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MY LOVE FOR TARTAN Or should I say ”how I got influenced by the tartan over-dose in shops and magazines”, oh yes… I am just another little lamb following the trends this time… And I LOVE IT! Yes I do! I love how fashion makes me try new things from time to time and pushes me re-invent myself in a way I would have never tried before. And in fact it also leads me to another conclusion : I should push myself more, without the help of fashion or a whatsoever trend out there. I think back into my childhood when I used to drape myself with the living room’s curtains and imagine it’s a glamourous lady gown. What keeps me from doing it now (I do secretly dream of hanging out at NYFW with a curtain on the back)? It would be so insane. No, but honestly, what if the only fashion reference we had out there, was us. Just ourselves, our own brain, our own hands and nothing else? Would we think about wearing the perfect Chanel bag? Would we even find the ”boy” pretty?

Because I feel like all these trends and the fashion industry in general have such a huuuge influence on our perception (which is kind of the point isn’t it?). One day we looove prints, the next day we swear on black (ugh, I hate colours… I’ve been super grungy lately *smoking an electronic cigarette* huf huf… D’uh Hedi Slimane told you, you would be grungy). The new strategies and concepts are building up ”the new modern men/women”, some are taking in consideration what people are really, actually aspiring to wear, but yet some labels want to shock, make a mark (ever heard of yellow fur heels?). I watched this Jimmy Kimmel video and laughed my bum off. Seriously! Watch it and ask yourself the question? I am also just a little lamb? My point is, we should invent our own trends, our own fashion and style. We have the huge chance to have all these geniuses, incredible designers who offer us daily inspiration and a gigantic choice of clothing to build up our own dream closet. So this doesn’t mean you shoulnd’t adopt a new trend you love, but clearly never wear something you hate just because it’s trendy (Birkenstocks, I really hate you guys… even though you’re ”in”). So I do LOVE my tartan pants, and this whole new punk-ish look. As always my thing is to add some elegance and classic details to a rock n’ roll look, and this vintage Chanel bag is simply perfect. What are you thoughts on all this?

PANTS : Windsor
SHOES : Balenciaga
BAG : Chanel Vintage
TOP : Billabong
RINGS : Riza & Zia
JACKET : Lovers & Friends


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I love tartan too, it’s so punk! This Chanel’s bag is so amazing, I like all these photos, you look really gorgeous

Amazing look – love those pants!


you look really rockin fabulous :) awesome combo

Nice outfit and that jacket looks amazing!


You look gorgeous and these pants are seriously awesome!! :)
xo Andrea

You rock this cool look. I love your pants. Totally into tartan prints too. Don’t hate on the Birkenstocks lol. I was just like you but now I thinks it looks great :D

xx Mira

Love the outfit and I usually hate tartan ;)

I really like the outfit!:)
And the jacket is awesome!

you rock with this look!

WOW it looks amazing!
You’re the best blogger ever!
Love you ;*

I invite you to my new blog ;)

Sometimes I really do feel girls are a bit like lambs, following all the trends. Like the skort! It came and absolutely EVERYBODY wore it, just because it was in … I’m not even sure many of them liked it. Your idea is amazing and something I’ve also thought abot – why not just take my own imagination and create outfits :) Of course trends are great and it’s good to keep an eye on but I’m not going with the flow – I’ll do it only if I really really love the trend! :)


really great look. i love every detail in that.

Tartan is great! Love the shoes, too :)

i love this look!

xoxo from rome

amazing photos, love your shoes! xx you’re so stunning! xx

Amazing outfit! Love this punkish side of yours!

Love tha bag and the jacket!

Jana ♥

I have to say I don’t like it.. I feel like when you changed your hair you change your whole image and now I see you totally different.. I’ve really liked the old Kristina better.

love your outfit :) and I get what you mean about fashion and following trends. For me i always try to stick to my guns on what I want and dont want to wear but sometimes I do get caught up with the bandwagon esp if my favorite artist is wearing it :)))

Very insightful post here…I watched the Jimmy Kimmel video and also started wondering ‘are we slaves to the fashion industry’? People try so hard to be ‘in’, when the more important thing is to enjoy fashion and wear clothes that make you smile, instead of blindly following trends to show that you’re ‘in’ but you don’t actually like what you’re wearing. That is so sad!

