Pictures by Elena Kuznetsova

BY THE LAKE Summer mood is definitely aaaages away from the kind of climate we are now facing in Switzerland and I definitely took all the cartons full of jackets, boots and faux furs out of my depot to re-arrange my new perfect fall closet. My newest obsession : pastels. Oh my goodness. I am usually not that into baby, barbie, girly colours and everything as I think that I already have kind of that baby face and that it’s much more interesting to play on contrasts… If you know what I mean…. But I am SO in love with pastel ensembles for this fall. Candy pink, lavender, mint, baby blue : you name it! Bring it on. This time fall isn’t going to be all about the browns and burgundies for me. This time we’re going to experiment and of course the most important when you’re living in a cold country is to have a good colour palette ready. So instead of going for the traditional black coat, why not try something different this season? You can start by making baby steps and go for a gray, nude or even camel coat. OR even play it totally fun and go for the baby blue card like I did here with my new beloved Topshop coat. Okay, so as soon as I saw it I absolutely fell in love with it. It has fake fur in it and keeps you soo incredibly warm. It came with these strange buttons on the sides (usefull for those who actually like to close the coat, I personally have a weird habit of leaving it open) that I decided to take off. The colour though, the colour was perfection. So I matched this mega cozy topshop pastel blue sweater to it as well as of course some perfect light blue jeans.

I had the pleasure to shoot these images with a good friend of mine Elena Kuznetsova, who I have worked with several months ago in Paris on a fashion shoot! She is currently in Switzerland and doing such an amazing work, I always admired her fabulous eye for fashion. We decided to hop on and make some nice images since it’s been such a long time that we haven’t seen each other! So guys, you have to check out her website, she’s really doing some amazing work. Also, a lot of you folks have been asking about James and why you guys haven’t seen him on my birthday’s pictures. Well it’s very simple and nothing to worry about, since fashion week ended up we didn’t really have time for holidays and continued working on new projects. So James just took a little bit of time off, just like I did, to enjoy some time with friends and family! It’s super important for us to find a healthy balance so I think it’s really great to flow with the wind and allow yourself a little time to breath if you feel like it! I hope you guys will enjoy these images that Elena and I shot, I absolutely can’t wait to show you some more of the images we’ve done together and I am already super excited to work with her again. Isn’t she fantastic?

TOP : Topshop
COAT : Topshop
JEANS : Mango
NECKLACE : Anton Heunis
CLUTCH : Gucci


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Pretty in blue. Love the cool jeans and the cozy top :)

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xx Mira

I agree, you should not wear pink, but taht light blue works good. expect of the jenas is everything cool!

looks great on you.

all in baby blue – love it !! this is totally your colour

I love the necklace and the clutch! ♥

Blue is definitely your colour ! The necklace and the shoes are GORGEOUS !!

Sara Constance

stylist & blogger @

I just discover your blog (I know, shame on me) and I am totally into ! Love your outfits and your perfect make-ups.
Big fan of you !

great pics! I miss Switzerland!!!

Beautiful outfit. I like zour coat.

super pretty!

Lovely shades of blue. And you look beautiful, as always.


Très sympa

stunning blue outfit:) love the necklace!

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I really love this oufit !! The fluffy jumper and the coat look so comfy !!!

Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

I love the autumn mood of this photoshoot! With a look at the photographer’s site I can see what you say.She is really talented!
Spotlights on the Redhead

Beautiful outfit. The blue color looks good on you.

perfect look!

love it

Such an amazing setting, its gorgeous!

I love to colour block in pastels, so subtle.

Sophie x

Beautiful, love the baby blue hues!


I love the light blue vibe in this look. You look wonderful.

Kelly | secondhandspring

Как же мне нравится пальто!

you look gorgeous in this all blue look!

Wow the blue looks really gorgeous on you! I love the magnificent necklace and the shoes, absolutely flawless! XOXO <3

OMG I absolutely LOVE this look! Who knew baby blue on baby blue can look so great!

I love the top and coat! It’s so refreshing to see pastel shades this fall :-)

Your clutch is sooo cute! Love all your outfit

Aaa love your shoes <3

Absolutely love the scenery, it looks amazing and so do you xx

I don’t say this very often but I love your outfit! I am into pastels this winter as well so I like the sweater and coat very much. My absolute favorite is the necklace though which I am super jealous of:P It’s unfortunately too expensive for me plus it’s sold out:(

everything is perfect <3 coat, top and necklace... awesome

Pretty! Every item in this outfit is gorgeous! Greatly styled. x

im truly in love with the color combination of this look, the texture of the top and clutch in combination with lv wallet, lovely and dreamy :)

amazing. What a gorgeous backdrop!

Hayley xx



Absolutely love this outfit! This color is perfect! ♥


Beautiful outfit!! Nice pics.
Love the necklace.


Great look!


Love the jumper, the texture is so pretty! x


Great look!
Your sweater looks really fluffy :)

Svetlana from Lavender Star

Wow this look is amazing, I’m in love with your pull!

Sandrine x

Very nice post Kay :D love yaa!

wow, you are the most beautiful girl ever!!!

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You look lovely in this baby blue color! The coat and the sweater are so beautiful! I love the shoes too!

beautiful colors, love the pale blues!

The jeans is not my cup of tea, too stained, but I love the sweater, coat and necklace
the colour looks great on you

love the location! my fav pieces are the sweater and clutch and I absolutely adore your nail color here too. great look! xx. gigi.

Amazing sky blue pics.

SO perfect, that coat is a dream!

I love the monochromatic outfits! Great blues.

The perfect look! Perfect accessories! Amazing colors! LOVE it!!! :)

Love the outfit !! The deferent shades of blue.. perfection.

Love your photos and the posings – again great photos… – the coat is phantastic for autumn/winter…

Wishing you two a great weekend…

Greetings – Vanessa

This pastel outfit is so soft…reeeeeally nice


Baby blue is one of my favourite color that why I totally love this look !

Everybody should wear pastel as you do. Love your outfit :(

Shoes are amazing …

Love the heels and the necklace, really beautiful

Love love love your coat and your necklace makes such a statement! Although I hope your heels survived- it must have been hard to stop them slipping down the gaps on that pontoon!


Where is James ?!

Total schön!

Hast du schon die neue Rubrik auf meinem Blog gesehen?
Bei “show your style” geht es um uns Fashionblogger und vor allem um deine tollen Outfits! Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mitmachen würdest!

Liebe Grüße,
Verena von

I’m usually not a huge pastel lover but this coat is great.

Love these pictures, this outfit is so perfect, I love the coat!

J’aime beaucoup ton pull tout doux, et le look full blue!

I adore this outfit! Baby blue looks great on you and you look amazing.

Absolutely love the pictures, she really does a great job!