CELEBRATING MY TWENTIES Hey guys!!! So first of all, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your amazing birthday wishes. I honestly can’t be more gratefull. You are all absolutely amazing and I feel so blessed, thankfull and lucky to have you all even if it’s only virtually. At the end of the day I sometimes like to imagine that we’re all kind of friends and it would be sooo amazing to just be all in the same room together and hug or something wouldn’t it? Or am I just being really weird and crazy here…? Maybe just a little, but you get what I mean right? It’s all about the love. All about the love… Kayture is really my baby, it’s my treasure and I put all my heart and love into it. I am so happy that you take pleasure coming here everyday, where I share with you a part of my life, to find some inspiration, get amused, travel, have fun and above all relax. And forget about all the troubles, or the issues you had during the day. I want Kayture to be a positive place, where there’s an open door for dreams, passions, ambitions and loads of good shoes. SHOES are the most important. Above all. But to be more serious : my 20ies wouldn’t have been as good if I didn’t have you all. Thanks to you, I have this huge energy and will to make everyday extraordinary in order to post the best content possible. So I hope that each time you come here, you feel that positive energy and you take some bits of it on your own journey, making YOUR dreams come true and YOUR life more beautiful (by having more shoes of course).

On the night of the 28th (yup, that was a monday… How to annoy everybody : throw a birthday dinner on a monday evening! Very smart of me… but hey the 20ies have to be celebrated on the right day!! Not a day after, not a day before. That is just it!) I’ve organised together with my family an absolutely amazing birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant on earth : the brasserie Grand Chêne at the Lausane Palace. I’ve celebrated my 18th birthday there, as well as many different important occasions. This place is my temple of evolution : everytime there’s something to celebrate, we go there! Everytime a big goal has been reached, or a step has been made : this is our place. We kept the tradition and honestly it was the best decision ever. I didn’t want a gigantic birthday bash with tigers, fireworks, loads of people I don’t even know that well… I wanted to have my family and friends close to me. People I could talk to around a lovely glass of wine and a delicious hot meal (or cold!!! they have the best beef tartare evaar). So we enjoyed some absolutely fabulous time and it was honestly the best night I could imagine. Because it was that simple. Nothing too over-the-top extravagant, just great people, great food, a place I love and a lot of laughs! I usually don’t like to share private pictures of my friends and family but this time they all agreed that it would be so nice to make this article as a wonderfull souvenir of a super fun night. + I needed to show you my outfit of course! I wanted something colourfull and bright, something that would make me happy and feel great! So I went for some of my favourite pieces : my beloved Shourouk necklace, Valentino rockstuds and a Topshop jumpsuit. This was such an amazing look!! Perfect for a birthday girl :)


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Beautiful look! Happy birthday!! ;-))

Awwwww, looks like a lovely evening! Happy happy birthday, you look great!

These pictures are very sweet ! You look beautiful and so happy with your friends and family !


Beautiful outfit for the occasion :)

It looks like you had an amazing birthday!

Encore joyeux anniversaire, tu étais sublime pour ta soirée :)

u look so pretty :)

Very nice post! I definitely agree with what you wrote: Kayture provides great vibes, as well a scent of sophistication to my life; I bet all the readers feel this way. Happy twenties! :)

It is important to enjoy these precious moments. Your Chanel bag is gorgeous !

Looks like you had a fab birthday! You look so pretty and glowing.

Greetings from London,

So lovely , girl you are stunning and such an inspiration ! Keep on doing
Much love xxx

Happy birthday sweetie!…. You look beautiful.

I know that’s too late but Happy Birhday, my favorite fashion blogger! And a huge thanks for this artical, reading it was amazing.

Oh I love personal pictures! Thanks for sharing ;) You are wonderful ;)

Happy birthday Miss Kristina! God bless you! :)

Ericka of

seems like you had a wonderful birthday! <3


Awesome pictures! Lovely look! =)


You Look gorgeous! I love Celebrating my birthday!
Looks like you had fun!

