kirsten x

I really love this post. Is unique! Different! Congratulations!

your makeup is so bright and fantastic. Obviously your look is amazing as everytime ;)

Wow! You looked fantastic! Love the jacket matched with the orange dress!

This orange dress is gorgeous and this coat is amazing!

So beautiful! I love prints!!!

Gorgeous!! I’m obsessed with this coat as well :)
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Yuck. don’t like it. It looks like it’s 3 sizes too big for you.

Hello all right?
What a beautiful look that your loved the shirt and shoes is a luxury.

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Great photos ! And that jacket is so major, love

The print of this coat is so cool, I love it! x


wow, the outfit is really interesting! :)
I really like that bag and the coat reminders me of 80′s :)

You look stunning! Orange and blue are one of my favorite color combinations! Lately I’ve been more than ever obsessing over the photography on your blog! You’re so lucky to have James! XOXO

I think you outfit is so cool! Love the crazy print and admire people who are corageous enough to wear them!

wooow! amazing coat!

I friggin love the jacket!!! I’m sure you stood out during the week, but in a GOOD way :D

Ugh why do you always have to be so perfect? It’s so unfair!

OMG! that coat is absolutely stunning, perfect outfit for the NYFW! :)


Love the hairstyle you´re wearing and the shoes are so cute!

the coat is a unique piece but it’s kinda big for you no?

Go for it! This coat is so amazing. If some people stare it is alright because you have more fun than they do dressing up:)


Awesome look ! Love the coat, it stays stunning with that orange dress!

wow, seriously gorgeous! amazing look, girl! obsessed with that coat, so elegant and unique… Heart of Chic — Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! XO!

Stunning! I love those Valentino’s shoes and makeup!

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Thanks! =)

L’imprimé du manteau est vraiment beau.

amazing look! *_* I love it!


looove it! You look so stylish and chic! Keep it up :)

That jacket is just crazy

Love everything about this look …. its so loud and colorful and your pull it off so well

Greetings from London,

Wow I love every single part of this outfit. The coat and orange dress are such an original combination

Es perfecto, estas guapisima!! besoss :)

Your outfit is amazing!

Simply Gorgeous!

Your makeup and outfit really bring out the blue in your eyes. Gorgeous, as always! <3

love the shoes here so much great look! xx. gigi.

The print of this coat is pretty in-sane! And who cares about people staring, they’re probably jealous of how stunning you look or are just too narrow-minded to appreciate fashion :)

I’m so in love with the Valentino’s, they’re gorgeous! x

love the way how a mini dress looks together with a longer coat

Amazing coat!!

Well, if I would have ran into you, I would have told you how fabulous you looked!

Gorgeous look. Love the photos too.

That jacket looks really cool on you, love the first photo! Stunning! xo Hanneke

Woooooooooow j’adooooooooooore! Clairement, stand out of the crowd, ça peut être un peu intimidant mais après on se sent bien de ne pas être comme tout le monde! Sur le chemin de l’hotel à la fashion week, je ne compte pas le nombre de personnes qui m’ont dévisagé mais une fois qu’on arrive au milieu des gens fashion, on se sent tellement dans son élément ♥♥ Les gens regardent par intérêt, c’est complètement différent :) Et j’adore le fait que tu changes de style en fonction de l’humeur, c’est vrai qu’on sent différentes influences, ça rend tes tenues encore plus intéressantes, on ne sait plus à quoi s’attendre :D -F, votre invétéré fan Belge

l’imprimé est sympa, du moins il te va bien!

Well, if I’m not in the fashion industry, I would stare too but since I am in the same industry, I love it! Totally rock this jacket =)

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