Pictures by James Chardon

A SPORTY MFW LOOK Okay so there are two things I am currently completely obsessed about : jumpsuits and caps. I’ve been experimenting with jumpsuits for quite a while now actually (hurm… wait… this is in fact my 3rd Milan fashion week look in a jumpsuit! hehe, guess I really like it!). I feel like it’s just soo easy to wear yet looks so cool and stylish. You can go for a really soft and elegant outfit or a more edgy one like I wanted to try in this case. Now I’ve been searching for a good cap for months and couldn’t find one really nice anywhere (whitout any weird messages or logos on them, at the end I even considered getting one with logo ”twerk” on it… I was this close), when suddenly as looking through Mango’s website I saw this one and completely fell in love it. It’s shape and material is just perfection. It looks so awesome yet adds such a special touch to any outfit. So as you guys might already know we are collaborating with Mango on this really great ”Fashion Week Insider” project where I bring you behind the scenes of my adventure and so after taking you to NY with us, it’s time to have some fun in Milan.

That day I went for a more sporty look as the last past couple of days were all about super chic ensembles. To give a little structure to the jumpsuit, I decided to tie this plaid blouse around the waist (and you can always actually wear it if gets a little cold by the end of the day! so it’s a good accessory yet it could be usefull too! so bonus point to that). To add the cherry on the top of this total Mango look I decided to match my Louis Vuitton boots and this insane Maison Valentino bag that I got from Runin2. This outfit ended up being perfect for the first part of the day. I attended the amazing show of Armani which was like a dream, with modern mermaids doing the runway. On a final note I wanted to let you guys know a super exciting news. Very soon, you will be able to take part in a little operation in order to win a trip to one of your favorite fashion destination thanks to Mango and Fashiolista!! It’s going to be a really nice interactive contest that will go live straight after PFW, where you’re going to be able to can pack your own bags with their favorite FW look and submit. So definitely stay updated and don’t forget to check out the event page to follow the whole journey :)

P.S : James and I came straight from Milan to Paris for fashion week, so don’t miss out all our new updates!

BLOUSE : Mango
CAP : Mango
SHOES : Louis Vuitton
RINGS : Rita & Zia


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Cool sporty chic. Love the way you styled this. Some pics remind me of Cara D.


xx Mira

cute, chic, rockin, great pics, nice shoes and perfect hat – lovely post !!!

jumpsuits are really cool but the cap? It looks like a costume on you. lately I think it is not you. many outfits freom the last weeks look like costumes it looks like you only wear it for fashion week, to attract attention. I don´t think that you will wear some of this outfits in “real life”
I love to experience with fashion, but it´s improtant not to lose yourself.
It would be so nice if you go back to the roots and show us some combinations everybody can wear not only high fashion. I was always so inspired by your style but know it looks like someone else dresses you.

You look really gorgeous! It’s incredible how you can combine a cap and a blouse!

I could never pull this off

I like that flannen shirt around your waist as a pop of color! But that hat.. it just doesn’t suits you!

cool shoot!!! like ur outfit so much, dear))) xx))))

The photos are awesome and the booties are gorgeous!

Àlex Burch

Love the cap its a nice touch! Like seeing you in more rocker chic/punkish looks lately x

Beautiful as always!

This look is so awesome! Love the cap as the icing on the cake ;)
Have fun in Paris!

I’m not too sure about this whole cap trend but I have to say: it suits you ;)

lovelly look… funny faces!! :)


Jumpsuits are a lifesaver when you have an over flowing wardrobe but nothing to wear! I’ve been into caps a bit too lately. Love your one.

The Fashann Monster

Gorgeous ! Love the shoes !
Love from Paris

love how you match everything together! It looks great!

I love this outfit on you so much! and I love how you’ve made it classy with all the lovely jewellery


Super cute ! Great pics.

I have attended this fashion show and it was very awesome. I have also purchased one dress in this fashion show.
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How cute were the faces! Just brought out your beautiful inner side :) Btw I think it was brilliant to add the shirt to your waist! Gives a beautiful shape to you!


Haha I’m glad you didn’t buy a cap with ‘twerk’ on it, the one you’re having now is so cool!

wow! so gorgeous!!!

I prefer you with a more elegant hat, but the suit is very cool

Thanks to you I’ve become obsessed with caps! ; )

Hi! You look stunning once again :)

I know things are crazy busy for you right now, but I wanted to ask you a favor. You’re the same age as I am and I find it incredible that you’re so into your business and you’re getting so many chances, which obviously you deserve. The thing is, I find that you are really mature and successful and I really admire you, so could you please consider doing a post with tips on how to succeed or something like that?? Please? <3

Ce look te vas tellement bien ! J’espère te croiser à la Fashion Week de Paris :)

Love the unusual faces you made for this post.

Beautiful outfit!!

Fantastic jumpsuit! I’m looking for one too! I’ll definitely check out Mango!

I’m literally in awe of you, your style is beyond perfect!

Kirsten x

Can’t wait for the Fashiolista contest. Excited!!!

I am A Love Addict

gorgeous look! the cap is totally equestrian with your pulled back hairstyle! love
kw, ladies in navy

LOVE jumpsuits! One of the best and easiest pieces to dress-up and dress-down SUPER easily! Love how it looks on you!

Not sure about the cap, just my honest opinion, but I love the rest of the look! x


love the cap!!! and that bag is gorgeous!

Nice look, Kristina! Love your shoes! x

the shoes are perfect! love the outfit :)

those shoes!!! I love them! And the cap..nice touch..I need to buy one immediately..


love the outfit, I need to get my hands on the blue plaid shirt!

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Wondefull look!!!

Kiss from Italy!!

Elisa / The Candy Blog

Love the shirt tied around your waist.

SO beautiful ♡ Loved the jumpsuit, the cap and the shoes :)


You’re… wonderful! just that!

I love this look! Especially how the bright blue flannel stands out among the black

I just fell in love with the shoes and the jumpsuit !!! xxx

Amazing look! I love that shoes and the bag!

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Thanks! =)

amazing, so inspiring!

James photography is so amazing and you look absolutely stunning in every look of yours. You are always our No.1 blogger, Kristina. xo

Much Love,
Goodnight Macaroon Team

LOVE your outfit! Awesome Pictures! Wish I was there!

Beautiful pictures and a great outfit! :)

Great outfit and beautiful photos

I love the tartan shirt with the all black, it really makes it stand out.

Amazing outfit ^^

I got to say that I am in love with all of these pictures.. Your photographer really know how to capture your essence and god you know how to pose!!!
Congrats for that !!

Take care K.

Awesome pictures! You look so beautiful and your shoes are to die for, I want them so bad!!!! Plus I’ve already said it before but this Hermes bracelet is amazing!!! :)

great look, great bag
great post <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa

Those pictures are really awesome. It is one of examples of modern day and modern fashion. Women should rock by watching this post

woooow you know very well how to wear the sporty chic trend…
oh my god i think this is one of my favorite MFW streetstyle!!!
you rock Kristina n.n


baby you’re always amazing
the best


Love the accessories!

♥ Oksana ♥ New post!

beautiful pictures love your style

Amazing you look beautiful!


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You look absolutely amazing, the shoes are perfection!!

xoxo, Diana

The jumpsuit looks amazing, I wish there was a photo without a shirt, so we could see it all in one peace :> you look fantastic!

Does anyone know of brilliant places to buy vintage fashion. I found this site which is amazing, but still looking for more stuff


I love your style and you are so beautiful.