THE BEGINNING OF AUTUMN The days are getting colder, the sun sets earlier and we’re organizing our new closets back here taking out of the cave the boxes full of boots and warm jackets. Because in Switzerland it’s sometimes hard to make a difference between autumn and winter. I am not joking. Sometimes it gets sooo cold in the month of October that you just want to wear your winter coat all through the day. So how to make the transition from summer to winter smoothly? I have my tips and tricks that I am glad to share with you all through this goodies post, so bare with me folks because we’re going to go through some serious education here! Cozy-ducation, that’s what I am saying. Okay so, when the leaves are turning orange, the wind is breaking bones, and the rain poors almost all day long, I persoanlly am looking for the ultimate cocooning experience. Pampering guys, pampering is the key! Also being cozy at home is crucial to enjoy this kind of weather. I am talking about having a chai tea latte in bed while the rain poors outside, and having your little Byredo candle burning by the side of the night table. Sounds good huh?

For me it’s also about adjusting my skin care routine to a richer and more complex treatment as the weather is much more harsh and that you have to protect your skin from the cold. I think that the moisturizer with SPF isn’t the prior necessity anymore (expect if you, lucky little pumpkin, leave in a tropical climat country where it’s hot and sunny all year long… in that case I might say that I officially don’t really like you). So I tend to use more creams instead of fluids, and exfoliate more often as my lips get chappy or the tip of the nose and you want to get rid of all the dead skins. Also I like to go for a deeper, more sensual daily fragrance than the one I use to wear in summer which is more light and fresh. So you’ll be able to find bellow which kind of perfumes I’ll be using from now on! The clothes are changing too, the colours go darker and it’s really nice to add some statement pieces such as a nice necklace or clutch to incorporate some fun and colour in your daily life. So I hope you guys will find this new goodies post usefull and that you’ll enjoy discovering some new products perfect for fall!

