Pictures by James Chardon

EASY SUMMER Our trip to Barcelona was short, waay to short I would even say. By spending some time there throughout the years (it has been my fourth time in the city and in general 8th time in Spain) I got to love this place more and more everytime. The food, the people the culture… Everything is so warm and welcoming. We even have our little spots now, places we like to go when we’re in the city. I love to have this feeling of knowing a little bit of everywhere! But the fact is we couldn’t stay longer as a new adventure was waiting for us. Yes, I am talking about fashion season! Huray (I litterally just stood up from my desk to jump and dance… litterally). 

So our first stop is going to be New York of course, and we’ll be there for more than a week. The big apple has become our city of dreams ever since James and I first visited, it’s a paradise when you’re working in fashion as it’s open to all opportunities. Now when it comes to fashion week, my duty (a part from all the insane organisation behind, but that’s the boring part) is to prepare the best looks possible and I am currently getting crazy navigating through Net-A-Porter, ASOS, and Topshop (I totally lost my temper on Topshop, holy moly somebody should burn my credit card). The fact is when you shop for a reason, you find all the excuses ”urrrr but I need these jeans”, ”these boots would be perfect for fashion week” and the killing phrase :  ”it’s an investment”!!! And that little game goes on and on until the check-out where I find out that my cart is worth a fancy car. Sooo… I’m still working on that (huhu).

PLAYSUIT : Minusey
SHOES : Michael Kors
WATCH : Michael Kors



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Super lovely playsuit. You must be so excited to go to the NYFW <3


xx Mira

Funny text :) curious to see your outfits and new purchases already

Original look

totally love the city and your bag. but not this double piece .. doesn’t suit you very well. but anyway. hope you had a great time

Cool look!
Hahaha I would still stick to my shopping cart even if it’s worth a fancy car :P

Such a cool look. We have been obsessed with mirrored prints lately and the white heel is killer!

Really nice!!

You look so adorable and chic! the casual/comfy jumpsuit is great with those super chic white heels! *_*
Have a nice day!

I adore the playsuit, very sweet and suits you.x

Oooo I have to come back to Barcelona, I love your look, this jumpsuit is so cute and I like so much your handbag
(old wearitwithpassion)

Beautiful playsuit, dear! Mina ♥
The Style Fever

Lovely outfit and great legs, dear ;)
kisses Gio

Great pics and so nice playsuit!


so beautiful!

so pretty, love your shoes so much!

Amazing outfit! Love the jumpsuit, so pretty with the black and white print!

I love your look! You’re gorgeous!
And good luck during NY fashion week ;) It’s my dream!

I perfectly understand how you love Barcelona as I live here and is one of the best cities of the world… You should spend a weekend here darling!!
BTW I love your jumpsuit!! Soooo cute!!


J’adore cet imprimé! cet ensemble te va super bien <3



That’s a great outfit! The playsuit looks so comfy, I wanna wear it right now.
I had the chance to visit Barcelona in 2 weeks, too, but I couldn’t book it. That’s the thing about two of your best friends have their birthdays on one weekend in holiday season.
And now it’s fashion week season again. You can’t believe how I am begging every year that I get an invitation to NYFW by a miracle.
Hope you two will have a lot of fun there! :) xx

Nice outfit…white is always a good option!


Gorgeous ! Loved the suit and details in white !

Like a normal suit, but supplementing it with accessories such he was unsurpassed. Excellent look))

Like a normal suit, but supplementing it with accessories such he was unsurpassed. Excellent look))

Like a normal suit, but supplementing it with accessories such he was unsurpassed. Excellent look))

white suits you very well! Gorgeous as usual!


omg, the playsuit is AWESOME. and it looks really comfy, what do you want more? :)

wish you a good time in new york, i will follow your adventure here as always :D


Love this playsuit, looks so pretty on you! x


You’re so tan! Especially wearing all white.

Can’t wait to see your looks for fashion week! Pretty as always!

Sandrine xx

Love your outfit! in specially the bag ;)

Haha your posts are so good, you always make me laugh! The whole spending too much money sums up my life, I just can’t help myself.

Love this look so much, white really suits you too! Can’t wait to see your Fashion Week looks!

Kirsten x

oh wow perfect Kristina! This combination is one of my absolutely favorites! Have a nice week <3

Such a cute playsuit. And I love the white heels you paired with it! SO fun.

Beautiful girl with perfect body! Your charm is unique, baby! And these lovely bare legs make my crazy!!!

Love the play suit! One of my favourite looks of yours!

The Fashann Monster

I Love this outfit….it’s so pretty yet simple and chic!

Just gorgeous!

Layla xx

I LOVE the Get the Look part!!!

I love this playsuit and the white heels are gorgeous !! It goes really well with your tan :)

I can’t wait to see your nyfw outfits !!!


Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

Great look! You are so inpiring for me.

Love the way you write about fashion week, you just bring all the energy back!

Love the playsuit… the prints is gorgeous! :)


You look amazing!!

Not a fan of the shoes AT ALL!
Nice playsuit though!


cute bag!
xx Stephanie (

Haha, we all have that problem with online shopping don’t we :) Can’t wait to see your outfits for NYFW!

love the jumpsuit! looks amazing!

I saw it on so many bloggers already! It’s gorgeous!

I know the feeling of getting to the checkout and have to pick and choose of what you really want!

Love your outfit!! You are so pretty!!

That is such a cute playsuit, I love all the whites played round in the outfit. And yay for fashion week season! I can’t wait to see the outfits you came up with, super excited. x

Lubna | ELLE VOX

I just came back from Barcelona, fell madly in love with the city!


It will be awesome To see you in skirts and dresses again! Love from México :)

J’adore ton look ! Le playsuit est trop beau !

You look absolutely amazing in white.


This is such a fresh look!

Loving your outfit, cute shorts!

xoxo, Diana

Stunning as always!!

Love this outfit! You look stunning.

totally in love with your playsuit, just perfect!!

Lovely outfit! White is love <3

beautiful, I love this play suit… i swear vie seen it in long sleeve too somewhere…?

Id love it if you popped by my beauty / fashion blog!


gorgeous outfit you look beautiful! Great photos aswell :)

Hayley xx

I can totally relate to the need part =)

Kristina I looooooooooooooooooved your shoes!!!

Not Crazy about the shoes, but the rest I love!

Thanks for the post.Really thank you!

I appreciate you sharing this blog article.Really thank you! Will read on…