Pictures by James Chardon

BACK AT MFW Since I am back from fashion month, I just didn’t know where to put myself. Like, seriously… I mean, I don’t know if I have some sort of a chronical ”workaholic” syndrom or something but I found myself actually feeling bad because I was relaxing and doing nothing for a couple of hours. There’s this tiny voice in my head that’s like ”hmmm watching breaking bad huh, you lazy little patato…and all those things you could do!!!”. Boom. Brainwash. I get up and I start doing 5 things at the same time. I swear, I am a master at multitasking. You see, the fact is that once you’ve been running all day for one month, barely sleeping, and eating, and suddenly you’re back home with a couple of hours in front of you : you freak out! It’s totally normal right? So after returning home from Paris, I decided to allow myself the week-end off and just do NO-THING (best activity in the world). Which ended up being very nerve wracking… Thank god yesterday, James and I were back behind our desk preparing new projects, answering to the pile of e-mails and managing new collaborations. My sanity is back… Do I have a problem?

Okay, not to sound all intellectual and everything but I feel like we live in a society (everytime I use society in a sentence I feel like a genius of some sort) that puts so much pressure on the shoulders of everybody. You have to be good at school, at work, at home, and do all these things on the side, and paint, and do maths, and charity and blah blah blah. And yes, we end up with FOMO, a.k.a the ”Fear Of Missing Out”, I fear missing out an opportunity, an idea, a project, a trip, a light one day that could allow us to make the perfect picture. Arrgghh. Competition is high, expectations are too and here we are in between all of this trying to make our way through. Ah guys… All these thoughts… Have you ever felt the same way? Or felt like you could be diagnosed with FOMO (okay it’s not a real disease, but hey, I am sure it could be one day!!). I let you swim in all this while I casually change of subject (I should seriously take writing classes, there we go : another task to add on the list). 

SO James and I made these pictures in Milan after the Emporio Armani show and before a meeting with the Versace team. I am wearing this amazing shirt from a new brand I am crushing on called N°21. A lot of you guys were like ”ew”, ”hate the shirt ew ew ew” on Instagram but I personally love it. Is something wrong with my eyes? I think the print is fan-tas-tic. I could see however other ways to style it but I liked the option with these orange trousers and adorable Valentino shoes, not to mention this mint bag from Sophie Hulme is a new love (got it from Emeza, obsessed with this online boutique). Now I will end this article by saying AFTW, a.k.a ”ambition for the win”

P.S Remember guys when I told you about an amazing contest in order to win a trip to one of your favourite fashion destinations thanks to Mango and Fashiolista? Well I invite you all to take part in the adventure and get a chance to win this incredible opportunity! All you have to do is check out the contest page by clicking here and choose your favourite Mango fashion week look that I’ve created this month!! Wish you lots of luck guys :)


SHIRT : N°21
PANTS : Romwe
SHOES : Valentino
BRACELETS : Rita & Zia


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Love that, especially how you combine the colors ;)

Fabulous top and bag! Love the colours in this outfit!

I love your style so much, I’m totaly scared of colour and can only wear black and white, but you pull everything off perfectly.
I want the valentino’s so bad!


Adorable colorful look. Love the orange pants :)


xx Mira

Well I really like this top, it’s something new. Very colorful :)
Nice pictures, Milan is just so good for backgrounds & light…

Wow! Cool shirt! You look gorgeous in it!

this outfit is fantastic. i love the combo so much! ;)

NEW OUTFIT IN THE BLOG: green and brown

Love the colors of this outfit! They set you in a good mood immediately!

LOVE your look, I have those shoes, they go with absolutely everything!
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With Love,

Lady, I feel that way almost constantly! It’s hard not to especially in this technological society. We are constantly faced with the lives of others without the reality of how things really are.

stunnin look, sweety))))) xx)))

I think that shirt is fab! I’m in love with quirky prints, they can just instantly make your mood better :) ah and poor you! I know what you mean, I got way too depressed when I had nothing to do so I just had to find activities to boost the motivation again :D running around and being busy is not a bad thing afterall!


You don’t have to worry about competition, you are the best, just keep up the good work ;)

well i have to say that i love the print on your shirt and its cut as well :) but what i like even more are your valentino rockstud heels,they’re fantastic :)

It’s not my favorite look but is great. So colorful and chic. Amazing heels and lovely handbag. The hairstyle is perfect

I like the print. At first I thought those were little Koi fish but in close up they’re roses?

I adore this outfit and you look so pretty !

good choice… risky but winner combination!!


Gorgeous look, the shoes are amazing!