I have been obsessing over hair styling products lately as my hair is quite thin and needs a nice little volume to look fresh and sexy. I’ve always been a big lover of Bumble and Bubble’s surf spray. But it’s always nice to try some new things out from time to time, so I picked up the Balmain salt spray and David Mallet Volume spray from Collette in Paris and am super excied to try them out! Also have been using this new Armani Privé fragrance, called “Myrrhe Impériale” which is super sensual and deep. Perfect for a night out or chic dinner.
It’s a blue world! Some of my favourite beauty products of the moment turn out to have a blue packaging! I am super proud as La Prairie is one of the best luxury skin care labels in the world and is as you may know is based in Switzerland. Since I just started working with them (you’ll have a little suprise next week!) I got to try some of their products and this body cream is puure heaven. Really suggest it for those of you who like to over-indulge on a sunday afternoon after a long bath with a luxurious, creamy and freshly texturised soufflé. The Klorane make-up remouver wipes are so far the best ones I have ever tried as they are super gentle for the skin, smell incredible and take off the make-up very efficiently. L’Occitane’s Lip Balm is very very nice, it’s smell and texture is lovely, also the fact that it’s a stick and not a pot makes it super hygienic. I wouldn’t say that it’s the ultimate lipbalm, but it’s definitely a nice one if you just want a little hydratation. Finally Guerlain’s Orchidée Impérial is probably one the most luxurious creams I have ever tried. My mom always uses to tell me ”it’s never to early to start taking care of your skin” so I’ve been using a very rich cream something like once a week for a re-boost. I love this fluid because it’s rich but isn’t too rich (if that even means something), yet has an amazing texture : super light and fresh while giving such a nice skin colour and vitality to my face. I realy looove it.
Okay so there’s one thing you guys have to know about me (if you want to be my cocooning pals of course). I have a really, really serious addiction to candles. I am not kidding, it’s like I can’t get through any store or shop without being stuck at the candle corner for like 20 minutes. There’s something about them that make me feel so cozy, happy and comfy at home. It lightens up any room, adds a super sweet smell and is so nice if you have some friends around. I’ve become kind of an expert at candle labels and Byredo are so far one of my absolute favourite ones. All their scents are amazing, and the packaging is beyond beautiful. I have been loving this one called ”Tree House” as it really reminds me a garden, some wood all that tied together in some sweet candid notes. Pure heaven.
For ages, I’ve been searching for a perfume, a mysterious scent, that nobody would know, but people would know me for (not a great idea to share it here then, darn it, what a smart pants I am). I couldn’t but share this one with you as I really do have a huge crush with this swedish label Byredo, their candle line is insane as seen in the picture above, but the perfume line, my, my… Is just fantastic. Seven Veils, is a super powerfull, sweet, juicy and bold scent that I wear almost every single day.
During our trip in Vancouver, I came across this awesome brand called MOR cosmetics which really caught my attention (I am a big sucker for cute packaging and sweet scents). And so I went on and got a body butter in Vanilla Almond, (which are by the way my two top favourite scents, how better could it get?). And I am litterelly head over heels for this cream now. The scent is just way to perfect. The texture though is really super rich, it really is like a butter. Exept that it doesn’t melt. It’s really thick and hard to manipulate but I totally suggest it for those of you who have super dry skin or to just use now that the cold days are coming on the elbows, or knees. But the scent… Ahh the scent. So good.
Even though I don’t wear that many jewels (I prefer to keep it very clean and elegant, usually I like to have a couple of golden/silver bracelets and some nice rings on both hands, maybe a tiny necklace, very delicate) but from time to time I just have a huge crush on some statement pieces. This amazing necklace by Anton Heunis really caught my attention and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I got it on Monnier Frères, and they have this insane selection of jewerly (where I got stuck for like an hour).
I’ve been dreaming about this Mawi clutch for ages ever since I first saw it. Finally got the chance to wear it during this fashion week season and absolutely loooove it. It’s so glitzy and crazy, but still matches to so many different outfits. I love to wear with some bold lipstick (here in the picture I feature some of my favourite ones by YSL) as it reminds of the bright zipper on the top. Also have been loving Guerlain’s new powder which is so soft and natural. Perfect to put in your bag while heading to a date.
AAHHLEELUJA! Let me introduce you to the most perfect bracelet of all time, a.k.a this silver collier de chien from Hermès. Yes, because leather is nice but what about having a full metal cuff from Hermès on the wrist? I have been wearing this piece almost every single day and been loving it so so much. It’s really the perfect accessory, super bold yet so chic. Totally price worthy (okay it is super pricey, but this kind of bracelets lasts generations and is such an amazing statement… if you have any other argument please submit). Everybody has been spotting it being all like ”girl, this is amazing!!”. I am completely and inconditionally in love with it.
Lately I’ve been more into wearing super soft shades, or going almost towards no shade at all, on the nails. And believe me, I’ve always been really into bright and bold colours. I’ve spent a whole month without any nailpolish and it did some serious good to my nails. I think it’s really important to do that from time to time just to let your nails breath and heal a little bit. But now, I am back on using some really delicate pastels. I’ve been loving these three colours from O.P.I, ”My Vampire is Buff”, which is this lovely ivory white, so pretty on the hands and feet as well, ”Rumple’s Wiggin”’ which is a gorgeous lavender tone, more difficult to pull off but nice from time to time and finally ”Glints of Gilda” which is a really soft nude shade. Oh and hey, what about that stunning Mawi necklace?


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Finally another Goodies post. The nail polishes looks super lovely and I feel the same abot candles. Esp. in Fall and Winter :)


xx Mira

opi <3 so beauty photos

Love this post! I’m also a candle junkie.
It’s super cold in germany, too. This night it even snowed…


OMG!!!! That’ a dream!!!

With love,
My Fantabulous World

I think lipbalm and gentle on the skin products are a necessity for autumn/winter as your skin gets hurt enough in the cold winds/ weather!

Great post

I would love to have all these products but they are rather pricey for me at the moment. For the time being I am sticking to Clarins and Embryolisse. I haven’t had a facial in ages and really need one. It has gotten chilly here in London as well. No more summer evenings I guess.

Amazing :) Very beautiful nailpolish OPI :)

I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

Just beautiful goodies !

I love this post! I love the way you write and describe! You made my dusty rainy morning here in Germany :D I would love to be somewhere warmer and sunny all day long but …one day. Dream and believe!
Candles are a must have for autumn and winter (also for warm summer evenings outside in the garden…ahhh…all year long! ) I’m obsessed with candles because nothing else gives you such a warm and comfy feeling in your own home space.

Wish you a beautiful day full of inspiration and beautiful moments. Keep on rockin’ this blog. You’re such an inspiration yet so down to earth. Love that! <3

xoxo Deborah Chloé

I love posts like this :) Thanks!