Love your bag!

lovely bday girl!

moustachic ♡
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I would have expected you with a dress but you still look very stylish in this jumpsuit.

You look so beautiful and chic. Happy belated birthday!


Aw this is so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing, your blog really is a place I come and dream and feel inspired and get obsessed with… loads of shoes. I hope the next decade has even more wonderful things ready and waiting for you.

x Eva

We love the green + pink combo :) you look beautiful!!!

Kisses darling
Adri, Joha & Nat

Looking really gorgeous birthday girl ! Lovely family and friends and a cozy atmosphere! I also love to celebrate my birthday privately with the closest friends and family.
Wish you all the best and a new start for your 20 ‘s journey ;)!

Love ,Diana

Happy Birthday! You look stunning once again.

The Fashann Monster

happy birthday! wish you all the best and more outfit photos to come :)

happy birthday!
looks and sounds like a great day

wooow the jumpsuit is so precious¡ excellent choice for your Bday outfit :)


You look so beautiful! Happy birthday once again!

looks like a blast. happy belated!

Lovely! Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy birthday , Kristina ! As a fellow “20″er , I can truly relate to your thoughts and emotions. No matter what other achievements you’ve accomplished so far, in the end , the most important thing is that you have your family and dear ones by your side, sharing with you all this happiness ! So make the most out of this year, bring us new , exquisite inspiration and keep shining bright ! You are a genuine person and I enjoy reading yur blog :)

best wishes and Happy Birthday !
Sara Constance

You are absolutely amazing girl! HBday!!!

Kristina, where was James? did he not celebrate with you? Anyway, you look amazing honey <3

Very cool and original look !
and wow your parents look young :)

Toller Post meine Liebe! Sieht total hübsch aus! :)

Liebe Grüße,
Verena von

Happy birthday dear, hoping you stay inspired to keep on dressing so stylishly and chic!
So nice to see young girls with such a refreshing take on style and not lounging around in sloppy clothes. You have a great sense of style!

you look wonderful with that jumpsuit and i really like reading your posts,your writing is incredible.
i also appreciate that,even if you’re a super famous blogger/person now,you’re not going for the super duper haute couture clothes which nobody can imagine wearing in daily life.your outfits are always very wearable and are therefore a wonderful inspiration for people out there :) keep up the good work :)

Awesome pics and great bday party!! Glad you had fun. You look great. Love the jumpsuit.

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xx Mira

Happy late Birthday! You look fab in that jumpsuit and oh my god what a cute Chanel bag!!! :)


Happy Birthday again, Kristina! You are the best blogger ever! We your readers happy to read your posts, to see your looks everyday! Huge thanks to you! You are the star! Shine and smile! Love you!

A wonderful set of pictures <3 I bet you had a great time. And celebrating your birthday with close friends and family will always be a good idea !!

wow you look so chic!

It sounds like it was such a magical night. You all look so happy and giddy and your outfit is absolutely gorgeous. Glad we’re able to share the experience with you, and happy birthday again. :)

Lubna | Elle Vox

Looks like a lot of fun! Love your bag.

xoxo, Kenzie

you look great!

wahou, éblouissante comme toujours! Mais, où est James?

Ooohhh, you all look so beautiful! But you look the best hahaha♥

Happy birthday Kristina, you looked gorgeous !

Love from Paris

Happy Birthday!
What a sexy and modern look!

Keep up the good work!

VerA from Moodtopia

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Wow! Looks like you had an awesome time! You look extremely happy in those pictures :)

Sandrine x

Not my favourite outfit, but I really like the necklace!

Ou, happy birthday:))
Regards from Lithuania:)

Love the necklace, you look gorgeous! x



With love,
Elisa – ​My Fantabulous World

happy birthday! wish you always happy! =)

so nice diner, but where is james?