Àlex Burch

Nice photos, but a recommendation would be if you are using a bronzer, do your hair line as well.

Love the color combination!!


Love the shirt and the whole outfit! These colors look so good on you! I know that FOMO and the guilty feeling of doing nothing, but sadly not related with fashion weeks. :D

Well I think your top looks AMAZING darling!!
Do you know that feeling good while NOT DOING anything is an art?? ;-)

I agree with you, Kristina, about our life, your look is great as always

What a great color mix and match!

I completely agree with u on the FOMO bit, and I felt that myself for a while, then I decided that in order to be mentally sane and healthy and provide a healthy environment for my son to grow up in, I had to start taking things slower and in a different stride. Actually I don’t care much if I am missing out on something right now, though all around me I can still feel society pressing me into those feelings, but I just shut them out. It’s ok to miss out on things, because in the end maybe they don’t really matter, you know? ;) I like the fact that u take time to write, and not just flood us with – marvellous – pictures.

wow! so beautiful!!!

Kristina ces deux derniers articles sont juste MERVEILLEUX, le fait qu’il y a plus de texte nous permettant de partager tes pensées et nous donnant à nous matière à réflexion tout en nous faisant rire est super. Tu devrais continuer ainsi….une nouvelle pression pour toi?? haha sérieusement je pense de la même manière que toi, au moment où je t’écris je pense au lycée et tous les cours que je dois ficher….Bref . Personnellement je trouve ta tenue parfaite! J’aime énormément ce haut qui met en valeur tes yeux et ton rouge à lèvre qui rappel le bas, et puis tous ces détails dorés allant de tes bijoux aux clous sur tes Valentino qui s’accorde superbement au reste de la tenue…C’est pas tout mais j’ai un cour de science qui m’attend ;)
Ps: Il faut absolument que James ouvre son propre blog, son instagram regorge de photos magnifiques, alors pourquoi nous priver de son talent????

Wow wow !! La tenue est trop trop belle j’adore !!! :o *_____*

That shirt is awesome! Love the shoulder “pads”

And I’m sure I have the FOMO !! It’s like you can’t do anything without thinking about something else that might’ve happened at the same time…

Sandrine xx

Lovely outfit! That hairstyle looks incredible on you!

Everything is just beautiful! Great post! x

WOW this is one great outfit after a long time! I LOVE every piece AND your hair!!

That bag is so adorable!

The bold colour looks so good on you. I love the first photo because the trees in the background add the colour blocking effect.

The Fashann Monster

Das sieht super gut aus, Liebes! Ich mag deinen Stil! :-)

Liebe Grüße,
Verena von

Pareil pour moi j’ai l’impression de ne jamais pouvoir m’arrêter ou faire une seule chose à la fois mais au final c’est plus handicapant qu’autre chose parce que je n’ai jamais l’impression de rien faire pleinement… ah quelle époque !!

Stunning! Love your shoes!

With love,
My Fantabulous World

You are awsome!!! Love your lipstick and outfit :)

This lipstick is so amazing! Beautiful color…and of course, beautiful model! ;)

wooow! totally stunning!

so now honestly those guys who didn’t like the shirt: daaah guys c’mon, it’s amazing! I’d absolutely wear it, Kristina, if you don’t need any longer – I’d love to have it LOL JK. great outfit!

Totally get how you feel about all the competition, stress and fast pace of life in general…but what to do? Haha, I like the top actually, it brings out your eyes x

I just adore that shirt!!!! And i have to say that you look a-ma-zing in all the fashion week’s just…how you did it jajaja? Fresh and beatiful!!!! Love,


Weißt du was ich an deinem Blog wirklich toll finde und wodurch du dich von all den anderen, ebenfalls erfolgreichen Blogs abhebst? Der Informationsgehalt. Klar stehen deine Outfits im Vordergrund, aber du lässt die Leser an deinem Leben teilhaben und verlinkst nicht nur die dir gesponserte Designermode. Zudem ist das was du schreibst immer unheimlich sympatisch und das obwohl du ein Leben führst, um das dich wirklich viele beneiden.

you look gorgeous and bright!
kw ladies in navy

you are the best blogger <3
Kisses from Poland <3

you’re stunning — love that orange!! and those shoes are amaze!