Love all of these picks and especially jealous of your jewellery collection! Loving the nude/pastel nail polish , will definitely have to check out the My Vampire is Buff range! Love all of your posts and hope you are keeping well, from a fellow british beauty and fashion blogger!

Eloise | simplynaturale

beautiful pics… Love the neck pieces.x

Fantastic Goodies!!!! Love them!!!

Kiss From Italy

Elisa / The Candy Blog

i really love reading a Swiss blogger, ur so much nearer to our real life than all these californians ;)

I want to try byredo parfums, i didn’t smell them before, but i have curiosity. Love the opi colours

S t y l e a n d P a p e r

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Have a fantastic weekend!
♥ Oksana {new post >> September favourites}

I would LOVE to try all of these, so many great products!

Kirsten x

great goodies as usual :) love this kind of posts :D

My blog –

Amazing pictures, I love Fresh cosmetics and those YSL lipsticks as well.

Sarina x

Love this goodies post! Though I live in Singapore (where its always summer) so some stuff weren’t really relevant…but it was still nice to read! (BTW, trust me, when you live in summer 24/7, you start getting jealous of people who have fall/winter…)

I love your blog. wanna you follow each other please?

New post


Loving every single goodie in this post!

I love OPI nail polishes and these colours are amazing for autumn! :)

the pictures are gorgeous!!! I love the rings holder! Where did you buy it??

I have problems with my face too..I hate this cold weather!


The jewellery pieces are definitely my favourites :-)

Cool post, I love the photos and products!

Beautiful decorated …

Wow thank for sharing this with us all Kristina, you’re right, October is an awesome month, and i’ts begining to be sweater weather! Haha, as some images say.
Je t’aime Kristina bisous :*

I’m always looking forward to see your goodies, thanks for sharing!
But do you know that only 3 of the featured brands are cruelty-free?
I invite you to search for products thar are not tested on animals,
please read this:
Btw, love the metal cuff, so amazing (sorry dear, but i don’t think leather is nice).

By the way, I saw your last picture on instagram, WHAT A SMILE!! You look so so beautiful smiling like that :3

my prefered one Anton Heunis’ necklace! i love your photos, congratulations for your work! kisses from spain

Amazing pictures girl!!

you have become too materialistic.

ahh wow amazing photos and i love your writing! <3 great post, great post Kayture! keep up doing this amazing work, you are becoming my inspiration haha


Tu me donnes envie de tout acheter, je suis jalouse de tous tes produits de beauté et de tes bijoux, il sont juste magnifiques :-)


FIRST!!! gorgeous post as always…can’t wait for the winter fashion and see what your outfits are going to look like :) thanks for the blog! i’ve been reading for years, you are amazing christina!

It seems so good, love it! I love the colors of YSL Lipstick!

Please, check out my blog

Thanks! xx

I know it’s just typo error. But you should consider changing:
*bare – bear
*poors – pours

Love this post btw. xo

P. S. I live in a tropical country; and yep, it’s like summer all year. But not when the rain POURS like there’s no tomorrow. But please don’t hate me? lol #iknowwhatyoumean

3,750$ For a bracelet???

Your writing style sometimes really resembles me Astrid Lindgren books..and i definitely love it!

Now I really have to check out the Byredo perfumes (and candles, if I can find them here). The pictures are superb, wonderfully arranged products. And I love the Collier de Chien as well, only have the leather version right now, but might get the all silver one as well.

beautiful post! i love the bronzer

everything is so amazing and the post is rally usefull!
thank you, dear Kristina
Will be glad to see you on my little blog :)

Such a great post and thanks for sharing your winter favs!

Greetings from London,

Thank you for sharing your season transition tips ;) I’m thinking about changing my daily (and night, I’m still 20 so I don’t think I need both of them) cream from Avène to Chanel, the Hydra one: have you heard something or do you have any suggestion for me? Thank you so much ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Very beautiful pictures! Love the products, too.

This was quite helpful, I know where to focus my shopping now hahah :)
And these two necklaces are absolutely fabulous! Hermes might be one of the priciest brands out there but it has so many timeless, classic pieces that it`s worth it and spending money on a cuff or a scarf is a kind of investment (if you can afford it in the first place). You`ll love buys like these.

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