You are really amazing, I am wishing you the best!
Keep posting fab things on your blog (which I am addicted to)
and stay stunning as you are !

Congrats….U are awesome ! <3 :)

Twenties are great!! :D I’m twenty too (but my bday is in April) and this time I celebrated it with a party “Alice in Wonderland” inspired!! :)
I leave you the link of the blogpost I made, check the pictures because that was a super party :)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

You look gorgeous as always <3

Chiara from Vogue at Breakfast.

You look absolutely beautiful, looks like you had a really great birthday!

Kirsten x

Your necklace is amazing <3

This is such a lovely post to read – HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY FROM IRELAND!! You look absolutely radiant and so happy, it’s nice to be given an insight into your personal life :) looks like you had a fun night! :) You’re such an inspiration to me (I’m Irish and 16)!! I like how you kept you’re celebrations intimate, glad you had a wonderful night – It’s nice that you now have this post as a souvenir!


Happy B’day gorgeous ! wish you all the best.. GBU

Happy Birthday, beautiful Kristina!

Hope you had a great birthday!! can’t believe you’re 20 already! I’ve been following you for so long now, and I always look forward to seeing new content. Best of luck for the future! Lots of love xxx

where is james??

gorgeous! …you look so happy and fresh..I was looking for a photo with James!

kiss you and happy b-day again!

you deserve all the good wishes!!! :)

I love to come here to have a good time with your photos and history :)))
To your setence: “to find some inspiration, get amused, travel, have fun and above all relax. ” I would like to add: relax and learning… because is easy learning some english in a relax mood, :) thanks!


Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Congratulations on turning 20!!! xx

T’es trop belle Kristina :)
J’espère que tu as bien profité !

happy birthday Kristina! I’ve turned 18 on 28th October haha :) we both was birthday girls that day :)
many kisses, Agata xx

Wishing you all the best on your next chapter; your 20′s!!

Looks like you had a wonderful time! You look amazingly beautiful ❤
xoxo, Claire

♥ BEAUTIFUL, i love it!

happy birthday sweety!! mine was on 27th!!! aaahhhh!! but i have celebrated my 35!!and guess what? i think your are right thinking that it would be great to be all together in a room. may be one day we could organise a meeting? ja ja ja think about it… my best wishes for you, your life and your project. with love from spain

Beautiful outfit!
And happy birthday!

Svetlana from Lavender Star

Girrrrl I’m glad you had fun Kayture God bless you always!

T’es juste magnifique ! Franchement j’adore venir lire ton blog et voir toutes les belles choses que tu fais ! Reste comme tu es!
Gros bisous et bon anniversaire en retard d’ici en Suisse :)

T’es juste magnifique !
J’adore lire ton blog et voir toutes les belles choses que tu fais ! Surtout restes comme tu es !
Bon anniversaire (en retard) et gros bisou :)

Bon anniversaire en retard ^^ 20 ans… Si seulement je pouvais avoir 20 ans à nouveau ^^’
Ta tenue est superbe !


aww so lovely. Happy belated birthday! I wish mine had been as stylish as yours


Happy Bday darling!!
We ‘re sure you enjoyed ur day…go on with your great work and making us enjoy with your posts!!

Wish you all the best dear!! :)
Radka from

Magnifique tenue ! J’aime le mélange du vert et de l’imprimé.

Que guapisima!1 Tengo una tela en mi tienda igual que la de tu mono! =)

Nice make up and congrats

There is no picture with James.. So bad..

You’re pretty !

you look so beautiful! And i really love that jumpsuit <3

Hayley xx

Happy bday! so sweet and young, wish you all the best :)

I like how you mixed a topshop jumpsuit, which isnt that expensive, with some really nice designer items like the shoes and purse. Again, your style is great!

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Hope you had the most magical night! What did you get for your birthday?
Sending love from Sydney, Australia xxx

indeed it seems you’d have a beautiful aniverssary…