Really nice photos. I love the bag :)


Hi Kristina!! I realized that one of the things that I enjoy the most of your blog is reading you. You know there are a lot of amazing fashion blogs, with great style and great photography, but you do a lot more that share your fashion throught the pictures, you also share with us some of your thoughts and I love it, and also the way that you do it. It is a real pleasure to come here every morning and read you and enjoy with your pictures with a cup of coffe. It’s hard to believe how smart and mature you are only with the age of 19. This makes you unique, please don’t stop explaing us all what your think.
keep doing!!!

Great style – I’m totally in love with your pants, love KK ♥

You are beautiful. But I don’t enjoy the grunge, punk, rock style anymore.

Great trousers! This looking is very much coming in.

Check out my illustrations from London Fashion Week:

Gorgeous look, the jeans are amazing, they’re so nice!

Àlex Burch

Love tartan too, great look!

Sandrine xx

Stunning! Love your boots so much <3
Andrea in Fashion

amazing outfit!
LOVE the pants

J’aime beaucoup tes bijoux, principalement les bagues.
Joli look !

Wow! Love the boots! Nice pictures btw :)

Love the accessories of this look! You look great!

-xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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I love your look! This punk-ish look suits you very well! I have to try this trend!!

kisses :*

p.s: I miss those Kayture on-the-go videos!!

You’re very cool.

SO nice, as always! I’m a huge fan of tartan too <3

You look gorgeous :)
This outfit is perfect.

I absolutley agree with your opinion, and think that video is hillarious! But it sometimes happens to me that I don’t like one trend so I don’t wear it. But when I see a lot of this trends, ideas how to wear it i slowly start to love it! It was like that with tartan, at first I thought ughh that’s ugly, but now I’m craving for A-line tartan skirt! Guess we really are easy to guide!

You look incredible, as usual! Everything about this outfit is perfect.

Kirsten x


I love the Collier de Chien in silver!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING


The camera always loves you Kristina! You look gorgeous in every single picture!
That jacket looks really nice :) xx

// Inês Paúl //

You look absolutely amazing.

gorgeous <3

I agree with you, your article is very interesting !

Love that look, so pretty <3

Loving this look!! You look great!

xoxo, Diana

Gorgeous outfit!! So stylish!

Layla xx

I really love this outfit! The punk trend is so interesting !
This post was also really interesting to read!

Love these, beautiful outfit! x


Love your new styles, Kristina! Keep up the good work! x

Love ur shoes! U look beautiful!

gorgeoussss outfit! I agree, you should only wear what you feel comfortable with. And i stick to my own style. I just incorporate current trends i like into my style.

Hayley xx

great look :) you have amazing shoes :)

I love reading your posts :) And omg that video!! Haha, it’s hilarious, i can’t believe how people can be so crazy hahahahah
You look great, btw ;) love your pants and that bag!


Ce style plus “punk” te va à merveille, j’adore :D
Les photos sont tops et le décor met encore plus en valeur le côté punk de ta tenue ;)
J’ai un gros coup de coeur pour le sac, les chaussures et surtout le bracelet !!! :)

Loved the look, perfect <3 xoxo

I think what I like most about this blog are:
- the lifestyle articles, the whole vibe you’re sending while traveling around;
- the exquisite photos, very high-end magazines like;
- you casually natural and discreet.

I like it hat you wear only small, tiny, meaningful jewelry; that you stick to your hair color and only enhance it, but just a bit, I like it that you have distinction written all over everything you wear, be it punk or classic.

If you feel like wearing punk one day – so be it, because there’s always the same message sent out, guiding the outfit: distinction.
I’m sorry, you would stand out in a punk crowd for not being angry, mad, spiked enough. :P
It’s not the clothes, you’re too classy, baby. :)

Hey folks! Thank you so much for all your awesome comments. I am really glad about your reaction as this is something quite different.

And actually I really do enjoy writing, so much in fact! It’s a real passion and is very relaxing too (you should try! free your mind bla bla bla)

P.S How funny is the Jimmy Kimmel video. I am still laughing

LOVE the navy bag!

This look does have a punk-ish feel to it, love it!

You look amazing, as always! Actually you’re one of my favorite bloggers! I really like your style, it’s so inspiring!

Please check my blog:

Thanks =)

I love how your style is so versatile and you change from day to day!
gorgeous as always Kristina! :)

I want to know, how you edit your photography, It looks always so stunning!


You look awesome Kristina, really, good job, !