As always beautiful photography and article. Regarding the article i think you’re suffering of a supeeer anxiety and you actually show it to us which in a way is cool because we can relate. But you definitely should keep up the great work but without suffering for antecipation because who should create the high expectations is you (not us) and is you who should get your own resources from inside to catch them. Bottom line, we follow your blog since ever because of your looks and amazing photos and personality, honestly we don’t want to care if you make this amazing collaboration with this great maison or however. Other bloggers are always in huuge collaborations and they don’t step up the game, and you in other hand, wear this gorgeous shirt from this brand and is much more exciting. Bloggers are for this voyeurism and the readers don’t really want to care if you have a successful business behind, because we read you because we enjoy to read. Prefer one of these posts of you ten times that an article when you’re at an event or however. Keep doing what you do and the tendance is just getting better (ahh you need to relax and don’t worry, you’re super anxious and we notice that). And sorry for writing in Anonymous but don’t own none of this accounts. Thank you for being you! Helen xx

I love the pants…so bright and beautiful! Gorgeous Kristina!


It’s great to see the success of a fellow Swiss blogger. Just saw your picture last Sunday in the NZZ, really great! :)

You look stunning! Love the mix of these colors!

I do like the shirt! It’s a different print.. and love the way you combine it! :)

Love these colors together! That bag is so cute!

orange and blue? really awesome combination ;)

perfect colour combination, love it!


Such an amazing look!!! Entered the competition too!


That bag is too too cute!!!

xo, Diana

Je dois aussi avoir un problème avec mes yeux parce que j’adore ce tee-shirt… je trouve cette tenue absolument parfaite et le sac aagrhgjhhgrha je l’aime! Avec ce maquillage un peu plus léger enfin j’adore j’en suis fan!

Lovely color combo! Very stylish,as always ;) xoxo

Great look! It looks very easy to you to hide your bangs! I would like to hide mines as easy as you do haha, by the way it’s a very nice post, I loved the combination, well, you always look good.

Thank you so much guys for taking the time to read the articles!

I know that the power of Kayture has always been the pictures, but I’ve decided since a couple of months to really put myself into the writing as I absolutely love it and feel much closer to you all by sharing a story, an adventure and some thoughts! Afterall, it’s a personal blog. So why not share even more details and anecdotes?

Glad you liked it so far :)

Amazing look as usual! Your blog is so inspiring to me! =)

Please, check out my blog


Love your shoes.
You look amazing in blue.

love the bag! you look so stunning and I love your writing! xx

Jajajaja you make laught a lot! i love the FOM! and you are not the only, actually a have problems with that :/ the idea of DO NOTHING is equivalent for loser… :S i think that our quickly society is so responsable of that.

The blouse is so pretty! also the combination, the people who said on instagram that is ugly have issues with their lives n.n


You’re talking about the kind of expectations we have from ourselves (mostly) and our parents have from ourselves.
They others may as well, but they shouldn’t count that much.
Painting, being good at math, at everything – that a pressure which may be induced by family and continued by us.
In the end no one cares if you’re good at painting or at math if you’re perfect, if you miss an opportunity. No one but yourself. So if you feel the pressure of success, that’s mostly a pressure coming from within, not from the outside world.

There’s this girl I like and who’s particularly popular on youtube – bubzbeauty.
She’s into beauty products and overall taking care of your skin/hair.
People really like her not because she’s super super mega expert at what she presents, but because she is un perfect, she has a nice soul, she’s kind and candide and speaks sincerely, from the heart.

Competition is high anywhere. The manner in which you relate to it is a sign of maturity, discipline, strong family values or still needing to get there. :)

No, your eyes are still fine. The shirt is great. I would buy it too, in case it wouldnt be out of my budget …

I think you combined everything perfectly! The top goes great with the pants. Fantastic job! And I liked that you share more thoughts with us! Give going Kristina!

sweet sunny clothes…
i miss it in France :(

These orange pants are fantastic!

That bright blue looks so good in photos, I think you look amazing in everything. You just have the sence of style.

I love those colors, the orange is so pretty!


So bright and juicy! It would be perfect for summer!

Have a great day!
♥ Oksana {new post >> September favorites}

I love that bag Its look a lot like Delaux bag amazing

I don’t see the “ew” part from the blouse. The print is really cool.

beautiful outfit! I love the brightness of it :)

Hayley xx

SO beautiful! your makeup and hair look stunning in these photos!

cute, love the color and print of your top!

You’re looking like a cute balloon out there. Gorgeous!

Love the look. Especially the shirt.It’s so unique You’re beautiful! I love how hardworking you are. You’re an inspiration to many(including me). J’adore. You and James make the cutest couple! :)

Keep working ,fantastic job!

Great blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.

Great video, Fun and succinctly explained.. Will use it an introduction when I am giving talks to genealogists and historians on blogging

Awesome article post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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